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The Uncommon Mann

Keith Mann is a man that has always had that entrepreneurial drive and ambition. He excels in the investment industry. He is one of the foremost leaders in recruiting high-class talent for the top-notch equity companies in the business. He gained his prominence through perseverance and hard work by making his mark on Wall Street starting out with a job at Dynamic Associates. His focus and determination helped him achieve positions all the way up to becoming vice president of the company.

Dynamic Associates is an employment placement company that seek out professionals for hire in the financial services and executive career fields. The company offers services to both those looking for a new job or businesses that have open positions needing to be filled.

After leaving Dynamic Associates, Keith Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners. He also serves as managing director for the firm. The company specializes in finding prospective employees for their clientele by alternative recruitment methods. He has garnered prestigious recognition for their skill with private equity and hedge fund recruitment. He creates a partnership with both the clientele and professional candidates searching for new employment.

These partnerships are nurtured by through open, honest contact that strengthens the bonding experience with candidates. Mann has made recruiting for his clients a streamlined process that focuses on each individual client’s specifications. The program is then tailored to meet these particular needs in an aggressive and goal-oriented way. This process ensures that the clients get who they need for the right job and the professional candidate is able to achieve employment that can be both lucrative and sustainable.

Recognizing the importance of giving back, Dynamic Search Partners and Keith Mann have collaborated with Uncommon Schools. Mann says his mission seeks to educate young minds through outreach and learning opportunities structured around a charter school system. It not only manages the charter schools but it also creates them. Keith Mann has always had an interest in learning so it was vital to partner with a an organization that had the same vision. They help students prepare for college by virtue of such initiatives as helping build resumes and successfully apply for college.

Mann is so dedicated to this project that he even sits in on senior class discussions and takes questions from eager students looking for more information on how to get in to the college of their choice. Keith Mann is a dynamic individual that has been a model for how to get ahead in anyone’s aspirational goals.

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Igor Cornelsen Knows His Way Around The Brazilian Markets

Igor Cornelsen is an accomplished investor who works out of his offices in Brazil. He is one of the most sought-after consultants on the markets in South America, but he is also well-versed in what the other markets around the world are doing. The best way to learn more about the markets around the world is to follow the advice of Igor about world markets.

The Governments In South America

Igor Cornelsen has been watching how the governments in South America are working to make the world a better place. He knows that many people are having a hard time getting credit or loans, and he has watched as the governments on the continent are approaching credit and currency. These approaches are going to change the way people handle their finances, but they first must wait for the governments to make moves to stabilize their economies.

The Undervalued Currency

The undervalued currencies in South America are currently led by Brazil. Most banks in Brazil are more interested in dollars or Euros because they know that these currencies are more stable. These same banks are only spending their time trying to figure out how they can get only the most secure borrowers on their books.

The Outlook

Igor is a master at making outlooks that are meaningful to everyone in the investment community. He knows when things are going to turn around, and he knows what he will be able to make sound investments in the region again. With his amazing advice, Igor Cornelsen has been able to help a great many people become financially sound. He has dedicated himself to educating consumers about how they can become more stable as they invest their money in Brazil and beyond, and he continues to do this work to make sure that investments are made properly.

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The Tactics That Can Propel Women To Executive Positions

Women often have a tough time moving up the corporate ladder. The sad thing is that the deck has long been stacked against them. However, Susan McGalla knows that it does not have to be this way. She says that there are opportunities to have more women advance higher in a company than they ever thought possible.

Higher Education Leads To Higher Incomes

Just remember this simple idea. Higher education can lead to a higher income and a job with higher prestige. It is a good idea to seek out as much education as one can reasonably afford. Higher education is not only an enlightening experience in one’s life, but it also provides individuals with the chance to have higher earnings in their career. It is something that is definitely worth the investment.

Confidence Is Key

The old saying that confidence is key remains just as true as ever. Those who show confidence in the work that they do without appearing to be arrogant. It can sometimes be a delicate balance. Those who learn how to strike that balance well are highly likely to retain higher paying jobs than what they may have been able to otherwise. It is a good idea to try to retain as much confidence as possible, or learn how to show confidence better if that is a struggle.

The Glass Ceiling Does Not Have To Impact You

Letting the concept of the glass ceiling get too much in your head can be the biggest issue of all. Those who accept the reality that the glass ceiling exists but reject the idea that they must be controlled by it are generally the best off. They are the survivors who make more of their career and can in effect do better work.

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Street Greenery and Mental Health

A recent study covered in Landscape and Urban Planning revealed that people are less depressed and experience better mental health in the presence of nature or “street greenery” when living in cities.

