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Organo Gold: Expanding the Benefits of Ganoderma

Organo Gold is a highly reputable company which produces a variety of products that contain ganoderma. Some of their products include: premium coffees, teas, nutraceuticals, soaps and toothpastes. Ganoderma was once an ancient Chinese herb used only by eastern medicinal herbalists. Organo Gold’s mission was to spread the health benefits of this herb to the rest of the world. . They have done so rather successfully. Their product is currently available in six continents and over 35 countries across the world. Their beverages, personal care products, and nutraceuticals are of the highest quality and they strive to meet their customer’s standards. The company was originally founded in 2008. It started as a very small business with only three employees in Richmond B.C., Canada.

Although they started small, their product quickly grew in popularity and they soon became a very successful company. The CEO of Organo Gold, Bernardo Chua, was already a successful businessman when he decided to take on the new project. His commitment to success and overall vision for the company is one of the main factors in the expansion of the brand’s popularity. Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines and found his success through hard work and determination. He expanded the product first to Hong Kong, then Canada and the United States. He also has started a non-profit organization to help empower young people around the world and invest in their success, called the OG Cares Foundation. He is a highly respected individual in the business world and is largely responsible for the overall vast success of Organo Gold.

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A Pet Friendly Company for Pet Friendly People

Nestle’s Purina is a pet friendly company for pet friendly people. Founded originally in 1894 by the Robinson-Danforth Commission Company, it’s gone through a makeover since Nestle acquired it in December of 2001. Since then it has not only grown to become the biggest producer of pet foods in the the United States (second globally) but it has also sponsored various pet friendly events and programs, all the while providing healthy and balanced diets for our four-footed best-friends.

Sure, they entertained us this past Grammy’s season with their #IGETBEGGIN campaign, featuring an adorable corgi catching Beggin’s treats from a pop-top lid, but they’ve also sponsored various pet-friendly events. As they organized the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in the streets of Boston. An event that had dogs competing in “Olympic-style” events that ranged from obstacle courses to the reported “crowd favorite” that features the dogs running off of a 40 foot dock into a 19,000 gallon pool of water. The event took place earlier this July and the winners of that competition will go on to compete this September in St. Louis, Missouri, which will feature competitors from the Boston games facing up against winners from the Western Regionals who competed in California earlier this year.

But they care about more than the elite athletes of the dog world, offering up various lists on their website for dog safety and for fun activities for you and your pet in the summer months. And are currently in the middle of their “Pets At Work” movement. A movement in which they partnered with Mississippi State’s College of Veterinary Medicine to conduct a new survey that found that more than half of pet owners who want their pets at work are indeed willing to do something about it. They even set a world record, bringing the most dogs to work on their aptly titled “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”. The movement is still ongoing and if you’d like you can join said movement by visiting their site.

All in all, the Purina News Center shows that this is a company for pet people, who understands that not only do we want to feed our dogs a healthy diet, but also understands that we as pet owners want to contribute in the betterment of our pet’s lives. Whether that be through simple competitions to movements, all founded with the goal to improve the lives of furry friends.

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Adam Sender Does the Unthinkable and Survives

Sometimes when a person does something that doesn’t quite make sense to the average person it can be a puzzle to a growing number of people. Fortunately, Adam Sender has been able to close a business that was doing well – the unthinkable – and move on to art collecting and still make a lot of money – the survival. I believe that Sender has been able to make the most of his journey, and I applaud the way that he made his exit.

Sender founded a hedge fund management company. He didn’t have any problems hanging the art in his building. This was the thing that made it a lot easier for other workers to see his passion. This is why there was no surprise. Sender was already well known as an art collector even though he was in the financial world. His employees should not have been surprised when he decided to close the doors on his company. Now that he has been selling art for millions of dollars it seems only natural for people that doubted him to realize that they did not fully know his plans.

