Ricardo Tosto: A talented and brilliant legal mind Read more

Ricardo Tosto: A talented and brilliant legal mind

The field of law is the complicated yet exciting sector to work. In fact, lawyers provide services that help people and corporates in solving various issues in the legal arena. In Brazil, they are among the most prominent careers. Attorneys are commonly referred to as Advogados. Brazil is among countries with a high number of practicing lawyers in the world. The field is regulated by a national bar association body known as Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil. Regulation, which includes aspects such as advertising, legal fees, and handling of clients is done through a defined Code of Ethics and Discipline. Besides, the association is enshrined in the country’s federal law.

The Brazilian law was heavily influenced by the Portuguese legal system, which is based on statutes. The constitution has also incorporated judicial precedent with the legal system. Brazil is divided into states and federal districts which are responsible for licensing lawyers in their jurisdictions. For one to qualify for admission to a bar association, an attorney must have a law degree from an accredited University and a two-year internship. In addition to this, one must pass a state bar examination. Lawyers practice under registered firms. International law firms are only allowed to practice in the area of international law.

One of the brilliant legal minds in Brazil is Ricardo Tosto. He is a renowned partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. The highly experienced commercial litigation lawyer has been recognized by local and international bodies such as Who’s Who Legal.

Ricardo also practices in the areas of administrative law, electoral law, credit recovery, and civil law. His vast experience has earned him various leadership positions within the legal fraternity of Brazil. For instance, he is one of the directors of Study Center for Attorney Partnerships and a former president of Judicial Reform Committees of the Brazilian Bar Association’s São Paulo Section. He was also one of the founders of the Brazilian Institute for Political Party and Election Law Studies.Ricardo also uses his immense knowledge and experience to enlighten Brazilians through lectures and publishing in various journals.

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Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Contribution to Regenerative Medicine Read more

Dr. Cameron Clokie’s Contribution to Regenerative Medicine

To understand the functionality of our body organs and how compatible they can be replaced is a complex thing. Cameron Clokie who specialized in oral surgery has mastered the art to conduct successive surgeries on our human bodies. He is a professor of dentistry and surgery and has continued to conduct successful research in the field.

As a scholar, Cameron Clokie has been on the top of researching and producing publications that are specific to the regenerative medicine. He studies to understand the various regenerative processes on the human organs and how such can be used to treat injuries or infected parts of the human bodies. On this note, he specialization on the bone reconstruction as part of his key field of interest. He thus aims at the best replacements of the injured bones and how successfully such can assist in the medication of such deformities or injuries. According to him, he notes that though medical regeneration may not be accessed by everyone due to high costs, he notes that this should be one of the key implemented research for the future generations.

He has pushed most of his young colleagues to conduct various research on the regenerative medicine and ensure that it is a successful treatment for the patients. He has a passion for reading and studying the bone structure and how the regenerative process can be used to treat patients. He has mentored the young students on the best way to conduct research and tests in the medical field and garner excellence in their tests.

He has severally continued as a key speaker to advocate for the establishment of a regenerative research center where people would advance the research conducted in the field. He notes that as the regenerative process means bringing in new body components to assist an injured patient. He thus continues to assert that this research is not new as blood transfusion is part of the regenerative process, and thus the invention can be dated back many decades ago. The contribution of Dr. Cameron Clokie cannot be underestimated as it runs from reconstructive bones, dentistry, and surgery.

What Igor Cornelsen is Teaching Investors About Brazil Read more

What Igor Cornelsen is Teaching Investors About Brazil

Igor Cornelsen has become a very successful investor, and much of his investment advice goes to those that are interested in investing. He knows a lot about investing in Brazil, and he warns people of three things that they need to be prepared for when they are trying to invest in Latin America.

Always Make an Attempt to Connect With the Natives

It is impossible to effectively build a portfolio for a Latin American stocks and investment opportunities if there is never any opportunity taken to connect with the natives. There is a great amount of information that locals can provide that one can never find in any type of local Brazilian publication. It just starts from people that live in the community and know what they want to put their money into.

Stay on Top of the Red Tape

There are lots of different restrictions and government regulations that are going to come in place when any type of investment is being made. When the market changes and companies become bigger it becomes possible for people to profit, but they have to wait. Sometimes regulations will prevent the sale of different products or slow down what companies may have been doing.

Know What Currency Restrictions Are in Place

People that are investing are going to need to know about currency and about how Brazil has certain strict currency controls in place. Igor Cornelsen knows about all of this because he was a resilient banker for decades. He knows about these things, and he passes on this information about currency laws to others that may be thinking about investing in Brazil.

