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Shaq teams with Boraie Development LLC for a better NJ


In New Jersey it has been announced that the basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal will return to his native Newark this month to cohost a basketball tournament in front of city hall. The 7-foot-1 superstar who retired in 2011 after playing for 19 years, will team with Ras Baraka to see the Aug 22 “Believe in Newark tournament to be held in front of city hall, an event that will feature both high school boys and girls. The registration was held over the weekend, with the preliminaries held this Saturday and Sunday at the JFK recreation center. O’Neal has maintained a presence of the city of his birth throughout his career, even though he left Newark to play basketball in Texas.
O’Neal helped in opening CityPlex Movie Theater on Springfield Avenue in the city’s central ward, which was a $7 million project that he partnered with the New Brunswick Boraie Development to fund.

Back in 2012, the retired basketball player, Shaquille O’Neal together with a new prominent Brunswick developer contributed a total of 7 million dollars for the renovation of the old theater in Springfield Avenue to become now known as CityPlex 12 Newark. The project is still ongoing and it is one of several projects that O’Neal in partnership with Boraie Development has been working on, to bring commercial and housing developments, together with market rate units to the state’s more distressed areas. The partnership has even began to become a point of attraction as O’Neal has even been able to lend money and power to a local development dealer in order to have extensive political contacts as well as experience.

According to O’Neal, the main aim is to do an extensive development at a particular time. He has so far managed to have a market raise housing tower, a movie theater, as well as a city’s retail complex. Mr. O’Neal is a co-developer and is also involved in several business ventures, which have enabled him greatly to plan the projects. His objectives for this development as he states, is to give back to the cities of his youth. His partners have also viewed the projects as smart investments. The Boraie on the other hand, have been able to build more than one million square feet in commercial and residential properties in New Jersey. Their new project, which will be a 169 unit housing tower, will be located near the New Jersey performing arts Center and will include a gym, doorman, as well as 300-seat auditorium, with leather seats.

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Walking the Path that Vijay Eswaran Created

A lot of employees at QNet have become successful in their own right because they have had a great CEO to look up to. For all of these years Vijay Eswaran has been leading the way by motivating employees with his books and his speeches. He has become someone to look at as a source of inspiration.

What Vijay Eswaran brings to the table is a spiritual based leadership style. He is one that is able to see the benefits of truly knowing yourself and your worth before even trying to enter the workforce. His has made some monumental type changes in the business world in Asia, but he also has a global influence that is very far reaching. As the CEO of a company that is bound to direct-selling to customers it is pertinent for him to be one that has the ability to reach and persuade others.

He has not done much marketing in America, but he has been able to secure American contacts and develop partnerships on an international level because he is the CEO that is personable. He has speaking engagements in which he meets and greets children after he has spoken. Vijay Eswaran gives back to charities. He is tied directly into giving back to the people. He is a CEO that believes in empowering his employees and even those outside of the perimeter of his leadership. This translates into success, and Vijay Eswaran has been successful for a while. He got the opportunity to make the Forbes list of the richest people in Asia. He was within the top 25, and this says a lot about his ability to motivate.

He is simply sharing his experiences if someone were to ask him, but for many people he is doing so much more. For people that have lost their way Vijay Eswaran (LinkedIn)
is providing that well-needed link to the personal and business world. Many people have a hard time with this because the average person tries – and typically fails – to separate the business world and their personal lives. This doesn’t work. Most business cultures make attempts to have company picnics, Christmas parties and drinks after hours in order to combine the two. This is what Vijay Eswaran has been able to do and he takes his approaches to business with stride. He knows that there is also going to be time when people are new to something. They may fail, but Vijay Eswaran advises everyone to take the failure as a learning experience. He also tells people that they have to rise and be willing to meet those challenges that have been placed before them. This can be a starting path to enlightenment.

