The Uncommon Mann Read more

The Uncommon Mann

Keith Mann is a man that has always had that entrepreneurial drive and ambition. He excels in the investment industry. He is one of the foremost leaders in recruiting high-class talent for the top-notch equity companies in the business. He gained his prominence through perseverance and hard work by making his mark on Wall Street […]

Street Greenery and Mental Health Read more

Street Greenery and Mental Health

A recent study covered in Landscape and Urban Planning revealed that people are less depressed and experience better mental health in the presence of nature or “street greenery” when living in cities. Researchers looked at a variety of data from 2009 and 2010 and found that there were fewer antidepressant prescriptions filled in areas that […]

Medicaid Study Results Not Surprising Read more

Medicaid Study Results Not Surprising

A medical study published on Wednesday, January 21, has revealed information that anyone living in a capitalism-based society should already know: When Medicaid pays out a higher amount to doctors, patients who have it get better service. According to the researchers who published the results, patients who had Medicaid during a period of two years when […]

Jonathan Veitch: Dedicated to Higher Education Read more

Jonathan Veitch: Dedicated to Higher Education

Jonathan Veitch has a dedication to liberal arts education that is second to none. Born in 1959, he spent much of his young life in Los Angeles, California. He went to college at Stanford University, and moved across the country to get his M.A. and PhD in History of American Civilization from Harvard. He specialized […]

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Control Your Fears

  A personal belief is the only thing that you will ever need in this world. You must have a burning desire in your heart. Nothing can stop you once you have made up your mind. People have walked through fire because they believed that they could. Are you telling me that your dream is […]