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Getting The Right Lawyer To Represent You

Every day, people use the Internet to search for the most suitable lawyer for their legal issue. If you don’t hire a good lawyer, you will certainly find it extremely difficult to deal with the problem.

There are many ways to go about looking for a good lawyer in Brazil. The Internet provides numerous links to researching and locating the right lawyer for your needs. Take the time to look around, and you will locate a suitable lawyer to handle your case.

Lawyers often charge a flat fee, or by the hour, and rates can be competitive. It is always advisable to shop around before choosing someone to represent you. However, top rated lawyers in Brazil are certainly going to charge more for costs and legal fees. With a person’s freedom possibly on the line and other negative impact on a person’s life, it is surely worthwhile to pay more to hire a lawyer with a great reputation.

In addition to reputation, you’ll probably want to choose a lawyer with years of experience in the field, and especially one who is well versed in the type of legal problem you are dealing with. If you are facing a divorce case, then hire a lawyer who is experienced in divorce or family law. Facing a criminal charge? Hire a lawyer who has a lot of experience in criminal law defense. If you have a business conflict or dispute with a business associate or another company, you need to hire a lawyer who has great experience representing clients in business law or corporate law matters.

Most cases are resolved out of court, so if you feel that your case may be resolved through negotiation then look for a lawyer who has great expertise in negotiation strategies. If your case is the type that may require making a deal with the prosecutor’s office, find a lawyer that has a good understanding of how plea agreements work and how to establish working relationship with the prosecutor’s office. Thus, it is important to have a lawyer who practices in the jurisdiction where your case is filed.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is an expert litigator and renowned lawyer in Brazil. Mr Ricardo Tosto has been practicing in the area of business and corporate law for many years. As a prominent litigator, Mr Ricardo Tosto has represented many high profile individuals, including business owners and politicians. He has also represented companies and organizations in complex legal issues, and has been rated one of the most powerful in the industry. Mr Ricardo Tosto is a good listener and he pays attention to his clients’ concerns and then develops a powerful litigation strategy, to address the matter.

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FreedomPop Launches New Budget Friendly Campaign in UK

FreedomPop has already started to make a name for its popular, budget friendly cell phone plan in the US but now the cell phone company has taken their act overseas. FreedomPop has launched a new campaign in the UK aimed at adding competition to the market with such carriers as Tesco Mobile and Talk Talk.

The FreedomPop plan as well as the Tesco and Talk Talk cell phone plans are also known as “freemium” plans. for ridiculously low prices a consumer can have and use a cell phone with basic talk, text and data plans that will not break the bank. This launch of FreedomPop in the UK is the beginning phase of an international push by FreedomPop which plans to add several other locations.

The way this free cell phone model works is consumers pay a one time fee of £7 in order to get the service activated. Then there is no extra charge monthly, ever, if the subscriber sticks to the basic 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data. If the subscriber wants to buy more, then there are packages they can purchase that range between £4.99 and £16.99 monthly.

Also, the cell phone company has put in place a way for consumers to get extra free data and minutes with the use of paid surveys. Just as some survey companies give away gift cards and virtual currency, FreedomPop has set up their site so that customers can earn free minutes and data. This helps keeps consumers costs down.

Stephen Stokols is the brains behind FreedomPop. As CEO of the company, Stokols originally tried to launch FreedomPop in the UK before the US, but was rejected by the BT board. After his success in the US BT has agreed to give FreedomPop a go. According to Stokols, only around half of the subscribers in the US actually buy extra minutes and data. This is good news for the British consumer. FreedomPop will operate by buying space on the 3G network and then giving it away to consumers. The cell phone company will then aim to push most of the calls and data needed over to free WIFI networks. According to Stokols, the UK only needs 50,000 subscribers in order to break even and then have a positive cash flow. This is a number that will most certainly be easily accomplished.

