Michael Zomber’s Passion for Samurai Swords Read more

Michael Zomber’s Passion for Samurai Swords


Michael Zomber has a passion for guns. Zomber expresses his passion in two ways. He collects various types of guns and has been doing so for the past forty years. He also wants to teach the world about guns. But besides guns, he also has an intense love for samurai swords.


His love of samurai swords came about, at least partly, from his love of Japanese culture. This interest in the samurai culture presents itself in his writing. Zomber has written numerous screenplays and historical fiction novels. His historical fiction novels, in particular, explains to readers the significance and uniqueness of these swords.


Besides writing, Michael Zomber, along with his wife, own their independent film company called Renascent Films LLC. Despite his passion for samurai swords and guns, he only works with organizations that promote peace. In fact, whether Michael Zomber is producing or writing or acting as a historian, he is guided by three principles, which are morality, honor, and discipline.


These three principles guides him in all of his endeavors, whether that includes teaching about guns on the History Channel or supporting philanthropic organizations. In fact, supporting these organizations have led to better education and healthcare for many people around the world.


Michael Zomber currently lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Literature from UCLA.  Read more about Michael on his CrunchBase.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes Launches Housing Project Read more

Dallas Neighborhood Homes Launches Housing Project

Dallas Neighborhood Homes is a very popular non-profit making mortgage servicing provider. The organization works in close collaboration with the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Just recently, the team announced that it was planning to offer quality and affordable housing loan programs to the individuals living in Dallas, especially the southern part. The two institutions will partner to offer over one hundred loans every year in the recent future to the low-income families based in Southern Dallas.

NexBank SSB, one of the best regional banks found in Dallas will offer more than fifty million dollars in loans to support the program that is expected to last five years or more. The Dallas Neighborhood Homes will then use the proceeds received to lend the poor families who want to acquire homes using the limited access mortgages. The organization is also planning to offer the families enough counseling about home ownership through the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

NexBank Partners with Dallas Neighborhood Homes To Expand Affordable Home Ownership in Southern Dallas

Apart from providing the communities the capital they need, NexBank will be expected to pay any title fee that is reacquired in the closings. This will be done through the bank’s affiliates. At the end of the day, all these institutions want to make the living conditions better for everyone. The communities in the area are excited about the program, and they are looking forward to getting better housing.

NexBank Capital is one of the financial service companies that is based in Dallas. The institution offers its serving in three businesses: Mortgage banking, commercial banking, and investment banking. The banking institution provides customized banking and financial services mostly to the institutional clients, financial institutions, corporations, and individuals in the whole country.

The bank is very committed to its customers nationwide, and every day, it strives to deliver the best and uncommon value. The clients are given unrivaled access to the sophisticated and the custom tailored solutions that are designed by the qualified and experienced individuals working in the company.

Read more on Nexbank:


Kyle Bass Woos Investors Based On His Predictions About Losses In China’s Banking Industry Read more

Kyle Bass Woos Investors Based On His Predictions About Losses In China’s Banking Industry


Currently, Kyle Bass is seeking for investors who are ready to bet on the losses being made by the Chinese banking industry. This comes only a couple of months after the hedge fund manager predicted massive losses in the industry due to huge non-performing loans. If everything goes as he predicts, both Bass and his investors will get millions of dollars in returns.

Kyle Bass made a name for himself about nine years ago when he successfully predicted the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. The financial problems caused by the crisis led to the great recession of 2008 that affected the United States and other countries whose economies were tied to that of the U.S. Bass was able to take advantage of the situation and make millions of dollars for himself and investors that had trusted in him. Since then, he has made numerous economic predictions. Some of them have been accurate while majority have been wrong. The wrong predictions have reduced investors’ confidence in him.

