Glen Wakeman’s Illustrious Career Leads To The Creation of LaunchPad Holdings Read more

Glen Wakeman’s Illustrious Career Leads To The Creation of LaunchPad Holdings

The software company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is a new business that was created less than two years ago. But it’s co-founder Glen Wakeman has been a main staple in the business world for the past thirty years. His skills along with his love of the finance world would launch him into a successful career.


Glen Wakeman’s career began shortly after his graduation from the University of Scranton in 1981. After earning a degree in Economics and Finance, Glen Wakemen went on to work for GE Capital. For twenty years, Wakeman dedicated himself to the financial company. His hard work would lead him to becoming CEO of the Latin America division of GE Capital.


During his time at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman found the time to go back to college in 1991. After two years at The University of Chicago, Wakeman graduated with a Master’s degree in finance. Wakeman’s degrees in finance would help in his next job for Doral Financial Corporation. Wakeman’s career at Doral would only last eight short years, but in that time he worked his way up to securing the position of CEO.


In 2015, Glen Wakeman left Doral and shortly afterwards, he would set out to create LaunchPad Holdings ( Glen Wakeman’s main goal for LaunchPad Holdings was to provide business owners with a variety of services to help them successfully run their company.


Glen Wakeman’s love for the finance and business world just doesn’t revolve around his company. In his spare time, Wakeman blogs on his website. Wakeman’s blog posts give his insight on the world of business along with tips for new entrepreneurs on how to create and run their own business. With a career that’s spanned three decades, Glen Wakeman has a lot of knowledge to share with others, who may one day have a career as successful as his.

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Cassio Audi – The Rise from Music To Business Read more

Cassio Audi – The Rise from Music To Business

In life, it is normal for some people to be multi talented and do pretty well, in their fields. For some, trying various things unsuccessfully until when they bump onto their passion is their order of life. The former example best describes one Cassio Audi. He is currently a renowned Brazilian maestro in investment management. No one would ever imagine that this famous man would one day become the world’s most sort after expert in financial planning, project management, investor relations, strategic forecasting, team leadership, management of equities and lots more, as he was a musician.
If you can recall the Viper Rock Band, then you must have known its founding group members, and Cassio Audi happens to be among them. The rock band began in 1985, and the rest of the members were and Felipe Machado, Andre Machado, Yves Passarel and Pit Passarell. Throughout his music career life, Mr. Audi was obsessed with and played the drum sets. Audi and his band got inspiration from British heavy metal music and also Iron Maiden rock band.
The Viper Rock Band came to the lime light with the release of their first demo album dubbed The Killer Sword that made them go round the world. The album was comprised of songs such as Nightmare, Killera and Princes from Hell while the track, got incorporated into their first album, which was released in 1987, two years before Audi left music to follow venture into business.
Given the fact that English which they sang in was not their first language, critics gave the band a-thumbs-up, though some argued that the songs needed a slight fine-tuning. Audi left the group in 1989 to study and later pursue business, though he might have as well had a successful music career, had he continued with the group.

The Law of Brazil and Ricardo Tosto Read more

The Law of Brazil and Ricardo Tosto

The law of Brazil

The constitution that is used in Brazil at the current time was established on October 21st, 1988 and is the only Supreme Law. However, there have been many amendments to the Constitution. The Law in Brazil was mostly based on the Civil Law in the EU countries. It is based on statutes and a mechanism known as the Sumulas Vinculantes. There are other documents that are the source of the Law in Brazil. They include the Penal Code, The civil suite code, the civil code among many other documents.

The Brazil’s constitution is such that each of the federal states is capable of establishing their own constitutions and laws. However, these laws must follow the guidelines of the Constitution of the country and more information click here.

Lawyers in Brazil

Brazil is known to be a country that has many lawyers. This is mostly attributable to the high number of law schools in Brazil. Due to the high number of lawyers, the country was the third in the world with the highest number of lawyers in 2010. This was behind the United States and India. However, the country has the highest number of Law schools in the world.

There have been concerns however on the quality of courses offered due to the high number. There have been concerns that some of the courses are not recommendable. The Ministry of Education is conducting assessments in all Law schools in Brazil so that they can ensure that all the courses that are being taught are up to the required standards and Ricardo on Facebook.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Partner at Leite, Tosto and Barros Associados which is located in Sao Paolo in Brazil but also has offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. He is a Brazillian entrepreneur who is known to be one of the best litigation lawyers in the country. He is recognized for his quality work in high value and complex litigation work. Due to how mass litigation is complex and common in Brazil, many clients identify Ricardo Tosto’s firm as the to go to firm for this kind of cases. Ricardo Tosto also does Pro Bono work on a consistent basis for individuals and also for other Non-profit organizations.

