Prison Escapees Caught and Killed Read more

Prison Escapees Caught and Killed

Police have been on a three-week long manhunt after two convicted murderers, David Sweat 35 and Richard Matt 49 had escaped from a high-security prison in upstate New York. After Sweat was captured by police, he recounted the entire plan that the two murderers were planning to use to escape. He first started by telling them about another alleged accomplice who was involved in the original plan. Skout suggests that according to Sweat, Joyce Mitchell, a prison worker, was supposed to pick Sweat and Matt up after they escaped from the manhole.

The plan was then to drive to her house and kill her husband. From there the three of them would drive to Mexico. The only problem was that Mitchell never showed up to drive the two convicted murderers after their escape. This left Sweat and Matt with no choice but to run for the Canadian border. Officials say that Matt and Sweat eventually parted ways because the older and less athletic Matt 49 was slowing the younger more athletic Sweat down. Matt was shot and killed a few days before police captured Sweat just shy of the border between the United States and Canada. Law enforcement officials are looking further into the matter as Sweat continues to talk and more evidence is gathered.

The Texas Pastor That Said He Would Set Himself On Fire If The Gay Marriage Ban Was Lifted Is Backpedaling Now Read more

The Texas Pastor That Said He Would Set Himself On Fire If The Gay Marriage Ban Was Lifted Is Backpedaling Now

Pastor Rick Scarborough Now Says He Doesn’t Support Physical Harm Or Violence

The Pearland Texas pastor who said he was not going to bow or bend, and if he had too he would burn if the Supreme Court lifted the ban on Gay marriages is now changing his tune. Rick Scarborough is now saying he was paraphrasing a spiritual song that used similar words. Scarborough was never going to set himself on fire; he was just trying to highlight his opposition to same-sex marriages.

Scarborough has made other statements that appear to be false. He told reporters that thousands of followers, including Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, say they would go to jail if the SCOTUS lifted the ban. That has not happened, and Scarborough hasn’t been available to explain that comment.

The Supreme Court decision to allow same-sex marriages in all states is not a surprise. Brian Bonar thought it was actually coming sooner. Political analysts said the court would give gays and lesbians equal rights. But some churches refuse to bend on the issue. Scarborough is just one pastor that will continue to tell his followers that being gay is a choice, and it is sinful.

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From Plastic Bags to Suitcases

Zevon Moore has recently moved with five other children to Richmond, Virginia. What readers might not guess though is that they carried all their belongings in a black garbage bag.

the boys’ foster mother stated that her foster children deserved “more than just a bag”. They deserved so much more that couldn’t even come close to compensating for the traumatic events that they had all suffered.

Michele Jones, a restaurant owner, heard about the fact that foster children had nothing of their own. She decided to take action. She wanted to focus on this simple yet very important thing that all kids should not be without. She began collecting suit cases from all her friends and customers. She started doing this with the intention of helping the 288 children in Richmond who are in foster care.

This new organization has been named A Cast for Hope. With her new charity, Jones is proud to say that over 500 pieces of luggage have been donated by restaurant owners across the country. The donation of this luggage is an easy way of telling all foster children that their lives matter. They no longer need trash bags to carry their belongings when they now have their very own suitcases.

This is the people’s way of saying that although not everyone can take in a foster child, people in the community truly do care about their well-being and future. Adam Sender knows that is an issue.

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Image Recognition Technology In The Modern Era

Image recognition technology uses digital devices to be able to recognize people! Yes, artificial intelligence has actually gotten to the point of being able to recognize someone. This technology can be used for a vast variety of purposes. It also is likely to continue to become even more advanced and useful as time goes on.

This technology is now used in airports to pick out people that are on a “no fly” list. This can help to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad. In the past, people who were suspects or otherwise prohibited from flying on an airplane could more easily slip through security unnoticed. Security at the airport would not be able to recognize all of the people on the “no fly” list or memorize the faces of numerous fugitives in the country. However, the devices used for image recognition technology can do just that.

Also, this technology has potential for the future. In the future, these types of cameras may be installed throughout the country. One day, they may become so accessible that they will be in stores, outside of homes, and on streets everywhere. They could sound an alarm if a criminal suspect is passing by. This would help keep dangerous crooks off the streets.

A company called Slyce is a very advanced image recognition technology company. Slyce has image recognition software that can be used by everyday business owners! Slyce’s software can be installed on to a mobile device. Then, one can simply aim the mobile device at an item. It will tell you the make and model of the item. Then, businessmen and businesswomen can use the information to know if they wish to buy the item. It also can be used by everyday customers to make sure that the seller is selling an item for a price. Many well known and successful companies use Slyce software in their businesses. This just shows how broad the applications of image recognition technology can be.

Kylie Jenner Denies Boob Job Read more

Kylie Jenner Denies Boob Job

Kylie Jenner is still giving her loyal fans something to talk about, and now that she has admitted to using temporary lip fillers to enhance her lips, everyone is waiting to find out about what else she had had is planning on having enhanced. Any body part that looks too good to be real is now basically fair game to consider that she has had some work done. Kylie said before that she is not interested in any surgery, and she actually only get her lips plumped because they have always been one of her insecurities. Kim Kardashian has even backed Kylie up and insisted they Kylie is not obsessed with the idea of getting work done.

This week Kylie is getting some suspect looks, after Moonshine Ink was revealing a ton of cleavage in a plunging black gown during her appearance at The Sugar Factory in Miami, some of her followers are bound to think her ample breasts have got to be man made. Kylie looked amazing in the photos from the event and her dress was to die for, but of course people will talk.

