Why You Should Choose FreedomPop! Read more

Why You Should Choose FreedomPop!

FreedomPop is a popular app that allows you to receive and make phone calls and text messages. This app is free to download on most phones, click here to check it out on Google Play. This is ideal for the people who are trying to save money and cut the cost of their current phone bill. The best part is there are no contracts and the app is hassle free.

Recently, FreedomPop has offered users unlimited WiFi for the low price of five dollars! This makes it hard for inferior competitors to compete. They have over ten million hotspots throughout the United States. In the future they hope to have over 25 million hotspots available for their users. These hotspots and WiFi plans are great for customers who would like to connect to the internet but have no service on their phones. This means that you take your phone that you have abandoned and get WiFi service at various hotspots for five dollars a month.

FreedomPop reviews are so popular because you can easy saves hundreds of dollars. It allows users to have free services for their entire lives. If a user decides to close their account then there are no fees if you decide to cancel at any time. When you create an account you will have a username and password as well as your own telephone number. FreedomPop can turn your tablet into a phone so that you may text or make outgoing calls. Another great thing is that you will never have any surprises on your bill. The free plan offers 200 minutes along with 500 text messages and 500 MB of data. You can pay to have unlimited WiFi or you can upgrade and have unlimited calls for a same fee. These fees are still cheaper than other competitors and will save you lots of money that you can surely spend on something else.

FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Funds Will Only Go To States That Believe Climate Change Is Undeniable Read more

FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness Funds Will Only Go To States That Believe Climate Change Is Undeniable

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is giving governors like Rick Scott of Florida something to think about. If Scott and other Republican governors continue to deny the existence of climate change, FEMA will deny them funding if they experience a disaster. Florida will be in trouble if the feds don’t send the state funds to rebuild after a major disaster that is caused by climate change.

FEMA has deep pockets. It’s not unusual for the agency to give $1 billion a year to states that have hazard-mitigation plans. In order to get money, the states need to assess how climate change affects their state. Governors that don’t acknowledge climate change don’t have hazard-mitigation plans. States like New York already have identified climate change risks.

When risks like tornado, drought and excessive rainfall are considered, coastal states have a lot to lose, and other states do too if the governors of those states continue to deny climate change. Timber Creek Capital LLC reports that the main group of governors that deny man-made climate change and force government employees to deny it are: Texas Governor Abbott, Louisiana Governor Jindal, Chris Christie of New Jersey, Rick Scott of Florida and Governor McCrory of North Carolina.

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Japan Building a Tsnuami-Blocking Wall

Japan is working on building a wall that could help protect the country against tsunamis. When it’s all said and done, the country plans on building a massive 25-mile cement seawall to help protect it against the violent storms. The project will cost the country a whopping $6.8 billion.

The hope is that the wall will help prevent another catastrophe like the Tsumani that rocked the country in March 2011. That storm killed 19,000 people and caused destruction to the majority of the northeaster coast of the country. Flavio Maluf said it was also the driving force in the Fukushima nuclear disasters that occurred in the country shorty after.

Not just one seawall, the project actually involves building 400 different walls that will be joined together. the government has already started building the walls in some of the areas that have been worst-hit by Tsunamis in the past. In general, the public is very supportive of the effort. Not only will they be a bit safer but building the walls also creates jobs in areas where work has been hard to find.

Important to note: the walls, on matter how high or strong, do not guarantee safety in the areas, something that the residents know far too well.

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Diet Soda Is on the Decline Around the World


According to a recent article in The Washington Post, diet soda sales are on a downward slide. Consumers in America, and around the world, are turning away from these low calorie drinks in droves. Sales of diet sodas dropped nearly 20 percent around the world this past decade. The decline in the United States is linked to people drinking less soda in general as well as a growing suspicion of artificial sweeteners. Also, younger people are increasingly seeing soda as an occasional treat instead of a daily drink. If a person is only going to treat themselves occasionally to the drink, then they will want the real deal and not some diet version.

