Bubonic Plague Outbreak in Madagascar, 40 Dead Read more

Bubonic Plague Outbreak in Madagascar, 40 Dead

The World Health Organization has announced an outbreak of the bubonic plague in Madagascar. According to the report, 119 people have contracted the disease, and 40 have died so far. The Bubonic plague, which is a bacterial disease that is carried by rats and passed on to humans through flea bites, is also known as […]

Bill Cosby Finally Responds to Rape Allegations Read more

Bill Cosby Finally Responds to Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby has finally spoken up about the allegations against him. For weeks now, women have been stepping forward and claiming that Cosby drugged and raped them. These women were mostly in the entertainment industry, ranging from supermodels like Janice Dickinson to talent representatives. Cosby most of all seemed to like to take advantage of […]

Obama Responds to Republicans “Pass a Bill” Read more

Obama Responds to Republicans “Pass a Bill”

Obama recently passed an executive action to reform some parts of the immigration system. The president says that he is tired of waiting for the Republicans in Congress to do anything, they are largely viewed as attempting to sabotage his presidency by stalling every bill that comes through and not working with democrats. The immigration […]

Peterson Accepts Possible Release From Vikings Read more

Peterson Accepts Possible Release From Vikings

Adrian Peterson appears to be coming to the realization as of late, that he will most likely be done playing for the Minnesota Vikings. This comes following his recent incident with child abuse, where he was found to have beaten his four year old son with a tree branch, leaving severe bruises and cuts on […]

Miss Honduras Found Dead Read more

Miss Honduras Found Dead

After missing for a little less than a week, it was confirmed on Wednesday that Maria Jose Alvarado, who only recently was named Miss Honduras, is dead. The 19-year old went missing on November 13, and on Wednesday her sister Sofia’s boyfriend Plutarco Ruiz confessed to murdering both sisters, burying their bodies in a river […]

Just Ignoring a Basic Fact Read more

Just Ignoring a Basic Fact

Midterm elections are over. The United States now has a Republican-dominated Congress while a Democrat is in the Oval office. President Obama will finally unveil his grand plan for immigration. Various commentators have provided what they expect will happen as seen as at this website.. As an observer of current events I am disgusted that this […]

Black Face Powder-puff Football Team Makes Hay Read more

Black Face Powder-puff Football Team Makes Hay

It was big news on Facebook and on local t.v. news networks in Missouri when a dozen Sullivan High School girls walked on the field with black face paint last week.  It turns out it was all the result of a mix-up, but that did not stop controversy from raging over the incident. These girls […]

Buffalo Snowstorm Turns Deadly Read more

Buffalo Snowstorm Turns Deadly

Winter 2014’s first big snowstorm hit the Buffalo, New York, area hard, with more than five feet of snow falling thanks to the lake effect — a phenomenon that occurs when cold air moves over warmer water, in this case the waters of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. A second storm threatens to drop at […]

Letting Immigrants Stay Read more

Letting Immigrants Stay

President Obama is expected to release information soon about the immigrants who are in the country. There are some people who are not looking forward to hearing what Obama has to say because he will likely not make those who are here illegally be deported. It seems like the President wants to offer a helping […]