Preston Smith, the Rocketship Education CEO, Is Here to Pass On Several Helpful Tidbits of Educational Knowledge Read more

Preston Smith, the Rocketship Education CEO, Is Here to Pass On Several Helpful Tidbits of Educational Knowledge

Preston Smith and John Danner founded Rocketship Education in Redwood City, California, hosting its first academic year in a church kind enough to donate its facility in San Jose. Although John Danner, a technological guru, isn’t with Rocketship Education anymore, contemporary CEO Preston Smith has remained with the chain of public charter schools through thick and thin, learning many valuable lessons in the process.

Teachers are paid more than most other schools compensate their instructors, even Rocketship Education’s private counterparts. Parents are also involved with interviews, throughly screening applicants to help reduce the probability of poor educational candidates finding their ways into the ranks of the highly prestigious Rocketship Education’s facilities. Administrators, more importantly, look for teachers that will be flexible in changing their methods of instruction, rather than hiring those with decades of work experience, even if they’ve been rated highly by their former employers.

Employees at Rocketship Education’s locations are encouraged to listen to the opinions of everybody involved with their schools in any capacity, whether they’re parents, nearby citizens, or investors that provide substantial sums of money to Rocketship’s facilities. This helps administrators and instructors make well-rounded decisions.

Unlike other schools, RSED strives to diversify its teachers’ backgrounds first, rather than its students. Students learn better and are happier when taught by teachers with diverse backgrounds.

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 as the brainchild of Preston Smith and his technologically-savvy business partner. The chain of public charter schools are allowed to accept investments from private parties and individuals, as well as government grants, allowances, and other awards, despite not having to follow the same rules that local school boards mandate for nearby schools. This allows Rocketship Education to fine-tune its educational plans for its low-income students, as areas with multiple schools of varying demographics – pretty much all cities in the entire United States of America – respond differently to various approaches. Rocketship Education’s charter status has allowed its students to consistently score some of the highest test scores in its respective regions of operation, ranging from the nation’s capital in Washington DC to 12 schools strewn across California.

A Sign of the Times: Changing Trends Within The Banking Industry Read more

A Sign of the Times: Changing Trends Within The Banking Industry

In order to stay on top of your game, you must adapt and grow. If you don’t adapt to what’s going on around you, you’ll become stagnant. If you become stagnant then it’s game over. This notion is very true no matter the industry, field of work or position. Professional banking epitomizes this notion to the fullest. Have you noticed how much better regional banks have become. In years of the past, regional banking just didn’t have the capabilities to compete on a national level with the big boys. Oh how times have changed and as of today, regional banks have become the preferred way of banking by millions of people from coast to coast.

The Texas Bankers Association plays a critical role in regional banking within the Texas border. Its members get together on occasions to discuss what’s trending in regional banking as well as discussing any issues that have presented itself. On the other hand, President and CEO John Holt, represented NexBank Capital at one of the industry’s biggest events. The Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is this event, and it was attended by many individuals within this exclusive community. Holt was one of the members that were chosen to be on the banker panel discussion. “Reinventing Community Banking” was the main topic and Holt answered the many different questions from the many different participants. Everything under the sun was talked about and discussed in fine detail. This is one reason why regional banking has grown into the powerhouse it is today.

NexBank Capital certainly sets the tone just by its presence. It has created the most waves over the past few years, and it’s dominating the competition on many different levels. Changing trends and the banking industry go hand-to-hand either way you look at it and NexBank Capital sits at the apex of it all.

Michel Terpins: A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver Read more

Michel Terpins: A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is a famous Brazilian Rally driver that currently belongs to the Bull Sertões Rally Team. The 40-year old rally driver participated in the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally with Maykel Justo as his navigator. He was among the top five fastest drivers in the competition having won two of the three stages of the race. Terpins was forced to slow down in the third stage due to some mechanical problems they experienced when driving between Santa Terezinha de Goiás to Aruanã. This was 306 km stretch that really affected his speed.

As the current Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship leader, this was a very defining moment for him because his vehicle had not received the required mechanical support after the Marathon stage. Terpins was forced to decelerate after the gear box of the T-Rex # 322 broke down. The only way he could have prevented results from being compromised was to slow down. However, they managed to finish 10th overall and fourth in prototypes T1 despite the challenges.