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Omar Yunes, the World-Class Franchisee Read more

Omar Yunes, the World-Class Franchisee

Sushi Itto is the sole reason why Omar Yunes won the honor prize as the best franchisee in the world.


Omar Yunes, a franchisee of the restaurant chain Sushi Itto, represented Mexico at the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) contest held in Florence, Italy, on the 5th of December, 2015, along with Ivan Tamer, who operates franchise outlets of Prendamex.


The global event, which saw representatives from 34 countries including France, Portugal, and Brazil compete for the BFW award, was conducted after qualifying events had been held in those countries to determine the finalists at Florence. Omar Yunes presented a compelling case titled “The Professionalization of the Role of the Franchisee” at the national qualifier in Mexico due to which he was selected to represent his country at the finals on the 24th of November, 2015.


Sushi Itto has evolved a lot under the leadership of Omar Yunes, and the franchise is one of the strongest sushi restaurants in Mexico.


The BFW contest is held to recognize the efforts of the best franchisees worldwide based on several criteria, including the knowledge imparted to the network of franchise outlets, improvements proposed by and implemented by the franchise owner, the workers’ level of motivation and the cost saving techniques employed. According to one of the organizers of the BFW Mexican national qualifier, Diego Elizarrarras, the reason why Omar Yunes won the right to represent the country at the global BFW contest in Italy was the role he played as a change agent at the Sushi Itto franchising-franchisee relationship, setting up control boards to effectively manage and measure the performance of each unit.


In a surprising development, Omar Yunes went on to win the BFW award in Italy, which meant a victory for the franchising sector in Mexico, allowing it to move forward from regional to international franchising. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, remarked that the award was a manifestation of the joint efforts of the franchisee and franchiser in serving their customers well with a lot of hospitality.


The entrepreneur has grown his business by a big margin, and there is already a 13th installment being inaugurated.

Keys Of Wisdom From Real Estate Investment Icon Nick Vertucci Read more

Keys Of Wisdom From Real Estate Investment Icon Nick Vertucci

As an astute businessman, Nick Vertucci offers some keen insight into issues seriously impacting the California real estate market. He points out that “California has many positives a thriving economy with record high tax revenue, low unemployment, and the highest per capita income level in the United States.” His decade of experience as a professional real estate investor reveals that the lack of affordable housing leaves a large portion of the population unlikely to achieve home ownership. The median purchase price of a new home in California is $500,000. Affordable housing development projects have been undermined by local zoning parameters, city planning boards, and environmental preservation groups failing to realize that their actions will negatively affect the overall economy and environment in the long run.


Vertucci perceives that a recently Senate-passed bill designed to promote large-scale affordable housing projects will come to fruition. The bill is being crafted eliminate the variety of tactics employed to hinder lower- and middle-income housing development projects. Negotiations between the legislative bodies and Governor Jerry Brown include options such as direct spending on new housing unit construction and/or removing the review and approval process of housing development plans from municipal groups and governments to the state level. He strongly believes that the current demand for and the persistent shortfall conditions of the affordable housing market will likely lead to sweeping legislative action addressing the issue.


Nick Vertucci is a man who wears many hats. His background includes a tenure in law enforcement and a diverse array of successful entrepreneurial endeavors. In 2001 he founded Coastline Micro a provider of data management technology and equipment for businesses, government agencies, and universities throughout North America. During his six-year tenure as Coastline Micro’s President and Chief Executive Officer, the start-up company grew to become an industry leader nationwide. Vertucci is no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of the business but retains an ownership interest in the business to date.


In 2007 Nick Vertucci spearheaded the establishment of The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. a real estate investment company. As a professional real estate investor, he achieved phenomenal success, which led to the development of the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. Participants of the Academy receive training and mentorship under the tutelage of a professionally developed and managed investment system. Participants are provided assistance in all aspects related to purchasing, rehabbing, and renting bank owned properties.




