The Keith Mann Scholarship Opportunity Arrives Read more

The Keith Mann Scholarship Opportunity Arrives

Keith Mann is a person who instinctively knows how to recognize talent. He has to. Keith Mann is in charge of Dynamics Search Partners, a firm that seeks to hire the best professionals a company could hope to bring into the fold. Recently, Keith Mann has sought to search for highly talented graduating seniors. His goal for the search is a noble one. Mann wants to provide several scholarships to graduating seniors.

Dubbed the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement, the financial award is for graduating seniors at the Uncommon Schools charter schools in the Brooklyn region. The purpose of the scholarship is to deliver a means of making college financially accessible to committed students who would benefit greatly from the funds.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the applicant must write an essay on a very basic – and important – topic. The essay, in 1,000 words, is to explain how a college education would support an eventual professional career. There are no excessive rules associated with the content of the essay. The amount of the scholarship is $5,000, an amount that could cover a solid amount of the tuition for school. The students whose essays lead to the receipt of the scholarship will be announced in March.

Kevin Mann is opening doors to students the high cost of education may have closed. Mann is not only known for the great work he does in the corporate executive search world. He is a well-known philanthropist. Mann has now chosen to extend his philanthropic endeavors to help low-income students achieve their educational goals.

The Uncommon Charter Schools in Brooklyn are known for their commitment to helping young persons maximize their educational potential. Keith Mann is doing his part to further help these students – and the schools – with their goals.

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The Most Suitable Online Platform for Sharing Videos via Email

The Internet is a wellspring for information these days. Technology has also changed modern communication activities. People therefore require an active Internet connection for them to access the cyber space. For example, it is possible to stream videos on websites. This process is known as video conferencing. Companies have been evolved to assist individuals in sharing motion pictures via email.

The Advent of Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a technological company that offers a variety of services. One of them is the ability of people to share clips using their email accounts. This firm was invented by Bob Reina through a partnership with his tech friend. Bob came up with this idea after he had difficulties in sharing clips on his email account. He is a trained policeman by profession. Over the years, many individuals have benefited from this service.

How it Works

This platform allows people to register using a unique username, an email and a password. The account verification process takes place once individuals have submitted their credentials. Verification means that a new user is given various options to select. For example, credit card information is needed after an account has been set up. This information allows subscribers to utilize money to purchase packages for sharing videos through their emails.

Customers are also entitled to newsletters that are sent on weekly and monthly basis. These letters usually portray some of the improvements that have taken place in the company. Clients can share their clips to other social networking sites. The uploaded videos are also stored on the Talk Fusion website for future use.

Mobile Applications

Clients are also able to access this platform on their mobile devices through mobile apps. Android and Iphone users can download the software from their respective app stores. These applications usually synchronize information stored on the website with the one in a phone.

Payment Plans

Users have the ability to select different payment plans depending on their preferences. The highest amount paid for unlimited access is $1499. The lowest amount for the same service is $125. Individuals can also select monthly packages that range from twenty dollars to thirty five dollars. The variation in prices enables customers to send a specific quantity of clips online.

Charles Koch: There Is Too Much Inequality In The United States Read more

Charles Koch: There Is Too Much Inequality In The United States

Charles Koch is a renowned wealthy business person who is currently based in the United States of America. He is also a philanthropist who has done great activities for different people all over the world. Charles Koch is the Chief Executive Officer of the Koch industries. He is also the co-owner and the chairperson in the board of directors for the company. He managed the Koch Industries with the help of his brother, David Koch, who has the position of Vice Chief Executive.

Charles and David Koch have been in charge of Koch Industries, a great emperor that their father left for them. The two have worked closely over the years, and with their hard work, they have expanded the business, bringing in new ideas and implementing them. When their father was in charge of the Koch industries, his main business was Oil refining and also he was involved in chemicals. Currently, the business has expanded, dealing with various activities such a fibers, ranching, fertilizers, pollution control equipment, minerals among others. Their brands are respected because of the quality they have shown.

Not long ago, Charles Koch started a very strong political network that has spread very fast in the whole nation. He did this with the help of his brother, David Koch, assisted by other wealthy individuals and friends. The billionaires have managed to get a lot of support from different groups in the United States, making it very powerful and very instrumental in the upcoming elections. Their main aim is to ensure that every individual in the United States experiencing poverty is well represented. The political network has however been questioned due to the extravagant hotel meals they host for their employees, big bonuses and the amount of money they have.

