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Jaime Garcia Dias: A Successful Brazilian Author

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in 1970 in the city of Rio de Janiero, Brazil to his parents Arnaldo Dias, writer, and Garcia Dulce Dias, architect. He is a successful and accomplished Brazilian author who has been recognized various times for his published works. Even at a young age, Dias was inspired to begin writing by following the example and encouragement given to him by his father. Dias received his education at the Arnaldino School in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and was influenced and inspired by many of the great Brazilian writers before him. These may have included Jorge Amado and Paulo Coelho, both outstanding examples of success in Brazilian literature. Another example of is Graciliano Ramosand, whose book, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands, inspired Dias’ first book.

In the early nineties, Dias began a career as a professor at the acclaimed Carioca Literature Academy. A few years later, in 1997, Dias became the vice president of the school. In ten years, on the academy’s 100th anniversary, he was elected into the prominent position of president of the academy. The influence he had in the academy as a teacher of reading and writing has assisted many students to successfully find jobs after graduation. The Carioca Literature Academy has become one of the the most reputable schools dedicated to Brazilian authors and literature. Dias has published over twenty books, including Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds, and Tiny.

Each of these aforementioned books have won awards that are identified on his LinkedIn. Dias’ awards include the White Crane Award, the Garça Branca award, and the ABC Award of Brazil. Dias is a regular contributor to the Jornal de Brazil, weekly submitting articles that are inspired by his childhood stories and growing up in Rio de Janiero. His works have been noticed and promoted by other prolific writers, such as the Argenine writer Josue Gomez. Dias is continuing his career as a writer and has become one of the most famous writers in Brazil. Make sure to follow him on Twitter to keep up with his new releases.

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Slyce Is Getting People Excited

Slyce has been doing many exciting image recognition platform things as it changes the way that everyone will go about shopping in the future, and it has recently released its services to those who are wanting to use them. It is said on Yahoo! Finance that all that one needs to do to connect with a product when they see something that they like is to quickly snap a photo of it. Slyce will do the rest of the work for them, and that makes many people excited. Shopping has never been easier, and it is a great thing that Slyce is doing in changing the way that everyone goes about it.

Not only will people be able to snap photos of products and quickly find them on the web, but there are other things to be done with Slyce, as well, such as snapping a photo of a coupon. When someone sees a coupon that they would like to use later, they can take a photo of it and it will be saved to their phone. It is a much easier way of doing things than actually having to clip out the coupon, and it will help to make shopping with coupons more convenient.

Slyce will also help to offer those looking for a specific product similar items if what they are wanting is not in stock. There are no limits to all that Slyce can do for someone, and it is an exciting new service that everyone is going to want to get out and try as soon as possible.

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Andy Wirth’s Professional Experience


Andy Wirth graduated from the state University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is the current president and CEO of Squaw Valley resort. The firm deals with hotel and resort services. Squaw Valley is in Olympics in California. It’s among the largest resorts in the industry. With over 3600 acres available for ski activities, it receives a huge of skiers in a year. The skiers reach up to 600,000 in number. The firm has a variety of services available to its customers. It offers roller skating, disk golfing shopping among other services. The Squaw Valley resort joined alpine meadows in 2012 and they together 6200 acres of ski services. The also provides summer events. Well known musical performers and yoga performers perform at the resort in July.

Andy has a well-developed career in the hotel industry. The first firm he served at the beginning of his career in 25 years ago was steamboat springs resort. Wirth had worked in several leadership and marketing positions before Intrawest acquired Steamboat. After the merger, he became the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of the firm. Wirth is also very active socially. He was at the forefront of forming a special welfare support team for navy seals. The welfare team helps in raising funds and supporting Navy Seals who die or get injured in their line of duty.

Wirth has won several professional and community awards. The recent from the board of trustees for Reno-Tahoe airport was for outstanding service as chairperson. Wirth is the board chair. In July, the board also confirmed three new board members. Steamboat Springs awarded him the business leader of the year award. With appeared in top 25 lists of sales and marketing in hospitality and travel. He received the community five awards and citizen of the year award from Disabled Sports USA.

Wirth is an avid skydiver, a runner for a long time. In October last year, his arm got injured when he was diving with his friends. This injury never discouraged his active sports spirits as he was back into running in March with his new friends from the navy seals he organized the iron man 70.3 race. Wirth put together a relay team that included one of the navy seals whom they had met before as a swimmer. The race also included Wirth’s friends from college. He participated as a runner.

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The “Sharing Economy” In your Home

It seems as if a new Uber for X service is coming out every day now. Just when you thought life could not get any more convenient in comes Handy, a cleaning and home repair booking service. Launched by two former Harvard Business School graduates in 2012 the company has taken off recently going from $3 million in bookings a year to over $1 million a week.