Researchers looked at a variety of data from 2009 and 2010 and found that there were fewer antidepressant prescriptions filled in areas that had a lot of trees and other natural elements.

Does nature alone offer antidepressant benefits?
Sergio Andrade Gutierrez would say that the color green and nature automatically creates within humans feelings of calm and mental clarity. Additionally, humans might feel trapped away from nature because of inherited memory. Our ancestors didn’t live inside of boxed houses and apartments. They spent the majority of their time outdoors.

Yet, there are many depressed people living in poorer rural areas where there is an abundance of nature. After all, the researchers found that more wealthy and healthier people in cities lived near greenery, while poorer and more depressed people had less exposure to nature.

Additionally, some critics of the study wonder if perhaps the reason “street greenery” has such a high impact on mental health in cities is because without it people see more depressing and muted colors in building and street construction, such as gray and black. In nature, they would see more vibrant and jeweled colors. Perhaps it is the variation and the intensity of a bright color that helps?

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Medicaid Study Results Not Surprising

A medical study published on Wednesday, January 21, has revealed information that anyone living in a capitalism-based society should already know:

When Medicaid pays out a higher amount to doctors, patients who have it get better service.

According to the researchers who published the results, patients who had Medicaid during a period of two years when federal reimbursement to healthcare providers was higher experienced the same wait times but were given better appointment availability options.

My friend Flavio Maluf says that one hand, the study is great because it proves in black and white with irrefutable numbers something that Medicaid advocates and patients have been saying for years: Patients who have Medicaid do not receive the same level of service or care as those who have private health insurance.

On the other hand, the concept outlined by the study is a no-brainer to those who have used Medicaid or treated patients who have it.

Although the Affordable Care Act was supposed to improve the state of healthcare nationwide to the point that low-income and partially disabled patients, who usually need healthcare the most, would receive better care… it has had the opposite effect. Many doctors only helped patients with an extra financial push from the government.

The biggest problem with a capitalist health insurance system is that many doctors and other healthcare workers care more about per-service fees and billable hours than the people who they promised to aid.

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Jonathan Veitch: Dedicated to Higher Education

Jonathan Veitch has a dedication to liberal arts education that is second to none. Born in 1959, he spent much of his young life in Los Angeles, California. He went to college at Stanford University, and moved across the country to get his M.A. and PhD in History of American Civilization from Harvard. He specialized in American history. Veitch even wrote a book titled American Superrealism: Nathanael West & the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s, which was published in 1997.

Veitch has had a successful career in higher education. He worked in the English Department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a period of time before going on to The New School in NYC, where he started as an assistant professor of literature and history. He was very involved in the school, and served as the chair of humanities before going on to become the deacon of the The New School Eugene Lang College, which is the liberal arts undergraduate school.

In the summer of 2009, Jonathan Veitch returned to his southern California roots when he went on to become the President of Occidental College, which is the only liberal arts college located in Los Angeles. Occidental College, which is referred to affectionately as “Oxy College”, has become well known as a school that President Barack Obama attended.

Since beginning his stint at Occidental College, Veitch has been very beneficial to the school, which previously had a high turnover rate of presidents. He has set up a new integrated strategic planning process meant to improve the future of the school. He has worked to strengthen programs within the school, renovated several of the buildings on campus, and has created new partnerships with cultural institutions in the city. One major environmental contribution Veitch has made to the school is the ground mounted solar array, which has the potential to cut the electric bill by at least $200,000 a year.

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Dr. Rod Rohrich: A Pioneer in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


I follow Dr. Rod Rohrich on Twitter and his evident ambition and passion for helping others has really inspired me to do something big like he has to make an impact on the lives of others. His contributions have transformed the lives of many patients and inspired others to enter this challenging and rewarding career field.

Born August 5, 1963, Dr. Rohrich spent his early years living on a rural ranch in North Dakota. His drive to succeed eventually helped him graduate with honors from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota while obtaining his undergraduate and postgraduate education. With these academic accomplishments, Dr. Rohrich entered Baylor College of Medicine and earned a medical degree.

His first years practicing medicine were spent at the University of Michigan Medical Center, where he learned the art of general and plastic surgical techniques. After completing further training at Oxford University and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rohrich accepted a position at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the Division of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rohrich would go on to perfect his craft and develop new ways to administer plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. He particularly wanted to find ways to make these procedures safer and more effective for patients. His discoveries have helped develop techniques that have revolutionized rhinoplasty, breast augmentations and other types of procedures. He even holds a patent on a particular type of breast implant. Other clinical interests include eyelid surgery, facelifts and mommy makeovers.

Dr. Rohrich has been recognized for his contributions by the New York Times, the Today Show and CNN. D Magazine has included him in its list of Best Doctors of Plastic Surgery in Dallas.

