Third Quarter Reports For Highland Capital Management Show A Change Read more

Third Quarter Reports For Highland Capital Management Show A Change

Third quarter reports filed to the SEC by Highland Capital Management show a change in the way the fund is managing its assets. The fund is managed by James Dondero, and he has chosen to make some changes to his overall approach to the fund. The fund has become one of the best in America, and Jim has grown the fund to feature billions of dollars that are under management. This article explains how Jim has created a wonderful hedge fund that is flexible enough to make changes quickly.

#1: HCM Released Many Stocks From Its PortfolioHCM chose to release many stocks from its portfolio to make room for other stocks the company wanted to add. Jim believes that his company should be as diverse as possible, and only about 25% of his holdings are in the United States at this time. The assets listed in the report show that HCM has moved many of its holdings overseas, and there are many ways the company may change its makeup to help improve diversity.

#2: HCM Chose To Add A Few Stocks

HCM added stocks to its portfolio in the healthcare in medical industries, and the company is increasing its holdings in healthcare in America as its changes its portfolio abroad. Adding stocks to the portfolio helps keep all the money under management in a place that was chosen specifically by Jim. Jim is an investment icon who has created many investment tools on his own, and he is using much of the money at his own company in these new investment tools he has created.

#3: The Company Is Shifting Overseas More

The HCM team is shifting its holdings overseas more every year, and the reports filed to the SEC show that HCM has only a fourth of what it owns in America. Jim has chosen to move his company around the world, and his holdings are becoming a windfall for companies in Europe who are in need of cash. Moving the money overseas has helped other companies, and Jim wants HCM to have as much posterity as he can find.

There are many ways in which Highland Capital Management is changing for the better, and their recent filing shows the company is moving forward with diversity. There are several different new acquisitions at HCM, and Jim has created a brand new fund focused more on overseas investment and healthcare.

US Money Reserve Pursues Another Charitable Campaign Read more

US Money Reserve Pursues Another Charitable Campaign

US Money Reserve, a leading distributor of gold and silver bullion, has started another charitable campaign. This time the aim is raise $10,000 for Austin Police’s Operation Blue Santa.

This operation provides less lucky families with Christmas dinners and holiday gifts for children under 14 years of age. This charitable operation started back in 1972 and recently it has helped over 5,000 families.

If you’re looking to help, please visit the page from which you can make a donation just in time for Christmas. Your kind gift will surely help.

You can make this donation online as an anonymous person or have your name displayed as a donor. Either way, your contribution will make a difference this holiday season in this area of Texas.

US Money Reserve is at forefront of delivering precious metals to investors. By purchasing gold or silver bullion, you get to receive actual precious metal rather than a certificate.

Various widely recognized investment coins are available and include American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and South African Krugerrands. Gold coins come in different sizes of one ounce or less, making it possible for many people to hold their own gold assets.

Those seeking even smaller investment in precious metals should consider buying silver coins as now silver is quite cheap.

There’s another option as well that includes purchasing bars rather than coins. Platinum investments are available as well. Whatever are your precious metal investment needs, a team of experts at US Money Reserve stands ready to assist you.

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According to, in an interview with Estado de Minas, the BMG vice president confirmed that BMG has dropped discussions with the Bradesco and BTG banks. It has partnered with ITAU bank to create a new ITAU BMG bank that is set to open its doors to for business in the next three months. The announcement ends the continued speculation about the fate of BMG with the banks suggesting total purchase and control of the bank. The BMG vice president is optimistic the new deal is the best for BMG and its clients.
Giving the details of the partnership, Marcio told Estado de Minas the new bank will be funded with an R$ 1 billion capital contributed by both banks. The money will be shared at 30/70 ratio between the BMG and ITAU banks respectively. The BMG vice president explained the role of the new bank to focus mainly on the payroll credit industry. The partnership of Banco BMG and ITAU banks will open the private sector industry that is highly untapped.
Brazil is experiencing an economy crisis currently. Marcio acknowledged that the banks would turn to outsource the money due to its scarcity. The banks are working on the requirements that will ensure the 90 day period set by the bank is met. Among the logistics the banks are working on is avoiding international competition for the two banks in their operations.
The partnership gives BMG more space to continue its current operations. The ITAU bank, being the fifth largest in the country will also have more access to customers in the private sector. BMG targets to take advantage of the extensive distribution networks to maximum on the partnership. As the current agreement is, BMG will retain its customer database and independent in other operations.