Before the inevitable rumors started flying about Kylie’s possible boob job,the young Jenner took to her Instagram as she has done in the past to assure her followers that her cleavage was thanks to the assistance of duct tape and not doctors. While Kylie is most likely telling the truth, we all know this won’t be the last time she will have to address rumors of surgery.

Man Alerting Drivers Gets Ticket Read more

Man Alerting Drivers Gets Ticket

While driving on a busy road, some people might want to know if there are any speed traps. One man wanted to give other drivers a warning, but his methods only landed him with a ticket that had a hefty price. He set up a warning for other drivers that there was a speed trap in the area. This man could have only wanted drivers to slow down for their safety and the safety of others on the road. However, he was caught, and he was given a ticket for $138 says Zeca Oliveira. He is planning on going to court over the ticket as his way of thinking is that he prevented the county from getting money because of the tickets that could have possibly been written for speeding. No one knows for sure whether there would have been anyone caught speeding. This man was only trying to alert drivers that they should slow down while on the road.

The “Teen Mom OG” Cast Claims To Be Good Friends Read more

The “Teen Mom OG” Cast Claims To Be Good Friends

MTV decided to bring back the original cast and crew from the Teen Mom show “16 And Pregnant,” and the new show is called “Teen Mom OG.” These girls have forged a bond over the years, and many of them are saying that they are like family, even though they are friends. “Teen Mom OG” Show. One of the most known members of the group is Farrah Abraham, who is someone that many people talk about. “Farrah has been the subject of many conversations because she has done a lot of plastic surgery for someone who is so young in age.

Sarah even had an intimate tape out of her and her boyfriend, but it was later discovered that she mastermind the entire tape, and it wasn’t leaked as she previously had stated. Maci, Amber, and Catelynn, they are all on the show as well. Andy Wirth tells us that Maci had her second pregnancy, even though her doctor stated that she would never get pregnant again.

All the girls have become very good friends, and they sat down in an interview to talk
about their friendships with each other. Anyone who is interested in learning more about the girls, they can check out the additional information available on MTV News.

A Group Of Brave Men Bust Open Doors During Apartment Fire to Save Lives Read more

A Group Of Brave Men Bust Open Doors During Apartment Fire to Save Lives

When it comes to rescuing people from an apartment fire. A few men take it upon themselves to not only go door to door to let people know about the fire, but to save their pets as well. To these men’s life doesn’t end with you human kind, pets lives mean something as well.

These men were caught on camera by the new Go Pro camera technology. Their video was posted to YouTube and has quickly gone viral. In the video you can see them rush into a burning building units that are caught on fire by a lightening strike. During the video the men are seen using force to bust open doors and chasing any pets left behind out of the building.

This fire caused the roof of the building to collapse. No one was harmed in the fire but many will be without a home for a while. The men say no one was mad about the damage they caused just glad they were able to help as many people as they did. Including a small dog that would have surely died had he been left in there. This group of courageous men should receive a medal for risking their lives to save others. Igor Cornelsen had a big thank you to these men and the Rapid City Fire Department in South Dakota for all their hard work and dedication.

Hawaii Raises the Age Threshold for Buying Cigarettes Read more

Hawaii Raises the Age Threshold for Buying Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is no longer socially acceptable. Puffing away ceased to be socially acceptable about 20 years ago. During the bulk of the 20th century, over half the population of the United States smoked. Smoking was a common social practice and taking a first-time puff on a cigarette was a right of passage. In Hawaii, anyone who wishes to engage in that social practice has to wait an additional three years.

Hawaii is now the first state to officially raise the age to purchase tobacco to 21 says Dr. Jennifer Walden. The state also raised the age to purchase electronic cigarettes to 21 as well. Will other states follow? California may be the very next one since its legislature is considering bumping the legal age to purchase tobacco products (and maybe e-cigarettes) to 21 as well.

Decades ago, people ignored the health hazards associated with smoking. Yes, for many years, people were unaware that smoking contributed to any illnesses. Even when connections to cancer and heart disease were revealed, the number of people who chose not to smoke was minimal. It took years and years for people to truly realize the dangers associated with cigarettes. The revelation of the unethical practices of tobacco companies might have been the final factor the turned new generations away from smoking. Eventually, the popularity of smoking greatly diminished.

As laws became more and more restrictive, younger people found barriers to buying cigarettes. People who start smoking do so when very young. Older people are not likely to take up the habit. By raising the smoking age to 21, Hawaii may have dealt a major blow to the tobacco companies’ ability to procure new customers.

Denmark Heads to the Polls Today in Tight Race Read more

Denmark Heads to the Polls Today in Tight Race

A very close national election in Denmark has left political commentators wondering who will emerge as the Prime Minister of the country. The incumbent, Social Democrat party leader Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, hopes to retain her office. However, she faces strong opposition from an alliance of center and right wing parties, which have emerged as leaders by a slender margin in national polls in recent weeks. As many as one in five Danish voters remains undecided going into the election today according to Boraie Development LLC.

The polls close at 7 p.m. Danish time. News broadcasters widely expect to know the results of the election by 11 p.m.

Denmark maintains ten large political parties. In a memorable race from 1998, late results from the Faroe Islands tipped the outcome of the election. That scenario might well reoccur this year.

The central issues in the race have involved the national economy, immigration and welfare. The Prime Minister has agreed that the election is likely to be a cliff-hanger, noting: “It’s going to be really close.”

Recently, Denmark implemented immigration reforms that restrict the situations in which the country will grant political asylum and generally tighten immigration requirements.

The left-leaning Social Democrats are calling for increased public spending. Their opponents want some new tax breaks and a limit on government expenditures. Many political analysts wonder what, if any, impact the relatively newly formed Danish People’s Party, will have on the election.