Charles Koch recently said that he agreed with the idea of Bernie Sender in some political idea concerning the citizens of the United States. Bernie Sender had earlier said that the America was experiencing a lot of inequality. However, their ideas do not have the same meaning. The solutions given for the problem by Bernie Sender are very different from what Charles Koch is offering.

Bernie Sender believes that there are two groups in the country that are tired, making the citizens poor and helpless. Charles Koch agrees but in a different understanding. He believes that the republicans and democrats favor some few regulations and policies that only realize the losers and winners. This has led to poverty and other problems in the country.


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Raising Money for Operation Smile

Avi Weisfogel grew up in New Jersey. He went to Rutgers University and attained a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. From there, he went on to the New York University College of Dentistry where he got his dentist degree. He started out working as a dentist at Old Bridge Dental Care and has been awarded for his outstanding work many times throughout his career. He is the proud owner of Dental Sleep Masters Seminars. By means of this business, he educates people on how to treat sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Avi has more than 15 years of experience treating sleep apnea, common sleep problems, and performing a variety of dental treatments.

Throughout his career, Avi Weisfogel has established a variety of educational businesses that are aimed at helping teach dentists and other medical professionals how to help their patients who experience sleep problems. He began Healthy Heart Sleep in order to help doctors learn more about sleep problems. Avi began a lecturing tour through Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients that had the goal of educating dentists on the link that exists between sleep apnea and dental issues. Dental Sleep Masters was also set up in order to educate dentists on how to use different oral devices in order to cure sleep problems and to show the link between sleep issues and dental health.

Avi Weisfogal has recently set up a Go Fund Me campaign in order to help an organization called Operation Smile. This organization was established in 1982. Dr. William MaGee and his wife were working in the Philippines to help children who experienced facial deformities, like cleft lips and cleft pallets. Since they established their organization, they have been able to perform over 250,000 surgeries on young individuals in the Philippines and around the world. There are many volunteer doctors, nurses, dentists and other professionals who have volunteered to work with this organization. Avi Weisfogal would like to raise money in order to help them with their cause and continue to change the lives of children and teenagers around the world who have been born with facial deformities.

Operation Smile has staff members in more than 80 countries. They work with children and teenagers who live in more than 60 countries. Individuals who work with this organization include medical professionals who perform surgeries. Also, there are many individuals who donate equipment and supplies as well as provide financial help to the organization.

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Handy Home Service App Brings the Business to You

Handy home service has been around years. Although it is an old service Handy home service has managed to stay relevant. One of its latest renovations happened with its mobile app. The company already had a Handy on-the-go app, but now the Handy mobile app is fully loaded with cool features that bring the entire business to wherever you are.

All of the Handy services are available in one central location. With the tap of a finger, you can choose from cleaning, plumbing, handyman, and other services that Handy provides. Not only can you see more details about each service, but you have the ability to schedule home visits right there. It all starts with, “What can we do for you?”

Once services are scheduled, booking details are accessible within the Handy mobile app. You will see your booking number with more information like date, time, interval, type of service, and the professional who will be doing the work. Also, the professional can be called, or texted, from the app if you have any new updates.

Once your service date has arrived, you can track the professional to see when they will be arriving at your house. Handy professionals are good about arriving on time. When the job is being performed, you can see when they start tidying up to leave, and see when they are completely finished.

If a job is well done, and you think the professional should receive a little extra, you can send a tip. Tip allotments increase in increments of $5, but you can also set a custom amount. Speedy payments are easy from the Handy mobile app, and you do not have to worry about keeping cash organized.

With the Handy mobile app, the whole process of dealing with Handy home services is made simple from start to finish. Everything you need is in the one complete Handy mobile app. Not only is it unique, but it is also beautifully styled. The layout is organized. Color choice is attractive, and details are sufficient. See if Handy is in your area to get your professional home services scheduled today.

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New Quarterly Report Released For Highland Management

The quarterly report for Highland Capital Management has been released and it notes the hedge fund has assets that value $3.42 billion. This is down around $1.49 billion for the prior quarter when their portfolio value was $4.91 billion.

Their report also came with a release stating they will be gaining new positions including Amazon Com Inc, Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc, and Intra Cellular Therapies to name a few. In total, the hedge fund has purchased 69 new stocks. The company also sold their stakes in a few stocks including Nexpoint Cr Strategies Fd, Envision Healthcare Hldgs In, and a few more. They gave no reason for the sell off, but speculation says it was probably due to low performance and value. Along with buying and selling, they also cut back on a few holdings they have in companies like American Express Co, American Airls Group Inc, Anadarko Pete Corp, and Nrg Energy Inc.
The top 3 preforming holdings Highland Capital had in this quarter were American Airls Group Inc, Salesforce Com Inc, and Ishares Tr. They were responsible for 13.59% of the companies holdings.

