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Medical Billing Out of Control

Consumer Reports announced this week that its medical adviser, Orly Avitzur, recently found out some startling information about how truly out of control some medical billing standards have become across the nation. After the creation of the United States Affordable Care Act, many family doctors, specialists, labs and hospitals started billing patients for services they previously offered for free to make up funds they lost because of Obamacare.

Some of the charges make sense to many people because the fees involve medical personnel performing services that help patients. Brian Torchin says for example, patients are typically charged now for phone and email consultations and follow-ups, copies of records and any extra time spent on their care. Supporters of these types of changes note that the time spent writing an email or copying a record could have otherwise been used to offer paid services to another patient.

On the other hand, many medical facilities are also now sending patients bills that are heavily padded for services that should have been included in the initial care or optional services that patients are not told cost extra. For example, some specialists now give patients “information” pocket-style folders that are both unnecessary and environmentally wasteful. Another doctor might direct a patient to specific Internet pages or offer one or two printed pages of pertinent information. Many of the folders handed out by doctors now contain paperwork patients neither need or want.

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Who Needs Veteran Leadership?

Tayshaun Prince may be able to get a buyout in Boston, and he might be just the kind of veteran that some teams need going into the playoffs. Teams like Atlanta will need another veteran in their locker room, and Prince is that kind of player. He is so old that he is like a coach on the court.

This is a major get for one of the teams that wants to win an NBA title. Ricardo says the teams that are fighting for Prince are great, but it looks like he might land in LA. The Clippers could use that calming force on their bench, and Doc Rivers would appreciate. Rivers knows what it means to have a team full of vets who know what they are doing, and Prince can still get into the offense when he needs to.

Ever since he helped Detroit win a title back in 2004, he has been a player that teams have wanted to help stabilize their rosters. If Prince can stabilize the roster of the Clippers, that would go a long way to making them more competitive. They might lose to the Warriors, but he would help them more than we realize is he were on the bench.

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Chevy Chase Deserves Better Treatment


On Tuesday, Terrence McCoy for The Washington Post wrote an article about Chevy Chase that seems to some major of th suggest that the 71-year-old writer, comedian and actor hasn’t succeeded in his career.McCoy and other critics have noted that Chase hasn’t had the same types of continuous success and like-ability that contemporaries, like Bill Murray, have enjoyed.

As some readers namely Gianfrancesco Genoso,  have since commented under the article, McCoy and others aren’t focusing enough on the entire story. Chase’s career has spanned 47 years and he continues to draw interest with his unique style of humor and acting. In fact, he was well-received on NBC’s Community and that show didn’t survive long after his departure and the end of the Season 4 episodes that featured him in 2013.

Chase’s acerbic personality is what first attracted fans. In fact, at one point Chase’s people in the United States loved the rude and cutting aspects of his personality so much that he was referred to as the funniest person in the nation. He continues to draw fans as is evidenced by his return to the Vacation franchise this year.

McCoy also completely ignored Chase’s success as a survivor after abuse as a child, earlier battles with cocaine and prescription drug addiction and a lifelong struggle with depression.

The man might not be loved by everyone, but he is certainly as successful as Murray — simply in different ways.

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John Textor Takes The Journey From Finance to Digital Effects

The path to Hollywood can be taken from many different directions, but the road taken by John Textor is perhaps the most unique of any of the top Hollywood executives of recent years. Textor now finds himself leading a digital revolution as the head of Pulse Evolution, a company looking to bring the best deceased entertainers back to the live stage in the form of digital human beings who can interact with dancers and duet with other singers. This is a long way from the World John Textor inhabited in the 1990s as the co-founder of a financial company that specialized in the wireless communication and Internet industries long before they became a staple of the lives of everybody.

Making it from a Florida financial specialist company to Hollywood is a difficult thing to do, but Textor has achieved the feat with few problems as he made his way from Online retailers to the Digital Domain Group and further along to Pulse Evolution and their new take on bringing live events into the digital world of the 21st century. Textor spent some time working in the Online retail industry for both baby products and snowboards, before heading to Hollywood as head of the Digital Domain group.