The decline in diet sodas is accompanied by what expert Fersen described as slow sales of the regular versions of these sodas worldwide. This is a positive step for global health. Despite their manufacturers billing the diet version of these drinks as a healthier alternative, there is some evidence that they are still bad for our health especially in the area of weight gain where the word ‘diet’ implies their one purported benefit over the non-diet varieties. There are so many truly healthy alternatives out there such as 100 percent fruit juice products on store shelves everywhere. Soda contributes nothing to us and may be one of the most harmful parts of our daily diet. World health will only be boosted by any trend of people moving away from it.

Drinking Diet Soda Makes One Gain Belly Fat Read more

Drinking Diet Soda Makes One Gain Belly Fat

The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published a new study saying that people who drank diet soda gained almost three times as much abdominal fat as people who didn’t drink diet soda. The study analyzed data taken from a questionnaire of 749 people who were at least 65 years old. The survey asked the subjects how many cans of soda they drank per day, and how many were diet or regular.

Even after adjusting for such factors as diabetes, exercise and smoking, the researchers found that people who routinely drank diet soda gained 3.2 inches around their waist over the study period, while people who never drank diet soda gained 0.8 inches. Occasional drinkers of diet soda gained 1.8 inches.

While scientists do not yet have clear answers they do have some hypotheses. First off, diet sodas contain chemicals that make the soda far sweeter than a regular soda. In addition, real sugar triggers a sense of satisfaction of fullness. The body knows that a sweet taste accompanies something with a lot of calories according to Monster.com. Artificial sweeteners confuse the body on that point and can cause cravings for sweeter and sweeter foods.

A recent study of mice showed that artificial sweeteners changed their gut bacteria and made them vulnerable to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance, both of which are linked to weight gain. Other studies with mice indicate that artificial sweeteners are linked to a drop in leptin, which is a hormone that controls the appetite. The mice with a lot of leptin in their systems ate significantly less than did the mice with only a little leptin.

Attention Facebook Users Beward of New Community Standards Read more

Attention Facebook Users Beward of New Community Standards

Are you ever scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and wonder why sometimes you see some pretty disturbing stuff and other times not? Or perhaps you went back to find something someone posted and suddenly it’s gone? Well, a recent overhaul of the ever popular social networking sites Community Standards left avid users scratching their heads.


Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg delivered the Community Standards Address on Monday, illustrating just how Facebook classifies and controls belligerent and offensive content posted by users for others to see. The Community Standards Address touched on a variety of topics, all the way from bullying to personal business.


In particular, the social networking site has tightened their policies against hate speech and threats of violence. Facebook will be more observant and cracking down on those making any sort of terroristic threat or bragging about criminal activity. Instead of explicitly banning inappropriate content as it’s posted, Facebook will be relying on users and members of the Facebook community to help determine what is appropriate and what is not.


One thing Facebook does not want to do is act as a barrier or prevent certain rights of free speech from its members, though. Instead, Facebook still plans to allow community members to share controversial content with others so long as there is a justifiable and accountable motive in doing so. Sergio Cortes has learned that Facebook will hold all members of the Facebook community responsible for their posts and actions on the social networking site.


Hillary Clinton in Tangled Web Over Email Scandal Read more

Hillary Clinton in Tangled Web Over Email Scandal


As Sir Walter Scott so eloquently said over 200 years ago, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” It appears that Hillary Clinton’s attempt to explain her email scandal amounted to an effort to downplay its significance. In her address to reporters, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee said the use of the personal email server at her residence in Chappaquiddick was to share personal correspondence with her husband Bill. That would be fine and dandy and might explain why she did not turn over all of the email correspondence to the State Department; personal emails between a husband and wife would understandably remain confidential.

