EOS New Vegan Crystal Flavors Review Read more

EOS New Vegan Crystal Flavors Review

The number of lip balms that are currently on the market is staggering. It’s almost impossible to really settle on just one of the lip balms that you find in the local stores or online. However, one lip balm really stands out. The EOS lip balms are very popular says usmagazine.com. Perhaps, some of the great popularity is due to the uniquely designed round container. However, the majority of EOS or Evolution Of Smooth fans purchase the product because it is a very effective natural product that smooths and softens the lips. Recently, EOS added a New Vegan Crystal Flavored Lip Balm to their collection.


EOS New Vegan Crystal Flavor Lip Balm

EOS really hit the mark right on target with a lot of their very satisfied customers. The new edition to the lip balm line is crystal clear and free of bee’s wax. The company realized that quite a few fans would prefer a crystal clear lip balm without beeswax. Consequently, they went back to the drawing board and created a new lip balm that was 100 percent vegan in nature. The good news is that the new clear lip balm sold out quickly on the EOS website, the very first day of its release to the public. Discover more beauty tips here.


Evolution Of Smooth

EOS is the little startup that challenged the big lip balm companies that monopolized the lip balm market for years. Their natural products and unique designs caught on with the public instantly. Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder states that their focus was to create a product that was unique and distribute it to a global audience.

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Sanjiv Mehra, EOS cofounder’s other plan was to stir up the lip balm market. He realized that the market was due for an innovative product that was unique and primarily appealed to women. His plan was right on the money.


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What Do Clients Who Have Used White Shark Media Say About Service Delivery?

There is nothing that is more puzzling than putting up a spirited digital marketing campaign, getting the best content for a website and then scoring zero improvements in digital marketing results. It is exactly the kind of problem that White Shark Media usually solves. They have been in business for the past six years, and all their clients have nothing but glowing reviews for them. Their client retention rate is evidence enough that their customers love the support they get from them.

The first customer admits that they did not monitor the creation of their website and that frankly, they felt like the IT department and their suggestion to try SEO was a huge rip-off. Many people feel this way, probably because the results of SEO are rarely that immediate and tangible. However, this client admits that the moment they approached White Shark Media and expressed their concerns, the company promised them that they would do their best to improve their social media ranks. White Shark media got to work, and within no time, they had managed to create new SEO content, use guest blogging and social media marketing to generate traffic to the site. The CEO now believes that when SEO is done by experts like white shark media, the page rank goes up and the success of the business is achieved.

The other client that left a review had an issue with their website configuration. The client could not figure out why prospective customers seemed to be visiting the site and spending a few minutes and then leaving. “White Shark Media realized that the content was not engaging enough, and the user interface was not friendly. They rectified the problem, and sales have greatly improved.” These and many other reviews all point to the fact that White Shark Media is doing an excellent job of getting the best services to their clients.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Give Prostate Pep Talk

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently joined forces with the National Football League and LabCorp. This joining is intended to help men who are or may be in the future inflicted the prostate cancer. After several meetings and large donations, men who are in their 40’s and live in the United States can receive a free prostate exam. These exams will be conducted in a LabCorp establishment. Every major city has at least one LabCorp establishment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has issued approximately 3,000 financial awards to LabCorp. These tests will be conducted on a first come first serve basis, so it is important for men over 40 to take advantage of this opportunity. Men who are not one of the 3,000 may still get examed, but they will be charged about $20. So far, hundreds of men have contacting LabCorp establishments all over the United States. Cancer Treatment Centers of America are happy they can be part of the difference.

LabCorp and the NFL wanted Cancer Treatment Centers of America to be part of this program due to all the success Cancer Treatment Centers of America has had in the past. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is known for helping cancer patients beyond cancer. It is easy for doctors to find cancer cells. However, it is hard for doctors to find the depressions, and anxiety, and other problems that come from cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America not only has amazing doctors, but they also have amazing counselors to help patients stay positive throughout the cancer process. Patients are allowed to contact these counselors 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and all information is kept confidential. These counselors are skilled at keeping cancer patients off drugs and alcohol and helping them see a better tomorrow.

David Luther Giertz Efforts to Achieving a Secure Financial Freedom for his Clients Read more

David Luther Giertz Efforts to Achieving a Secure Financial Freedom for his Clients

David Giertz was born in April 1964 and hails from Dublin. He went to the Millikin University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree program in finance. Later on, he joined the University of Miami and graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He is a successful financial advisor with many years of experience. With this, he has managed to leverage strategies and programmes to help improve the profitability of companies. He commenced his profession at Citigroup as a Financial Advisor, then as a Director and was later promoted as the Vice Chairperson of Sales.

Moreover, he is certified as a broker with many financial firms like State Security law exam and many others. With leadership seeming to be one of his most valued roles, he has managed to exercise his skills in many companies. These are firms like Isvidda AB where he’s served as a Chief Executive Officer and Director at Holding AB. To add onto his astounding leadership skills, he also serves as an arbitrator at FINRA and also served on the board for Girl Scouts of Broward as a director.