Greg Secker: A Man of Diverse Talent Read more

Greg Secker: A Man of Diverse Talent

Greg Secker is a man of diverse talent. He is a successful entrepreneur, an experienced trader, philanthropist, and a well-informed international speaker. Mr. Seckker is a multi-billionaire who has already cemented his place in the league of the rich. He owns various firms and software such as the Learn to Trade, Capital Index, and SmartCharts Software. As Greg progressed in his career as a philanthropist, he was inspired to initiate the Greg Secker Foundation which is a non-profit organization that is committed to changing the face of the present day community and state of life. This foundation’s ultimate objective is to improve the quality of health in the community and make poverty a forgotten menace. George Secker has made young entrepreneurs have a chance of progress. He has lit their flames of hope through his leading firm that coaches the youth of how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Greg’s career started in a financial firm, Thomas Cook Financial firm. He would later move to the foreign exchange business platform to open up his business which he was named Virtual Trading Desk. Virtual Trading Desk was the epitome of the online foreign exchange market. It opened avenues for customers to be accessed to real-time quotes for large foreign money exchange rates. Greg progress was gradual and irresistible. He moved to Mellon to serve as Vice President. He later landed in a bank where he gained experience from working with fellow traders. Greg later left Mellon after developing a worthy capital to start something of his own. He set up a small trading floor from his home which later gave birth to Learn to Trade. 13 years down the line, Greg has established his trading floor to the extent of organizing seminars and workshops that are being attended by a diverse group of people from all over the world.

Greg contribution the economy was recognized in 2010 London Excellence Award. Learn to Trade also clinched the 49th position at the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Accolades. Greg Secker aims at giving back to the community after having attained so much success from a tender youth stage. Recently, he was in the Philippines to aid in initiating a project that aimed at rebuilding homes for those who had been affected by typhoons and cyclones.

How George Soros Approaches Trump and Capitalism Read more

How George Soros Approaches Trump and Capitalism

George Soros has worked his entire life to become one of the foremost fighters for progressive values on the planet. Soros is, of course, known for his work through his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations. The OSF has been focused on creating a borderless world where people hold their government accountable, freedom is available for everyone, and social justice is constantly fought for. These values, along with his billionaire status, have made George Soros enemy #1 of the entire right wing political party on Earth. The scariest part to the right wing is that Soros is successful and he isn’t going away any time soon.

George Soros was raised as a child in Hungary before ultimately he would have to flee during the Nazi Occupation of 1944. Soros and his family, all Jews, would go on to help countless individuals flee the country before they themselves fled for London. Still, over 500,000 people would die during that year of occupation, a catastrophic and tragic number. This event would shape and sharpen Soros’ viewpoints as he grew older. He realized how dangerous an oppressive regime of nationalists could be. He understood what it was like for justice to only be applied in part. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

So, when Donald Trump began campaigning on a platform of hate, ignorance, and intolerance George Soros felt obliged to get back into the action. Soros would leap back into the political fray in order to start fundraising for progressive politicians, including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Soros would donate nearly $25 million to Clinton and the rest of the progressive party ticket. These millions would go toward combating the billions that the conservative Koch Brothers pour into each and every election. Still, Donald Trump would win the Presidency and George Soros would vow to never back down, constantly being a thorn in the side of President Trump as he sought to enact his destructive legislation.

Much of what Soros has he can owe to capitalism, but that hasn’t prevented him from looking at the market critically. Capitalism, Soros believes, is actually one of the primary threats of a civilized and ‘open society’. Soros pulled the ‘open society’ term from Henri Bergson, a writer back in the 1930s, as well as the works of Karl Popper whom Soros would study while going to school in London. Capitalism, not communism, Soros believes to be the biggest threat facing the nation today. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros points out that much of the world believes in the ‘magic of the marketplace’ but he also posits that this isn’t a good thing. Soros believes that what he believes to be the ‘common good‘ cannot be pursued if self-interest is at the core of all our dealings. These are strong words to consider, especially from someone as successful as George Soros.

What the Mexico’s New Well Represents for Mexico’s Future, with Talos Energy Read more

What the Mexico’s New Well Represents for Mexico’s Future, with Talos Energy

It’s been a long time since Mexico has advanced their commitment to the oil industry in its offshore waters. They’ve been silent and the industry wasn’t updating for nearly 80 years, but, in 2017, Mexico has finally invested in the front with a new well. Since 1938, no events like this have happened as Mexico nationalized the industry.

In 80 years, 2017 was the first time the private company Oil Plc, together with Houston’s Talos Energy LLC and their partner oil firm Sierra Oil & Gas, invested in the oil well and began trilling the content with ease. The Mexican waters have always been a target of the private companies in the country, but it’s been almost a century that the nation has not given attention to the matter.