Highland Capital is run by Co-Founder and President James Dondero. Jim Dondero has achieved over 30 years of experience in the finance industry, and most of his focus has been on high-yield and distressed investing. Since he began Highland Capital, his focus, as well as the company’s, has been on the developing collateralized loan obligation market. Along with running his company, Highland Capital, Jim also is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical. He also serves on the board for American Banknote as well as MGM Studios. He is a strong supporter of veteran’s affairs, public policy, and initiatives in education.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he had highest honors from the McIntire School of Commerce with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He is a Certified Management Accountant and has rights to use Chartered Financial Analyst designation. Prior to Highland Capital, he helped build the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life to over $2 billion in a 4 year span. He was also a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager for American Express. He began his financial career with Morgan Guaranty in a training program back in 1984.

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Gold ETFs & George Soros Increase Gold Coin Demand Read more

Gold ETFs & George Soros Increase Gold Coin Demand

There are more types of gold-backed assets for investors nowadays; this allows them to find the best fit for their portfolio. While Billionaire George Soros has the expertise to invest in gold mining stocks, the novice might be better served with gold electronic traded funds (ETFs) or government-issued gold coins. US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discusses why gold ETFs have increased demand for gold bullion coins.

“What Are ETFs?”

Many of the most important numbers quoted in financial circles, like the Dow Jones or Standard’s & Poor, are indices measuring a group of selected corporations to present an overall view of the markets. ETFs are the same. The gold ETF allows an investor to profit from precious metal changes.

Many gold ETFs will actually purchase the physical metal and make adjustments in their stock based on price changes. Gold is traded all around the world. Originally, the City of London set the gold spot price, but this has since expanded to New York City and Shanghai.

The actual price of gold may be different in different cities. Due to scarcity, some dealers might charge a “premium” above the spot price. For investors, it can be challenging to try to convert prices based on different denominations of currency. The gold ETF allows investors to track the price change based on buying and selling of said shares.

“George Soros Bought Gold Mining Stocks”

More sophisticated investors, such as George Soros, have the expertise to purchase gold mining stocks directly. In 2015, George Soros purchased more Barrick Gold Mining stock for his investment fund. Soros also owns shares in the Market Shares GDX ETF.

“Gold ETFs Versus Gold Coins”

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl discussed the growing popularity of gold, which has made his government-issued bullion coins even more valuable. He mentioned gold ETFs as a factor in the growth of the precious metals industry during his US Money Reserve Podcast with Eric Dye. Having a beautiful gold coin in your hands gives you much more direct control of your investment.

More sophisticated investors might balance their financial portfolios with a combination of gold mining stocks, ETFs and bullion coins. If the gold price falls, you might be able to purchase more coins to increase your stake. Collecting gold coins can be fun and profitable. Learn how George Soros and others use gold to protect their wealth.

Madison Street Capital: Leading The Hedge Fund Industry Read more

Madison Street Capital: Leading The Hedge Fund Industry and HedgeWeek both covered the early February announcement and report from Madison Street Capital. The investment banking firm announced big growth in 2015. In fact, the amount of hedge fund deals closed or announced went up by 27 percent from the previous year. In 2014, there were 32 deals made, but in 2015, 42 deals were made. Madison Street Capital also made the comment that with the type of momentum they are seeing, 2016 will see even more deals in hedge funds.

The summary by the news outlets also covered the report from the firm, which stated that hedge fund managers are looking at strategic alternatives in order to raise revenue. This is happening because hedge funds are being pressured to lower their fees but they are facing rising operational costs at the same time. A big problem is facing smaller hedge funds managers because they are not able to bring in new capital and therefore they are not able to fill their portfolio and operate at capacity.

Madison Street Capital, an investment banking firm founded in 2005, has a strong group of professionals leading the firm. One of the professionals in Reginald McGaugh. McGaugh is a Managing Director at the firm and he has years of experience with managed care companies, healthcare provides, healthcare REITs, healthcare medical device firms, diagnostic imaging firms, tele-medicine firms, pharmaceutical firms and biotechnology firms. Besides healthcare, McGaugh also specializes in advising deals that a structured to be compliant with Sharia law in the Middle East and Africa. Reginald McGaugh received a finance degree from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Business from Florida A&M University.

