Full Cycle Energy Hiring Sam Tabar as COO Is Something to Watch Read more

Full Cycle Energy Hiring Sam Tabar as COO Is Something to Watch


Alternative energy company Full Cycle Energy is all set to make a splash this year after adding innovative businessman Sam Tabar to its ranks as COO (Chief Operating Officer) the year before. An individual with as much skill and expertise as Sam Tabar would be a great addition to almost any company in the world. Full Cycle should really consider itself lucky for being able to obtain such a valuable commodity.


The amazing deal doesn’t go just one way either. Tabar is just as honored and happy as Full Cycle to be a part of the company. Especially since Tabar shares the company’s disdain for high costing fuels that pollute our beloved earth.


Sam Tabar is the former Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America (Merrill Lynch). To many in the business, Bank of America is where Tabar became a household name in the industry. During his time there, he was responsible for various important roles such as: providing fund managers with targeted introductions to institutional investors and building effective and efficient office teams.


Though his time spent with Bank of America may be what made him a household name Tabar held leadership positions at other companies before Bank of America even had the slightest care who he was. Tabar has done a lot of valuable work for companies based in other nations than his own, specifically Asian nations. Because of this, Tabar learned to speak Japanese and French fluently.


Tabar is also the former co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group. Many may know this company as PMA Investment Advisors. Currently, the advisory company is the leading independent fund in Asia Pacific. A true feat considering how large the region is and the level of competition. He was responsible for overseeing all global marketing expansion plans by the company.


Years before Tabar was a prominent capital strategist he was a successful attorney who worked for companies like Skadden, Arps, and Slater as an associate.


He is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he earned his Masters of Law, as well as a graduate with honors of Oxford University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts.

The OSI Group Has Changed the Food Industry Read more

The OSI Group Has Changed the Food Industry

There are not many companies that have had the impact the OSI Group has had on the food industry. The company is one that has worked very hard to get to where they are at and they decided that they did not want to stop working hard just because they had seen a high level of success. There are very many things that the OSI Group is able to do that many of the other food industry companies are unable to do because of that. This means that they are a step above some of the other companies that are present in their industry.

When they were first starting out, the OSI Group was only a small stand in a meat market. They did not have that much to offer their clients and this meant that they had problems usually from not having enough. Their clients, though, were always satisfied with the quality of meat that they got from the group and from the stand where they were able to pick out the meat that they wanted for their restaurant and even for their personal needs which wasn’t something that was uncommon when they were just a meat market.

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As time went on, the OSI Group needed more space because of the growth that they had achieved. They wanted to make sure that they were serving their restaurant clients first and foremost because they knew that is where the big money would come from. They slowly phased out the individual portion of their business and began to only focus on the restaurant clients that they worked with in the area that they were in from the beginning. This allowed them to see a lot of success in the way that their business worked.

When it came time to expand, they did so yet again. OSI Group wanted to be able to serve different areas and that meant moving around the country and, again, moving to become a global food service provider. There were many ways in which they were able to help their clients when they were expanding to different locations. One of the best ways was in that they provided their clients with both fresh and prepared food. This was something that nobody had ever seen in the food industry up until that point in time. They knew that they had something special going for them.

While fresh food is OSI’s specialty, they wanted to make sure that they had something for all of their clients. Some businesses in the restaurant industry demand that there is prepared food. This ensures that the food will be made faster and there is more convenience in the kitchen than if the food were prepared right there. Since OSI has worked so hard to make sure that they are doing their best with fresh food, they are also able to make sure that they can do everything with people who want to have the prepared food delivered to their restaurant.

Learn more about the OSI Group.