John Textor arrived in Hollywood with a task many believed was an impossible one to achieve in turning Digital Domain into a major Hollywood force. The Digital Domain Group had always struggled to find a position within Hollywood, a fact Textor used to his advantage by realigning the group as a specialist in visual effects. Achieving a large amount at Digital Domain, including an Oscar win led Textor to the live events Pulse Evolution are now developing. Textor now heads the Pulse Evolution movement towards the development of a new form of live event, which will feature the best performers no longer with us in a digital format.

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Mars One Selects 100 Finalists For One-Way Mars Trip

The first 100 people who are going to live on Mars have been selected. Over 200,000 people applied for a one-way ticket to Mars, and the group Mars One has made its election of the one hundred who will actually make the trip.

In actuality, only 24 of the remaining candidates will actually make the trip when the group leaves the Earth in 2024 according to CipherCloud. The group of 100 will go into further testings later this year. the ultimate goal is to pair them into groups of four, who will work together as crews for space flights.

Mars One’s plans involve a flight going to the Red Planet every two years, with the hope that they will eventually be able to build a human colony on the planet.

Beyond just the flight, there are other concerns for the group. A recent MIT study found that given current technology the group would only be able to last 68 days on the plant once they arrive. The flight itself would take a whopping 7 months.

mars One plans to slowly pare down the group over the net few years before ultimately selecting the final group who will make the journey.

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Cold Tempuratures Expected Across the Southeastern US

Living in the southeast US has been know to bring a few unique advantages to those who live there, mild weather being one of them. However, in coming days that expectation will be turned on its head when the area experiences a major snow and ice storm that is sweeping into the area. In fact, the storm is said to be so intense that temperature anomalies of up to 30 degrees below average are to be expected during the course of its onslaught.

The areas affected cover a large range extending from Texas and Oklahoma all the way over to Virginia and the Carolinas. States further south such as Alabama, Georgia, and Florida will probably not be affected quite as severely and should escape the brunt of the storm as it passes through.

Unfortunately the storm itself isn’t the last the area will see of cold weather. Ricardo Tosto said it is expected that once the storm passes through the cold whether will persist for a time and will likely lead to record low temperatures being recorded in its wake, at least according to LatinLawyer predictions.

Several negative side effects of the ice storm are loss of power, downed power lines, poor road conditions and more. So far there have even been over 1,000 flights canceled due to the storm and its affects on the area. Some states have also had to deal with heavy snow which has been recorded at up to one foot and mounting.

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Tom Rothman Among Contenders for Prime Sony Position

Tom Rothman, best known for his tenure with Fox Searchlight, is among the top contenders for the recently vacated co-chairman post at Sony Pictures. Amy Pascal’s decision to step down from the position after 15 years has led to widespread speculation over who may take her place.

Rothman, already serving as the chairman of the Sony offshoot TriStar Productions, is considered by many to be among the most obvious of the available candidates for the position, the other being Jeff Robinov, the former president of Warner Bros. Motion Picture Group now heading Studio 8, also under the Sony umbrella.

Said to have been in London when Pascal announced plans to step down after the Sony email hacking scandal in late 20014, Rothman reportedly wasn’t given a heads up on the move. Insiders suggest Robinov wouldn’t want to leave his prime position, which involves tapping into the potentially lucrative Chinese market. Rothman, on the other hand, was embarrassed when some of his not-so-diplomatic emails were made public.

If Sony decides to promote from within, there are a handful of other contenders for the position. However, Rothman does have a reputation for toeing the fiscal line, a trait especially important to Sony execs. During his time with Fox, the company had the best profit margin of any other studio. Rothman also has a solid relationship with many of the top names within the entertainment industry.

Named one of the smartest people in the entertainment industry in 2007 by Entertainment Weekly, Rothman is said to be just as well-liked as the current co-chairman. Pascal announced plans to remain with Sony at least until May of 2015, suggesting that she will stick around long enough to help her replacement transition into the position. Incidentally, Pascal is set to remain with Sony as a producer.