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Handy Home Cleaning Has Merged With Homejoy

Home cleaning services are a necessity for some. There are a lot of folks out there who hate housework; some simply are too busy and have no time to clean. There are a number of home cleaning services available; they offer a variety of services and price ranges. Most maid-type services offer the usual: sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, polishing and other types of light housework. Unlike the days of old, maid services offer pretty descent pay. Many services offer benefits such as hospitalization, 401K, paid vacation and other perks depending on the length of time you’ve been in service.

Home cleaning services also provide flexibility. There are many workers who need only part-time work and most services can accommodate. Although many services are well-established, there are many fly-by-night operations that are popping up all the time. Both applicants and individuals seeking services should be cautious of this. Good, quality companies offer professional services and hire the best people.

One such company is Handy. Although this company has only been around for a short period of time, it has managed to make a huge splash in an already crowded market. Handy has done more than just ammass a great deal of income, owners Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, are introducing services that some more established companies never thought of.

The college roommates got the bright idea to open a cleaning service while students at Harvard Business School. Once they realized how much they hated cleaning up — and how difficult it was to find someone to do it for you, they decided it was time to put their ideas to good use. In a short amount of time, they had a company that was clearing a great deal of cash with little overhead.

Just six months ago, Handy merged with Homejoy cleaning service and managed to book $1 million per week on a consistent basis. The company is doing all the right things to keep their company afloat; caring about the workers is just one. Handy’s cleaning staff starts off with $15-$22 per hour. Not bad for an industry with traditionally low pay. This is actually something that is changing with all companies: better pay. Better benefits.

Handy has recently launched a better way for customers to book appointments. The new mobile app lets clients schedule cleanings at the touch of a button. This streamlines the entire process, which is beneficial for all parties. Handy has no intentions of slowing down. They are currently working on new innovations that they plan to unveil next year.

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Making Money From CPA – Is It Possible? Work With The Best CPA Coach

CPA marketing is one of the few Internet marketing business models that doesn’t involve selling anything online. Affiliate marketing, product creation, and usually other online businesses involve selling something. However, with CPA, all you have to do is promote the campaign, get people to sign up, and you are paid for each lead you bring in. The job couldn’t be any easier.

Is CPA Hard?

CPA in itself is not a tough job to do, but with competition rising everyday and new technologies developing constantly, it’s easy to get left behind by all the experienced CPA marketers. The toughest part is knowing where to advertise. CPA networks do not want you advertising on forums and spamming people in blog comments. It is very unethical to do any kind of illegal marketing strategies that do not give the brands and companies any legit leads, and this is why some networks are very strict on who they choose to join their team.

Learn From The Best In The Business – Ivan Ong

Ivan is one of the most sought after CPA marketers in the Internet marketing world. He is very well respected on the Warrior Forum, also known as one of the best internet marketing forums online. With hundreds of thousands of users every single month joining the forum, it is obvious that Ivan is well respected by a great community.

His products, coaching, and other eBooks available all help ordinary people like yourself know how to achieve success with CPA. Everything from creating a website to advertising, they’re all things he teaches in his programs.

CPA marketing is easier in the long run when you hire somebody like Ivan giving you every tip and secret to making more money. The opportunities are endless with CPA because there are always going to be big cash being paid out by the big brands looking for ways to make more money. They need leads to come in so they could promote their products and services.

This is why hiring somebody like Ivan to help you get on the right track is worth the investment. He can help give you all the things that you need in order to know how to succeed in this industry. There are tons of CPA networks working with thousands of brands, so you’ll definitely find the right company to work for eventually if you continue to sign up to more CPA networks.

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John Textor Proves A Big Name In Visual Effects

The world of finance and Hollywood often run hand in hand as those who head up the creative companies have backgrounds far removed from those they are working alongside. One financial expert who has slipped seamlessly into the Hollywood entertainment industry is financial expert John Textor who has headed up both the Digital Domain studio and now the innovative work of Pulse Evolution. Textor is one of the few financial experts who can safely say he has seen and understood the way in which the world of Hollywood works and has made it his business to push the envelope of where the technology the film and live entertainment business relies upon heads next.