Igor Cornelsen has a wealth of information when it comes to investing in general, but he knows quite a bit about Brazil and all of the things that have put stipulations on investing. He knows how to wait things out when it comes to rules and regulations, and he also knows how to mingle with the natives. These are the things that can help any investor that plans to make Latin America part of their portfolio in the future.

Asia Set to Benefit More from George Soros Recent Donation to the Open Society Foundations Read more

Asia Set to Benefit More from George Soros Recent Donation to the Open Society Foundations

Social injustices, crimes against humanity, discrimination, the rise in a dictatorial rule, and lack of basic needs. These are among the things that stagnate the growth of a nation. Over the years, we have had several people join the war against the elements that enable poverty and crime to thrive. Among them is George Soros. Having gone through such intolerances, George Soros has committed much of his wealth and time to fight them. Lately, according to the Wall Street Journal, Soros donated $ 18 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

Background, School, and Career

Soros was born in Hungary in 1930. Together with his family, they lived through the Nazi occupation that led to the death of 500,000 Jews. His father, with the help of a government officer, forged their papers concealing their background. According to Soros, they fought fate resisted an evil which would have otherwise consumed them. Soros takes pride in the fact that they were able to help others. After the war, Soros left Budapest for London. There, he enrolled at London School of Economics. In the course of his education, Soros worked as a part-time railway porter. In several occasion, he became a waiter in nightclubs. All these odd jobs enabled him to finance his education. After graduation, George Soros moved to the U.S and joined the world of finance investment. He would then launch a hedge fund that went to make him one of the wealthiest people in America.

His Entry into Philanthropy

George Soros work in philanthropy started by funding the studies of black people in dividend South Africa. He would then open a foundation in Hungary, his native country. Also, he created an environment that allowed for the exchange of ideas with the west. With the opening of the Open Society Foundation, Soros reach expanded to Africa, United States, and Asia. Since its inception, Soros makes his donation through the foundation.

In Asia, The work of OSF has significantly been felt and appreciated. According to Forbes, Soros says that charities providing food, water, and shelter in Asia are widely understood. However, those like OSF that advance concepts like human rights democracy are often misunderstood. Mostly, they are on the receiving end from people accusing them of meddling in politics. Undoubtedly, values like democracy bring benefits just as significant as aid. Money donated through the Open Society Foundations goes not only to bring justice but to bring basic needs like clean water closer to the people. The World Resources Institute has revealed information exposing companies in Indonesia, Mongolia, and Thailand. The companies have contributed to water pollution endangering the livelihoods of the local communities. Funds donated through OSF also go towards creating awareness. The $18 billion donations will enable the foundation to continue supporting right groups in Asia for decades.

Global Network

The OSF also uses the donations to support and enable their local partners. In Nepal, they support lawyers who take human right cases to court. In Mongolia, they support organizations that champion for the rights of physically challenged children. Children with disabilities are excluded in the Mongolian education system. While other institutions provide short-term solutions, George Soros, through OSF, seeks to equip people with the right tools that will benefit generations to come. and Follow him Twitter.com

Nick Vertucci Is a Real Estate Investing Giant and Teacher Read more

Nick Vertucci Is a Real Estate Investing Giant and Teacher

The Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc. is a trademark name in the real estate Flipping system. The company is headed by Nick Vertucci, the successful real estate investor who established the NV Real Estate Academy. The Academy is designed to train and educate individuals, through workshops held around the country, how to change their financial status and use strategies that has made him a real estate millionaire.

Mr. Vertucci and his company is based in Irvine, California. He is a professional real estate investor who specializes in purchasing properties owned by banks. He instructs people on a turn-key system that involves how to purchase property, rehab it, and then rent it. Prior to founding the Nick Vertucci Company, he founded Coastline Micro and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer from 2001 to 2007. Coastline Micro is a well-known brand name in the computer system field.

Today, Nick travels as a trainer, mentor, and presenter to show individuals his simple steps to real estate riches. Mr. Vertucci shares his background with people wherever he speaks and at his Academy Workshops. He tells them about his beginnings as a story of rags to riches. It wasn’t until a friend of his invited him to a self-help real estate workshop that he found a renewed inspiration to get out of debt. Mr. Vertucci trained and studied about real estate and he put specific plans into action that turned out to be a successful method and which was quite simple and now he imparts the plan to everyone who he meets.

