The Kings County’s Pioneer Graveyards and Food banks paid for by Antique Sale Read more

The Kings County’s Pioneer Graveyards and Food banks paid for by Antique Sale


Troop a top antique dealer and a local historian revealed he was attending the fifth show. He also revealed that they have been holding such shows once after every six weeks and that the next sale will be on the 22nd of October at the Millet Centre.

Troop also said that the antiques he has been borrowed from his father Steve. “I usually conduct such shows for my day, he is right over there,” Troop said pointing across the hall, “though 75 years old, and he still loves antiques.”

Trop who is also the Burial Ground Care Society director which is responsible for maintaining and preserving the pioneer or 14 old cemeteries within the Kings county together with the burial grounds which are associated with the Kings County Home and the former municipal poor farms.

The society volunteers have managed to reclaim most of the burial grounds especially the original Church of England cemetery located in East Dalhousie from the encroaching woodland surrounding. They also have several ongoing projects.

About Michael Zomber

For more than thirty years, Michael Zomber has been collecting antique arms. He has also managed to share his great expertise with the America as a guest Historian. Michael Zomber is also a recognized authority especially on issued dealing with armor and weapons of the Japanese Samurai.

Michael Zomber is a story teller at heart. Some of his writings credits consist of the four published novels, seven screen plays and a historical novel which was set in the 17th century in Japan and Avenue Park which is a great examination of the huge stakes world of auction and art and a brief history concerning the history of Christianity in Japan and the Samurai. Zomber who has great knowledge on the painful ramifications of war is also known to support organizations whose main mission is to embrace peace such as Doctors without Borders and UNICEF.



Queens of Drama: Soap Reality Read more

Queens of Drama: Soap Reality

There was a time when soap operas dominated daytime TV. However, as Reality TV has grown in popularity, soap operas have waned. One thing to notice is that Reality TV does have something in common with soap operas. There is a lot of drama. One show is made that is geared towards bringing back the soap opera. This show is called Queens of Drama. It has debuted in a ten episode first season that started with Donna Mills taking on the lead role. There were other stars that included Crystal Hunt. However, her role was very small at first. As the series progressed, Crystal Hunt’s character has grown more in what she has to do on the show.

Crystal Hunt plays a fictional version of herself in which she works along with other women on starting up a production company. She was a bit closer to a background character until later in the season when she was pitted against Joan Collins, a British soap opera star. So far, she has shown a bit of promise in her role. However, Crystal Hunt has also done some memorable roles outside of Queens of Drama.

Among the roles that Crystal Hunt played was a role in Magic Mike XXL. One of her most memorable roles was that of Lizzie Spaulding in Guiding Light. The character was a troubled daughter dealing with the issues of Philip and Beth Raines and their troubled relationship. She has done such a good job that she has won an Emmy Award for Daytime TV. She has also starred on One Life to Live for a little while as Stacy Morasco. After leaving the show, she has made a couple of appearances in later episodes. Even though she has taken a few roles at the start of her acting career, she has taken on quite a few roles in the previous year, highlights of which appear on YouTube.

China Thinks George Soros Is Dreaming When He Says China Is The Catalyst For Another Great Recession Read more

China Thinks George Soros Is Dreaming When He Says China Is The Catalyst For Another Great Recession

The Chinese don’t like bad press. That’s one of the reasons the Chinese news agency is controlled by the government. The Chinese really don’t like billionaire investors betting against their currency either. In fact, in a rare show of annoyance, the Chinese recently told George Soros that he was playing with fire if he bet against the yuan. Soros is not the kind of guy that is intimidated by foreign governments. In fact, he has more money than some of the governments in the world today. The Chinese want him to stop talking about them, but that’s not going to happen


George Soros is a man on a mission. As a former refugee, waiter, Wall Street newbie, and Hungarian-born human rights advocate, Soros has experienced the highs and lows that come from climbing the ladder of success. Mr. Soros is now considered one of the wealthiest people on the planet, and a social activist that has spent $6 billion during his lifetime to promote democracy and open societies on But Soros is also a philosophy major that dabbles in world economics, and his dabbling has made him famous as well as controversial.