The service has been a hit with customers as people warm up more to the idea of booking services through mobile devices. Handy also helps to ease this process by thoroughly screening its applicants through a series of background checks, in-person interviews, and reference checks. The company prides itself that it is more difficult to work for Handy than get admitted to Harvard. Customers also can be relieved that they no longer need to leave behind wads of money for the cleaner to pick up because just like with similar services all payment is taken care of through your mobile device. Finally, the company provides a money back guarantee on the chance you are not satisfied with your service and will replace any broken items that occur due to a cleaning.

The experience with the app itself could not be more simple. All a client needs to do is enter in their zip code and the amount of rooms needed to be cleaned in order to receive a quote. If the price, which includes tax as well as a tip for the cleaner, is to your liking you can charge it to the card that is already on file and the cleaner will show up at the agreed upon time. No longer do homeowners need to be worried about being charged exorbitant rates after the fact. This process protects the contractors as well who are safe from being stiffed by customers as the payment has been collected prior to the scheduled service.

Although very difficult to get begin work for Handy currently employs over 5,000 workers who complete at least one job a month. The service has not only been helpful to clients, but also to the thousands of contractors who work for the company. Traditionally house cleaners have been paid under the table in cash which can be good in some cases but hugely detrimental when trying to get an auto or home loan. By providing documentable income Handy is filling a huge need by those in the industry. Those who receive work through Handy are also rewarded with consistent pay between $15 and $22 an hour with $18 being the average.

Currently Handy operates across the United States in 25 cities, two in Canada, as well as London. Although currently a vast majority of the company’s revenue comes from cleaning the founders have big plans to expand past this in the future. By getting access through cleaning they hope to build a brand which will not only clean your home but take care of it as well.

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Success Allows Dan Newlin To Give Back To Others

It is not often that any attorney’s office is filled with the sounds of laughing children, but this is exactly the case on certain occasions in the offices of personal injury attorney Dan Newlin. The successful personal injury attorney became a household name in Florida and across the US for the $100 million in damages he won for paralyzed teen Danielle Sampson in late 2014. Throughout his career Dan Newlin has been helping the communities he has been working in with his own range of community based programs, which include the Dan Newlin Miracle Project designed to help children with medical problems.

The Miracle Project achieved its highest point of recognition after Newlin viewed a biography of former World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield whilst on a flight. Newlin made it his goal to contact Holyfield and enlist his help to provide inspiration for seriously ill children from the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital to help them continue their fight against cancer. The meeting finally took place and Holyfield served as an inspiration for the children as they discussed the difficulties Holyfield and his family faced with poverty and social issues before he became a success inside the ring. The Dan Newlin Miracle Project has been helping those in need for a number of years as the attorney continues his role as a provider of service for those around him.

The commitment to the community and charity is difficult to pin down for Dan Newlin, largely because he has spent the majority of his working life in careers that are well known for their commitment to community programs. At the outset of his working life Newlin became a law enforcement professional and would later go on to join the fire department. The native of Chicago then completed law school and set out on a career as a personal injury lawyer, which has allowed him to work with those in need of help and justice to live their lives in as stress free a way as possible.

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Jon Urbana Excels Outside The Lacrosse Arena

Award-winning company CrowdRise is on a mission to spread their innovative charitable campaign platform with individuals worldwide. Since their launch, this influential corporation is revered as one of the best online fundraising websites by Mashable and Forbes. Similarly, Barrons’ recognized the CrowdRise Community as a Top 25 Best Global Philanthropist. Amazingly, their unique interface is utilized by many prominent organizations including Boston Marathon, NYC Marathon, Ironman, UNICFF, and the Red Cross as well as popular celebrities like Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, Will Ferrell, Sophia Bush, Iam Somerhalder, Sean Penn, and Olivia Wilde.

Recently, Villanova lacrosse star Jon Urbana, who is the co-founder of Next Level Lacrosse Camps, also employed CrowdRise campaign services to raise money for the Animal Rescue & Adoption Society. As a longstanding advocate against animal cruelty, his primary goal is to increase awareness concerning one of the country’s most respected nonprofits foundations. Donations can be made easily through his Crowdrise campaign page.

Urbana first announced the campaign in a tweet, and he’s since shared it on Facebook as well.

In the early 2000s, Jon Urbana eagerly attended Villanova University where he studied Economics for four years. Throughout his college pursuit, he was a star player on the Men’s Lacrosse Team during which he received much recognition for his outstanding performances such as the CAA Defensive Player of the Year, Tewaaraton Award Watchlist, and the NCAA Division 1 All-American.