Also, in 2013, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded. The Academy became wildly popular because of its results in real estate investing and to help individuals who sign up to achieve their goals. Mr. Vertucci is a dynamic speaker who hosts real estate webinars. The Nick Vertucci Company has teamed-up with the A&E network to host a show called The Real Estate Investing Hour. He also hosts a radio show on Saturdays in Los Angeles, California about real estate investing.

Lawyer Ricardo Tosto and Law in Brazil Read more

Lawyer Ricardo Tosto and Law in Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries in the world that is governed by the rule of the constitution. The country has a constitution that was passed in more than 30 years ago. This is a constitution that stipulates the law that is to be applied in the governance of the country. The constitution has outlined how the powers of the government are shared among the three arms. There is the legislature that is supposed to make laws, there is the executive that is supposed to execute the passed laws and there is the judiciary that is supposed to be the custodian of the laws passed. The judiciary will interpret the law in case there is a dispute.

The country is subdivided into 26 states. Each state is given the mandate to make its own laws as long as these laws do not disobey the constitution. In case there is a conflict between state law and the federal law of the constitution, then the constitution will always take prevail.

Brazil has a very high number of lawyers in the world. Actually, it is ranked number three in the whole world among the countries that have a huge number of lawyers. This high number of lawyers in Brazil has been created by the high number of law schools in the country. Brazil has a higher number of law schools than any other country. It is estimated that there are over one million lawyers in the country

About Ricardo Tosto @ Linkedin.com

He is one of the lawyers in the country who have a track record of excellence. He has represented multinationals, governmental organizations, NGOs and other business entities in court cases. He has also been hired by politicians to represent them in election cases. He has a very good winning rate which has attracted many clients to his law firm. His dedication and commitment to completing cases in time have been second to none. He is one of the lawyers that anyone in the country would love to hire.

To see more about Ricardo Tosto @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qc0MFA_hkFc

Eric Lefkofsky Believes it Can Be Done Read more

Eric Lefkofsky Believes it Can Be Done

Yafang Li, PhD. led a Dartmouth research team in a study on the role gene-smoking interactions play in the etiology of lung cancer. The study which was published in Carcinogenesis identified three new lung cancer genetic biomarkers. The study revealed three SNP’s(single nucleotide polymorphisms) in DNA that form the foundation of our susceptibility to developing cancer. Two of the SNP’s were for the risk of non-small cell lung cancer, and the other was for the risk of squamous cell lung cancer.

These three SNP’s the study identified provided potential candidate biomarkers for lung cancer risk screening and intervention. The team’s findings were limited to the smoking behavior and non-small cell lung cancer risk in the Caucasian population. Because of this restriction, the results are not applicable to other ethnicities, but suggest a breakthrough in the treatment of lung cancer is on the horizon.

The breakthrough that these results make in cancer research is good news for all who long for a cure. Eric Lefkofsky like so many others believes that a cure for cancer can be found if the way we diagnose and treat the disease change. Lefkofsky has donated millions of dollars towards cancer research. In 2006 he and his wife established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This foundation is a private charitable foundation that uses high-impact initiatives to enhance the lives close to their community in Chicago. The foundation provides funding for education, healthcare, medical research, and arts and culture.

Mr. Lefkofsky is an American entrepreneur who wears many hats. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago; he is the co-founder and CEO of TEMPUS; the co-founder of Echo Global Logistics; and he is involved on a corporate level with Inner Workings, Mediacean, and Uptake.. It is his work with Tempus, however, that will benefit most from the findings of Dr. Li’s study.

Tempus is a health tech company that’s “building the infrastructure to modernize cancer treatment.” Tempus collects and analyzes genomic data to uncover ways that will enable physicians to provide more precise and personalized treatments for their patients. The data driven treatment decisions used by Tempus analyzes “a patient’s genetic code in the context of molecular therapies” seems a good fit for the Dartmouth’s study groups findings.

Tempus believes that their efforts will propel the next advancement in healthcare. We all stand on the shoulders of men like Lefkofsky as we wait for it.

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The Philanthropic Jason Hope Read more

The Philanthropic Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist who has done tremendous work in ensuring the world maximizes technology. Jason believes technology can change an individual’s perspectives. He has been instrumental in the development of computer software, mobile apps ,and software that involve gaming. Hope believes that by embracing technology, individuals could benefit a lot in their activities.

Jason Hope is located in Arizona where he writes and researches regularly on the internet of things. The entrepreneur studied finance at Arizona State University where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree. He further studied masters at the Carey school of business. Jason Hope is also interested in business alongside business and philanthropic activities.

