Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant Read more

Sahm Adrangi, the credit and bonds giant

In a recent interview, Sahm Adrangi a former wall street bond trader now hedge fund analyst revealed that his hard work and his ability to click and blend in easily with people is what got him to where he is currently. Adrangi’s kick-started career at Merrill Lynch’s Credit desk where he was working as an intern. Here he was able to cement his career and like stated earlier his socializing skills are what enabled him to stay three more years with the company this time on the bond desk where his role was trading credit. The skills he earned while on this desk are what acted as a foundation for his success. Sahm then moved on to Longacre and later to Paulson & Co credit team. Here he managed to make approximately six billion dollars through shorting mortgage bonds. Sahm is currently owned his hedge fund known as Kerrisdale Capital and is an author who releases publications regarding matters bonds and trade. Some of his works include The Pebble deposit isn’t commercially viable which has helped many companies move up the market.

About Sahm Adrangi

Anyone who is involved in trading bonds is undoubtedly acquainted with the name Sahm Adrangi. He is a man of many titles as he has ventured in one too many fields and has worked with a diverse number of companies in the banking and financial sectors such as Paulson & Co, Longacre, and even as a creditor advisor at Chanin Capital Partners. His services at Chanin were quite efficient and very much needed as he helped represent the debt holders and even bankrupt companies. Prior to the company, Adrangi also worked with Deutsche Bank where he also left quite a mark due to his expertise. Today, the thirty-three-year-old man owns his firm known as Kerrisdale where he uses his skills to expose fraudulent companies which tend to take advantage of their clients unknowingly. Sahm can achieve that by shorting them, and some of the firms which he has successfully exposed include China marine food group among many others. He is a Yale University graduate and holds a BA in economics from the institution. He is apparently a jack of all trades as he is an author known for his research publications which he helps spread knowledge regarding current and future stocks, he is a speaker and also plays the role of an activist in investments.

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Susan McGalla’s Role and Thoughts on Empowerment of Women Leaders Read more

Susan McGalla’s Role and Thoughts on Empowerment of Women Leaders

Susan McGalla has been on the forefront at encouraging women to take up leadership positions. This businessman woman credits her success to how she was brought up. Susan McGalla was the only girl to a football coach. She spent most of her childhood competing with her brothers.

Susan McGalla talks about women in leadership

According to Susan McGalla, she had to work hard to get the things she wanted. These values have made her hold high-level positions at the companies she worked at, and this has enabled her to set up other ventures such as P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is the current vice president of business strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers. This executive has allowed confidence to lead her in the workplace. Susan McGalla champions for gender equality in the corporate world. Over the years, she has come to realize that women can only take up leadership positions if they are given sponsorship opportunities. These include allocating them with critical assignments at the workplace. On the other hand, the sponsors should be given incentives to motivate them to invest in women projects.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur and the former boss of the American Eagle Outfitters. She is a graduate of Mount Union College where she studied marketing and business management. Susan McGalla is one of the most sought-after female entrepreneurs in the business world. Her achievements and success speak for themselves. Susan McGalla has worked for numerous companies throughout her lifetime. She also served as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc and the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Susan McGalla sits on the board of HFF Inc.

Susan McGalla is a visionary business leader who has strived to excel in all areas of her life. She is married to Stephen McGalla, a renowned business executive. Susan McGalla is also a motivational speaker who has addressed numerous conferences. In 2015, was the keynote speaker at a conference organized by the Women and Girl’s Foundation. Susan McGalla is a female business leader who commands respect in the business world.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Takes Cancer-care to a Higher Level Read more

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Takes Cancer-care to a Higher Level

It’s of great news to both cancer care providers and patients since Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in partnership with NantHealth and Allscripts, is preparing to launch a comprehensive and custom cancer treatment solution: clinical pathways. The new platform will enable care givers to integrate eviti® platform with Allscripts Sunrise™ thereby creating a customized evidence based cancer treatment. This technical support solution has been projected to result into informed treatment process with no interference to the Doctor’s clinical proceedings.

According to George Daneker CTCA’s chief medical officer, clinical pathways offers ideal treatment options that are not only safe and efficient but also free from guesswork. The solution is patient driven and uses latest cancer technology research tools. This innovation has been cited to be a perfect complement to oncologists as well as their patients. It creates a common center of data-based discussion between the patient and the physician.