According to an unnamed source, Bass has started holding calls with investors. He is using the calls to explain his ideas to the investors and try to convince them to invest in the upcoming opportunity through his company, Hayman Capital Management. The unnamed source also pointed out the hedge fund manager’s confidence in the Chinese economy. Over the last few months, Bass has been able to switch his focus to the east. Currently, over 85% of his main fund’s portfolio is in trades with China. This information was originally mentioned on Dallas News as provided in the link below http://www.dallasnews.com/business/headlines/20160425-kyle-bass-seeking-investors-to-bet-on-china-banking-losses.ece

Early this year, Kyle Bass made a bold statement on China’s banking system. According to him, the industry was going to suffer massive losses that are almost four times those suffered by U.S. banks during the 2008 recession. However, Chinese analysts have disregarded his predictions. The experts predict the losses to be only 7% of the country’s GDP.

The Gambler

Other American financial experts have considered Kyle Bass a desperate gambler. They highlight the continuous drop in his fund’s performance over the years, regardless of the numerous predictions and media appearances he has been making in the recent past. They have also accused him of unethical trading practices such as shorting companies to make profits. This information was originally published on Useful Stooges as explained in the following link https://usefulstooges.com/2015/08/24/kyle-bass-the-frantic-investments-of-a-desperate-gambler/

Keith Mann’s Business, Dynamic Search Partners Is Active In The Local New York Community Read more

Keith Mann’s Business, Dynamic Search Partners Is Active In The Local New York Community

Keith Mann is a young entrepreneur and investment strategy expert who is CEO of Dynamic Search Partners (DSP). DSP is an alternative investment company specializing in hedge fund management and private equities, and also helps fortune 500 clients and major firms find qualified executives. Keith Mann has been working in this field for over 16 years, starting off at Dynamics Executive Search as a Managing Director, and later would be promoted to Vice President, and would get the autonomy to start DSP as a branch company. Since about 2001, Mann has helped clients all around the world fill over 2,000 executive positions.

Consulting and filling executive seats for big corporations is not all that Keith Mann and DSP do, they’re also very involved in the local communities of New York City. As part of their philanthropy, they support the Uncommon Schools group in an effort to improve New York’s education. Uncommon Schools is basically a network of charter schools reaching across the greater northeast, and is focused on bringing in trained leaders and administrators to the schools to help them achieve high academic status. Mann and his company have held fundraisers, and brought programs to the curricula that help prepare students for college and the business world beyond.

Keith Mann and his company have also stood in solidarity with New York’s men in blue. It’s been tumultuous over the last couple years in the city amidst all the anti-police protests, and while most of those protests have stayed peaceful, at times they’ve turned violent and Mann has spoken out in support of the police department and even offered gifts to them.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel fights sleep apnea Read more

Dr. Avi Weisfogel fights sleep apnea

Standing among the front row of leading experts on the disorder that plagues nearly 1 in 15 people is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, who has spent years fighting the disorder. Recent studies have shown the connections between sleep apnea and other serious conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke. With new complications arrising there has been a new wave of studies and new treatment options for those suffering the effects of sleep apnea.
Dr. Weisfogel’s own company, Dental Sleep Masters, has an extensive background in the research and treatment of the illness. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one of the leaders of the cuase of diagnosing and aiding those who suffer from sleep apnea, as nearly 90% of those who suffer remain undiagnosed. As Dr. Weisfogel and his team know that this is an issue that needs immediate attention, they have been working to reveal the inner secrets of how to treat sleep apnea.
Thanks in large part to the work that Dr. Weisfogel and his team have done, technology and medical practices have continued to improve, and the future for those suffering from sleep apnea appears to be getting better. Many clinical treatments are being reworked, and brand new devices, such as THN sleep Therapy developed by ImThera Medical, have been approved. These new treatments and devices will only serve to further the cause by extending the amount, and quality of life of those who suffer from sleep apnea.
The most helpful advancement thus far has come from the integration of medical and dental teams and physicians, which Dr. Weisfogel has been a large part of creating. With the two different views and processes looking at the same problem, many new answers can be found, and in half the time. Dr. Weisfogel and his team are seen as doing a great service to those in need, and helping speed the process of finding a definite cure for sleep apnea.