Shortly after his educational and sport endeavors, his website states that he launched Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which is a premier instructional training program that specializes on refining skills for Colorado youth. Moreover, the mission of the company is to provide novice athletes with the necessary techniques to excel in challenging games. Remarkably, Urbana’s camps proudly feature many of the best pros such as former Denver outlaws players and select Lacrosse professionals. The program also includes fun competitions and giveaways. Next Level Lacrosse Camp is currently hosted at the Vail Mountain School. Male players ages ten to fifteen may enroll in the day camp; however, the participants must have pre-arranged transportation. Early bird registration is available in December 2015.

Alongside his profound entrepreneurship at this influential company, Urbana is Head of Business Development at Ellipse USA and well-respected in both the music and video worlds. Through this managerial role, he strategically oversees the Intense Pulse Light and Laser Technologies.

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The Perfect Definition of Business Leader: Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is one of the renowned and astounding personalities in the world of finance. He is an executive, an expert and a matchless leader in this world. He had a very technical background in his early life which presents the reason he is excellent in building businesses.He enrolled at James Watt College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree. He then went to the Stafford University where he graduated with a Masters Degree. The vast educational background is what catapulted him to the helm of the Finance World.

Bonar has a very long history in business and has achieved and accomplished quite a lot. He started his career at IBM. This came shortly after he left QMS where he served as the Engineering Director. At QMS, he managed more than one hundred people. He has also worked at Adaptec as the national sales manager. Not at any point in time, did Bonar relent in his pursuit of success. After leaving Adaptec, Brian founded his own business dubbed as the Bezier systems. His approach and specialties of Brian Bonar are unequivocally of no match. He possesses a very creative business mind that gives him an edge from his workmates. He is an architect by profession, and it is believed that he is a genius too. Coupling that with his excellent specialties that include acquisitions and mergers, it presents a successful business executive.

Born sixty-seven years ago, Brian Bonar was appointed as the Treasurer, Secretary, the Chief Officer in charge of finances and the Chief Executive Chair of Trucept incorporated on 12th March 2010. Before these roles, Mr. Bonar was the President of the STTN Board in the year 2009. He has approximately eighteen years experience working with IBM in the USA, Europe and Asia. In addition, he has more than twenty years professional experience in both public and private ventures in various locations in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. He was also the Chair and the Executive Officer of Solvis group for three years. Solvis is popularly known for providing PEO, ASO services and staffing the call centre and the medical segments majorly. In the year 2004, Brian was appointed to a California-based corporation dubbed as the Dalrada Corporation as the Chief Executive Officer and later as the Chairman to the Board.The Dalrada Corporation provides the health insurance and the worker’s compensation.

In late 2007, Mr. Bonar was appointed to head the Board of Directors of a publicly traded company known as the Alliegant Professional. Mr Bonar also founded a PEO dubbed as AMS outsourcing that primarily deals with the transport market. Through his strong business acumen, the Company established a presence internationally in the Mexico and the Czech Republic.

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Taking Lacrosse Skills to the Next Level

Even after lacrosse season comes to a close, the desire to practice and keep excelling continues. Whether you’re gearing up for the upcoming season or can’t bear to say goodbye once spring is over, lacrosse camps are a great way to build on a solid lacrosse foundation. They give the opportunity to learn from great coaches and seasoned players, taking your lacrosse game to the Next Level. Next Level Lacrosse Camp in particular gives attendees the opportunity for focused training and a unique camp experience.

Hosted in Colorado at Vail Mountain School, Next Level Lacrosse Camp was the creation of Jon Urbana, according to Crunchbase. It converges once the spring season has concluded and typically meets in early July. The mission of Next Level is to provide premiere lacrosse training to youth players and target their specific strengths. Instead of giving blanket training and workouts, Jon Urbana said on Twitter that he encourages players’  interest on the field as well as giving specific skills training for positions and individual style of play.

In addition to engaging specific player positions and on the field training, Next Level aims to inspire players as well. Bringing in some of the best talent in lacrosse, the camp makes the experience a unique one for attendees. Not only are the campers interacting with great players they aspire to, they are also learning directly from Urbana, who graduated from Villanova as an All-American lacrosse player.

Notable coaches from the 2015 camp are Tyler German, known as being the Captain for University of Virginia, Sergio Perkovic, a historic All-American playmaker with University of Notre Dame, and Ryan Tucker, an NCAA All-American from University of Virginia. These coaches inspire not just with their remarkable playing on-field but encourage youth in ways that will be remembered off-field as well.

Founded in 2011 by Jon Urbana (says his website), the Next Level Lacrosse Camp is rooted in lacrosse greatness. Jon Urbana’s lacrosse career is well documented with many notable accomplishments. In 2004 he received an honorable mention as an All-American honors and the same year was the Colonial Athletic Association’s Defensive Player of the Year. Excelling since the beginning of his career, in 2002 he was selected as the team’s top rookie. In addition to these accomplishments, he also made it on the Tewaaraton Award watch list, a huge accomplishment in and of itself. Some of his highlights can be seen on his Vimeo channel.