Additionally, he currently is the Head of Nationwide Financial Sales and Distribution where he has steadily contributed to the extension and success of the firm. This company offers consultation on financial management and profitable investments. Most importantly, he has spearheaded the strategy on how to save money upon retirement with various private companies such as life assurance firms, specialty markets and much more.

Furthermore, his company has conducted recent surveys with many other financial advisories, and they have corrected the various complexities in the financial security domains. He advises his customers about retirement benefits and insists that they maximize on saving yearly. This should be strictly dictated by how early one wants to retire hence approximate the needed amount of money.

The Role of Sheldon Lavin in the Global Expansion of the OSI Group Read more

The Role of Sheldon Lavin in the Global Expansion of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin has developed his niche in the meat industry. He has been in the meat industry for the last forty years. Before venturing into this lucrative career, Sheldon Lavin worked as an investor in his consulting company. He also coupled as a banker. Since then, Sheldon Lavin has risen the ranks to become the chairman and the CEO of the OSI group and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

Due to his professionalism, dedication and hard work, the OSI group has ostensibly grown. Currently, the firm employs more than twenty thousand workers across the world. As the CEO, Sheldon is thrilled with the employees in the organization. He enjoys the organizational culture that he has been able to entrench across the various company ranks. In fact, as a company, OSI has a meager employee turnover ratio, they all work as a family to achieve a common set objective. Lavin views his workers as the best stakeholders in the entire business and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

It is during the reign of Sheldon Lavin that the firm has been able to grow far and beyond. The company management has received various awards to commensurate the role of the business in the society. In the present day, OSI group is among the leading processing plant and powerhouse in the entire world. Lavin has dedicated his entire life towards the achievement of this core mission. Lavin understands that for the success to be realized; all the stakeholders must feel appreciated and respected. For this reason, he makes sure that all the employees are motivated to achieve a common result. Motivated employees will give the quality output that will make the customers satisfied with the services that they receive.

Despite his advanced age, Sheldon Lavin feels active and energetic enough to lead the company to growth in Europe and Asia. He is of the opinion that diversifying and increasing business operations is the best part of every business. He feels happy and relieved by the fact that he has been able to carry the company brand to an international arena. He hopes that the current crop of young entrepreneurs will appreciate the need to take care of the environment as they advance their own goals and more information click here.

As a successful businessman, Lavin hopes that he will be in a position to motivate and inspire the youth. He feels that educating the young people on the basic tenets of a responsible business transaction is the only way to alleviate poverty. By so doing, Lavin will be able to support the economy by creating a myriad of employment and investment opportunities and resume him.

Other Reference: http://inspirery.com/sheldon-lavin/

Tony Petrello: The CEO of the Largest Land Driller Read more

Tony Petrello: The CEO of the Largest Land Driller

Who is Tony Petrello? Many ordinary individuals may fail to recognize him, but in corporate America, he is a respected business executive at the helm of the largest land driller (of oil, natural gas, and geothermal), Nabors Industries Limited. In 2014, Tony was the talk of the town for his envy evoking income of over $68 million from Nabors; he was one of the highest paid CEO’s in America in 2014. Does he deserve such a huge amount? Tony’s income is directly related to Nabors’ performance. In fact, 80% of Tony’s income depends on the company’s performance. When he earned over $68 million in 2014, he had helped Nabors make billions of dollars.

As the CEO of the largest land driller, Tony has hundreds of employees working under him in the U.S and other countries. Tony has been known to advocate for reasonable working conditions for all Nabors’ employees, especially regarding their incomes. He subscribes to the philosophy that CEO’s other top-level managers should refrain from awarding themselves huge salaries at the expense of lower cadre employees who work round the clock to guarantee their respective companies success. Tony Petrello has openly criticized selfish business leaders who only think about themselves.
Tony is an active member of the society. Having grown in an unassuming Italian neighborhood, Newark, New Jersey, in a modest family, Tony understands that life can be rough outsides there. Tony and his spouse have made it a goal to donate part of their incomes to charities every year. Also, as the CEO of Nabors, he strives to create job opportunities for employable Americans.

Tony’s over 20 years of education in the American institutions of higher learning culminated in him getting his first job. Tony has always demonstrated a culture of hard work, integrity, and honor, and in every place that he worked at before joining Nabors industries, he showed a high potential to become a leader. Eventually, he joined Nabors where he has been for over 30 years. Of course, Tony started out his career at Nabors in one of the many lower cadre positions offered by the company. However, as time progressed, Tony also improved and eventually, he reached the pinnacle of the enterprise from where he has steered Nabors in the best direction businesswise.

Tony attended Yale University on a full scholarship after performing exceptionally well in mathematics. In the university, Tony impressed his tutors and fellow students with his prowess in math. Everyone thought that he would become a mathematician, but he quit Yale and joined the Harvard Law Schoool.