Danilo Diaz Granados Leads The Latest Toys For Boys Event Read more

Danilo Diaz Granados Leads The Latest Toys For Boys Event

The latest event organized by the luxury lifestyle store Toys For Boys is one that will live long in the memory for those who were lucky enough to be invited to the series of experiences curated by Toys For Boys founder Danilo Diaz Granados. Over the course of a single day the best in luxury lifestyle experiences were delivered by Danilo Diaz Granados and his team who took their hand selected group of men on a helicopter trip from Miami to Palm Beach and back to Miami.

Florida’s Toys For Boys store was created by Danilo Diaz Granados in 2013 after the investment specialist spotted a gap in the market for Latino males who were not being provided with the best options in luxury goods. The ability of Danilo Diaz Granados to spot such a gap in the market is not shocking to those who know a little about the Babson College graduate; after completing his education Granados made his way to Miami and began providing investment advice for the members of the Latin community in Florida. Granados has recently been appointed to a new role as an investment specialist with FCP in Miami where he uses his skills in economics and entrepreneurship to look for the best new investments available to all investors.

Over the course of the single day the latest Toys For Boys event took place over those chosen to take part were given a number of experiences that provide a glimpse into the highest level of luxury. The Toys For Boys brand provides contemporary art, autos, and more aimed towards men in Miami, and has organized a number of events to publicize the experiences they offer to men from the state. Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum was the first stunning backdrop for the group to enjoy over breakfast and was followed by a 30 minute helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track; the close of the event was one of the most stunning as the men took a sunset cruise from Miami’s River Yacht Club that proved to be the perfect way to end this eventful day.  Check out Danilo through his Facebook, but read more about what he’s trying to accomplish with Toys for Boys on TheOwlTopia.

Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Line Was Able To Convert Bustle Hair Stylist Emily McClure Read more

Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Line Was Able To Convert Bustle Hair Stylist Emily McClure

Chaz Dean and his team of hair professionals created the product line, Wen, which is a series of cleansing conditioners that provide a deep clean without the need of repeating the lather and rinse process. Regardless of the hair styles or the problems facing someones hair, Wen can help their hair, whether its dry and brittle, or oily and thin. Wen’s 5 in 1 formula works on all types of hair. There is even a noteworthy review of Wen from Bustle Magazine writer and hair stylist, Emily McClure, which can be found on Bustle.com.
Emily decided to try out the Amazon sold product for a week and write up a personal review of her experience. As a women who has had her fair share of hair issues over the years, she has been avid in hair care and has become a skeptic because of all the broken promises from different hair products. She noted that the product says it works well with other hair styling products at the same time, which is nice. The product estimates up to a week of time in order for the effects to show up, though there are certain chemicals and ingredients in hair products that can disrupt its time to take effect, but normally this isn’t an issue with Wen’s cleansing conditioners.

Emily noticed that her hair was starting to show results even faster than what she was told to expect, on top of the fact that she was using less than the product had recommended due to her nervousness of how the product would react. In just a matter of 5 days she noticed the differences in her hair, and already started hearing compliments on its look. The proof is in her before and after pictures which she posted along throughout her review of the Wen product she used.  Watch the Wen YouTube commercial for more info. Learn the Wen secret here: http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html


How Do Luxury Real Estate Purchases In New York Work? Read more

How Do Luxury Real Estate Purchases In New York Work?

TOWN Residential is one of the best brokerage houses for NYC apartments for rent, and they have a lot of clients who come through the door looking for better places to live. These people know that NYC luxury real estate is all over the city, but they also know that they have a few place they would actually like to live. They cannot search the city on their own, but they can search the city with help from the TOWN Residential team. They are very good at what they do, and they have to search with their budget and personal needs in mind.

There are many places to live in the city that offer the NYC luxury real estate feeling, and the clients who walk through them need to have a broker from TOWN Residential with them to help them be sure they are doing the search correctly. The search is very simple to do when the client has given their information to TOWN Residential, and the search becomes even easier when the broker knows that NYC luxury real estate is the only way to go.