The three organizations began working on the concept in 2016 with a common mission of supporting the cancer treatment process. According to Paul Black, Allscripts’ CEO, the solution will definitely improve chemotherapy process and in turn the quality of cancer-care services provided by CTCA. The solution is available in all CTCA hospitals.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

CTCA is a network of 5 hospitals and is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, United States. Founded by Richard J Stephenson in 1988, the organization has continued to serve adult cancer-patients in various parts of USA including Illinois, Oklahoma, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The organization has since received several accreditations as a result of its quality services. These in includes Joint Commission’s Full Standard Compliance, and Magnet Award among many others. The group has been on the fore-front when it comes to treatment and support of cancer patients and their families. Unlike in other healthcare facilities, CTCA gives patients an opportunity to actively participate towards their treatment process.

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James Dondero: The Investment Adviser Company CEO and Philanthropist Read more

James Dondero: The Investment Adviser Company CEO and Philanthropist

James Dondero has been in the scene of financial investments. As the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, their company has a 70 billion dollar asset as alternative credit managers.

The success story of their company has a long history 20 years ago, and they have come a long way. Being able to work at JP Morgan and eventually in American Express gave him his business idea at catapulted his way to financial success. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

However, it isn’t just success that James Dondero is after. After many years of working as the co-founder and President of a billion-dollar company, he has found a passion of serving others in his community. This Dallas self-made CEO has invested money for uplifting the residents of Dallas, Texas.

At present James Dondero and his company donated to the local Dallas Zoo, Perot Museum of Natural Science and George W. Bush Presidential Library and institute. James Dondero aspires to be a company which not only after financial success, but also giving back and providing value to Texans.

At present, they also sponsor a program called Education is Freedom. This program provides opportunities for out-of-school and at-risk youth to avail of scholarships and educational financial assistance. He believes that education is one way out of the vicious cycle of poverty and aims to help these individuals succeed in life.

They are also participants and sponsors of the Snowball Express. The Snowball Express is a program for the children of military fallen heroes. They provide a 4-day event which offers amusement parks, dancing, sports and other recreational activities for the children.

Capital for Kids is also a program that offers management advisers opportunities to help children in need. They offer low-income families quality educational assistance coming from the volunteers and donors of the program.


Most people would say that profit and philanthropy don’t go well together, but here is James Dondero who is doing his best with his company to deliver just that. He has brought about tremendous change and is continuing to do so for the people of Dallas. An inspiring success story and a leader with a heart, he hopes that many other people would achieve success and make a difference in their own communities. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Sheldon Lavin, Using his Leadership to Elevate OSI Group to a Global Platform Read more

Sheldon Lavin, Using his Leadership to Elevate OSI Group to a Global Platform

Sheldon Lavin started his career in the meat industry in 1970, working as a financial consultant with Otto & Sons Company. The company was governed by Mr. Otto and his two sons who became Midwest’s main McDonald Corporation’s supplier of hamburgers. The company underwent a phase of a financial hitch, prompting Sheldon to come in and help with financing. After the issue was cleared, Lavin was requested to take ownership of the company as a business partner which he turned down and sought to maintain his place as the Financial Consultant. By 1975, Sheldon was substantially involved with Otto & Sons at a time when they sought for overseas investments.

After Mr. Otto retired, Sheldon accepted to be an official partner with the company, which changed its name to be OSI Group. The company expanded and crossed boundaries to serve North America, Australia, Europe, India, Japan, Philippines and South Africa. Sheldon Lavin is currently OSI’s Chief Executive Officer. The company is a major meat and food processing firm that comprises of both OSI Industries and OSI International Foods. During his leadership at OSI, Sheldon has earned himself a high profile in the industry. He is also the president of OSI International Foods Ltd. which controls a major part of the company’s operations. Details OSI Group,click here.

Sheldon holds a degree in financial accounting, which has been worthwhile especially in his financial career path. Sheldon is an active philanthropist and has received numerous awards for both business and non-profit activities. His philanthropic works include his participation in several charity events including Evans Scholarship Fund, Jewish United Fund, Inner City Foundation, United Negro College Fund and, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. For his incredible accomplishments at OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin received the 2016 Global Visionary Award by the India Vision Works Academy.