At the time John Textor graduated from Weslayen University with a degree in economics the world of Hollywood must have seemed a long distance from the life he was living. However, throughout his career in finance the California based businessperson remained focused on providing investment opportunities in the entertainment and communications industries. Not only did this mean Textor was involved in major entertainment based deals, but that he had a thorough understanding of how technology was developing in terms of both industries.

2006 saw the changing point in the life of John Textor when he was offered and accepted the role of President of the Digital Domain group, which had a long history in Hollywood without ever finding a specific niche for itself in the entertainment industry. Textor set about changing the role of Digital Domain when he realized the large amount of success the company could have if they further developed their digital effects department. Under the leadership of John Textor the company completed visual effects for over 80 movies and achieved the holy grail of special effects specialists with the computer generated central character in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

The Oscar win for Digital Domain following the work completed on Benjamin Button was the crowning achievement of Textor’s time with the company and was followed by his move to Pulse Evolution. At Pulse, hologram based technology is being used to bring legendary performers back to the stage and once again sees John Textor at the cutting edge of the latest computer based technology.

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Kyle Bass: Investment Houdini or Desperate Gambler?

Kyle Bass is a well-known name in the hedge fund management industry due to his quirky investment style that has also made him a controversial figure. As the founder of Hayman Capital Management, Kyle continues to manage billions of dollars for investors who believe in Kyle’s style of exposing shortcomings in the current financial landscape.

Rise to Prominence

Kyle Bass rose to fame by taking advantage of loopholes in the mortgage industry before the onset of great recession in 2007. After investigating potentially lackluster financial performance of otherwise stable companies, Kyle predicted on-coming crisis benefited heavily by purchasing credit default swaps. Consequently, he was able to gain massive returns on investment once the crisis began to take shape. In simple words, credit default swaps are similar to short selling stocks where the investor benefits by selling securities. In Kyle’s case, his hedge fund recorded positive investment returns for his followers when almost all other hedge fund managers were exposed to the crash in financial markets. Perhaps, the success of his unique strategy provided further incentive to generate positive returns amid similar crisis in Europe. For similar reasons, Kyle Bass also attracted media attention when he predicted European sovereign debt crisis. Taking full advantage of such crisis between 2007 and 2013, Kyle rose to prominent position as the proud owner of one of the most talked about hedge funds in the industry. Recently, his expectations about the economies of Japan and Argentina are also generating headlines.

Boom or Bust?

However, experts are beginning to think that time is running out for Kyle Bass because lately his investment strategies are nothing short of a gamble. For instance, Kyle Bass is positive that Argentinian economy will rebound from its sovereign debt crisis. It is the reason why he seems to be the only expert who continues to praise policies implemented by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner even when everyone is adamant that the second sovereign debt crisis in thirteen years is attributed to lacklustre policies of the Argentinian President. To most hedge fund managers, Kyle’s logic doesn’t make any investment sense; therefore it is the time to take off the “Genius” tag from his personality. They also point to the fact that Kyle is waiting for Japanese economy to crash because it is the only way to cash in on his investments. Actually, It is the fifth consecutive year since Kyle predicted Japanese economy to crash. Since 2014, the performance of his fund is negative compared to 30% increase in media appearance. Perhaps, it is time for Kyle to pull another trick from his bag or we may see the demise of one of the most controversial hedge fund managers in US history.

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So you want to be a Chief Merchandising Officer…

Let’s start out with what a Chief Merchandising Officer is and does for a company:

“Chief merchandising officers oversee their company’s buying activities and develop strategies to make the most informed purchasing plans. These head executives on make purchasing decisions for a company, including determining product availability, demand, market trends and pricing. (per information provided at

General Education and Requirements:

“Chief merchandising officers generally hold at least a bachelor’s degree. A focus on business classes, such as marketing, accounting and finance, should give a candidate the knowledge to gain an entry-level position in merchandising and purchasing. Additional college coursework in retail management, merchandising and consumer behavior research might also provide helpful insight into the industry.” (per information provided by


The top salaries are usually around $224,000 a year with the median salaries being around $103,000 a year. (per information provided at

Now that we know what a Chief Merchandising Officer is and does let’s take a look at how many women currently hold this position.

