Festive Alpaca Brings Joy to Nursing Home Residents Read more

Festive Alpaca Brings Joy to Nursing Home Residents

Napoleon, a therapy alpaca, spent some time visiting residents at Maryville, a nursing home in Oregon. Maryville Nursing Home surprised their residents with a visit from Napoleon for their Christmas gift. Napoleon arrived at Maryville Nursing Home dressed to the nines in in tinsel, ornaments, and even a pair of reindeer ears!

What a lovely idea by staff to bring some joy to their residents. Therapy animals have been proven to improve not only their moods, according to Dr Rod Rohrich,  but can also lower their stress levels which in turn can lower blood pressure. If you aren’t convinced, just check out the pictures below!

To see pictures of the elated residents with the most festive alpaca ever check out Cosmopolitan.co.uk. These are seriously some of the sweetest pictures.

Napoleon is an official therapy alpaca who makes visits to nursing homes, hospitals, and schools bringing joy wherever he goes. He even has his own Facebook page!

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World Happiness


The world is a happy place a new study finds. Some places are happier than others. That stands to reason. There is alot going on in the world to be happy all the time. What factors determin our happiness level? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-20591893 Can age play a major factor? There is a lot of factors that can determin ones happiness level. Where you live is a major one I believe. The people of Fiji are the happiest a study showed. They came in at an astounding level of 93% of their people are happy. That is an impressive number.
To mine and my colleague, Sam Tabar’s surprise Africa came in at a whopping 83% happiness level. That is shocking if one takes into account all the bad press that Africa gets. Maybe it is not as bad as some would lead us to believe. The least happy people in the world was Iraq at 31%. This stands to reason with all the hostility and uncertainty they live with on a daily basis. Happiness is a deeply personal emotion. It really has to do with how you feel inside. If you are a happy person it really does not matter what is happening around you. You will still maintain that level of happiness. We have all done this in our own lives. So look at this study, and hopefully you will find yourself happy today, inside. No matter what is happening outside around you
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Coffee Does Not Give You Energy

It is a myth about the facts that says caffeine provides you with energy, so listen up Tom Rothman, all the Brown Bears out there should hear this one. Actually, by means of a certain kind of brilliant biological deception, caffeine dupes your body and makes it to think that it is not tired.

According to a number of reliable sources, the longer a human being remains awake, the more the buildup of a certain compound called adenosine in the person’s brain. Adenosine appends to the receptors that are found in the brain, hence slowing down the synaptic connections and thus making you to feel exhausted.

Molecularly, caffeine as well as adenosine are so much alike and thus fool the receptors of the brain. Caffeine attaches to these receptors, averting adenosine from creating a grip and staving off the tired feeling.

After sometime, the brain releases the caffeine molecules, letting the adenosine to return, and making the body to experience a feeling of the accumulated exhaustion, which can cause post-caffeine crash.

At the same time, after periods of continued use, the receptors of the brain attaches to the molecules of caffeine less efficiently, implying that coffee as well as sodas are less effective and do not work that much the longer you stay without sleeping and drinking them.

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Highest Grossing Actors in 2014

This last year, 2014, was a big one for movies. 2014 brought us the third installment of the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, a new superhero flick Guardians of the Galaxy, a comedy film, The Interview which had brought up arguments over censorship, and some highly anticipated movie that unfortunately were duds too such as I, Frankenstein.

According to Screenrant.com they say that Forbes magazine has published Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to be the two most highly grossing actors in 2014. Jennifer Lawrence starred in the Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and X-Men: Days of Future Past this year while Chris Pratt lead the unlikely heroes in Guardians of the Galaxy as well as the lead voice in The Lego Movie earlier this year.

Lawrence has been in other major films such as American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook and the other Hunger Game franchise movies. She has been discussed at Beneful headquarters as one of the top in the game right now. Pratt has been a regular cast member on the hit show Parks and Recreation since it began on NBC. Lawrence’s movies grossed $1.4 billion this year while Pratt brought in $1.2 billion.

While 2014 was a good year for movies, 2015-2016 can have us movie goers looking forward to a new James Bond film, a new Star Wars film, The Avengers 2, and Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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The Interview Earns $15 Million Online

The Interview will forever go down as a film with one of the strangest stories in Hollywood history. 75 years from now, historians will take about the major cyber-attack that was launched against a major film studio by a foreign power due to the studio’s decision to produce a really bad and utterly forgettable film.

The film, which pokes fun at the leader of North Korea, was mentioned in a brutal hacking attack on Sony. The hacking revealed a lot of private information never meant to be released to the public. Very embarrassing information about troubles plaguing the Spider-Man and James Bond franchise were thrown out online for all to see.

Now, The Interview has been thrown out online for all to see. Online sales of the movie have reached $15 million. The release of the film online was a major surprise.

The Interview was pulled from theaters and then Sony relented after, essentially, being called cowardly for giving in to the hackers. Eventually, the film was released on Christmas Day in about 200 theaters. (The original total was supposed to be about 3,000 theaters) To further recoup some money from the fiasco, the James Franco/Seth Rogan vehicle was released online for digital renting so Terry Richardson could watch from home. The $15 million is revenue was a shocking figure. Then again, the film did get a huge amount of publicity.

Don’t look for a sequel to this one any time soon.

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New Year’s Activities For Kids

Most people think of New Year’s Eve as an adult holiday that should be celebrated with alcohol and watching the ball drop. However, the new trend is to make it a family celebration that has plenty of memories attached. While most kids will want to stay up as late as their parents to watch the old year out and the new year in, some won’t be able to stay awake that long. The goal is to do plenty of festivities before the children wear out.