Brian Bonar Still Has Passion For The Job Read more

Brian Bonar Still Has Passion For The Job

One would imagine that after being involved in the financial sector for almost thirty years, there would be a burnout period. It is only natural. When someone has been doing something for that long of a time, it can get tedious, monotonous, or even boring. Accoding to Bloomberg, those people have never met Brian Bonar. He is filled with passion for the job. As a matter of fact, he enjoys the job today as much as he did when he first started and that is no lie. In fact, some would say he enjoys it even more as it is changing and the new challenges are exciting for him to tackle in his day-to-day operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Recently, he was honored with the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. This is a one-of-kind honor and it is not one that Brian takes lightly. He knows that only two women and two men receive this award every single year. Because of this, it requires the winners to stand out and not just be an ordinary CEO or an ordinary person. They have to have something special about them and they have to have that “wow” factor. That is something that Brian has, without any shadow of a doubt.

One of the things they look at very closely when handing out this award and something they take a lot of stock in is leadership abilities. When it comes to being a leader, very few people are in the same league as Brian Bonar. He is a people person and he knows how to reach people. For example, there might be an employee that is down on themselves or having a rough day. They might have made a mistake, as they are only human, and it is prone to happen. He will pull them aside, talk to them, and encourage them.

That is what leadership is, as it is important to let the employees know that the boss is proud of what they have done in the past and they know they will bounce back from the mistake. Brian is not a yeller or a screamer, but he knows how to gain respect. His experience grants him that respect when he walks into a room. They know all about his accomplishments and what he has done. They also know what kind of person he is and what kind of leader he is. Those are all tied together and they all work hand-in-hand.

That is why he is the best man for this award and this is an award that means a great deal to him. He puts a lot into his job, and when others out there stand up and take notice, it feels tremendous.

Pointing the Perspective to the Client Means Success for White Shark Media Read more

Pointing the Perspective to the Client Means Success for White Shark Media

Some may think that a company surrounded by swaying palm trees and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in Miami would be more interested in getting a tan than making the INC. 5000 list, but they’d be very wrong with White Shark Media. White Shark was founded in South Miami, and today you’ll find it no. 724 on the Inc. 5000. They have grown over 625 percent with 144 employees and over 600 clients since opening their website WhiteSharkMedia.com.


In 2010, three, young, Dutch marketing entrepreneurs bonded together to form White Shark Media. Garth, Nygart and Lolk were experienced in advertising and marketing for both online and brick and mortar companies, but they saw a need online for a business dedicated to helping its customers promote their business. White Shark focuses on small to medium online business owners where they literally put every client first with a phenomenal team and account strategies that are stellar. The team continually works to provide individualized strategies and tools to aid in the development of strategic search campaigns.


The young company, which is led by CEO Gary Garth, has a unique approach to working with their customers in that they always put the client first, which would explain why White Shark reported $3.6 million in sales last year.


White Shark focuses on several areas of online advertising including SEO, PPC, web development, account management, and Google Adwords. As a partner with Google, many opportunities are opened while it adds to our reputation because it requires a certain quality of expertise to be a partner with Google AdWords.


Satisfying Clients is First Priority


The team of White Shark Media are experts on the Internet working together to form an agency that can effectively assist online businessmen with promotion and advertising. Every member has a contact person within the company, so they are connected to all the resources the agency has to offer.


When the company was young, Gary Garth, founder and CEO, made the decision to acknowledge all customer comments, suggestions or complaints in a positive manner in order to keep the agency improving.


In 2016, this has proved to be a wise decision as Gary used a positive result for the benefit of the client who made the suggestion as well as the other members. The company has grown 622 percent since it was founded, and all of the owners agree that they will never ignore customer comments like so many businesses do.

Securus About To Make Life Easier For Law Enforcement And Prisoners Read more

Securus About To Make Life Easier For Law Enforcement And Prisoners

The Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search is the first software program that allows police officers to lock on to the voice of an inmate or a called party on the outside. Every phone call going into a prison or out of the prison involving an inmate is recorded. Each voice on either end leaves a voice signature particular to that person, like DNA. This software saves that voice and searches for it during future phone calls.


The innovators of the software, Securus Technologies, is a leading provider of criminal justice technology. Their innovations enhance public safety, make investigations and corrections easier for law enforcement, and allow for the monitoring of prisoners. These technological tools make law enforcement more precise and effective.