However, the Wall Street Journal later reported on their Facebook that former President Clinton does not use email at all. During his entire life, he has only sent two emails both of which were done during his 8 years as president. This would suggest that Mrs. Clinton withheld emails from the State Department for reasons other than what she stated. As a result, the press conference designed to lay the email scandal to rest has in fact created more doubt and raised additional questions. Either President Clinton is dishonest about his use of email or Mrs. Clinton is dishonest about the content of the emails withheld from the State Department. One thing is certain, the email scandal will be taking on additional impetus as the House subcommittee investigating Benghazi seeks a full disclosure from Mrs. Clinton in regards to all relevant email.

Creator of the Simpsons, Sam Simon is Dead Read more

Creator of the Simpsons, Sam Simon is Dead

Sam Simon who was one of the co-creators of the hit show The Simpsons, has passed away at his home in Los Angeles this past Sunday. Simon was 59-years-old and had been battling terminal colorectal cancer since 2012.

Simon created The Simpsons along with Matt Groening and James L. Brooks in 1989. According to the story on Variety, he also co-wrote around a dozen episodes for the animated show and also served as a show runner, creative supervisor, creative consultant, developer, character designer. In 1993 he retained the title of executive producer as he stepped away from the show.

The Simpsons were not the only successful project that Simon worked on. Over the years, Ricardo Guimarães BMG said he has won nine Emmy awards for the work he has done on The Simpsons as well as The Tracy Ullman Show. He had also written for shows such as Taxi, The Gary Shandling Show and Cheers. He also wrote The Super, a comedic film starring Joe Pesci.

Not only was Simon a powerhouse in television, he was also a philanthropist. He started the Sam Simon Foundation, which he used to rescue animals and provide surgery to animals in need. He also supported PETA and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. After learning of his terminal illness, Simon began buying circuses and zoos just so he could free the animals there.

Who Cares If Families Get Help? Read more

Who Cares If Families Get Help?

The NCAA is not going to reinstate Cliff Alexander of Kansas until they find out if his family got improper benefits. The problem is that it does not matter. The NCAA has no idea where people come from, and they do not know if their families are in bad positions or not. You would be surprised what will happen if you allow these kids to get a little help for their families. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says the majority of them want to be famous to help get their families out of bad situations.

These players are not doing these things because they want the fame and fortune. Most of them go out and buy their parents a house when they get their first big contract, but they have to get through school first. They cannot go straight to the NBA. I would not go straight to the NBA anyways, and I think these players should be made to go to school. However, a poor family with a kid in college should be able to get help from someone who wants to give them a little money. These boosters are not using public funds to help these families, and it just does not matter at the end of the day.

The Dorchester Collection looks to expand into new locations Read more

The Dorchester Collection looks to expand into new locations

The Dorchester Collection is one of the World’s top luxury hotel brands and currently sits at the very top of the list of hotel chains that have refused to expand purely for the sake of opening another hotel. Chief Executive Christopher Cowdray has worked hard since the brand was created in 2006 and he was appointed in 2007 to make sure the entire operation is seen as a single brand known for the luxury and decadence of their properties and customer service. The hotel chain is looking to expand with a list of luxury partnerships set to be discussed, but a further ten hotels being added over the next decade is a small rate of expansion.

One area where The Dorchester Collection is ahead of its rivals is in the ownership stakes, most luxury chains are now searching for the highest profit margins that will keep investors happy. The Dorchester Collection does not feature a series of shareholders, instead the company is owned by the Sultan of Brunei through his Brunei Investment Agency. This different approach to ownership has meant decisions could be made that Cowdray would have struggled to get a group of investors to agree to, such as closing the Hotel Bel Air for two years before reopening the location after a huge renovation.

Christopher Cowdray himself is at pains to point out the slow and steady growth is a strategy designed to keep The Dorchester Collection at the very top of the luxury hotels industry. The chain looks to each member of staff to make an impact on guests and make sure they feel wanted and special during their stay. The Dorchester Collection recently won a major human resources award in the UK for the programs it has set up to reward employees for their good performances. An even more staggering fact is that Cowdray expects each and every staff member from himself down to display the same attitudes and responsibilities towards guests whether they work at the head office, the back of house or are seen by guests throughout the majority of each working day.