Michel Terpins has been a regular participant in the Sertoes Rally and has so far record nine participations. His 44-year old brother, Rodrigo Terpins, has five participations in the Sertoes Rally. Their passion for off-road and speed made them set up team Bull Sertões Rally Team. In addition, the two brothers have been major participants in the Sertões Rally and the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship for the last four seasons. Their preferred racing car has been the T-Rex from MEM Motorsport. Michel Terpins will be completing his 10th participation in the Sertoes Rally this year.

He made his debut in 2002 when he participated in the motorcycle category but later joined his brother Rodrigo Terpins in the cars category as his sailor. His piloting with T-Rex has evolved over the last four years. His current navigator is Maykel Justo from Taubaté (SP). Justo has four titles to his name and over 10 years of Sertoes Rally in the curriculum. Michel Terpins is very proud of his navigator and claims that their turning has become perfect because he gives him a lot of safety. The national championship ranking includes the first two stages of the Sertoes Rally, and Michel is the current prototypes T1 leader in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship.

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Matthew Autterson Helps People Sort Out Their Financial Planning Strategies

Matthew Autterson may be the person that is going to change the financial industry once and for all. He has become a solid financial analyst that has a multitude of skills in the financial world. He has worked in various positions, and it is different roles in financial institutions has given him a great background of experience. He has been a completely different person that has managed to create a whole lot of different boundaries for people that want to keep their investments safe.


Everyone is not going to leap wholeheartedly into the stock market. Some people are going to be interested in building a conservative plan when it comes to aggressive growth. That is what Matthew is able to do to help people if that is their desire. If they have a desire to do something different like diversify to also include stocks and bonds, Matthew can help with this as well. He is the type of investor that knows a plethora of different things that people can do to change their financial portfolio. He knows about the market and the different investment strategies that people can utilize to grow at any rate that they would wish.


Matthew has proven himself to be the type of business man that knows about an assortment of different things that can be used to gain financial leverage. People are certainly impressed with what Matthew has been able to do with portfolios, but he also realizes that there is a great amount of business leadership that he could engage in as well. Matthew has taken strides in building a better brand for companies that he has been in charge of. Matthew Autterson has also made his way into the business world as a board director for several organizations like the Denver Zoo. He is currently the CEO of a bioscience company, and he has had the previous experience of managing a company that had as many as 15,000 advisors. It shows that Matthew knows how to manage on a small or large scale.


It also shown that his skills are diverse and that his knowledge extends beyond the financial investment industry. Onlookers may say that Matthew is something of a Renaissance businessman. He knows a little bit about everything. He has proven himself time and time again to be the type of business executive that can adapt to any type of new environment.

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Greg Secker Seeks To Empower Young People

One thing that can be agreed upon is the fact that the real world is something that young people are not ready to experience in many cases. One thing that occurs is that a lot of young people are not given the tools they need to make it in their adult life. For one thing, a lot of the important lessons are not taught. At the same time, people do not have to learn the hard way. Greg Secker himself has decided that he wants to do something for young people. This is one of the reasons that he has set up the Greg Secker Foundation.


Even though the original intention of his foundation was to empower young men, the foundation actually started getting involved in more philanthropic activities in different countries. Greg has also gotten involved in rebuilding communities in areas such as the Philippines. One of the things they are doing is restoring communities that have been destroyed by a Typhoon. They are trying to build houses that are stronger against storms and helping them learn new skills that will bring them greater success than before. One thing that is certain is that Greg Secker has taken some time off to realize what is important to him.


Greg Secker has chosen a good market to get involved in with Forex. For one thing, the Forex market can help people earn tons of money in a short amount of time if they know what they are doing. Therefore, people who can trade in Forex are at a major advantage. They just have to learn about the right strategies that can bring them profits beyond their wildest hopes and dreams. Young men are especially at an advantage because of the skills they can learn from the Greg Secker Foundation which will make their lives better.

