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Pretty-in-Pink Summer Fruit EOS Lip Balm

Sumer Fruit is one of the EOS lip balm flavors you must try. The lip balm is packaged in a pretty-in-pink orb that is soft and luxurious, giving indication of the amazing product found inside. Once you swipe the lip balm across your lips, you’ll experience the perfect flavor that leaves you speechless as your lips bask in the newfound softness. More awesome articles here on

Summer Fruit is made with all-natural ingredients, and treats the lips like any real beauty product should. The goal is providing lip nourishment and comfort, but EOS lip balms go the extra mile and give the lips something to love. The flavor is something you’ve never experienced before, but everything that you love.

EOS is a company that creates all-natural beauty care products. The company got their start just a few years ago, but has already became one of the top names in the beauty game. In fact, they now stand proudly as the second-leading lip balm company in the U.S., beating Chapstick out of the spot after more than 100-years as a leading name.

Summer Fruit is a lip balm flavor that has your name written all over it, buy it at If you’ve yet to try Summer Fruit, what are you waiting for? It has all the right ingredients and the perfect flavor to rock your world.

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Independent Investment Management and Mr. Mathew Autterson Role in Investment Management

Independent investment management is the process of managing assets, which are in the form securities such as shares and bonds. This type of management is carried out by organizations with the objective of meeting specified investment goals and at the same time benefits investors. In that case, investors can be in the form of institutions such as corporations, insurance companies, charities, and pension funds.

Services involving independent investment management includes asset selection, financial statement analysis, monitoring of investments, and stock selection. Most of these services are offered by top investment management firms like Aberdeen Asset Management, Baillie Gifford, and Alliance Bernstein Holding. The services that are offered by Aberdeen Asset Management include managing assets for private investors and commercial organizations. Baillie Gifford switched from being a law firm to financial firm. Baillie Gifford is successful because it is surrounded by experienced professionals who understand the industry of finance. Similarly, Alliance Bernstein Holding provides global research and asset management services to investors and business organizations. Alliance Bernstein Holding is also successful because of its excellent services and dedication to solving investment problems of its clients.

About Mr. Matthew Autterson

Mr. Mathew Autterson is a popular investment manager from Colorado. He has over 20 years of experience in financial, investment, and accounting services. Mathew Autterson attended Buena Vista University, from where he earned his Bachelor Degree in Finance and Accounting. He is the current Principal Wealth Advisor at the WIN Wealth Management. Mathew uses the position to help clients realize their financial objectives through investments. Moreover, Mr. Mathew Autterson has held top executive positions in several prominent organizations including Royal Alliance and American Express.

Mathew Autterson understands what it takes to create a successful business portfolio. According to him, the process will take time. Therefore, it is imperative to work with good plans and patient. Also, Mr. Autterson recommends that there should be someone that makes decisions that ensure you achieve your financial goals. Apart from being an investment manager, Mr. Mathew is also an active philanthropist. He is actively involved with charitable organizations such as Denver Zoological Foundation. He is also the chairman of Denver Hospice Organization.


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Eric Lefkofsky, bettering human life

Eric Lefkofsky is the founder and the CEO of Tempus. Tempus is a technology company responsible for building an operating system to help in the fight against cancer. The technology provided by Tempus helps doctors to deliver personalized care for cancer patients. Through analyzing molecular and clinical data, Tempus enables physicians to make a rational data-based decision. Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder and managing director of Lightbank, a business enterprise that invests in disruptive technologies. Eric Lefkofsky is also a co-founder and a chairman of Groupon, a global e-commerce marketplace. He is also a co-founder of Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, and Innerworks.