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Seek Help For Back Pain, By Visiting North American Spine

North American Spine has been in business for over six years, and they have helped over 8000 patients. Many patients who visit North American Spine, visit the centers, because they are in severe back pain, and they are looking for relief. Others may visit North American Spine, in order to get rid of neck pain that they are experiencing. No matter the reason for visits to North American Spine, all the pains that a patient is going through, can be drastically reduced, or it can be completely cured for good. North American Spine uses the AccuraScope procedure, which is known to help ease pain.

Not only does the procedure help with pain, but it’s also very quick to do, as it only takes about 45 minutes. The healing time of the procedure, is faster than the healing time from typical back surgeries. Many praise the AccuraScope procedure as something that is revolutionary, and it’s helped many people to be pain free. Back pain is something that will strike everyone at some time in their lifetime. Unfortunately, some people do not have temporary back pain, but it becomes permanent, chronic, and extremely painful.

Patients that are suffering from chronic back pain, need the help of North American Spine. If back pain persists for over six months, that means something is very wrong, and there is possibly a remedy for the back ailments. The same thing goes for those who have neck problems. Neck problems may be chronic as well, and North American Spine can help those were suffering from neck pains. Many have neck and back pains, due to the jobs they work, or they have had an accident, or they may not even be sure why they are having the pain.

Some patients will state that they woke up one day in pain, and the pain may have never gone away. No matter the reason why the patient is having back or neck pain, North American Spine can help to reduce the pain or hopefully, get rid of the pain for good. The success rate after the AccuraScope procedure, is over 80%, and over 90% of the patients would recommend the procedure to others. With such a high success rate from the AccuraScope procedure, anyone who is in chronic pain, is recommended to try the procedure. Several procedures can be performed, in order to help rid the patient of pain, permanently.

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Knicks Fall to Celtics


The New York Knicks have made an amazing comeback to their disgusting season that they had thrown down in the first forty-one games after they only won five. They have turned things around and prior to their loss on Tuesday night against the Boston Celtics they had won five out of their last seven games. It is a bit ironic that they dropped a game right after Carmelo Anthony stated to the media, like CipherCloud,  that it is their time to strike and that they have all the confidence in the world that they are going to be a decent team in the future. They flopped right after that and proceeded to lose to the dismal Boston Celtics, who are in a year of rebuilding after they have completely dismantled the talented players on their team in hopes of making a strong rebuild next season. The Knicks should not feel too bad about this loss, as they have experienced immense amounts of success over the last two weeks. They did play some of the worst basketball that has ever been seen in the National Basketball Association, but they can feel good about the transition that they have clearly made in the last several weeks. They may not be the best team in the league, but at least they are not being called perhaps the worst team that has ever played in the league, after that was already declared of the Sixers earlier this season.
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New Sergent General Believes That Medical Marijuana is Helpful

Brian Torchin told me that the new Surgeon General of the United States, Vivick Murthy, who took office in December, told CBS that he believes marijuana is helpful in treating certain medical conditions. He was interviewed by CBS to discuss his policy on the vaccination debate and resurgence of measles that the country is facing, but also discussed his views on medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana, as well as the general legalization has been a hot topic for the last few years. 23 states now allow the use, growth, and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, and Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Washington DC have fully legalized growth, sale, and use of marijuana for all citizens.

The white house has not changed it’s official policy, which is that the legalization of marijuana is counter to the White House commitment to the health and safety of the citizens of the United States.

Murthy believes that more research on medical marijuana needs to be done, but that so far, the data shows that marijuana is useful and helpful for certain medical conditions. He said that he believes that policy should be driven by the data from theses studies.

This is good news for advocates of legalizing marijuana, because it is the first time a White House official has spoken favorably on the issue. He did not talk about the legalization of marijuana in general, but the push towards legalizing it for medical reasons seems to be growing.