How Clay Siegall rose to the top of the biomedical industry Read more

How Clay Siegall rose to the top of the biomedical industry

Over the last 30 years, no single name stands out above that of Clay Siegall in terms of contributions made to the field of targeted cancer therapies. Throughout a superlative career spanning more than 35 years, Dr. Siegall has contributed more than any single person to this exciting new line of cancer research. Through the discovery and implementation of antibody drug conjugates, one of the most cutting-edge cancer treatments currently available, Dr. Siegall has completely transformed the way that cancer is treated today.


While still in undergraduate school, Dr. Clay Siegall first became aware of the horrendous side effects normally associated with traditional chemotherapeutic regimens. After a family member was diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Siegall was shocked to realize that the side effects of the chemotherapy itself are often worse than the disease. This proved to be true in the case of Dr. Siegall’s relative, who nearly died of anemia secondary to a large dose of chemotherapy being infused into his bloodstream. This gave Dr. Siegall the impetus that led him on to become a leading cancer researcher throughout the 1990s and 2000s.


After graduating with an MS from the University of Maryland in biology and a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, Dr. Siegall was eventually recruited by the National Cancer Institute, one of the most prestigious institutions for research and development of new cancer drugs and treatment in the world. Over the course of the next four years, Dr. Siegall worked on some of the most cutting-edge treatments in the world. These included a variety of different targeted cancer therapies and other types of precision medicine that promised to nearly completely eliminate the side effects associated with traditional chemotherapy regimens.


After spending four years at the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Siegall was recruited by pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb. There he continued to work on many highly innovative lines of drugs. This included the first synthesis of a line of drugs known as antibody drug conjugates, which use synthetic human antibodies to deliver lethal cytotoxins directly to the site of malignancies.


By the year 1998, he decided to leave Bristol-Myers Squibb and form his own company. Called Seattle Genetics, his firm was the first dedicated solely to the research and development of antibody drug conjugates.

How Don Ressler Helped JustFab To Secure Funding Read more

How Don Ressler Helped JustFab To Secure Funding

JustFab Inc. (TechStyle Fashion Group) is focusing on becoming the leading online fashion retailer globally. The company is ready to take on mega companies such as Amazon. The umbrella company hopes to achieve this objective by investing in more products and strategically acquiring other companies. This strategy has seen the number of brands under the company’s umbrella increase from one to five in a span of seven years. These brands include JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics. These brands use online subscription fashion retail approach to sell a wide range of products, including jewelry, denim, handbags, active wear, and shoes. In its expansion process, JustFab Inc. has received adequate capital from the past four rounds of funding.

In 2010, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, a shrewd entrepreneur, to found JustFab. The two executives had developed a business model that they believed was destined for success. However, they lacked the funding needed to accelerate the process. Don Ressler began working on a plan to secure funding for the company. The success of their efforts was realized in 2011 when Matrix Partners, a US-based venture capital firm, invested $33 million in the company. The second round of funding in 2012 saw JustFab receive $76 million from a conglomerate of investors, including Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Venture, and Matrix Partners. The capital relieved from the funding enabled JustFab to expand its services beyond the United States to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. After these rounds of funding, the company had enough capital to engage in its first acquisition. The company acquired FabKids in 2013.

With the objective of expanding his company’s services to more countries and make strategic acquisitions, Don Ressler sought for further funding. In this round of funding, the company received $40 million. The money was used to introduce new product categories to the market and accelerate the company’s international growth. In 2014, the company received another $85 million from a group of investors made up of Passport Special Opportunity, Matrix Partners, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Venture. These funds brought the company’s total capitalization to around $250 million. More information on JustFab’s funding history can be accessed at

Don Ressler is an American fashion guru, entrepreneur, and an executive leader. He is the brain a number of successful startups, including Intelligent Beauty and Intermix. The two companies are venture capital firms. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of a company that designs active wears, Fabletics.

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Maintains a Clear Lead in the Alternative Investment Segment Read more

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Maintains a Clear Lead in the Alternative Investment Segment

Highland Capital Management is a privately-held investment advisor that specializes in alternative investment strategies. The firm controls over eighteen billion dollars in managed assets. It was co-founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada in Dallas, Texas in 1993. It acts as the holding company to numerous subsidiaries such as Highland Funds, MGM Holdings, Freedom Reit, Highland Capital Europe and Prospect Management Advisors among many other regional affiliates.