Eric Lefkofsky founded a private charitable foundation known as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This was in a bid to come up with high-end initiatives to enhance lives in the communities he served. Eric is a man who has endeavored to better his community in great ways. The American entrepreneur was born on September 2, 1969. He grew up in Southfield, Michigan and attended his university studies at the University of Michigan where he graduated with honors in 1991. Eric Lefkofsky continued his education at the University of Michigan Law School where he received his Juris Doctor in 1993. He also attained a degree in Bachelor of Art/Science at the University of Michigan to learn more: click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most influential tech figures in Chicago. This philanthropic entrepreneur and author have donated millions of dollars to facilitate cancer research. Eric is now using Tempus as a smarter approach to finding cancer treatment. The American businessman who is also a billionaire has so much towards realizing a better world. With his passion for technology, he has continued to come up with ventures that have impacted lives quite remarkably.

Lefkofsky and his wife Liz have continued to donate massive amounts of money especially in the fight against cancer. Among his philanthropic deeds, Lefkofsky gave $1 million dollars to Robert H. Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center of Northwestern, $500,000 in support of immunotherapy for gastric cancer, $1.2 million to the University of Michigan to aid cancer research and many others. As a matter of facts, Eric Lefkofsky became a member of The Giving Pledge. He promised to donate at least half of his wealth to philanthropy through his life.

Eric Lefkofsky is also an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and has authored the book ‘Accelerated Disruption. Eric Lefkofsky has proved to be quite successful in basically everything he ventures. This is an attribute which has made him among top American serial entrepreneurs.

Lefkofsky is dedicated and focused; this has seen him rise to high levels in his life. He has also given back to his community in remarkable portions. He has donated liquid cash primarily to aid fight against cancer. This outstanding entrepreneur has also dedicated his life to finding the cure for cancer through the Tempus Company. With the unique technology of sequencing and analytics being provided by the Tempus Company, Eric Lefkofsky is a man who has made quite a mark on the lives of millions.

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Omar Yunes Bags the Best Franchisee Award of the Year

Omar Yunes has been making news headlines following his award as the best franchisee across the world. In the competition, Omar managed to bag the BFW award because of his commitment to the business. This was in 2015 December at an event held in Italy. The award was a reflection of Omar’s contribution to the growth of the brand. His long story of achievement began when he was 21 years old as the Japanese franchisee. Currently, he is the owner of approximately 13 franchise units geographically located in the city of Mexico. This is about 10% of the business.


While receiving the award, Omar stated that he was excited because he was the only representative of the thirteen units of the particular brand. The event hosted 34 representatives from the same number of countries. Some of the attendees came from Portugal, Brazil, Hungary as well as France and Italy. The evaluation of the franchise was based on its effectiveness on business. These parameters included its influence on networks, contribution to knowledge, savings as well as the implementation and motivation of workers in the industry. There was also the monitoring of the invoice as well as the improvement of the franchise on proposed working models.


In Mr. Diego’s views, Omar Yunes managed to secure the first position because of his qualifications. Being the organizer of the event, Diego stated that Omar was the leading candidate because of his managerial skills when it comes to implementing control boards that can assist in providing clearer measurements. Towards this end, the chief executive officer of the franchise Mr. Benjamin Cancelmo explained that the awards are a reflection of the team work executed by the management in providing excellent customer service for clients. He further explained that the award was a reflection of the management’s input in catering for clients.

Omar’s Profile

Omar Yunes is a successful entrepreneur. He is also a mentor and a speaker. Omar offers advice on multiple ways to apply for jobs as well as pass in interviews. As a guru in establishing start-ups, Omar has helped various businesses to grow. He is prominent for offering sound advice for the growth of businesses.

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One is entitled to human rights immediately after conception. Human rights are compulsory no matter your age, sex, nationality or place of residence. These rights are always, interrelated, interdependent, and indivisible. By this, it means the betterment of a person’s right facilitates the progress of the other right.

Regardless of their economic or political opinions, it is the role of a state or a country to protect the rights of its residents.To protect these fundamental rights of a person several organizations have been formed to safeguard this right. A good example of this Human rights watchdog is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

About Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund

This organization was formed by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin after their arrest by the sheriff of Maricopa County Mr. Joe Arpaio. Their detention was because of publishing about the existence of a grand jury that sought reporter’s notes on the articles covering the sheriff. So ruthless was the grand jury that they demand the identity of the residence who had read the article online that involved the lawman. Because of this Lacey and Larkin sued the county and won the case.