Adam Sender (LinkedIn) has learned that it was important to become an expert in one thing before totally ditching something else. This is why he has been able to leave one thing (hedge management) and successful venture into something else (collecting and selling art) without feeling like he was making a bad decision. Sender was already in place to become an art seller. He has managed to hold upscale art shows for this collection of art. This is what has made him one of those people to be admired. I loved the fact that Sender was really to turn down money – temporary- in order to do what he loved the most.

I have always thought that the best time to pursue a new career is when you have planned out what you are going to do. I believe that Sender was planning all along. He has been buying art for decades. He was working with another hedge fund company before he founded Exis. He had been good at both hedge fund management and art collecting. It would take some time, but his love for one would finally overrule the over passion. This is how he was able to pursue his love of art with such vigor.

It is an inspiration to those that don’t believe that they could really make money doing what they love. I have a passion to write, but I have been scared of abandoning my day job. Sender has inspired me though. I feel as if I will soon take the plunge and venture into writing.

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Bad Decisions During Hurricanes Can Cause Devastating Results


Hurricanes are among the most dangerous weather events on the planet. Damage estimates can run well into the millions, but the human toll can be far worse. Sadly, when evacuation orders are issued, many people opt to stay put regardless of how dire the situation is. In a study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance, many respondents said evacuation would be based on severity of the storm. 

“We cannot forget the lessons of the past,” says Plymouth Rock Management Company CEO Gerry Wilson. He went on to say that failure to evacuate can have devastating effects on all parties involved, including first responders. Some clinical scientists agree that many people look at their home as part of their identity. This factor alone makes it difficult for them to leave – even when they face grave danger. 

James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance. According to the executive’s Wikipedia, Stone has worked in the insurance industry for over three decades. While at Harvard, he worked as a part-time consultant. In 1975, Stone was appointed as Massachusetts insurance commissioner. After a brief foray into commodities futures, he founded the company, which $1 billion in premiums every year. Stone also founded Bermuda-based Cat Limited.

Another phenomena regarding hurricane forecasting is how although news is relayed well in advance, people will wait up until the very last minute to leave. Clinical psychiatrist John Klapow says that a huge problem develops when anxiety sets in. When nerves get frayed, people quickly find themselves making poor decisions. This article was originally published by

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Qnet is a Company with Integrity

A Full Commitment
Qnet is a company that offers a global and corporate commitment to society. This is indeed a company that holds a firm vision. The vision is to be a worldwide ecommerce leader. They choose to lead in the direct selling industry. This is a company that is placing themselves in the position to be a highly positive influencer. This influence is in the development of sustainable network marketing communities. This is a professional network.

Raise Yourself to Help Mankind
Qnet, profiled by BsuinessForHome here, is all about teamwork and the goal is to achieve success and a good outcome while helping all of mankind. It is a dedication of service that will help others through all of the business operations. One good keyword that is well suited for this company is the word integrity. Every business deal that is conducted is done with a high level of integrity. The idea that raising oneself in the business world will also help mankind. This is accomplished by helping individuals to reach their own goals. This will lead to better lives. This is a entrepreneurial business opportunity. This business includes life-enhancing products. This is an overall win situation for everyone involved.

Business and Honesty
This is a business that is conducted with the core honesty value. Every individual is treated with complete honesty and respect is added. This leads to the achievement of obtaining the highest results for all major stakeholders. Honesty is incorporated within the entire community. This includes the following:
*independent representatives
*all company members
Qnet is all about achieving results. This is accomplished through high standards and honesty. Each and every action achieves the desired results. This includes all philanthropic activities and all business actions. This is a business that places an emphases on honesty.

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Vijay Eswaran: A New Hope for Businesses

For Vijay Eswaran, it started out as a small project during his part-time job where he provided marketing advice. He asked his clients he was facilitating to talk about what their requirements were and what they wanted from their investments. His advice led to success one after another to finally make him one of the few successful businessmen in Asia.

