Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Launches Clinical Pathways

Cancer Centers of America opened its first hospital in 1988. The founder, Richard J Stephenson created the center as a labor of love. His mother died of cancer and what he deemed to be an unsatisfactory treatment plan. This was a way to combine the best cancer physicians and an integrative cancer treatment plan that approaches the patient as an individual. Along with traditional methods of treatment, also included are treatments for the many side effects of radiation.

A Merger Creates A Stronger Center

Cancer Centers Of America has merged with Allscripts and Nanthealth to now enable eviti, a clinical decision support system to access the clinical workflows while leaving the workflow undisturbed.

Hundreds of Oncologists across the nation are members. This means that physicians have access to a full database of Oncology treatments and cancer care data. Because it offers all appropriate treatment options, it will eliminate guesswork. Clinicians are bombarded with data routinely and this will help make the way clearer resulting in even higher quality care.

Designed With The Patient In Mind

The latest cancer research, along with the complementary therapies are entered into Allscripts Sunrise EHR. This gives Oncologists all available treatment options in one space.

The System Provides

A care plan that is a tailored to the patient; the disease stage; the personal state of health.
Comparative list of options with cost of delivery
Tap screen ordering system
Each treatment offering comes complete with the integrative approach. This includes the evidence based treatment and complementary options for support.
Both the Oncologist and the patient will have access to up-to-date treatment results; success rates and toxicity.

In Closing

This system provides all relevant data to the patient. This means a more supported treatment where educated, clear decisions can be made.

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