But this technology also helps the inmates and their families. Families of a prisoner should count themselves lucky if that prison facility is serviced by Securus. The technologies company makes it easy for families of an inmate to communicate with their prisoner. All they have to do is create an account on the Securus website, request a time to chat with their loved one, and wait for approval. It is as simple as logging back in at the appropriate time.


But Securus is about to make things even easier. The telecommunications giant just announced the stock purchase of a company called JPay. JPay makes it easy for anybody in the corrections system to use technology on the inside. They have even gone so far as to provide prisoners with tablets. Securus Technology plans on using those tablets to allow prisoners to enjoy video chats.


But JPay’s real innovation comes in the form of payment. Communicating with the prisoner on the inside costs money. JPay technology will make it easier for the families of prisoners to pay, streamlining the process and connecting loved ones.


An Investment Without Financial Guidance And Proper Planning Does Not Exist Read more

An Investment Without Financial Guidance And Proper Planning Does Not Exist

There is something to learn from everyone. You might have conflicts of beliefs with someone but it does not mean you have to reject even the good advice they have to offer. Donald Trump, the candidate for next US president and a billionaire, says his father told him to know the ins and outs of things before he did them. If a simple advice made him a billionaire and what he is today, anyone could bring about such big changes in their lives by following simple words. There is always a moment of realization in a person’s life and you might have just met yours too.

 Making Safe Investment

You have realized the potential threats of being financially weak after retirement and want to avail an investment opportunity to secure your post-retirement life. Now, investment is defined as purchasing of an item with the good hopes of gaining benefit from it in future i.e. you purchase an item whose value appreciates with time.

The problem here is, you are not sure where you must start from. To get value out of your investments, you have to make several profitable investments – your intuition might only work once or twice.

 The First Step

Patrick Soon-Shiong, the co-founder of Vivo RX Pharmaceuticals and major contributor to Abraxane (a breast cancer treatment), admits that the best advice he held on to was to invest in oneself and the people one could believe in. When you are making your first investment, your hands and confidence may shake a little. After all, it’s your hard-earned money and you don’t want to lose it for nothing. If only you could get a hold of someone who not only knows the ins and outs of investment but is also an honest person dedicated to helping people with their investments.

 Richard Blair

There is a lot of general advice made available on blogs and forums about investment. Some people share this information for the sake of it and others share whatever limited experience they had with their investment ventures. Richard Blair Wealth Solutions, on the other hand, is a name you could trust without second thoughts.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a firm providing invaluable investment advice to small business owners, families and aspiring individuals in Austin, Texas. Inspired since childhood to educate people on financial matters, Richard has lived a life dedicated to investment advice and education.

He has been helping people make successful investments and financial decisions since 1993. His undying passion to help people with their post-retirement finance planning and investments has earned him several certifications such as RIA, CTS, CIS, CAS, CES, CFS and RICP.

It is his experience of nearly 25 years and the invaluable knowledge of finance industry that has made him one of the most successful finance and investment advisors for hundreds of families and small businesses in Austin, Texas. One of the most valuable advices from Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors in the world, is to invest in what you know. Alternatively, you could start with someone who knows it all.

Raj Fernando is a Brilliant Business Leader Read more

Raj Fernando is a Brilliant Business Leader

The financial markets are dominated by extremely intelligent men that work extraordinarily hard. These brilliant men are able to see the winds of change before they start blowing and make the best possible moves. There are hundreds of people that increase their profits every day by simply working harder and knowing more than their competition, but one of the smartest is Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando has been involved in the markets since his college years. He spent his time in college working as a volunteer on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He fell in love with the inner workings of the trading floor and when he graduated he immediately started working as a trader. Throughout the nineties, Raj worked in several positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj developed a reputation as a both a hard worker and an extremely intelligent man. In 2002, Raj decided to change jobs and start his own trading company.