During his tenure as head of OSI Industries, the company has exhibited exponential growth globally and has secured a high rank in the international scene as the largest supplier of protein. Sheldon Lavin takes pride in making sure that OSI is the powerhouse that it is today and says that all he wants is for his accomplishment to act as an inspiration to upcoming corporate leaders. He adds that dedication is the key when it comes to pushing for the success of a company by its leaders. Leaders are responsible for finding innovative ways to ensure that their companies are at par with global commerce while equally finding opportunities for their employees. Despite his success, Lavin is still actively involved in pushing OSI Group to greater limits.

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Jorge Moll Gives a Spectacular Presentation at National Health Confederation (CNS) Read more

Jorge Moll Gives a Spectacular Presentation at National Health Confederation (CNS)

Jorge Moll was one of the three hundred healthcare executives attending the 2017th National Health Confederation (CNS) in Rio. Other prominent healthcare management scientists chosen to give keynote speeches included Claudio Jose Allgayer and Paolo Chapchap. Dr. Chapchap serves as the CEO of the Sirio-Libanes D’Or Sao Luiz Hospital. Here’s a recap of what the veteran hospital management gurus had to teach. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Of Infinite Needs and Limited Resources

Paulo Chapchap opened the stage by acknowledging the remarkable jobs done by developed nations in allocating more funds to their health sectors. Dr. Paul observed that in many European nations, the health sector is allocated up to 10% of the country’s GDP. The physician, having served over 20 years in the industry, knows the hurdles and challenges facing hospital managements all too well. Dr. Chapchap goes ahead to use the so-called ‘strength triangle” theory proposed by the late William Kissick, a health management authority from the Wharton University.

Every hospital grapples with the problem of how they strike a balance between infinite needs and limited resources. Winding up, Dr. Paul called on his peers to quit wasting valuable money on unimportant things and instead funnel those funds towards overhauling the ancient healthcare management systems running most, if not all, of the hospitals you find everywhere.


Jorge Moll Wows!

After a much-deserved coffee break, the 300 business executives came back to a brilliant presentation from Jorge Moll. Jorge Moll is a celebrity figure at the event being the founder and a director in well over 30 hospitals in Brazil. Jorge was melancholic as he explained how it all just started as a small exam institution to become a behemoth conglomerate comprised of hundreds of accredited and excellent hospitals. The accomplished cardiologist remarked how he’d seen Rio go from being the center of medicine in the nation to the appalling state Rio’s healthcare sector is today. Greedy business persons played a part in the worsening health sector as they inflated the costs of essential diagnostic tools and other hospital services. Jorge is, however, very optimistic about the future as more hospitals embrace the culture of being socially responsible. Visit Wikipedia to know more about Jorge Moll.

Agora Financial Increases Investor Knowledge Read more

Agora Financial Increases Investor Knowledge

People are taking a look at their retirement and general saving plans and realizing that they are not maximizing their returns on investment. This typically happens when people are not getting the financial literature that they need to make better decisions. People that have come to this realization should stop wasting time and consider subscribing to Agora Financial. This is going to be the company that leads people right into the best financial moves for investing.

So many people that may have thought that they were doing fine with investments will find that they can do much better by connecting with Agora. This is the company that has the experts in place that are going to help people see a better financial outlook for their lives.

Few people have the ability to invest consistently without any financial literature. Most investors are going to need to read a magazine or subscribe to online literature at some point. People must be able to follow the market changes and know what industries are on the rise.

A smart investor is not going to waste time when it comes to creating better investment opportunities. They are really going to look at what is happening in the market with the investments that they have. They are going to take every opportunity to make sure that they are making better decisions with the financial literature that they have. Agora Financial has these experts in place that can provide better information for long-term investments.

Agora Financial has a plethora of publications so people that need to invest should not tarry. They should take the initiative to better investment success by getting plugged into a company that is going to provide the best information for investors. The smart investor knows that Agora Financial can help with investing challenges.