Mr. George Soros has been studying what has been going on in China as well as in other emerging markets over the last eight years, and he believes the world is in the beginning stages of a global recession. Countries like Brazil, Russia, and South Africa were the first to feel the strain of the Chinese meltdown, according to an article on the website. Then Greece, Spain, Portugal and Asian countries were next. The European countries that are in a recession or depression mode didn’t get in that mode because of China, however. They put themselves in that mode by poor government choices and free-spending when they joined the European Union.

Even though George Soros told that China’s weak economy is the main reason for another global recession, he also said the European Union is to blame as well. The European Union is on the verge of a collapse, and if that happens, Europe will be in serious trouble. Europe is already feeling the symptoms of a recession, and if the EU breaks up, those symptoms will become a serious illness. 

When wrote about Soros and his humanitarian efforts around the world, the article also mentioned the Soros prediction that a global recession is imminent. Soros said the global recession is unavoidable, but the consequences can be less if the world reacts fast enough. But Soros said that reaction is based on the United States recognizing the signs, and it seems the Federal Reserve doesn’t believe in a global recession or they wouldn’t be considering raising interest rates. 

A Review of Keith Mann’s Educational Philanthropy Read more

A Review of Keith Mann’s Educational Philanthropy

Very few young men from low income suburbs receive college or university education. This state of affairs has made most of them go back to their neighborhoods to engage in crime and other forms of social ills. To counter this, entrepreneur Keith Mann recently made an announcement that Keith and Keely Mann Foundation will offer scholarships to students from Brooklyn.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement is in its introductory year and will offer grants to a new cohort of business leaders from high schools in Brooklyn. It will be available in conjunction with Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profitable organization based in New York. It runs schools in Brooklyn.

It will be worth 5,000 dollars, which is meant to cover the college tuition fee of the recipient. It is available to students in their final year at Brooklyn’s Uncommon High Schools. To apply for the scholarship hopefuls are required to pen a 1,000 word dissertation on how getting a degree will help them attain their professional targets. Applications for 2016 are already closed and the winner will be announced towards the end of March. Upon graduation, the recipients will be given internship opportunities in top corporations, where they will be mentored so that their managerial skills can be polished.

The scholarship is already eliciting excitement, with many stakeholders lauding Mr. Mann’s generous gesture. They are heartened by the possibility of one student from the Uncommon Schools getting an opportunity to go to college each year.

He is the founder and Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners. This is a recruitment firm that sources highly skilled and competent executives to work in hedge fund management firms. It has been recognized as the largest staffing organizations in the wedge fund business. Prior to starting Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann worked at Dynamic Associates as the manager in charge of Alternative Investments Division. His diligent service to the firm saw him climb up the corporate ladder to become its Vice President.

Mr. Mann is also a philanthropist. He focuses on education but recently received plaudits for supporting NYPD’s efforts to boost its public image. He sent them lunch as a way of appreciating their good work.

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Talk Fusion New Video Communication Chat

Talk Fusion Video Chat has been received overwhelmingly in many countries around the world as one of the best communication application. It has been described as very user friendly and the video is of high quality. Based on its efficiency, the communication application has been downloaded by many people a few weeks just after it was launched officially by its developers Talk Fusion. The Video Chap App has been ranked as the most downloaded communication application by people in Indonesia, then the fifth most downloaded video chat application by the people in Japan and comes as the twentieth most downloaded communication application in Switzerland. This generally shows that the App has done considerably well based on the fact that it is still in its fancy and tit promises to do considerably well after enhancements in future.

The advantage that comes with this application is because of its compatibility with most devices in the market. Therefore this application can be downloaded and used by people who have android devices, those that use Apple, A Mac or on a personal computer and can also be downloaded on any tablet.

Talk Fusion promises its customers that the video chat would be improved to the satisfaction of the users and this has built international excitement around the users. The video chat can now be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google android play store. After the thirty day trial for the use of the Talk Fusion Video Chat App, the company plans to upgrade the communication app to improve their rankings and generally provide the additional enhancements tailored to the customer needs.

