Another Woman’s Heartbreaking Bill Cosby Story Read more

Another Woman’s Heartbreaking Bill Cosby Story

An exclusive article on has been trending in recent weeks. In the article, another woman claims to have been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. The woman’s name is Patricia, and she was a model in the 1970’s. The Buzzfeed exclusive did not give her last name out. Patricia wants to keep her anonymity. Patricia’s […]

Medical Billing Out of Control Read more

Medical Billing Out of Control

Consumer Reports announced this week that its medical adviser, Orly Avitzur, recently found out some startling information about how truly out of control some medical billing standards have become across the nation. After the creation of the United States Affordable Care Act, many family doctors, specialists, labs and hospitals started billing patients for services they […]

Who Needs Veteran Leadership? Read more

Who Needs Veteran Leadership?

Tayshaun Prince may be able to get a buyout in Boston, and he might be just the kind of veteran that some teams need going into the playoffs. Teams like Atlanta will need another veteran in their locker room, and Prince is that kind of player. He is so old that he is like a […]

Chevy Chase Deserves Better Treatment Read more

Chevy Chase Deserves Better Treatment

  On Tuesday, Terrence McCoy for The Washington Post wrote an article¬†about Chevy Chase that seems to some major of th suggest that the 71-year-old writer, comedian and actor hasn’t succeeded in his¬†career.McCoy and other critics have noted that Chase hasn’t had the same types of continuous success and like-ability that contemporaries, like Bill Murray, […]

Tom Rothman Among Contenders for Prime Sony Position Read more

Tom Rothman Among Contenders for Prime Sony Position

Tom Rothman, best known for his tenure with Fox Searchlight, is among the top contenders for the recently vacated co-chairman post at Sony Pictures. Amy Pascal’s decision to step down from the position after 15 years has led to widespread speculation over who may take her place. Rothman, already serving as the chairman of the […]

Knicks Fall to Celtics Read more

Knicks Fall to Celtics

  The New York Knicks have made an amazing comeback to their disgusting season that they had thrown down in the first forty-one games after they only won five. They have turned things around and prior to their loss on Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics they had won five out of their last seven […]