Their experience in the First Amendment act was the main reason for their victory in the case. They were awarded $3.75 million settlement which they dedicated the entire amount of money to fund migrant right Organization in the Arizona state. Larkin and Lacey support groups that advocate for human, civil and migrants’ rights as well as public participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona and on the Mexican Border.

Other Human Right Watch groups around the World.

1. International Organisation For Migration

Established in 1951, it is the leading intergovernmental organization that deals, immigration, and work in close cooperation with governments. It has over 150 member states, and an additional eight states hold observer status. The IOM is dedicated to promoting the orderly migration for the benefit of everyone. It promotes international cooperation in migration issues and assist in search of solutions migration problems and give humanitarian help to migrants including the internally displaced and the refugees.

Its constitution recognizes the link between economic, cultural and social developments of the migrants. The four broad areas that the International Organisation works include:

• Forced Migration
• Regulating Migration
• Facilitating Migration
• Migration and development

2. Oxfam International

Oxfam is a confederation of over fifteen organization that work together with communities in over 90 nations. Oxfam International chief aim is to mobilize the people against poverty. It is said that one person out of three lives in poverty. Around the world, Oxfam works to get practical and innovative ways so that people can use them to eradicate and lift themselves out of poverty.

When crisis strikes, they work to solve, save and rebuild the livelihoods of the victims. Oxfam works with other organizations to end the injustice that causes poverty to the people. Oxfam believes that every person has a right to realize their potential and to live free from poverty. They believe that with necessary actions from organizations and government’s poverty will end and a secure world will be created.

To conclude, it is important that we value the fundamental Human right so that we can achieve a perpetual peace and co-existence. We encourage that everyone should value other peoples’ rights and promote theirs also. This can be done by supporting organizations like the one mentioned above.

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Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Cater the Corrections Industry Read more

Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Cater the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith took the position of Securus Technology CEO in July 2008. The majority of people believe he was the right leader to take the leadership of the organization due to his experience, drive and focus. That enabled him to steer the company forward and assist in making it the undisputed leader within the corrections sector in matters concerning services and products. Smith is a great leader with an excellent background, impressive track records, and unique skillset. He has before operated in operations, finance, telecommunications, and business development and information technology. Thus, his leadership aptitudes have always differentiated him with other leaders. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. Spearheaded by Rick Smith, the organization offers a broad assortment of services for over 2,600 corrections, 1,000,000 inmates, public safety agencies and law enforcement within North America. Under the administration of Rick Smith, the organization has continued to devote its services to offering corrections society with services and technology for incident management, communications, emergency response, inmate self-service, investigation, public information, biometrics, and monitoring.

Rick Smith has a strong education background. He pursued an Associate’s Degree at Rochester Institute of Technology, and Engineering Bachelors and Masters Degree from the State University of New York. He also attended Rochester University where he attained an MBA from the Simon School. From 1972 up to 1998, Rick held a various position while working with Global Crossing North America Inc where his roles entailed Chief Information Officer and Controller. Prior, he also gained experience while working as vice president with Midwest Telephone Operations, President at Frontier Information Technologies, network plant operations director, business development director and vice president of the organization’s financial management.

From 1998 to 2000, Rick Smith shifted to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he was the organization’s chief financial officer while from 2000 to 2003; he became the president of the company and later promoted to become Chief Executive Officer. During the period, he increased the organization’s revenue from $30 million up to $350 million and during the summer of 2005, he spearheaded the organization to a victorious IPO. Rick Smith remained in the company until 2007.