Talk Fusion has been providing market solutions for its customers since inception in 2007 and has continued to receive praise from satisfied clients. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bob Reina attributes the success of Talk Fusion to the high ethical standards that he and the staff of Talk Fusion have. This has also been made possible due to the large network of associates spread across in more than 140 countries around the globe that share in the same values and strive to serve their clients responsibly.

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Handy Contractors Have the Right Touch Read more

Handy Contractors Have the Right Touch

Handy Cleaning Services has emerged as one of the most successful companies for the home cleaning industry. In 2012, Handy Cleaning Servicers founder Oisin Hanrahan had an idea that they brought to light. He didn’t invent anything new, but he certainly captivated a lot of people with a service that would bring a lot of contractors from different parts of the world together for a common mission.

These are contracted workers that are on the same page when it comes to cleaning homes and providing super service for employees. This is the pattern that has been the same as the business grows. One might compare the services rendered to that of Uber. There are contracted Uber drivers all over the United States. These are independent workers, but there is a universal thread of quality service that these drivers will respond to. They want to do the best job in order to earn the repeat business. This is the same concept for Handy Cleaning Services. The workers want to earn repeat business from customers.

Handy caters to the homeowners that is too busy to clean. The contractors also cater to those that need furniture assembled. There are also clients that are going to need televisions mounted. The contracted workers have different skills, but their mission is the same. They are on the job to provide quality service. This is what keeps the business brand strong. This is also the thing that makes Handy the type of company that can compete successfully with other local cleaning companies.

The business is changing, and the founder of Handy is trying to make sure that the customer satisfaction element stays the same. Hanrahan knows that this is what has taken the organization this far. This will be the thing that keeps the company on top.


Argentina Bonds Back, Better Than Ever Read more

Argentina Bonds Back, Better Than Ever

At the end of 2015, there were big developments occurring with Argentina in the financial world. These developments were predicted by James Dondero of Highland Capital Management. Jim foresaw that Argentina was a very attractive investment opportunity and their standoff with hold-out creditors would eventually have to come to an end. The reason for this foregone conclusion is that Argentina had a staggering $95 billion default in 2001 and in 2014 they defied U.S. court orders to settle with their creditors. Since that point in 2014, the country has been barred from international credit markets leaving it unable to raise capital for normal government functions.

James Dondero knew this would come to an end and with the election of President Mauricio Macri, the country began to take a path to re-enter the international credit markets. President Macri achieved this by undoing the policy decisions of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who defied U.S. courts and caused Argentina to be excluded. The country is aiming to release $12 billion in new bonds ranging from 5, 10, and 30-year issuance as well as servicing their outstanding debt. While some speculate that many holdout creditors would take their profits and run, the opposite is true.

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest holders of outstanding Argentina bonds due in 2033. With the recent U.S. Court ruling lifting the ban on re-structuring the Argentina debt, the management firm stands to win big. When Argentina settles with creditors to re-enter the international credit markets, the management fund will likely earn 20% interest annualized which more than covers their losses up to this point. They intend to invest heavily in Argentina after they reap their rewards even going so far as to set up an Argentina Fund for investors to do so. They are not the only ones either.

Several other investment banks have commented on the level of interest Argentina has gained despite its recent financial woes. It is considered to be very promising when compared to other latin American sovereign debt options and with the bonds being issued under New York law there is a possibility for rating upgrades. These upgrades would provide even more investor confidence for the country which it will need given the size of funding they are hoping to achieve with their issuance at roughly $12 billion.

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Source: Bloomberg

Koch Brothers Create New Management Organization Read more

Koch Brothers Create New Management Organization

American businessman Charles Koch is someone you’ve probably heard of. He’s often heavily involved in the political world, not just with elections, but donating through his numerous funds and groups that provide educational resources. Koch is also known, along with his brother David, as the owners of Koch Industries, one of the leading companies in the country. He inherited the business from his father, and with help and hard work from his brother, they built the small business into an empire. Today, Charles Koch is known as one of the richest men in the world, his wealth sits in the Billions, and an advocate for changes he hopes to see take shape in the country.