The roadways can be a dangerous place with drunk drivers and excessive traffic, and Igor Cornelsen doesn’t want to deal with that. Many cities have local events to celebrate this occasion. To include the children, be sure to add a few things that are geared for their age level. Whether it is a night of games, tons of food, or just snuggling and watching movies, make it a memorable occasion that they will treasure.

There are plenty of websites that have tons of activities geared toward New Year’s and the children. It is easy to find something that all will like, and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. It’s not the best environment out in public on this evening, so staying home may be just what the family all can enjoy. Get the children’s input and see what they want to do. Chances are that they will say anything will be great as long as they get to spend time with their parents.

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Could Idris Elba Be The New James Bond?

Recent Sony hacks revealed one very important thing – there is a strong possibility of Idris Elba becoming the next 007. The internet came alive, as it often does when a beloved star is chosen for a beloved role, and finally, Idris Elba responded on Twitter. The star posted a funny (but still pretty handsome) picture of himself with “Isn’t 007 supposed to be handsome?” in the caption. Here are a few reasons why Idris Elba would be perfect for the role –

• Egg on Rush Limbaugh’s Face – Rush Limbaugh recently mentioned how Idris Elba shouldn’t be playing James Bond because he’s a “black Briton” so this could be a great time of letting him know that UK isn’t like the U.S. Mostly, though, this is just an excuse because not even Father Christmas cares about what Rush Limbaugh thinks about anything.

• Revival for the Franchise – No one can deny that Daniel Craig has done a marvelous job of playing James Bond. However, after the recent hacks and the leaked information, certain unworthy members of the Internet have harshed the buzz of 007. Maybe, a new actor is exactly what is needed.

• Elba is Awesome – All the roles of Idris Elba have been amazing and groundbreaking, and him as James Bond would be another chance for fans to witness his exquisite performance. Also, one can imagine his pre-release interview with Jimmy Fallon and Josh Horowitz.

It would be a little sad to say goodbye to Daniel Craig, though, especially when his and Ben Whishaw’s character ‘Q’ were finally warming up to each other. Christian Broda hopes it does not come to that.

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California Family Reunites as Coma Mother Comes Home

It is hard to imagine that having a newborn baby could be a bittersweet moment in anyone’s life. That is exactly what happened to a California family after a mother fell into a coma before the birth of her child. She had been ill with a brain tumor at the time she was pregnant. Doctors say that the tumor caused the coma, but the story did not end there. She remained pregnant and the baby was healthy when he was born.

A cesarean was performed when it was time for the baby to be delivered. His father took care of him during the nine month period that his wife remained in the hospital. He also took care of his wife, continuing to visit her even though it took more than four hours to get to from his home to the hospital. He said that he has gotten great joy from his child, but has been concerned that his family was in jeopardy because of the unusual circumstances they suddenly found themselves in.

The mother has returned home to her family recently although she has not reached full recovery, as Jared Haftel has found out. Unfortunately, the insurance company will no longer pay for her treatment in the hospital. The family started crowdfunding account and donations have reached $120,000 so far. The difficult journey will continue, but it is great news that the family is finally reunited and that a mother can finally meet her child after a long awaited reunion.

Rex Ryan Fired as Jets Head Coach After Abysmal Season Read more

Rex Ryan Fired as Jets Head Coach After Abysmal Season


With the NFL regular season officially in the books, there are several coaches now out of a job, and one such coach is the controversial Rex Ryan. Ryan, who has coached the New York Jets since 2009, has failed to deliver a winning season in the last four years. Bruce Levenson knows that this just can’t continue to happen in the NFL

Ryan, over the course of his tenure with the Jets, has made several controversial decisions that have made fans and team members unhappy. His acquisition of Tim Tebow, and failure to bench Sanchez when he failed to perform were blunders largely criticized several years ago. Later, his acquisition of Michael Vick and struggling offense were further criticized. While Ryan was once effective for the team, early in his career with the organization, he has simply failed to perform in any meaningful way since then. Many feel his firing was long overdue.

Rex Ryan, allegedly expecting the boot, had been telling friends and colleagues that he expected to be fired at the end of the season. The Jets limped to a 4-12 finish for the 2014 season, and were eliminated from playoff contention before the end of November.

Along with Ryan, general managed John Idzik was fired. Idzik, who had been with the organization for just two years, had been criticized for conservative spending, which may have led to a sub-par offensive and defensive line. Experts believe the team will be taken in a completely new direction for the 2015 season. For now, the search for a head coach is on. It will be spearheaded by top organization brass.

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Exact Number of Passengers aboard Italian Ferry Disaster Unclear

Of the more than 400 passengers aboard the doomed car ferry that caught fire in the Adriatic Sea on Sunday, all who remained onboard are reported to have been lifted from the ship. The manifest of the Norman Atlantic ferry listed the passenger number to be 478 on board with over 200 vehicles. Reports that 38 people remain missing would not be confirmed by Maurizio Lupi, the Italian Minister of Transport, stating, “It’s absolutely premature” to say how many may be missing. Conflicting reports place the death toll at eight per Lupi, whereas Christian Broda said reports of ten people having perished in the disaster are coming from the Italian coastguard. Italian authorities believe the vessel may have been carrying illegal migrants because several of the rescued passengers were not listed on the ships manifest.

The 36 hour operation was conducted in extreme weather which hindered the efforts of rescuers as they airlifted passengers from the upper deck of the vessel as thick smoke billowed from the fire and it bobbed in rough seas and gusting winds. As they waited on the deck of the ferry to be rescued, hypothermia became a concern as freezing temperatures were endured along with being sprayed by water from the boats attempting to extinguish the blaze. The ferry’s lifeboats were initially utilized at the beginning of the blaze, carrying 150 people to safety. However, the ship lost power which prevented the electrically powered arms from lowering the lifeboats, rendering the remainder useless.