In the year 2008, Rick Smith was hired by Securus Technologies and became the CEO and president of the organization and in 2009; he became the chairman of the company. As Smith was offering services to the organization, their biggest competitor was Global Tel Link, but Securus continued flourishing. To date, Rick Smith Securus has a bigger set of services and products in addition to a domestic call center controlled by its staff which works out 600% better compared to its competitors. The company has trained filed operators and has established the biggest VOIP Corrections calling stage in the world. Under the administration of Rick Smith, the organization has likewise invested more than $600 million in acquisitions, technologies, and patents from 2013 to 2016. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Santiago Stands Out Among Brazilian Entrepreneurs Read more

Santiago Stands Out Among Brazilian Entrepreneurs

When it comes to listing the top Brazilian businessmen within the country today, invariably Roberto Santiago’s name is bound to come up.

The founder and owner of the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. The city of nearly a million is the capital of the Brazilian state Paraiba. The eastern-most state in the vast country of Brazil, Joao Pessoa is regarded as a the most eastern city within the country and is known for its vast nearby greenery.

However, this was the area where Roberto Santiago first made a name for himself as a well-regarded entrepreneur. Born in 1958, Santiago gradually built up his business reputation through hard work and opportunity. He attended Pio-X Marist College and then the University Center of Joao Pessoa, majoring in business administration.

Eventually, he was ready to move on to the business world, starting his own cartonnage company which created decorative products. That enabled him to receive practical experience in the business world. He would channel what the lessons he learned into what became his biggest achievement in developing one of the crown jewels of his hometown of Joao Pessoa, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.

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The mall first opened back in 1989, but has steadily grown through a series of renovations since then. Located within the downtown area of Joao Pessoa, the Manaira Shopping Mall serves as both a retail and entertainment hub for much of the city. There is a movie theatre with 11 screens as well as the 8,000-seat Domus Hall which draws in events and cultural festivals. There is also a bowling alley and a food court located within the mall. An amusement park is also part of the entertainment scene there.

However, the mall also caters to a more upscale clientele as there are good restaurants and bars located within its walls. Well-known restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse and Espaco Gourmet reside there. Additionally, there is a college, banks, and a fitness center located within the mall.

Yet, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is known foremost for its shopping. It has hundreds of shops in a variety of services ranging from jewelry to clothing to sports gear. There has been a few updates to the mall and it seems that, under Santiago’s leadership, the mall is ever expanding.

Santiago has a passion for motorsports, especially at the kart and motocross level and also serves as a business advisor for younger entrepreneurs in Brazil. Read more on Exame

Santiago still made his mark in the business world with his mall in Joao Pessoa standing as his finest achievement. However, he continues to manage it in hopes of it expanding to become one of the premier entertainment and shopping centers in all of Brazil.

The growth of Kabbalah Center Read more

The growth of Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a non-profit organization that offers religious courses on Kabbalah and the Zohar. These courses are offered free of charge and are offered both online and offline. Offline courses are offered in designated centers around the globe. Some of the centers are regional, and the teachings can be offered in the form of study groups. Philip Berg first introduced the development of Kabbalah teaching together with his wife, Karen Berg. The organization has a multi-ethnic teaching staff that is dedicated to offering training to their student’s worldwide.

People who wish to start learning Kabbalah are not required to have a Judaism as a prerequisite. Kabbalah centers and teachings are open for all irrespective of one’s religious or linguistic orientation. People are not either required to know Jewish and Hebrew texts for them to understand Kabbalah. Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube

The Kabbalah headquarters based in Los Angeles California was set up in the year 1914. Where Karen Berg and her sons were the spiritual leaders and the directors of the organization. The organization spread fast and has over 50 branches worldwide. Among the branches are in major cities such as New York City, Toronto, Los Angeles and London. Click Here for more news.

Kabbalah has its relation to various religions. It shares its beliefs with Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism. Although Kabbalah teachings relate to some of the teachings of the religions as mentioned earlier, spiritual leaders warn that Kabbalah is not an alternative to these faiths. Kabbalah is a supplement to these religions, and it cannot stand on its own as a religion.