Born on October 7th 1960, Vijay had a humble upbringing growing in a middle-class family. His parents moved from one location to another, sometimes overseas, to fulfill their work and family needs. Vijay Eswaran had the opportunity to graduate from the London School of Economics with a degree in socio-economics because that is where his passion was. He then moved to Europe and due to financial constraints took odd jobs like cab driver, fruit picker and construction worker in various places like London, France and Belgium. Little did he know that his talent would take him this far, the place he is right now. While in UK, he obtained certification from CIMA and moved on to complete MBA from Southern Illinois University. He got involved in multi-level marketing scheme, the subject he was very much interested in and simultaneously worked for Synaptics in the US. His enthusiasm for marketing brought him to Malaysia where he started his first venture with Cosway Group. Joining them he thought would be like a hand to hold or a friend to talk to as he went through the selection process and passed. It is there that he took his MLM business more seriously.

After retuning to Asia in 1998, Vija,y equipped with lots of knowledge from his venture, co-founded a MLM group called QI that provided a wide array of business support for travel, luxury, media, telecommunications, training, wellness and corporate investment purposes. As he began his group, he was giving tours of the establishment for prospective clients in the international level. He saw that all of those clients had some form of connection between his services and their businesses. Subsequently, his services were crafted by listening to their needs. His company now has regional offices and subsidiaries in many countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore.

Vijay Eswaran is not only a well-known entrepreneur but a public speaker as well. He has given a number of talks at many business and management forums both in India and abroad. Some of the events include Pravasi Bharatiya Divas and World Economic Forum. His book called “in the Sphere of Silence” that is based on life management and meditation is a must-read. His interactive program called “Thought of the Day” is a very helpful tool for people suffering from everyday life stress and anxiety in the business field.

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Eric Pulier’s Expertise on Business

Eric Pulier is an entrepreneur who has made a name for himself throughout the years. Born and raised in New Jersey, Eric Pulier started his successful career in the fourth grade when he began programming computers. By high school, Pulier had started his own database computer company. In 1989, Pulier started his college career at Harvard University, where he majored in English and American literature. He even was editor during his time at Harvard for theHarvard Crimson.

Eric Pulier started his career in Los Angeles in 1991. In 1991, he founded People Doing Things which is a company that addresses the issue of education, health care, as well as many other issues. All of these issues, he answers through the use of technology. By 1994, Pulier founded an interactive agency called Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution eventually merged with a company called US Interactive LLC. The merging took place in 1998.

In addition to be a smart businessman, Eric Pulier was also a philanthropist. By 1998, Pulier put his efforts to build Starbright World. Starbright World is a private social network that focuses on chronically ill children. This social network allows the children to chat, blog, and even post content. What makes this so special is that the children are able to meet others that share their same experience.

In 1997, Pulier was honored by being elected to create and carryout the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. This exhibition was named “The Bridge to the 21st Century”. After the exhibition, Pulier even participated in Al Gore’s technology and health care forum. This forum would push forward technology as well as issues related with health care.

Pulier’s impressive and long carried started in the fourth grade. Currently he is the owner of several companies that include Desktone, Media Platform, Akana, and many others. Eric Pulier even co-authored several distinguished books that show is expertise on topics such as architecture.

Pulier continues his philanthropy with donating to several non-profit organizations that are geared towards helping others. Pulier even sits on the innovation board of X-Prize Foundation. This is a competition to solve some of the greatest challenges concerning the human race. Pulier also sits on the board of the Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a organization that focuses on creating camps for kids with chronic illnesses. As a successful entrepreneur, it has always been an ambition of Eric Pulier to help others who are not so fortunate. Kids especially are who he focuses on the most to try and help. His entire career has been built on helping others through his passion which is technology. His accomplishments dull in comparison of what his intentions are for the future.

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The Role of Finance Lawyers In Corporations

Finance laws exist to make sure that there is fair competition and to safeguard the financial interests of particular investors and companies. Attorneys that deal with finance laws take service adapted roles for their clients. Being a corporate lawyer requires stamina, being sharp and good communication skills.

