Woman Poses As Dentist Read more

Woman Poses As Dentist

A 45 year-old woman named Volbona Yzeiraj from Albania was recently caught posing as a dentist near the Boraie Development LLC (more on location wsj.com). The woman had a small amount of dental training in Albania, but she was never trained in the United States. From 2012 to 2013, Volbona worked as an office manager […]

Puff Puff, pass the correct laws Read more

Puff Puff, pass the correct laws

Cook County which holds Chicago within its boundaries is striking another blow against the failed drug war. They are seeking to relax penalties for minor marijuana possession. This is in keeping with many municipalities around the country. This is even true for southern states like Georgia. Florida only narrowly kept the issue off of ballots […]

Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter Read more

Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter

Terry McCarty is a 29-year-old man from Hawthorne, Nevada. When Terry was just 6-year-old, he suffered horrific third degree burns over 70% of his body. He and his brothers were playing when a bowl of kerosene lit on fire when the bowl accidentally tipped towards Terry, covering him in flames. Growing up after that, he […]

Elephants Don’t Forget Read more

Elephants Don’t Forget

A mother elephant in Thailand called Mae-Yui didn’t forget her baby, even after not seeing her for three long years. The little elephant name Me-Bai was very young when she was taken from her mother and sold to give rides to tourists. When Mae-Bai began to get to thin and weak from being taken at […]

Clinton (Almost) Officially Running for President Read more

Clinton (Almost) Officially Running for President

In what is one of the worst kept political secrets of the last several years, Hillary Clinton is set to announce that she is going to be running for President of the United States. It has been rumored basically since she conceded to eventual president Obama during the 2008 run that she would eventually run […]

Artificial Sweeteners and Our Gut Read more

Artificial Sweeteners and Our Gut

Artificial sweeteners allow us to enjoy sweet treats without the sugar content that most treats contain. When we drink sodas sweetened with artificial sweeteners we enjoy them in a guilt free way. We believe that we are safe when we consume artificial sweeteners. When using artificial sweeteners we think that we are living in a […]