Right now FreedomPop can only be purchased online. This will not be the case for long though as FreedomPop is in talks with 2 major retailers in order for the service to be purchased street side. Before the launch of FreedomPop, about 250,000 UK citizens expressed an interest in purchasing the service. This goes way over the initial 50,000 consumers needed and the company has stated that they may have to cut off subscriptions at a certain point in order to manage capacity and growth.

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Brad Reifler: Wall Street’s Top Notch Serial Entrepreneur

It can safely be said that in today’s world, the most envied person is a successful entrepreneur; whether a small scale or high rolling business owner, director or business partner. To achieve such status in today’s society is deemed as the pinnacle of one’s life and the beginning of financial and social freedom. Statics however, discourage the majority of us from getting into private businesses, for fear of the unknown. One who achieves this feat is highly respected and admired. Now, imagine what level a person who has not one, but several very successful businesses to his name, is at. Most of us can’t even start to get our minds around that statement. An example of such a very successful serial entrepreneur is Bradley Reifler.
Brad, as he is popularly known, graduated from Bowdoin College with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Political Science. As most other graduates went out to seek white-collar jobs, Brad founded his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation. The company specialized in global derivatives which are a market with participants like hedgers, speculators, margin traders and arbitrageurs. The new company, Reifler Trading Corporation, successfully managed to become a top player in the derivatives market. In so doing, it attracted the attention of bigger players, eventually being bought out by Refco. Refco was a financial services company based in New-York and that was founded in 1969 by Ray E. Friedman, Bradley Reifler’s grandfather.

Following the buy-out in 2000, Brad went on to concentrate on Pali Capital Inc., a company that he attributes his largest successes and huge popularity at Wall Street to. As founder and chief executive officer of Pali capital, he led it to new and great heights. It is during his tenure that the company saw revenues increase to more than $200 million annually. It is also during his stint as founder, CEO and company chairman that it faced an expansion drive. Expansion saw it set bases in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Singapore and Latin America.

Brad, who resigned from his position to start Forefront management Group, is described by his business peers and friends as exhibiting an exemplary character in the way he carries out tasks assigned to him. He has also been described as being very professional in handling business. Less than two years as the CEO of Forefront Income Trust and already, he has began making positive changes that can be felt by the increasing number of their clients.

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Sergio Cortes: A Great Imitator of Michael Jackson

If you are somebody who likes to listen to music, probably you have heard people talk about Michael Jackson. Maybe you have had a chance of listening to his soothing music. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson died a few years ago. You should not give up your dream of watching him perform live because currently, there are quite some Michael Jackson impersonators. These impersonators of the late Michael are known to give their audience an equally thrilling experience.

Many people believe that imitation is better that being flattered. The case of Michael Jackson has proved those words to be right. Although many people have tried to imitate the legendary Michael Jackson, very few have managed to master and perfectly what he used to portray as an astute artist and also as an individual. Sergio Cortes, who is also known by his stage name of Sergio Jackson, is currently considered to be best when it comes to imitating and impersonating Michael Jackson.

On the internet, many videos and pages show Sergio Cortes imitating the late Michael Jackson. If you have taken some time to watch those particular videos, it goes without saying that you must have realized how Sergio Cortes has become quite good at what he does. Anybody watching those videos can easily confuse Sergio with Michael Jackson. His singing capabilities are just spot on, and also his abilities to create the look like that of Michel Jackson is just terrific. He has perfected the habit of being able to hold the audience and mesmerize them with his magical ability to capture through his music. He has become a great delight to the world, and definitely, Michael Jackson would be proud of him and his capabilities.

He has managed to imitate Jackson’s moves, looks, and voice. Sergio comes as a complete package, and in the recent past, he has become very popular in Brazil. Just recently, Sergio Cortes had what he called a Human Nature tribute that was being performed in Milan, Italy. The occasion was meant to celebrate Michael Jackson’s death. Sergio Cortes has a bright future in his career of imitating Michael Jackson, and currently, he has become very familiar, thanks to his superb singing capabilities.