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Cassio Audi Revels In His Drumming History Read more

Cassio Audi Revels In His Drumming History

The early and mid-1980s were a period of time when heavy metal and hard rock ruled the airwaves of radio stations across the planet with drummers just as famous as any other member of a particular band. In Brazil, one of the first heavy metal drummers to receive widespread attention was Cassio Audi of the band Viper; Cassio Audi was still a teenager when he achieved fame as a heavy metal drummer still mentioned as one of the most iconic in the history of Brazilian heavy metal. Watch this video on Youtube.

In 2017, Cassio Audi is far better known as a financial and investment specialist who is seeking to discover ways of opening up the financial markets of Brazil to everyday people who usually find it difficult to break into high-profit investment funds. Despite the fact he has now entered one of the most impressive and traditionally conservative areas of business, Cassio Audi retains a link to his former life as one of the most respected drummers in the history of heavy metal. Many reunions have taken place for Viper over the course of a history beginning in 1985 with vocalist Andre Matos taking a 20-year break from the band. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

The potted history of Cassio Audi and Viper begins in the city of Sao Paulo where the young drummer was already performing with a number of bands before being asked to play for the newly formed band, Viper. Audi brought an impressive array of skills to the band including the ability to adapt his heavy metal drumming style to the demands of his bandmates and the song being performed. It is safe to say, Viper would not have gone on to have the almost instant success they enjoyed through the release of 1987’s “Theatre of Fate” album if Cassio Audi had not been the drummer for the band between 1985 and 1989.


Securus Technology Journey to Success Read more

Securus Technology Journey to Success

Securus Technologies is a company dedicated to providing both criminal and civil justice technology solutions that are aimed at public safety, correction, investigation, and monitoring in the United States. Some of the public safety solutions offered include incident management, emergency response, public information, investigation, monitoring of products and services, inmate self-service, and also information management. They have worked day and night for these great achievements. These law enforcement agencies help in the collection, distribution, and storage of information within the stipulated time. The company has also been on the frontline offering solution to the today’s android technology whereby people can be able to speak and interact freely from wherever they are.


Securus Technologies was established in year 1986 but had a challenging journey Until 2009. They hired a new Chief executive officer who had what it takes to take it to the next higher level. Before April 2009, the company used to be called TZ Holdings. It has its headquarters based in Dallas Texas but is currently a North America region giant. They have successfully worked for the success of a prisoners or rather an inmate’s life.


Securus Technology has other regional offices in Carrolton and Allen and also Atlanta Georgia. All these branches have been growing every moment, and Securus is currently worth billions of dollars. It is no doubt that Securus has an organized team of staff who cooperate for the sake of their success. Led by Rick Smith and other 1000 staff members, the company is said to have helped over one million inmates, and the number keeps on rising. They have increased their levels of operations so much and are continuing to improve on their technology. They have also been able to make the lives of inmates better through their phone technology and have been able to install communication means in their cells. That way they have been able to interact freely with their relatives.


Market America Products Combine Quality and E-Commerce Read more

Market America Products Combine Quality and E-Commerce

The world of e-commerce has been growing for the past 30 years. As customers grow more comfortable with technology, this form of shopping is becoming more and more attractive. By keeping quality, convenience and professionalism as major goals, businesses are able to reap the benefits of success without costly brick and mortar stores.

What is E-Commerce

Simply put, e-commerce is any business that supplies commodities by way of electronics, such as the Internet. This term has expanded to include B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business) and C2C (consumer to consumer).
Although this method of trade sounds simple, the transparency can be the death of many start-up companies. Customers are free to deliver feedback on quality of products, customer service and rating systems of their overall experience. Savvy shoppers rely on this information in order to make a wise decision on where to shop.

Challenges of E-Commerce

Planning, presentation and the right group of go-now people are a must in the world of e-commerce. Longevity, good reviews and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating will increase the chances of survival. Follow companies that have a great track record in e-commerce and study their methods of success. Market America Products show how quality is a basic need in addition to having the right attitude toward success. Constant involvement is key to growth and take care in following good advice and making updated changes.

Set your mind to developing a popular base, representing good quality products and hiring key people that are quick and action-orientated. Follow successful companies, such as Market America and enjoy the ride of entrepreneurship.

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