Kabbalah teachings include Bible teachings such as the passage of the red sea. The story studied in the Kabbalah and Zohar courses come from spiritual leaders. Yehuda Berg, son of Karen Berg, has produced a series of teachings from the Bible for Kabbalah teachings.

Since its inception in the year, 1914 kabbalah has received a positive response as more and more people from different religions has taken the Kabbalah courses whether it is through the internet or offline physical classes. Individuals who fail to understand Kabbalah pose a significant threat to the growth of the center. However, Kabbalah will continue to offer guidance and teachings to more people around the world. for more.

Lifeline screening wellness; Committed to Improving Quality of Life through Prevention Read more

Lifeline screening wellness; Committed to Improving Quality of Life through Prevention

Life Line Screening, which is based in Austin, Texas, is America’s leading provider of preventive health screening services for asymptomatic patients. This privately owned company by Collin Scully and Timothy Phillip was founded in 1993. They have conducted over eight million screenings at over 16,000 screening events nationwide. They firmly believe that everyone should consider screening as a supplement to their regular healthcare so that they can recognize health problems they were unaware of and seek medical care from a physician. They recommend their health screenings based on a risk algorithm that assesses a patient’s suitability by considering family and medical history. Lifeline screening wellness has a pool of expert healthcare professionals who perform, analyse, and review the screenings. Dr. Manganaro, who is the Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, continues to ensure their continued commitment to medicine and healthy productive lives.

Health screenings provided at LLS

Their preventive health screenings are safe, quick, and non-invasive and are performed with high-quality equipment. They are categorized into three. The first is ultrasound screenings. These high-frequency sound waves provide reliable images for the diagnosis of abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, osteoporosis, and peripheral arterial disease. Still, there are the finger-stick blood screenings. Help identify risk factors for CDV and diabetes by screening for glucose, lipid panel, elevated liver enzymes, and high levels of C-reactive protein. Finally, there is the Limited electrocardiograph. Conduct an EKG to screen for atrial fibrillation, a risk factor for stroke.

Their partners

In their commitment to providing health screenings to everyone at affordable rates, LLS has partnered with hospitals by hosting screenings at a reasonable price. They also work with the medical community to achieve shared goals by hosting, co-marketing screenings, and offering assistance in the clinical trials recruitment. Lifeline screening also works with business organizations by offering them a corporate wellness program that promotes preventive screenings for their employees and clients. Still, they work with community groups by offering free educational workshops and affordable screenings services to community members.

LLS is a program that strives to create awareness, prevent disease in asymptomatic individuals, and carry out medical research that will provide insight to the medical fraternity ad improve quality of life

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Concessions and Transitions in Brazil Read more

Concessions and Transitions in Brazil

Sometimes you just have to share the wealth, especially when that wealth comes in the form of the most precious of elements, water. The government in Brazil is learning that sharing the wealth of the work focused on the wealth of water within the nation definitely works as a good deal. It may not feel like it, from the authority’s standpoint. But, in time, when businesses grow and the levels of wasted water go down, there are sure to be true concessions to accompany the contractual and service concessions underway.

These actions are not just happening all willy-nilly style and out of thin air. As a matter fact, they are a longtime coming in regards to the satisfaction and ultimate service rendered to the general public. So, chances are things should be working out just fine. More than that, there are major institutions and businessmen backing or supporting the project such as the National Bank for Economic and Social Development, Trata Brasil and its president Edison Carlos. It is all about changes in infrastructure, administration and resources that make this project and transition so needed and, frankly, just a bit overdue.

And, to add even more backing to these high reasonably lofty ambitions, Felipe Montoro Jens weighs in on the issue, and he also agrees that it is a good idea. He himself is a specialists in infrastructure projects and, honestly, quite a successful businessman. So, he knows what a winning deal in the making looks like. And, it is not like Jens is some junior executive or associate trying to make a name for himself by hedging his bets on the next big thing. He just happens to be the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of His company Properties at His company S.A., Energipar Captacao S.A., and His company Participacoes Investimentos.