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White Shark Media Discusses Search Engines And Keywords

One leading business in the digital marketing world today is White Shark Media. They work to provide online marketing solutions for small and medium businesses. The company is rapidly growing throughout North America, which is due to their positive reputation and cost effective campaigns. Their customer service is second to none, which also keeps their customer base loyal.

Once a small agency, White Shark Media has now had thousands of customers come to them for online marketing tools. They also provide a tracking service so their results are measurable for the clients. Not only does this keep the company accountable, but it also keeps them competitive in the industry. They recently posted a blog post with advice on how to enhance search engine optimization in an effective way.

White Shark Media stresses that keywords are the most important element to an online strategy. Some companies are still using old tactics, which looks outdated and does not always make sense to the onlooker. One example of this is keyword stuffing. This used to be used to trick search engines into ranking a page higher because multiple keywords are being used. Sometimes the multiple keywords used together do not make sense to the reader and also lead users to find results that are unreliable.

White Shark Media helps clients to avoid this and other common mistakes. So the question remains: How many keywords should be used? White Shark gives some good tips on how to determine this. It is important to mention keywords not only in the page title, but also in the main headline. Additionally, keywords should be mentioned 2-3 times in the body of the information given. Using keywords in images is also important, but it is vital that companies do not go overboard.

Now, how does one find out what keywords to use? There are online tools that can help. Übersuggest and WordStream are two online services that know how people think and how people research. This is a good place to learn how customers are wording their searches while looking for goods or services.

Finally, listing all of the keywords that are appropriate and creating a title that makes sense is what will attract a user. Synonyms and variants of words can be use in order to cast a broader net, because search engines are smarter these days than they once were, and they can tell what a word represents.

Instead of finding short cuts to be seen by customers, it is more important to know how the customer thinks so they will find a company naturally.

Source: White Shark Blog

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Is Dating Online a Good Idea?

With the advancement of technology, systems of communication have developed, making it easier to get in touch with many people. This is the same idea that has been applied to revolutionize dating. There are many websites that have been created to facilitate easy dating and meeting up of users, who sign up in a bid to find love. Although different opinions may arise when it comes to vetting online dating, most people will agree it is a reliable platform that has allowed many to get partners for their lives. So, as many will ask, is online dating a great idea?

One of the reasons different people choose online dating is the convenience that comes with this option. It is easier to locate people with similar qualities as stated on your profile and ones that are serious about getting into a relationship. This is made possible by the fact that one can offer details about the person he/she needs and the exact qualities expected. Those with similar qualifications will then present themselves and one can easily make a choice. Choosing is a matter of going through different profiles and sending request to the ones that look impressive. It is also easy to sort through different profiles. There are search options that allow members to sort through using age as a criteria and this makes it easier to locate the right individual.

Getting access to many options is another advantage one gets when he/she uses online. Platforms like Skout offer members a wide access to individuals who are searching for love like they are. Skout is a well designed application on that offers members who are looking for dating sites a secure platform to address their needs. Skout allows for photo sharing and is a cheap way that one can get love. It is easy to communicate with different members on the application as well as going through profiles to sort through ones that contain information that is of help to the user.

As much as connecting online offers benefits to users, it is true that there are many fraudsters, who have joined different platforms with the main goal to fleece members. Dating websites are no exception. There are many members who have flocked the websites with aims of fleecing others. Identifying such individuals is a task as one needs to first learn more about a person before committing to get into a serious engagement. It is not easy to know whether someone is serious as these people set their profile up to resemble that of a serious person. If someone requests or personal details, or information that can potentially be used in a malicious manner, it is advisable to be cautious as such are the people who end up fleecing others.

Those who are shy to face people physically can now get love easily through online dating websites. These websites help to shed off the fear and allow one to get in touch with the right individuals, who can make the right partner.