With the help of fellow top athlete Lou Braun, Jon Urbana sought to create a camp that appealed to youth players at varying ages and skill levels. The camp fulfills two purposes; to train and inspire the players of the future and to allow past players to stay in the game and connect. Next Level’s camp excels in a unique camp experience as well as inspiring play time.

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The Affordable Health Care of Nobilis

The cost of good health care in the U.S has always been expensive and is expected to keep rising in cost. In 1970, the estimated yearly spending on health care was $75 billion. That is a whole lot but it has kept one rising and shows no signs of peaking. Experts on cantechletter estimate that by the year 2021 it will be around $4.8 trillion. Things are already tight for the economy as far a health care. For years most employers have offered a health plan to full time employees. And 2015 is not the first time employers have felt this bite. The average of employers who simply can’t foot the increasing health care costs for employees has been growing since 2000.

And it isn’t much easier for families to do it themselves. In 2012, the annual health care for the average household was over $20,000. This dollar amount is not true across the board, of course. It never has been and probably never will be because there are different regulations and prices from state to state. And that might be an oversimplification of things. There a million different things to consider in individual states. It has become much more so with the advent of Obamacare and the U.S. supreme court’s decision to let state’s choose for themselves whether or not to use Obamacare. A top-quality, but very affordable health care facility can be found in Northstar Healthcare which is now called Nobilis Health.

Northstar Healthcare was founded between 1999 and 2000. In 2014, Northstar Healthcare changed its name to Nobilis Health. Nobilis Health runs a number of medical facilities completely dedicated to providing quality, affordable healthcare. In all, it manages over 100 such Nobilis centers throughout the state of Texas.When necessary, we will take our services directly to housebound patients. In many cases, this in-home treatment will involve ambulatory services. These ambulatory services are guaranteed to bring you to a Nobilis facility fully capable of the very best medical services, including the very best surgeons and state-of-the-art operating rooms.

These facilities are equipped with the staff and equipment for things such as spine injuries, pain problems, orthopedic surgeries, and podiatry. Those are the specialties but far from the only areas. There are many. In addition to our own facilities, we also have various cooperative partnerships with various medical groups in other states. Together, these united facilities are not only committed to public healthcare services but also public healthcare education. To this end we host various websites, perform continuous medical research, and engage in publicity marketing.

In addition to needed medical treatments, Nobilis Healthcare also specializes in weight loss treatment. It even has on call a host of weight loss experts. Nobilis has not stopped perfecting and bettering itself. Earlier this year it acquired and merged with Victory Medical Center Houston. And Nobilis continues to be a healthcare giant that not only grows in medical quality but in financial stability; its revenue has almost tripled from $12.1 million in 2014 to about $35 million in 2015.

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How White Shark Media Deals With Complaints From Clients

It is common for clients to have complaints about services and products offered by a given company. This situation does not mean that you should give up every time you are hit with a complaint. Every complaint is a chance for better service delivery and a opportunity to learn from mistakes made.
The most common complain is clients loosing touch with their Ad Words Campaign.

The reporting techniques that had been in place were not enough to allow small enterprise owners to find out what was going on or to review reports. Since this complain was lodged with us,we embarked on a campaign of ensuring that clients are enlightened about the working of their campaigns.This enables clients to know how and where to check reviews and overall performance of the campaign.
In order to remedy the challenge of inadequate communication, we created phone systems that had direct extensions. This allows clients to directly call their contact person. Once you sign up, you receive all the necessary contact information and your assigned contact person. From time to time, clients complain about the performance of the new optimized campaigns and insist that the old campaign has a better performance than the new performance. We have countered this problem by ensuring that the existing campaigns are still being used. Additionally, we have picked experienced supervisors who supervise the campaign management and the overall workings of the campaigns.
It is normal to hear clients complain about their assigned contact persons. During sign up, clients are assigned contact persons who understands their needs. However, after signing up, they end up with a different contact person who has no idea about the client’s needs. We discovered this mistake and decide to counter it by ensuring that the assigned contact person is with the client from sign up process until the optimization process. Such a contact person will make the client see that they are interested in them and care about their business. For now, we do not offer SEO services and a number of clients keep suggesting that we should consider including it in our portfolio. We offer to review SEO proposals on behalf of our clients.This is to ensure that clients do not waste money on SEO Vendors.
White Shark Media is an online marketing enterprise that was started in 2011 by three dutch men. The company is considered as the fastest growing firm in North America. It is a partner of Google and is the most preferred digital marketing firm. White Shark Media has helped a number of businesses grow by employing cost effective marketing campaigns.