Richardo Guimaries heads the Banco BMG bank as president. Marcio is the bank’s vice president and executive in the management of bank affairs. He is a highly experienced leader with strong management skills. Under the leadership of Marcio and Richardo the bank has become the largest sponsor of Brazilian soccer. Over 40 teams are currently sponsored by the bank overtaking the traditional sponsors like Adidas and Coca-Cola. Merci has received several honors for his excellent leadership. The recent is from his home city of San Antonio inaugurating a food court under his name.

Design A Program For Dealing With Sleep Apnea Read more

Design A Program For Dealing With Sleep Apnea

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is an expert in the field of sleep apnea and enjoys a practice designed to help sufferers of this condition connect with other dentists who can create oral appliances to treat the disorder.

Sleep apnea is characterized by loud snoring and periodic lapses in breathing. Individuals who experience this condition often complain of lack of energy or the urge to fall asleep during the day. They also have problems with personality or mood changes, depression and other maladies.

Many people don’t even know they have sleep apnea until someone else points it out. Family members or bed partners may know something is not quite right because they hear the snoring and often notice long lapses between breaths, but some become so use to it that they think it’s normal. Sleep apnea is certainly not normal and can be harmful or fatal if not properly treated.

So, why does sleep apnea threaten a person’s health? That is easy to explain. Unless we get the right amount of restorative sleep, other conditions can develop over time. Those conditions include, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and numerous other health disorders.

When the body is unable to relax enough to enter REM sleep, it does not receive its rejuvenating effects. It is during REM sleep that healing takes place and the body is able to return to a normal state. Every system in the body is affected by this and that includes the endocrine system. Some endocrinologists recognize this and refer some patients to sleep study doctors to undergo a sleep study to determine if they suffer from sleep apnea.

Some patients have made remarkable progress after being treated for sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is co-owner of Dental Sleep Masters of New Jersey and has seen his share of sleep apnea patients. He connects these individuals with other dental professionals where they can be fitted with an oral appliance to treat the condition.

Other treatments for sleep apnea that do not involve oral appliances are:

• Treating neuromuscular disorders
• Use of supplemental oxygen during sleep
• Use of breathing devices that force air through the airway

Although it can be frightening to receive the diagnosis of sleep apnea, but with the many options for managing it there is no reason to succumb to that fear. Knowing how to deal with this condition and designing a realistic method of treating it is what Dr. Weisfogel’s practice is all about.

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Highlands Biggest HealthCare Sector Wins the HFM US Hedge Fund Award 2015 Read more

Highlands Biggest HealthCare Sector Wins the HFM US Hedge Fund Award 2015

The Highland capital management company has existed since 1994. The company is the leading investment advisor in the healthcare industry. It manages over $ 3 billion in total. Michael Gregory heads the company heath care industry. Together with his team of over eleven members, Michael has led the company to win the 2015 HFM US hedge fund award. The award recognizes the effort put by the firms in outdoing its completion to achieving excellent performance in the market.

The judges base their decision on some factors. First they consider the last five years date to gauge the company’s performance. They also include the repetition with investors and managers pedigree before deciding on the winner. The Highland capital management has invested heavily in the health care sector. It’s the leading alternative investment for the company. The head of the industry my Michael Gregory has several decades experience in the management of senior position in various companies. He also doubles as the companies CIO and head of the alternative investments.

The winning of the 40 act category was not a surprise to highland’s management. It was a confirmation of their deep commitment to increasing the investors experience in the alternative investments. The company’s co-founder and president, Mr. Jim Dondero congratulated Michael and his team for leading the company to success

The company has made headlines in the business news. It’s the pioneer of collateralized loan obligation and a leading investor in alternative investments. Since its founding in 2003, the Dallas-based firm has accumulated over $21 billion in assets combined. The company goal is to improve the investors experience by providing honest investment advice to minimize risks and achieve the set goals.

The company co founder Mr. Jim Dondero also a hold several leadership positions in other financial institutions. The university of Virginia graduate is a certified financial analyst. Jim career has development in over three decades of working in several senior positions. He worked as the chief financial officer of the protective life. He is a specialist in financial and accounting and has expanded his career in mortgage management and several another field I the financial industry.