According to LinkedIn’s Top 22 Chief Merchandising Officer list, 5 out of 22 are women. That roughly averages out to be around 23% that are women.

With those kinds of numbers does it mean that your chances are very unlikely that if you are a business woman and you wanted to hold this position that you couldn’t? Not necessarily. In a field that is fairly dominated by men we think there are still many opportunities for women in this career.

Let’s take a look at a few of the women below who are currently holding or who have held this title and let’s see if they can be our lighthouses to show us the path to get to this position.

Lisa Laube: Currently the EVP and CMO at Floor and Decor

She graduated the University of Georgia with a BBA in Marketing. She then went to work for Macy’s as a buyer for about 8 ½ years. Where she was able to learn the ins and outs of the retail buying business. Then she moved on to the V.P. of Merchandising for Linens and Things for about 6 ½ years where she was able to get her first tastes of Merchandising. After her time at Linens and Things she moved over the Bath and Body Works as their V.P. of Merchandising where she was able to continue to grow and sharpen her skills at the executive level. After Bath and Body Works, Lisa went to Party City where she would hold the titles of Chief Merchandising Officer and President for close to 8 years. Currently today Lisa holds the title of EVP and CMO at Floor and Decor.

Susan McGalla: Currently the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and also the Founder of P3 Executive Consulting.

She graduated from Mount Union College with a BA in Business and Marketing. She was the President and Chief Merchandising Officer for American Eagle Outfitters for 15 years. Where she learned to hone her business and merchandising skills. She took American Eagle from $340 million to over $3 billion during her tenure with the company. Also, she help American Eagle expand during her tenure to include over 1,000 stores, 28,000 employees, and over 4 major brands. After leaving American Eagle, Susan went on to be one of retail industries leading consultants, a CEO and Founder of P3 Executive Consulting, and most recently she is now working with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Shefali Khanna: Currently Co-Founder and Chief Merchandising Officer for

She graduated from the Apeejay Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi, India with a degree in Fashion Design, and also from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a degree in Fashion Merchandising Management. She started out as an Associate Merchandiser at the Federated-MMG in New York, where she analyzed women’s plus size private label. This label had an annual sales of $200,000,000 across all of the federated stores. After Federated-MMG she went on to Macy’s as a buyer for the Impulse department where they were responsible for roughly $75,000,000 in annual sales. After leaving Macy’s she was a Director of Merchandising for Gap, Old Navy, and Lucky Brand Jeans where she was over the girls and women’s retail business for each of these companies. After leaving Lucky Brand Jeans Shefali went on to be the V.P. of Women’s Merchandising for Pacific Sunwear. While she was at Pacific she led the women’s merchandising team, and was responsible for all the core, outlet, and e-commerce channels and drove the business to $400,000,000 in sales revenue in only 1 year. Upon leaving Pacific Sunwear Shefali Co-Founded and became the Chief Merchandising Officer for the where she is still working today.

As you can see from the women that we have chosen to be our lighthouses in this article their paths are varied and different in many ways, but each had the goal to be a Chief Merchandising Officer, and they all achieved their goal.

If this is your dream, if this is what you really want to do in life, then we hope that the 3 women we have showcased here for you in this article will give you the insight, direction, and motivation you need to help you achieve your goals.

Good Investment Returns Are What BRL Trust is All About Read more

Good Investment Returns Are What BRL Trust is All About

Good investing requires a great deal of self-discipline. This is the basis for BRL Trust Investors’ foundational strategy for long-term investments. It is a winning strategy that they have applied again and again to bring very good Returns On Investment (ROI) to their many happy clients. BRL Trust is based in the great South American country of Brazil, in a market which still has plenty of room for massive growth, and indeed is growing quite well, while many other market areas are languishing. They have demonstrated shrewd and profitable strategies for earning good returns in all kinds of business area and for all kinds of clients. It has been the loyalty of their customers that has propelled them into the investing spotlight in the 21st century.