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FreedomPop Is In The Process Of Globalizing Their Services

FreedomPop made a grand entrance into the mobile word, when it entered the market and became the first company to intertwine 4G data with a freemium service business model. Now it seems as if the wireless carrier is attempting to go global with its free text, talk and data service. Due to its recent partnership with KPN, a Dutch carrier, the company plans on expanding its service to include the countries of Spain, France, Germany, UK and several other countries within the Pacific Rim.

During mid September, the company contacted individuals who previously signed up to become aware of when their services would be launched within their areas. Those select individuals got the opportunity to be a part of it’s alpha test program, which it plans to conduct to acquire valuable feedback in preparation for the official launch which should occur by the end of the year. The company revealed that they will be utilizing the same setup as it does with its American user-base which entails its infamous free plan which consist of 200 minutes, 200 MB of data and 200 SMS. Even though it’s not clear if 4G LTE service will be available as opposed to 4G alone, what is known is that similarly to its American user-base, the company won’t charge a penalty for going over the data cap but rather, charge 1p per excess of MB usage.

It’s still up for debate as to whether or not the Jetsetter SIM card will be available for travelers which provide an additional 100 MB of free data which can be utilized in the UK, France and Spain. However FreedomPop on, as far as the UK goes, it was announced that FreedomPop established a partnership with the Three network.

This has somewhat been a long time coming due to the fact that in July of 2014, the company proclaimed that they were conducting tests within the Netherlands to determine how efficient their service was, outside of the United States. The company also proclaimed that once it got the service running as efficiently as its US counterpart, they intended to provide free and low cost services to various countries around the world.

For light smartphone users, who simply want to make an occasional phone call or to check their emails, the service that the company has to offer can prove to be an incredibly cost effective deal. The company has proclaimed that while it currently has a subscriber base of 600,000, it expects to increase their subscriber count to one million by the end of the year. They also expect to establish a similar subscriber base in the UK within the next 18 months.

Haidar Barbouti Has Been Careful In His Work Read more

Haidar Barbouti Has Been Careful In His Work

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate developer that works out of Houston. He loves the city and all that is found there, and he especially loves the shopping center that he owns there. The Highland Village has been put together carefully by him, and he appreciates it and each shop and restaurant that it holds.

Haidar Barbouti has had success in his life and career because of all of the careful attention that he pays to details. When he wanted to make the Highland Village into a great place for all of the people who would come to visit it he knew that he wanted to fill it with unique shops and restaurants. So he spent a lot of time making that come true. He picked out each shop carefully, and when it came to the restaurants that he could bring in, and when he found himself feeling dissatisfied with all that was offered to him, he decided to take things one step further and to build his own restaurant.

Haidar Barbouti has never been afraid of taking on a challenge. In addition to being someone who is concerned over all of the little details, he is also someone who is brave enough to go out and do his own thing. So, even though he wasn’t exactly sure how a restaurant was made, he went ahead and did it. He created his own restaurant for the Highland Village, and he is pleased that he has done that.

There are many great things that Haidar Barbouti has done in his career, and making the Highland Village into all that it is today is only one of his many accomplishments. He has been careful and smart in all of the things that he has done, and he has had success in his life because of that.

Brian C. Mulligan: The Making of an Astute Businessman Read more

Brian C. Mulligan: The Making of an Astute Businessman


Mr. Brian C. Mulligan Born in 1961 holds a bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Southern California (USC). He also has a master’s degree from John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management affiliated with the University of California, Los Angeles. Mulligan considers himself a fortunate man. He believes that his strong work ethics has led him into achieving senior management positions. He has held influential positions as the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer or the Chairman on virtually any media or entertainment company spanning over a thirty-year career.

Mr. Mulligan’s primary areas of interest include; international entertainment, theme parks, video games, Cable Channels, Broadcast, Music Publishing, Recorded Music, and Sports. This portfolio represents a combined $175 billion of media and entertainment transactions.