With all of his notable achievements, Dr. Rohrich has found time to educate others through leading seminars and writing articles and chapters in medical textbooks. His work has been featured in publications such as the Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Pulse News.


Dr. Rohrich prioritizes the concept of family along with his medical contributions. He is married to fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Diane Gibby and makes his home in Dallas with their two children.

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Vijay Eswaran Celebrates Ten Years Of Sphere Of Silence

If there is one book that you should be reading right now, it is Sphere of Silence. This is a book written by Vijay Eswaran which is now being celebrated for being on the shelves for ten years. It is a book that is different than most business related books available on the market. What is so special about this one is that it asks readers to listen to their inner selves.

With all of the distractions that are available in our modern world, it is nice to have a book that tells us all to take a step back. Vijay pulls from many of the themes that he learned as a child from the Hindu faith. This is what has influenced him to believe in the idea of inner peace and listening to what your own body is telling you. He asserts that those who take the time to do this are going to be happier because they will be better able to what they really need to be successful in life. That is a lot different than what others will say about the same kinds of experiences.

Huge global problems are of particular concern to Eswaran as he says that only when we listen to what our inner selves are saying can we begin to solve them. Global warming is one example of a problem that he believes can be solved when we start to listen to what we are saying on the inside. It is not always easy to do this, but he believes that this is the best way to take care of the problems that we are faced with. Anything less than this is not being productive enough towards those ends. He encourages all people to take the steps necessary to start to listen to your inner self.

Check out Vijay’s website for more info on him.

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Control Your Fears


A personal belief is the only thing that you will ever need in this world. You must have a burning desire in your heart. Nothing can stop you once you have made up your mind. People have walked through fire because they believed that they could. Are you telling me that your dream is impossible?

The only thing that is holding you back is fear. Fear has the ability to control mankind. When you dream of something extraordinary, thousands of doubts suddenly fill your mind. Why does this happen, because we have a tendency to destroy ourselves. Fear can control you, and fear can make you stay in the same position forever.

Mike Tyson’s legendary trainer Cus D’Amato once said,”The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear.” That quote shows you that all people have fears and doubts, but you can use that fear to propel you to victory. You must be fearless to conquer the opponent that resides in yourself. You are your own worst enemy, and only you can stop yourself.

A personal belief and a burning desire can lead you to your destiny. Take off the chains that ground you to reality, and begin your journey to fulfilling your dreams. Disregard all negative things ever spoken about you, and start the rest of your life now. Talk to a friend like I did recently with Dr. Rod Rohrich, tell them about your feelings, hopes and ambitions. Do not waste anymore time!

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Christopher Cowdray Suceeds by Making People a Top Priority

People just have to admire someone who has climbed the rungs of success and achieved his goals. Success seems so easy for some people, or is it? Most of us assume successful business people plan their careers, attended college, meet all the right people and success is theirs. Sometimes it may work that way, but Christopher Cowdray’s story is a little different. Today, Christopher Cowdray is the CEO of the highly respected Dorchester Collection, and he probably owes his success to his people skills rather than who he knows. Come and find out how this man received an award for Lifetime Achievement.


Christopher Cowdray initially started his career as a chartered accountant, where he learned new skills and gained important business experience. Somewhere along the way, chance would have it, that he became more interested in business than accounting.

Chris originally came from Zimbabwean, where he obtained a hotel management degree. His next calling took him to New York, where he attended Columbia Business School. After graduation, Chris went on to manage a number of hotels in the UK, the Middle East, Australia, Asia and Africa.

His travels soon led him to the position of General Manager for the famed Dorchester Hotel in 2004. Eventually, he accepted the position of CEO for the well-known Dorchester Collection in 2007. Cowdray has more than 30 years of hotel management service in total and yet, he is still ready for an active future.

People Skills

After running numerous hotels spanning four continents, Christopher Cowdray owes much of his success to the people he works with. He understands management from top to bottom, but he knows and respects people equally well. Although Christopher oversees a number of luxury hotels, he also knows the importance of support, hard work and the dedication of committed employees for achieving success.

Regardless of how well his hotels are doing, Chris still takes the time to evaluate each and every one of them from a guest’s perspective.


Christopher Cowdray is the recipient of several personal achievement awards over the years including Hotel Manager of the Year in 2004 from Cateys. In 2013, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Hospitality Awards in London for his outstanding leadership qualities and hotelier achievements.

To run a successful collection of luxury hotels, you have to have beautiful locations, fantastic accommodations and superb customer service. Christopher Cowdray does what comes naturally. He treats guests and employees with the greatest amount of respect and courtesy.