As BRL Trust grew, they listened to their customers and answered their requests with many new innovations, to offer many types of options for their clients’ investments. They offer the more traditional lump-sum payment options as well as the newer structured payments, along with controlling custody of their various fund opportunities. Of course, for their investment safety and automatic reliability, BRL Trust also makes sure all their investors are covered with full fiduciary services. Check out BRL Trust article on

The history of BRL Trust is one of constant growth. At first they only offered simple loans through their private trust. They grew to over 100 loan operations in their very first year. Over time, they have enlarged to offer many more services for their clients in many areas of South America, besides Brazil. For instance, they now offer loans to many people in other countries. Founders Mauricio Ribero and Rodrigo Cavalcante, along with director Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, have stood at the helm of this thriving company, continually making investments that are high quality and of high overall performance. This high standard has become the goal many other investors aspire to.

Vijay Eswaran Says Giving Back Most Important Thing For Qnet Read more

Vijay Eswaran Says Giving Back Most Important Thing For Qnet

Many people wonder about the success of the global company Qnet. It’s really no secret at all. The company has implemented a winning style to business that many corporations have yeat to duplicate. Company CEO and owner, Vijay Eswaran, says that the customers should always been the main focus. “If you treat individuals in a humane and dignified fashion, you will reap the benefits,” says Eswaran. This couldn’t be more true.

The company that Eswaran created in 1998 has become a global force in direct selling. This platform is not only beneficial to the company’s overall bottom line, it also gives the independent representatives a way to generate a great deal of personal income. At the end of the day, everyone wins, according to Eswaran. While some of the less productive organizations attempt to criticize Qnet’s good fortune, Eswaran shakes it off. He has a proven line of highly-successful products that people have sworn by for years. Qnet sells nutritional products, weight loss, fashion and accessories, household accessories and more.

Qnet has spent a great deal of time attempting to make a name for itself. It’s latest efforts may have done just that. The recent partnership with the Manchester City Football Club is bound to cement the company’s name as one spoken in millions of households. Eswaran believes in extending goodwill and humanity to all people. His philosophies are closely followed by all employees, and they are very grateful for the opportunities. (QNet India)

The company’s phenomenal success has allowed it to give back in ways never before dreamed. It is Qnet’s goal to provide for people who are less fortunate. The company can always be counted on in the event of a natural catastrophe or any other event of human suffering. Eswaran says he is thankful that he has been able to achieve his goals. He now wants to share what he has learned to others who have the same goals.

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Sam Tabar: Successful Attorney and Capital Strategist

Based in New York City, Sam Tabar is a successful attorney and financial strategist. He started his involvement in the law industry when he graduated with a Bachelors degree from Oxford University in 2000. After completing his undergraduate degree, he went on to earn his law degree at Columbia Law School in New York City, where he was an editor for the Columbia Business Law Review.

Tabar’s first career in the law business was when he became an Associate at Skadder, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Three years after landing this position, he made his debut in the business industry when he joined the company Sparx Group and PMA Investment Advisors.

Yahoo Finance writes that while both of these positions were prestigious and the envy of people wanting to break into these industries, Tabar got his first big, prominent job when he became the director of the Asia-Pacific region of Bank of America Merrill Lynch in 2010. During this time, Tabar provided help for the company’s hedge fund customers. He was also given the responsibility of managing multiple facets of the large, international company. Despite being with Bank of America for just over a year, he was able to organize a group of over a thousand investors.

Upon leaving Bank of America, Tabar began to invest in various businesses independently. He invested in real estate. He also began investing in start-up companies, such as Thinx and Verboten. At this point, Tabar had been away from the legal industry for over about a decade. He decided to reenter the legal field in 2013, when he joined a prestigious legal group in New York. The company was called Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. While working for this company. Tabar put his business knowledge to work by managing hedge funds for the company and providing counsel to investors, as well as other issues that needed his business expertise. Tabar has since left the company in 2014.

Sam Tabar has had a long and prolific career and has built up a resume that is incredibly impressive. From graduating from two of the most prestigious universities in the world to working for multiple internationally known companies, Tabar has had a career that many people only dream of having.