Jim is the portfolio manager of Nexpoint bank. He is also a great manager managing over $ 1 billion in American Express from 1985 to 1989.

The article is recapped from PRNewswire journal through the link below:

Our Wonderful London Vacation Rentals Via the Net Read more

Our Wonderful London Vacation Rentals Via the Net

I am so amazed at what the modern day internet can do. You can do almost anything online. I was delighted to find that I could even use the net to book travel for us. We decided do something special for the entire family last summer. I had always wanted to travel to the United Kingdom. But something always got in my way over the years. My husband knew this. He also knew that I badly wanted to see the UK in person. So when I realized that I had an entire summer off, I knew I wanted to spend it in London. I knew that London would be the right place for me. And it was! What was really right about was the fact that we had just the right accommodations. I was so fortunate to find the best website to help me out as I looked for a place to stay there. That place was WorldEscape. This is a great company. They have the world’s most perfect website. I’ve gone through multiple travel websites in my quest to find the best travel deals. This one was by far the easiest website to use of all the sites I looked at. Anyone can easily log on to the site and then use it to find the perfect London vacation rentals. I was so pleased to figure out that I could do it on my own without any help from someone else. We quickly decided on a good apartment rental in London. The place we picked out was not too close to the loud city noises so we could sleep easily each night. It was also not too far from many of the places that we really wanted to see while we were there. So we very much had the best of all possible worlds. We had a spacious apartment where both of us felt very comfortable. We also had a place that near what we wanted to see. All because I used this great site! I think anyone who is looking to stay in London should use this website.

Charles Koch Wants To End The Two Tier Political Scene Read more

Charles Koch Wants To End The Two Tier Political Scene

When one thinks of Charles Koch they think of the pion of ultra-political conservatism, but Koch believes that he falls into the category of classical liberal instead. This is because he says that his political beliefs fall in line with what the term liberalism used to mean. IN short, Koch says that he wants someone in power that can help bring peace and tolerance to society while at the same time creating a civil world that is good for everyone. He explained this type of society is able to reach towards innovation and opportunity. Historically liberals did not want government control, and it is this past
version he believes in.

Interestingly enough, despite the explanation given by Koch in an interview on Yahoo Finance, Koch also noted that his goal was still to find common ground with Obama so that they can work together. Surprising, yes, but clearly the 80 CEO of Koch Industries has some tricks up his sleeve because it is his forward thinking and ability to shock that has helped make him the ninth richest man on the globe. He also has three degrees from MIT and turned his family business into a $110 billion company. He also has spent decades funding political campaigns and lobbyists so he knows the political scene quite well.

He also knows how to play it safe with politics explaining that every move and word he says is heavily scrutinized. He says in the past commenting on Trump’s campaign or simply inviting Fiorina to a seminar has made the press turn him into their supporters. So he has learned not to make any clear move unless he wants. Yet, even though he has vocally said that believes the Obama administration has overstepped its powers, he still says that he wants to align himself with them and that must be for good reason.

He explained that he is not big on compromise, but in order to work together they have to be able to find common ground. They have found the best way to do this is by reforming the criminal justice system. Occupational licensing for example is one thing that prevents disadvantaged people from finding jobs and they hope that by reforming the education system people will be able to have access to the same values and principles he did. His election season he wants both parties to stop the irresponsible spending and get away from what has become a two tiered society.

For more information about the Koch interview with the Yahoo Finance see the link:

The True Tale Of A Young Girl’s Escape From North Korea Read more

The True Tale Of A Young Girl’s Escape From North Korea

Yeonmi Park, a young human rights activist, tells the harrowing story of her incredible escape from North Korea in her new book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. It is a story she has briefed to the world before, but in this detailed compilation, Yeonmi reveals a most heartbreaking reality.

From a young age, she was taught to believe that the “Dear Leader” of North Korea could hear her every thought. Growing up in a repressive society where Yeonmi Park’s clothes were chosen for her and she was told what songs to sing makes thinking for herself a challenge, even today. In her book, Yeonmi discusses the sacrifices her and her family had to make in order to escape such a perilous existence.