Someone who is ready to shop for the NYC luxury real estate they want can pick out the one place that is best for them to live in. They will enjoy living in a new location that came to them with a much better price, and they can negotiate on that property for as long as they need to. They will get lower prices for the real estate that they buy, and they end up in the part of the city that is the nicest for them. This is how people get to live the good life in New York, and this is how people get the chance to find something new that is in their price range.

Town Residential: New York’s Prime Real Estate Providers Read more

Town Residential: New York’s Prime Real Estate Providers

When it comes to finding a place to either buy or rent in New York, it sometimes can be a challenge. Affordable housing, centralized locality and decent living conditions may sometimes put a damper on one’s desire to live in the Big Apple.


In efforts to make your search for good living space a success in New York, you’ll need a real estate agency that’s reliable, experienced and comes with a proven track record in the industry. In short, you’ll need the services of people like Town Residential, New York’s leading real estate providers.


Town Residential, well-known and well-established in New York circles since 2010, is client-driven to focus primarily on providing a broad spectrum of real estate services for their client base. Real estate leaders that they are, their shining sales, leasing, renting and marketing record speaks for itself among other realtors in this mega cosmopolitan region. Essentially, they give their all for their clients making sure that their clients get the best services available anywhere.


Some Of Their Service Features


Town Residential’s chief executive and founder, Andrew Heiberger, insists on providing outstanding services for buyers, sellers and renters; likewise, marketing is also part of this firm’s strategy. That said, it’s vitally important at Town Residential to make sure their clients get the “right fit” with the property they desire and need.


For Buyers


An up-to-date Real Estate Buyer’s Guide provides professional help in navigating through the maze that can be a New York market. Relying on a vast network of property listings, clients will be in a better position to know what’s out there and how to get what they’ve been searching for; moreover, they’ll better understand the process. Flowing smoothly through the process is vitally important at Town Residential.


For Sellers


For those selling their property, Town Residential offers services that can only be described as superb. With services ranging from pricing, advertising and property appraisals through the actual closing, sellers can expect only the most suitable and satisfactory selling prices.


For Renters


Whether it’s renting an apartment, a townhouse or an entire house, renters are guided through the best selection of rental dwellings available. Naturally, this includes finding the best price range for your budget and other living requirements such as schools, health facilities, shopping and other points of consideration.


One quick visit to the Town Residential website will give you even more detailed information for helping make your New York living experience the best you’ve ever had. You can also call (212)557-6500 for more information or to speak with any one of our agents.

Understanding the Idea of Investment Banking Read more

Understanding the Idea of Investment Banking

Investment banking entails the aspect of creating capital for governments, companies as well as other entities. The types of banks that carry out investment banking are known as investment banks. These banks underwrite equity securities and new debts for all kinds of organizations. They guide issuers concerning the placement of stock and help companies that wish to merge so that they can form one organization. Also, investment banks assist corporations in selling their securities.

There are certain individuals who are considered as professionals in the field of investment banking. For instance, consider a person called Martin Lustgarten. He not only has knowledge in investment banking but also in other types of investments.
Being a citizen of Venezuela and Australia, Martin Lustgarten strongly believes in global investments. For ten years, he has dedicated much of his time helping his clients regarding the issue of investment. During this period, Martin invested in many countries. As a result of this, he has been able to reduce the number of challenges that he encounters and thus making sure that he has benefited from local growth and development.
As an investor, you can never go wrong if you copy Martin. This is because he does whatever it takes to acquire the best possible investments. He keenly observes each market making him have the ability to quickly know when a certain market is about to fall thus making him offer his clients good results. Martin’s ability to act fast when a market is about to fall has also made many investors to consider him as a typical role model.
Observing the market keenly is one way of making your investment become successful. If you want to invest, then act very fast when you see the market making a downturn. This will make you become prepared for any challenge that you might face while carrying out any investment. Follow the footsteps of experts such as Martin Lustgarten and you will be good to go.