The firm specializes in 3 services, including valuation, mergers and acquisitions and advising domestically and internationally on corporate governance and independence. The firm has assisted in transactions between Ohio Valley Manufacturing, Inc and First Merit Bank, Investment Evolution Global Corp and Boston Finance Group, LLC, Atlantic Jet Support, Inc and Citibank, N.A., and Caroll Hotel, LLC and Equity Financing. Madison Street Capital is able to assist with these transactions because of their large base of investors, including foundations, endowments, unions, local governments, state governments, pension funds, mutual funds, money managers, corporations and financial institutions.

The firms goal is to understand the value of a company and assist them with the services that will benefit them. They want to create a transaction between two parties, buyers and sellers, that will be mutually beneficial. They do this by being creating with unique structures and designs that fit their unique clients. Madison Street is for any middle market company that is looking to improve their standing in the market.

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Maneuvering the Demanding 2016 New York Real Estate Market Read more

Maneuvering the Demanding 2016 New York Real Estate Market

If you’re looking to enter the world of New York real estate this year there are several prospective changes you may want to consider. The New York Daily News predicted many changes on the horizon. These changes will have an impact on potential buyers and sellers; making it pertinent to have the ideal real estate firm assisting you with such a major decision.


New York Daily News anticipates 2016 is facing increasing interest rates which will force down prices making the process sluggish and more demanding to maneuver. Potential customers will look for contingencies and take longer to make a decision. Prime locations will be the significant focus of clients. Future buyers in Brooklyn will be attracted to rental buildings with incentives and the list of luxury condos in Manhattan will continue to expand. Baby boomers will be an important element of the market as they look to down size, relocate or make an additional purchase to be near grandchildren. If you’re thinking of purchasing real estate find serious sellers who have priced accordingly for the 2016 market.


When you’ve made the decision to buy or sell having the right team working for you is imperative. TOWN Residential has quickly become a leader in lavish New York real estate. This collaboration of professionals utilizes their knowledge and experience to create unprecedented customer service. Earning a Best Firm to Work For and a Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City exemplifies the quality of TOWN’s representatives.


The diversity of experiences the members of TOWN Residential provide is exactly what buyers of NYC apartments for rent should be searching for with the forthcoming changes 2016 will bring to the market. Possessing a team known for innovative thinking and win/win deal-making; TOWN Residential models how to overcome difficult sales particularly those with contingencies. Specializing in luxury residential sales and leasing; and marketing, sales and leasing of property development TOWN Residential dedicates the same high standards to every client. Town’s representatives are the perfect match for mastering the potential 2016 New York real estate conditions projected by New York Daily News.

Brian Torchin Advances Chiropractic Standard Throughout the Nation Read more

Brian Torchin Advances Chiropractic Standard Throughout the Nation

Brian Torchin is a practicing chiropractor with an avid interest in connecting health care professionals with hospitals and clinics. He recently founded Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC., which is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. HCRC had initially met with good success with hospitals and health care facilities and professionals in the health care field, and they are, now, dedicated to the process of expanding their customer services training and placement services between health practitioners and hospitals and health care facilities, and expanding their services across the United States of America.

Following his initial foray into Pennsylvania, Torchin and HCRC opened offices in Delaware and Florida. HCRC has rapidly risen in the ranks of healthcare recruiters from around the world. It is the goal of Torchin and HCRC to completely match competent staff to health care facilities and hospitals. The staff of HCRC, also, offer consulting services, background checks and staff training, which serves to eliminate many of the hassles experienced by their client hospitals and health facilities.

Torchin publishes a daily blog offering valuable tips and ideas on numerous health and recruitment topics of interest to hospitals, health facilities and professionals. He is a strong proponent of practices offering a friendly and welcoming environment for the potential patients. He stresses the importance of the individual patient once they have entered the office. What is important for Torchin is the care experienced from the moment each patient enters the waiting room, to the time they come into contact with the staff, up to meeting the professional in charge. The goal of HRCR is to make each patient feel completely comfortable and for the patient to know that they are an important ingredient in the success of any practice.

HCRC staffing is now available in Canada and Australia. Torchin’s goal and the mission goal of HCRC has been to utilize their experience to create superior chiropractic practices in a world filled with mediocrity. Torchin, himself, continues his endeavor to please his current clients by offering the best possible match of staff with facility.

Torchin has extensive experience in sports medicine and physical therapy which he ably applies in his practice as a chiropractor.