Pennsylvania Senate Agrees Medical Marijuana Read more

Pennsylvania Senate Agrees Medical Marijuana

The next major revolution in the United States appears to be medical and recreational marijuana use. With states like Colorado rolling in the dough, other states are realizing what a brilliant opportunity this can be to raise money for the state.

Plus the major medical business minds like Laurene Powell Jobs see this as a huge opportunity to provide a better standard of medical care to patients. Providing new treatment methods is always something that America should strive towards.

While there are skeptics. Marijuana has been one of those drugs that actually has a ton of practical applications as far as health is concerned.

So far, Pennsylvania is the newest state to vote for the measure, with the state legislature looking to introduce medical marijuana in the state. Every Democrat in the state senate, and 20 out of 27 Republicans voted for the measure.

How this will play out, we’ll just have to wait and see. Although personally, I don’t see why he cares. If the medicinal properties of marijuana can help some people in need, who is he to stand in the way of their treatment?

Woman Earns $1.5 Million For Getting Punched In The Face Read more

Woman Earns $1.5 Million For Getting Punched In The Face

Okay, so she didn’t “earn” the money per se, but she did get awarded a settlement from Los Angeles County prosecutors.

The incident occurred back in July, when a video surfaced of a California Highway Patrol officer punching a 51 year old woman in the face on the shoulder of  the 10 Freeway.  As things turned out, the woman was bipolar, and oddly enough pinning a 51 year old to the ground and repeatedly beating them with your fists is excessive force.

As another part of the agreement, the officer has agreed to resign.

Can’t be that bad.

Source with video: LA Times