Banking and finance barristers deal with transactions that comprise borrowing of money to finance a company’s projects, purchase a company or fund a construction project such as a hospital or power plant. Corporate, Litigation and regulatory issues also fall under banking and finance category. Finance law is all about transactions rather than plain legal advisory work. It specializes in a variety of the law and how it relates to business. These include code compliance, contracts and negotiations, financial reporting, intellectual property, bankruptcy, securities and tax law and many other specializations.

Finance lawyers can act as an advisor to business officials or serve in place of a company in court depending on the client. In such scenarios, financial law entails facilitating mergers, handling resource problems and studying and drafting contracts when it reaches the judicial level. While most people think that finance lawyers are often in court or meeting social elite, a wide majority of finance lawyers study law and draft required documents.

Finance lawyers are more collaborative as compared to trial lawyers. They frequently work with different companies to broker plans to make sure that everyone observes the applicable law. Negotiations are frequent activities that finance lawyers engage in for the business atmosphere. This unit of specialization is paperwork intensive, with contract writing and regular monitoring of business transactions and communications.

Finance law creates a relationship with clients who are categorized into two, lenders and borrowers. It is upon the lawyer to negotiate the terms and conditions of borrowing and reach a stand that is favorable for both parties considering the length of the loan. On conventional transactions, the team of finance lawyer may include a senior associate, a junior associate, and a trainee. On enormous transactions, two or three partners deal with the issue while the team grows on international transactions.

Sam Tabar is one of the finance lawyers who deal with corporate issues. The well-known attorney and capital strategist has added THINX to his investment portfolio. THINX deals with fashionable underwear to help women in Africa and America amid their menstruation and debauchery. Sam Taber is also a specialist in hedge funds, employment issues, regulatory and compliance issues, private placement memoranda and provides advice in investing.

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When Congree Calls

After their Independence Day vacation members of Congress will return to Washington DC to face a strenuous summer workload. Congress is facing a looming deadline that is looking to fund the government or risk another shutdown in the fall of this year. Critics and political analyst are already slating this funding fight to be one that will be a major partisan brawl video at beneful on youtube.The fight will be fought in an already intensifying campaign season between the large Republican field and the intensified Democratic field. Republicans do not want to repeat the Capitol Hill mess that happened a few years ago that ended in a government shutdown. They will try to keep control of Congress and are trying their best to take back the White House in next year’s election. Political analysts have said that Republicans involved are already playing the blame game when it comes to Democrats over who will be responsible for the shutdown if and when it happens. The Speaker of the House John Boehner denounced the Democrat’s dangerously misguided strategy while others have been pursuing made up crisis. Many of the issues on the table include the funding in terms of highway infrastructure as well as reform when it comes to the Justice Department and police authority in America. Congress has a history of causing bills and laws to expire over congressional inaction. It is their hopes and the hopes of the American people that Congress avoid this measure at all costs.

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South Carolina Taking Down Confederate Flag

Only 3 weeks after a gunman killed 8 parishioners and the pastor of a South Carolina church, the Senate of South Carolina has voted unanimously to have the Confederate flag removed from Capitol grounds. There has been severe opposition on both sides concerning this issue, and the state voted overwhelmingly 37-3 to have it removed.

The Confederate battle flag has been getting some negative press in the past few weeks, Kenneth Griffin and more and more people and organizations are trying to distance themselves from the flag. Despite the fact that 57% of Americans believe the flag represents Southern pride, more organizations are trying to avoid any issues and are making a strong move to remove the flag and association to it. Those who oppose the flag have been rallying for weeks to have it removed, and the nation as a whole appears to be listening as even the southern states are making moves to remove the flag.

Just last week, Walmart announced every one of the stores will no longer carry any merchandise that depicts the Confederate flag. Time Warner stopped making any products that have the flag on it. TV Land removed the popular Dukes of Hazard television series because the car in the show has a Confederate flag painted on the roof. Two thirds of South Carolina’s house voted to remove the flag, although a final count is still pending. The flag has been flying on the Capitol property since 2000, but even the Governor believes it must come down.