The Koch brothers are currently working on their next operation, 1888 Management LLC. It’s an organization that will manage part of their private and personal funds that is currently tucked inside Koch Industries. 1888 Management LLC got it’s name from the year Harry Koch, grandfather to David and Charles Koch, who was a libertarian newspaper publisher in Texas and who also laid the foundation for what the family has now become. 1888 Management is currently heading a very private and personal search for some investments for the Koch brother who are currently worth around a combined $100 billion.

No exact figures have been released, but it is estimated that the family office is currently managing around $2 billion, however, regulatory filings show that less than $100 million are involved in public trading of stocks. Originally registered to operate out of Koch Industries in Delaware, the business registered fro new business licenses in California, Florida, and Kansas since 2014.

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Xerem Sitution Being Monitored by Sergio Cortes, the Health Secretary Read more

Xerem Sitution Being Monitored by Sergio Cortes, the Health Secretary

This Sunday morning, Sergio Cortes, the state secretary of health was in Xerem Duque de Caxias checking on the areas which were most affected by the floods during the week together with the major shelters which are receiving local population. The Dengue Hydration Center situated at the Xerem health center and has been responsible for operating since 15 h is what the state government is currently riding on. Currently the center only has 12 seats of hydration and is able to serve up to 300 individuals on a single day.
Actually, we are hoping for the best by depending on the worst. The health center is also a preventive action of the Health Department which is meant to support the municipality in regard to the total amount of garbage that has been collected in the city thereby increasing the proliferation of the dengue mosquito.
Sergio Cortes agreed in a meeting with Camillo Junqueira, the health secretary of the municipality that the state was going to deliver another kit Caxias disaster in addition to the extra 3000 tablets.
All the measures were taken by the Health State Department which was available in the region with the Epidemiological Surveillance teams which until now is aiming to prevent the spread of diseases whose main contagion is contaminated water.
The initial batch of samples which were collected in the seven shelters by the Health Surveillance was categorized as being unsatisfactory by the Central Laboratory. The major groups that are living in the shelters are around their homes and should do the same; consider food hygiene and use bottled water.
The situation room has been mounted on the Xerem Health post which is meant for monitoring all the health actions in the entire region. In the coming days, another disaster kit will be sent to the region in addition to the measurers which have been listed above. They will also be guiding people who will be working in the shelters for the identification of symptoms at early stage.
About Sergio Cortes
Sergio Cortes is a doctor from Brazil whose great work of orthopedic surgeon stands out. Sergio has encountered many health related issues while serving as the health secretary and civil defense in Rio de Janeiro. Sergio is committed to ensuring the health of the population is good. You can follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter and link back if possible

Kate Hudson Presents Fabletics in Elle Interview Read more

Kate Hudson Presents Fabletics in Elle Interview

Actress Kate Hudson has become the phenomenal businesswoman that has managed to win an award for her business savvy skills. She helped launch Fabletics, and now there is a lot of talk about this is company is growing.

This is growth that cannot be contained. In the next 5 years there will be more than 100 Fabletics stores. This means that a lot more customers will become familiar with this brand. That is exciting for Kate Hudson. She has believed in the company and the clothing line from the very start, and now she gets the chance to show even more customers what she is so excited about. She has told Elle magazine how she got started with the idea of creating a company like this, and she also shared many of the same feelings that other women shared about workout clothing. She didn’t feel the need to be confined to clothing that was uncomfortable when she was running or stretching to prepare for yoga. She wanted to feel free, and that is what got her creative juices flowing. It would become easy for her to help with the design because she already knew what frustrated women with the gym gear inadequacies felt like. She was one of these frustrated customers.

Hudson has found that it is helpful to have an array of choices. Sometimes the abundant number of choices can become something that women would rather do without. This is the case with females that may be indecisive. Fortunately, Hudson has created a plan that alleviates the issue of spending so much time trying to shop.

There are going to be some other people that may desire to try the clothes on. They may have a true urge to actually go into a store and see the clothes. These are the people that will be impressed by the upcoming Fabletics stores that are coming.

Some people buy the clothes, but they may be wondering what they are going to do with the clothes once they get these garments. Surprisingly, the Twitter account for Fabletics has some short videos that are posted with some great exercises. People are showing off their exercise routines while they wear some of the stylish outfits that are available on the Fabletics website.