The main aim of the internet of things is to improve individuals’ businesses and lives. The internet of things has enabled individuals to access data at their various business easily. Individuals can also access programs that can educate them more on how to access the data on various platforms, and more information click here.

An individual who owns a business can track their businesses through their inventories that are enabled by the internet. Supplies have been manufactured with a certain technology to alert the owners when it is below the required amount. Employees can work at home using the internet. Individuals with companies have employed customer cares to help them answer their calls when at home. This has reduced the operative costs as everyone is productive but working at their own convenient time.

Products are easily accessible by the shoppers. Shoppers simply need to google whatever item they would like. The item can be purchased anywhere in the world as long as the shoppers pay for them. Efficiency has been improved by the internet. Advancements in technology have improved the speed in which products are being delivered. Employers have been able to hire little personnel since they can control most the work using technology, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Demands of the consumers have been met by the internet. Consumers have been connected to the world by the internet. Customers have been in need of a shopping that is personalized. This will enable the customers to be in control of what they want. Individuals have been opened to various jobs related to the internet. Some of them work in technology companies while others in the sales. The entrepreneur has donated to the SENS foundation that does a research on the treatment and technology, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation.

Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant Read more

Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant

In a recent interview, Sahm Adrangi a former wall street bond trader now hedge fund analyst revealed that his hard work and his ability to click and blend in easily with people is what got him to where he is currently. Adrangi’s kick-started career at Merrill Lynch’s Credit desk where he was working as an intern. Here he was able to cement his career and like stated earlier his socializing skills are what enabled him to stay three more years with the company this time on the bond desk where his role was trading credit. The skills he earned while on this desk are what acted as a foundation for his success. Sahm then moved on to Longacre and later to Paulson & Co credit team. Here he managed to make approximately six billion dollars through shorting mortgage bonds. Sahm is currently owned his hedge fund known as Kerrisdale Capital and is an author who releases publications regarding matters bonds and trade. Some of his works include The Pebble deposit isn’t commercially viable which has helped many companies move up the market.

About Sahm Adrangi

Anyone who is involved in trading bonds is undoubtedly acquainted with the name Sahm Adrangi. He is a man of many titles as he has ventured in one too many fields and has worked with a diverse number of companies in the banking and financial sectors such as Paulson & Co, Longacre, and even as a creditor advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. His services at Chanin were quite efficient and very much needed as he helped represent the debt holders and even bankrupt companies. Prior to the company, Adrangi also worked with Deutsche Bank where he also left quite a mark due to his expertise. Today, the thirty-three-year-old man owns his firm known as Kerrisdale where he uses his skills to expose fraudulent companies which tend to take advantage of their clients unknowingly. Sahm can achieve that by shorting them, and some of the firms which he has successfully exposed include China marine food group among many others. He is a Yale University graduate and holds a BA in economics from the institution. He is apparently a jack of all trades as he is an author known for his research publications which he helps spread knowledge regarding current and future stocks, he is a speaker and also plays the role of an activist in investments.

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Susan McGalla’s Role and Thoughts on Empowerment of Women Leaders Read more

Susan McGalla’s Role and Thoughts on Empowerment of Women Leaders

Susan McGalla has been on the forefront at encouraging women to take up leadership positions. This businessman woman credits her success to how she was brought up. Susan McGalla was the only girl to a football coach. She spent most of her childhood competing with her brothers.

Susan McGalla talks about women in leadership

According to Susan McGalla, she had to work hard to get the things she wanted. These values have made her hold high-level positions at the companies she worked at, and this has enabled her to set up other ventures such as P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is the current vice president of business strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers. This executive has allowed confidence to lead her in the workplace. Susan McGalla champions for gender equality in the corporate world. Over the years, she has come to realize that women can only take up leadership positions if they are given sponsorship opportunities. These include allocating them with critical assignments at the workplace. On the other hand, the sponsors should be given incentives to motivate them to invest in women projects.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur and the former boss of the American Eagle Outfitters. She is a graduate of Mount Union College where she studied marketing and business management. Susan McGalla is one of the most sought-after female entrepreneurs in the business world. Her achievements and success speak for themselves. Susan McGalla has worked for numerous companies throughout her lifetime. She also served as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Susan McGalla sits on the board of HFF Inc.

Susan McGalla is a visionary business leader who has strived to excel in all areas of her life. She is married to Stephen McGalla, a renowned business executive. Susan McGalla is also a motivational speaker who has addressed numerous conferences. In 2015, was the keynote speaker at a conference organized by the Women and Girl’s Foundation. Susan McGalla is a female business leader who commands respect in the business world.