Though her family was well educated and connected politically on, the collapse of the North Korean economy in the 1990’s forced Yeonmi’s father to turn to the Black Market in order for him to provide for his family. Unfortunately, his actions were discovered by the North Korean government, resulting in his sentencing to a labor camp. Without a provider, Yeonmi, her sister, and mother faced starvation.

At only 13, Yeonmi Park on caseyandyeonmi and her mother were smuggled across the border into China where they tragically met the horrors of human trafficking. One man promised Yeonmi he would buy her parents back under the condition that she become his mistress, an offer she accepted to save her family. After her father died of colon cancer when she was just 15 years old, Yeonmi Park and her mother decided to search for asylum in Seoul. Hidden by the veil of the night, they followed the North Star through the frigid Gobi Dessert.

In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom creates a window that allows readers to peer into a world they could never imagine, raising awareness to the tragedies at hand. Yet, even living through these experiences, Yeonmi remains hopeful and continues to fight for her people’s freedom.

Great Worldwide Coffee Companies Read more

Great Worldwide Coffee Companies

In today’s world, coffee has increasingly become the beverage of choice. Today’s happy coffee drinker knows that they can pick from many kinds of coffee to suit nearly any occasion they have in mind. They know they can find the right kind of coffee for a slow morning rise as they head out the door to work. They also know they can find special kinds of coffee that allow them to be able to serve for a specific occasion such as when they want to welcome guests into their home or greet business clients at a meeting.

Companies that understand this need are companies that will do very well in the market and be able to meet the needs of clients in many countries across the globe. They know that they are able to assist clients as they look for coffee that is both special and coffee that allows the person to be able to get the maximum benefit from drinking it. A company that is in tune with the demands of contemporary coffee drinkers is one that can expect to develop a devoted band of followers who are happy to enjoy the company’s products and order them often.

Insights into the contemporary coffee market have allowed people like Bernardo Chua to develop a line of coffees that is ideal for the needs of today’s informed consumers. His efforts in this area have helped him work closely with suppliers to be able to provide his clients with the highest possible quality coffee at all times.

Chua is the founder of Oregano Gold as evidenced by CrunchBase, a company that offers clients coffee that is based on the use of a much adored and highly effective Chinese herb that has been shown to offer those who drink it many kinds of important health benefits. His coffee has become very highly popular as a result of such benefits. It has also become popular among those who know and value coffee that has a rich and complicated taste with many kinds of tones that are present in the final product they drink.  Chua’s following on Facebook and even to a lesser extent on Twitter, really seem to suggest that his products are loved the world over.

Today’s pleased coffee drinkers are more sophisticated and demanding that ever. They expect that any cup of coffee they choose to drink will offer the chance to sample coffee that is both tasty and yet is also coffee with many notes that can be discerned in any given cup they choose to brew at home or on the road when traveling somewhere. As consumers look to the future, they are only likely to be even more happy as they are able to get the kind of coffee they want from coffee companies that are delighted to bring it to them no matter where they live.

U.S. Money Reserve Launches Campaign To Feed Hungry Texans Read more

U.S. Money Reserve Launches Campaign To Feed Hungry Texans


The Digital Journal recently reported that the U.S. Money Reserve has launched a crowd funding campaign aimed towards supporting the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas in an effort to aid the hungry. The company is no stranger to charity and has been known to fund organizations such as the Make-A-Wish foundation and many others.

Founded by gold market veterans, the U.S. Money reserve recognizes the need for a combination of expert market knowledge and quality customer service when purchasing precious metals. As the nation’s largest source of government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, the team of 100 trained professionals at the U.S. Money Reserve strive to deliver high-quality coinage and service on a daily basis.

By launching this campaign, the U.S. Money Reserve hopes to bring food to hungry families over a span of 21 counties in Central Texas. In 2010, the Capital Area Food Bank (which has served the community for 30 years) provided a total of 31 million pounds of food to families in need. This year CAFB is working to set the bar higher by feeding even more families this upcoming holiday season.

Remember to give back to your fellow man during the holidays by spreading the wealth. Join the U.S. Money Reserve in the fight against hunger and help the Capital Area Food Bank surpass their previous record of 31 million pounds of food to feed families in need all over Central Texas. To make a contribution, please visit the U.S. Money Reserve’s Crowdrise page.