This action will help the country attract competitors from the exterior market, and multinational companies are more likely to want to install a subsidiary in the Mexican territory. The energy industry will have more participants and a higher potential as a result of the construction of the well.

The Talos Energy LLC is one of the most prominent energy companies for Mexico, and it was founded by the entrepreneur Tim Duncan, the financial expert who rose the company to its current net –worth of almost a billion dollars.

The Talos Energy has begun drilling the well with their partners under Tim Duncan’s supervision since May 21 of 2017.

Talos Energy has many assets in the Gulf of Mexico, and they are, although a relatively small company compared to the standards of the international oil industry, they are responsible for thousands of barrels of oils for the last couple of years, being a key participant in the energy market and the development of Mexico in this department.

The opening of the well is a major event for the improvement of Mexico in the international run for the oil market. The offshore of the nation has a lot of potential, and the exterior market could be the key to a better development of the country.

In such a future Tim Duncan’s company, Talos Energy LLC, will be a significant partner in turning Mexico into a great target for the oil companies.

Flavors Worth Kissing: EOS Lip Balm Read more

Flavors Worth Kissing: EOS Lip Balm

Creating lip products since 2006, Evolution of Smooth (more commonly known as EOS) has been producing the most elegant and well known pieces of the beauty and self care industry. Ranging in five lines, seventeen total products, and over a dozen incredible flavors. Going off top sellers alone, the fruit flavors such as Passion Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Blueberry Acai are clear winners for customers; all of these incredible flavors are not only delicious but are also 100% gluten, paraben, petroleum, and phthalate free! All of this in addition to having a dose of Vitamin E and shea butter, leading to a long-lasting and incredible feeling way to moisturize your lips, check this out! With the whip cream on top, EOS lip balm are also in patented egg shape packaging; this makes any EOS lip balm very easy to find in any purse, bag, or pocket that you may have lost it in. A lot easier than trying to find a two-inch tube of normal chapstick, right? Click here for more related stories,

Whether it is adorable packaging or the delectable scents that draw you in, the EOS lip balm range has something for everyone’s taste. Have a friend that loves Mint? Get them the Sweet Mint flavor! Or maybe someone is a bit picky on their lip balm, let them try the Shimmer Lip Balm to add a bit of shine to their smile. Find out more products here on Have a friend that isn’t a fan of cute packaging? Never fear, EOS lip balm is also avaliable in classic chapstick tubes in three popular flavors. Regardless of what flavor or formula you’re interested in, there is always something for everyone. Because everyone deserves nice lips.


Goettl Explains How To Reduce Your Electric Bill And Keep Your Home Refreshingly Cool Read more

Goettl Explains How To Reduce Your Electric Bill And Keep Your Home Refreshingly Cool

Goettl offers the highest quality HVAC services and have offered some exceptional tips to help you stay cool this summer and save some money. A programmable thermostat allows you to set your homes temperature for what you require at different times during the day. This will prevent your unit from running unnecessarily, save you money, and keep your home cool. When your vents are dirty your unit will not be able to run at full capacity. Keep your vents clean and open to allow for proper air circulation and temperature. Changing your air filters every three months will prevent them from becoming dirty or clogged and increase your systems efficiency. You can reduce the energy you use by as much as fifteen percent.

According to Review Buzz, placing your unit out of the suns rays and keeping your drapes drawn will protect your unit from excess use. Ceiling fans will add to the efficiency of your unit. Keeping your unit and the outdoor condenser clean will allow your unit to work easier and perform better. When your HVAC become old and is wearing out replace it with a new and more efficient unit. Over time this will not only keep you cooler but save you a lot of money on your electric bill.

Goettl does a lot more than service and repair air conditioning and heating units. They care about their customers and their roots in the Phoenix community run deep. Goettl was created by three brothers who wanted to help their community cope with the fierce summer heat. The company was founded on honesty, integrity, expertise, and knowledge, and numerous decades later maintains the same quality and beliefs. Visit AZ Central to know more.

Goettl produces evaporative coolers and over the years has held numerous patents. They are professional and take old fashioned pride in their work. The name Goettl has become synonymous with fair and reasonable pricing, courteous service, exceptional customer service, and repairs accomplished correctly the first time. When you call Goettl you are calling the highest quality available.

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