Besides Dallas, the company has a presence in New York, London, Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo in Brazil. The company specializes in distressed funds, hedge funds and senior fixed bank loans among other asset and credit solutions. It also has extensive interests in healthcare, emerging markets, and real estate. The firm is the largest manager of collateralized loan obligations in the US. It also operates a vibrant alternative mutual fund launched in 2000.


It has proved itself as a market leader in creating innovative alternative investment products and developing loan markets.


Highland Capital Management differentiates its services by co-investing alongside client portfolios. This delivers confidence and a guarantee of transparency to the customer. It identifies great managers who grow your assets even in turbulent markets. The firm focuses on creating solutions for investors by encouraging an owner-operator culture among its executives and credit managers.


The management team is famous for making bold bets and winning. They thoroughly analyze potential assets to understand the debt and recovery options. They also evaluate turnaround times and industry trends affecting the assets. The thrill of solving these puzzles makes the team incredibly successful.


Jim Dondero acts as the lead manager on numerous funds under the firm. This includes the Highland Global Allocation Fund as well as NexPoint Credit Strategies among others. The company is looking to expand its interests in real estate development and healthcare.


Highland Capital Management has won numerous awards for excellence in financial advisory and alternative investment solutions. The Wall Street Journal named the company the category king in global allocation funds. HFM named the company as the “Rising Star Of Mutual Funds” winner in 2013. Additionally, Lipper Fund Awards by Thomson Reuters recognized the company as the winner in the “Best Fund Over 3 Years Loan Participation” category.

Fantasy Football Rankings – Rankings Read more

Fantasy Football Rankings – Rankings

The Fantasy Footballers podcast is a podcast that is great grant winning as an autonomous dream football podcast that will record and deliver a wide range of extraordinary dream football content for throughout the entire year. The shows are far more centered around making and creating content that is exceptionally precise, to a great degree engaging, and of a super extraordinary generation quality. The Fantasy Footballers has a to a great degree high need that is an amazing way to deal with all dream football abilities and exhortation. Dream football is more about the system than detail sheets and exceed expectations docs. It is about the system, it is about association arrangement and correspondence, it is tied in with exchanging methodologies and draft day. It is tied in with winning the psychological distraction, finding for some hidden meaning, finding the treasures waiting to be discovered, and deriding your companions while you succeed.


Nick Vertucci Defies All Odds to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur Read more

Nick Vertucci Defies All Odds to Become a Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

One of Nick Vertucci’s philosophies is that one’s past does not dictate their future. Nick Vertucci was brought up in a loving family that provided for his basic needs. However, things changed for the worst when he lost his father when he was only ten years old. His mother had to work long hours to support Nick and his siblings, and she always came back home when Nick was already asleep. A few years later, Nick Vertucci started his company selling computer parts. He loved the freedom of being his own boss and it was at this time that he married his wife with whom they have three daughters. Things went well for them until 2000, when he lost his finances as he had not invested for the future.


For close to two years, Nick had no income, and he was forced to live on debts. He lost all his property except his home. Nick describes a seminar that he was invited to attend by a friend as his life saver. The seminar made him feel inspired and renewed, and he learned all he could about real estate from it. Nick Vertucci admits that it took him a lot of time to learn as much as possible to be successful in his business venture. He kept holding on and never gave up and at last, he developed the system that made him money from real estate in a simple and straight forward way.


When Nick eventually became a millionaire, he vowed to help others who were in the financial crisis similar to the one that he faced to live out of debt and make money in the real estate industry. Nick is greatly inspired by the fact that most of his clients have the drive and desire to make money except for the fact that they do not know how to. This motivates him to help them.


Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy gives solutions to the challenges of real estate investment. Nick has created a community and system that allows people to succeed in real estate investment using the same system that has worked for other investors. At the NV Real Estate Academy, one is taught all they need to know to tackle daily challenges they are likely to face in the investment journey. The team that is made up of industry leaders teaches the investors how to overcome challenges and succeed from identifying a deal to repairing property and selling the finished product. The NV Real estate Academy is dedicated to seeing that all of its students are successful in their business venture.