Mr. Mulligan is the current managing director and vice chairman of Media and Telecommunications investment banking division at Deutsche Bank. Mulligan has previously held plum positions in iconic organizations. In the year 2000 He has worked at Seagram Company as the executive vice president and Chief Financial Officer. In 20004 to 2005 he worked as a senior executive Advisor in Media and entertainment at Cerberus Capital. Between the periods of 2001-2002, he served as an executive chairman with the job responsibility of overseeing Fox television studio, and this included Fox Sports, Fox cable, and news corp.

Other companies that Mr. Mulligan holds senior executive positions include; Napster Incorporate, Ascent Media Group, Pacific Media Capital LLC, Brooknol Advisors LLC, Universal Pictures, and Boston Consulting group.

Mr. Mulligan’s shrewd business tactics have made him a senior board member of at least one organization across four different industries types; this is no mean feat considering today’s competitive job market.

According to Premiere Magazine, Mulligan is considered one of the top 50 most influential individuals in Hollywood. The authoritative Los Angeles Business Journal also ranks him amongst top ten most promising bankers in Hollywood.

Mr. Mulligan is actively involved in philanthropic activities. His most recent charitable initiative being “A better LA” campaign that raised a whopping $90 million dollars for schools. Other charitable activities that Mr. Mulligan is associated with include; USC school of cinema, UCLA Chancellor associates, UCLA Anderson Dean Society, USC marshal Dean Scholarship Fund, Land of the Free Foundation, United Way, MCA charities, and City of Hope among other non-profit making entities.

Mulligan’s love for sports has seen him coach the youth tackle football and travel basketball, and he has even managed to go a step further and served as the commissioner of youth basketball leagues.

Activities Performed by Human Right Activists Such as Yeonmi Park Read more

Activities Performed by Human Right Activists Such as Yeonmi Park

It is imperative to note that human rights activists are people who harbor the interests of the populace before their own. These activists believe that human rights are geared towards ensuring equality and fairness prevails in the society. The functions of the human right activists are to promote and protect the civil and political rights of individuals. Human rights concerns vary from one country to another. Some of the concerns include female genital mutilation, access to better health care, discrimination, forced evictions and employment concerns among other issues concerning the public.
Human rights activists are active in different parts of the globe. They usually seek to protect and promote human rights irrespective of the challenges they face in their pursuit of realizing human rights are respected. Most of the activists undertake their duties at the local and national levels by showing support for the respect towards human right activities happening within their communities. Local activists have an impact on the immediate community, as they are able to mingle with members of the society and figure out where problems of human rights are worse.
These activists have the responsibility of relaying accurate information to the public. To this end, they have to ensure that they gather information from diverse sources. They have to report on areas where there are human rights violations. Most times, the human rights activists lobby strategies that can make the public attentive to gross violations of human rights regulations. It is a good gesture for human rights activists to support victims of human rights violations. To this end, the activists may assist victims by taking their cases before the courts of law or even prevent a repeat violation of their human rights. Some activists are lawyers who provide professional legal advice to the victims of such violations. The victims should also be provided with counseling services and rehabilitation support.
Some of the human rights activists have been on the forefront of ensuring that the government fulfills its manifestos regarding human rights obligations. The activists pursue courses that secure accountability while at the same time ending impunity.
The life of Yeonmi Park on youtube is a true testimony of how people living in North Korea have a secretive lifestyle. Yeonmi has been invited to different forums to make her speech. Her escape from the country saw her realize the immense freedom in other parts of the globe. She did not know what freedom was until she watched a smuggled movie known as Titanic. She believes that there is still hope for freedom in North Korea. Yeonmi Park keeps on praying that the world does not forget the suffering of the North Korean families. The black market generation has been exposed to the western media and grass root capitalism will eventually erode the authority of Kim’s regime.
Yeonmi’s escape together with her family to China is proof enough that people in North Korea are taught on what to see, think and even feel. She always quotes reverend Martin Luther King Junior, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”