Raj started Chopper Trading in 2002. At first, the firm was rather small, but during Raj’s time with the company it grew to more than 250 traders. The firm trades on the NASDAQ, CME, ICE, Eurex, and other major trading markets. Raj loved building the company from the ground up, and Chopper quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful companies in the trading world. Chopper continued to grow throughout the 2000s, and in 2015 Raj sold the company to DRW Trading Group.

Raj made a great deal of money from the sale of Chopper Trading, but he was not satisfied to rest on his laurels. In 2016, Raj decided to start his own internet start-up, Scoutahead. Scoutahead is a company designed to improve professional growth and productivity. The company utilizes secure and advanced communication systems to meet their goals. Fernando currently serves as chairman and CEO of the company.

Raj Fernando has already had a long and storied career, but he is not satisfied with his current position. He plans to take Scoutahead to the next level, and he hopes to work with the company for years to come.
More about Raj Fernando: http://www.rajfernando.com/contactrajfernando/

Nourishing Lip Balms Read more

Nourishing Lip Balms

EOS Organic Smooth Sphere
Another nourishing product manufactured by Evolution of Smooth. This lip balm is 95% organic and 100% all natural with Shea Butter, JoJoba oil, and vitamin E to leave lips feeling soft and conditioned. This natural lip balm comes in fruity flavors, such as Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, and Sweet Mint.

EOS offers other types of lip balms to fit anyone’s needs. Organic EOS Lip Balm offers the same nourishing product but with organic ingredients. EOS Shimmer Smooth Spheres give that hint of shine but with the same nourishing effects as the other EOS lip balm. EOS offers a fun and funky variety of lip balms.

Aubio’s Hydrating Lip Balm

This top quality lip balm offers the ultimate in sun protection. The balm is infused with skin lipids, such as essential fatty acids, to restore damaged surface of the lips. There is a thin layer that offers hours of protection and relief. The botanical therapy in the lip balm is derived from Sarracenia Extract, which is a cold sore therapy. Every product they stand by has been dermatologist tested and approved for use. You can buy them at racked.com and Ulta shops with confidence knowing that each lip balm comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.



Lovaganza Showcases Entertainment And Brings The World Together Read more

Lovaganza Showcases Entertainment And Brings The World Together

One of the most well-known entertainment franchises is Lovaganza. It is also one of the most unique ones. Here is more information about Lovaganza.

About Lovaganza
As previously mentioned, Lovaganza is an entertainment franchise on euroweeklynews.com. Their goal is to bring entertainment to audiences and to unite the world. The company’s goal is to inspire humanity and peace. Lovaganza is two separate entities, with one being Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise (a for-profit) and the other being the Lovaganza Foundation (a non-profit).

In short, the company showcases cultures, dance and music from many parts of the world. Entertainment on celebmafia.com can connect people regardless of who they are, which is why Lovaganza does what they do.

Lovaganza celebrations were scheduled for 2015, but they will now be taking place in 2020. This is to make better use of technologies that are emerging and to use cutting-edge concepts. The celebration will last four months and there will be locations in Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and the Middle East.

What The Celebrations Will Consist Of
Lovaganza will consist of many things, such as a traveling show. The traveling show will hit the roads sometime in 2017. The show is to promote the celebrations that will take place in 2020, and the missions and goals will be attached to it too.

Cinematic glasses will be presented by Lovaganza, which will be followed by three motion pictures. Standard 3D and 2D theaters will play the motion pictures, and filming has already started in various countries, which include the United States, France, Spain and shooting will resume in India, Africa and other parts of the world.

About Filming
One of the films that will be released is called Follow Your Sunshine, which takes place in the 50s. The first part of the trilogy was directed by Genevieve and J?F Gagnon from France. The pair brought aboard a team of 50 people and dozens of extras.

The filming has impacted the town it was taking place in. In fact, the shooting required hiring staff, renting vehicles and renting interior spaces. More than $30,000 was added to the town of Frigiliana, Spain.

Those who are interested in learning more about Lovaganza can visit their official site. The company regularly provides updates.