To Learn More : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries



Mr. David McDonald is the leader of the main organization in the meat business called OSI Group, LLC. The organization capacities through its many branches and expansions, for example, the OSI International, Inc., OSI Industries, LLC in the U. S., LLC and OSI International Foods. David McDonald joined OSI Group in the late 1980s not long after subsequent to moving on from college. In the wake of joining the organization, he served in different limits, climbing the professional bureaucracy until the point when he wound up as the gathering’s President. McDonald’s work in all positions he served was awesome, and his enthusiasm and sense of duty regarding OSI Group’s prosperity driven him being named the President and COO.

As the President of the organization, David McDonald is among the officials in charge of key setting and operations. Something he has effectively executed is to guarantee there is a nearby coordination of operations amongst neighborhood and worldwide groups. This is exceptionally basic for the organization since it can manage the worldwide market patterns while in the meantime guaranteeing the nearby market needs are met. Mr. David McDonald OSI Group is idealistic that their market extension design will to a great extent work to support them. The methodology incorporated the obtaining of other sustenance handling organizations and initiating new operations in different parts of the world.

Session one year back, the obtaining of Baho Food was settled as a feature of OSI Group’s extension design into the European market. David McDonald securing was a noteworthy speculation methodology in light of the fact that the two organizations’ items would supplement each other and thus their request would increment in the market. This is one of the venture techniques started under the initiative of David McDonald. Likewise, under his authority, OSI Group has worked an extremely fruitful business in China for over two decades now. For example, amid 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, ISO Group provided 113 tons of items including meat, chicken, pork, dried out onions, and eggs.

David McDonald and different administrators at OSI Group are behind its fruitful execution a seemingly endless amount of time. With such an awesome administration group, OSI Group is relied upon to accomplish better execution later on. David likewise serves on sheets of Marfrig Global Foods S.A. also, North America Meat Institute. David McDonald is included with Iowa State University Foundation, where he makes commitments to subsidize its altruistic exercises. David McDonald learned at Iowa State University and graduated with a BS in Animal Science.

Learn More: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

The Background And Well Established Career Of Drew Madden Read more

The Background And Well Established Career Of Drew Madden

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in the field of Healthcare IT. He has a passion for building trusted partnerships with his clients, an attractive, and unique company culture, and creating teams of a high caliper. Drew Madden went to work for Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. He became the President of the company in 2011, and served until 2016. Nordic Consulting Partners is the biggest Epic consulting company in the world. They received the KLAS award on numerous occasions for their excellence in consulting. This included their ranking as #1 in both 2012, and 2014 for their Epic implementation services.

Drew Madden has a lot of passion for Electronic Medical Records. He has spent more than ten years in collaboration with the industries brightest, and best in the implementation, optimization, and troubleshooting of complex challenges. He believes every EMR project encounters these challenges. During Drew Madden’s tenure at Nordic Consulting Partners, he was responsible for the growth from 10 to 725 employees. He raised the client partners from 3 to 150, and increased the annual revenue from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000.

Before Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners, he was working for a subsidiary of United Healthcare called Ingenix. He was an Epic consultant, and worked in business development. His career in Healthcare IT began at the Cerner Corporation. Drew Madden graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with his focus on Medical Systems, and his B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering. He has accumulated over ten years of experience in advising, managing, optimizing, and implementing EMR projects. He has combined his experience in consulting operations, and management with his technical EMR background. This has helped the leaders in IT Healthcare build extremely successful teams for Epic implementation.

Drew Madden began his career working for the Cerner Corporation, and he worked with Inpatient clinical solutions for four consecutive years. He spent an additional four years moving into a position for Business Development at Healthia Consulting, starting in 2005. He is currently in the position of President for Nordic Consulting, and his responsibilities include recruiting, business development, and client relationships. He maintains the relationships with their Epic clients internationally, and throughout the country.

Online Therapy With The Talkspace App Read more

Online Therapy With The Talkspace App

Founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank, Talkspace is an app that can be accessed online anytime someone needs to be in contact with a licensed therapist. Upon first contact, the user will be chatting with an agent for the purpose of assessing what their particular therapeutic need is, then from there, they will be matched with the professional that can more adequately meet that need. And once a therapist has been secured, the user will be working with the same one each time they use the service.

After everything has been set up, the user can message their therapist anytime and at anyplace, and they can usually get a response in a day or two. Also, if a client needs to schedule more time with a therapist, they can request to have a videochat with them. The cost for Talkspace services can range anywhere from $20 to $250 per session, and there are payment plans available that start at $32 a week.

The app can be used on computers or with Smartphones, and the website takes all the appropriate precautions necessary to keep the clients’ personal information secure. With this app, the user can have access to their therapist at anytime, so there won’t be a need to have to schedule any appointments. And since this service has over 1000 licensed and professional therapists available, it is easier to find one that can meet the unique needs of everyone who uses the app.

Talkspace therapists provide help for people who suffer from a number of mental challenges, including depression and anxiety, and their methods have been proven to be effective. This innovative app service has certain benefits that the traditional way of accessing therapeutic treatment doesn’t have due to the fact that a person has access to their personally assigned mental health professional anytime they need to talk to them. And unlike traditional therapy sessions, this service is a lot more affordable.