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How George Soros Approaches Trump and Capitalism

George Soros has worked his entire life to become one of the foremost fighters for progressive values on the planet. Soros is, of course, known for his work through his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations. The OSF has been focused on creating a borderless world where people hold their government accountable, freedom is available for everyone, and social justice is constantly fought for. These values, along with his billionaire status, have made George Soros enemy #1 of the entire right wing political party on Earth. The scariest part to the right wing is that Soros is successful and he isn’t going away any time soon.

George Soros was raised as a child in Hungary before ultimately he would have to flee during the Nazi Occupation of 1944. Soros and his family, all Jews, would go on to help countless individuals flee the country before they themselves fled for London. Still, over 500,000 people would die during that year of occupation, a catastrophic and tragic number. This event would shape and sharpen Soros’ viewpoints as he grew older. He realized how dangerous an oppressive regime of nationalists could be. He understood what it was like for justice to only be applied in part. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

So, when Donald Trump began campaigning on a platform of hate, ignorance, and intolerance George Soros felt obliged to get back into the action. Soros would leap back into the political fray in order to start fundraising for progressive politicians, including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Soros would donate nearly $25 million to Clinton and the rest of the progressive party ticket. These millions would go toward combating the billions that the conservative Koch Brothers pour into each and every election. Still, Donald Trump would win the Presidency and George Soros would vow to never back down, constantly being a thorn in the side of President Trump as he sought to enact his destructive legislation.

Much of what Soros has he can owe to capitalism, but that hasn’t prevented him from looking at the market critically. Capitalism, Soros believes, is actually one of the primary threats of a civilized and ‘open society’. Soros pulled the ‘open society’ term from Henri Bergson, a writer back in the 1930s, as well as the works of Karl Popper whom Soros would study while going to school in London. Capitalism, not communism, Soros believes to be the biggest threat facing the nation today. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros points out that much of the world believes in the ‘magic of the marketplace’ but he also posits that this isn’t a good thing. Soros believes that what he believes to be the ‘common good‘ cannot be pursued if self-interest is at the core of all our dealings. These are strong words to consider, especially from someone as successful as George Soros.



One is entitled to human rights immediately after conception. Human rights are compulsory no matter your age, sex, nationality or place of residence. These rights are always, interrelated, interdependent, and indivisible. By this, it means the betterment of a person’s right facilitates the progress of the other right.

Regardless of their economic or political opinions, it is the role of a state or a country to protect the rights of its residents.To protect these fundamental rights of a person several organizations have been formed to safeguard this right. A good example of this Human rights watchdog is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

About Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund

This organization was formed by Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin after their arrest by the sheriff of Maricopa County Mr. Joe Arpaio. Their detention was because of publishing about the existence of a grand jury that sought reporter’s notes on the articles covering the sheriff. So ruthless was the grand jury that they demand the identity of the residence who had read the article online that involved the lawman. Because of this Lacey and Larkin sued the county and won the case.

Their experience in the First Amendment act was the main reason for their victory in the case. They were awarded $3.75 million settlement which they dedicated the entire amount of money to fund migrant right Organization in the Arizona state. Larkin and Lacey support groups that advocate for human, civil and migrants’ rights as well as public participation and freedom of speech throughout Arizona and on the Mexican Border.

Other Human Right Watch groups around the World.

1. International Organisation For Migration

Established in 1951, it is the leading intergovernmental organization that deals, immigration, and work in close cooperation with governments. It has over 150 member states, and an additional eight states hold observer status. The IOM is dedicated to promoting the orderly migration for the benefit of everyone. It promotes international cooperation in migration issues and assist in search of solutions migration problems and give humanitarian help to migrants including the internally displaced and the refugees.

Its constitution recognizes the link between economic, cultural and social developments of the migrants. The four broad areas that the International Organisation works include:

• Forced Migration
• Regulating Migration
• Facilitating Migration
• Migration and development

2. Oxfam International

Oxfam is a confederation of over fifteen organization that work together with communities in over 90 nations. Oxfam International chief aim is to mobilize the people against poverty. It is said that one person out of three lives in poverty. Around the world, Oxfam works to get practical and innovative ways so that people can use them to eradicate and lift themselves out of poverty.

When crisis strikes, they work to solve, save and rebuild the livelihoods of the victims. Oxfam works with other organizations to end the injustice that causes poverty to the people. Oxfam believes that every person has a right to realize their potential and to live free from poverty. They believe that with necessary actions from organizations and government’s poverty will end and a secure world will be created.

To conclude, it is important that we value the fundamental Human right so that we can achieve a perpetual peace and co-existence. We encourage that everyone should value other peoples’ rights and promote theirs also. This can be done by supporting organizations like the one mentioned above.

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George Soros Has Known The Struggle Against Tyrants

Most people who have managed to acquire large sums of money tend to hoard it for themselves and their families. George Soros is not such a man. George wants to change the world for the better, and he knows that money is often the means to make this happen. George was born in Hungary, and as a boy of only 14 years of age he experienced the invasion of Hitler’s Nazi army. George’s surname at his birth was Schwartz, because he came from a Jewish family. His father was terrified that if the Nazis discovered their Jewish ancestor that they would be murdered, or sent to the death camps as slaves for Hitler’s army. George’s father used what money he had earned from being a hard working attorney, and purchased documents that were falsified to show that his family was Christians. To further try and protect his family, his father split them up and sent them into different locations. To finalize this level of protection, George’s father changed their surname to become Soros. Soros is a word that means “will soar,” to rise above the oppression they were facing. Soros is a word taken from the Esperanto language, which George’s father taught him to speak as a child. Learn more on about George.

After Hitler’s army was defeated, George found peace by moving to London, to study economics and philosophy. He came into contact with the famous Karl Popper ideologies, surrounding the concepts of an open and free society, and how only a society that is free from social injustice can ever truly flourish. This eventually became George’s outlook on life. He earned a Master’s degree in philosophy and began to work for a brokerage agency. While there, George began to trade in what is known as venture securities. He would purchase a country’s securities, and then profit from the selling of the securities to another country. This eventually, within 4 years’ time, allowed for George to move to America.

George sailed to New York in the 1950’s, and in time, he became a citizen of America and set out to work for a great many Wall Street companies. In the early 1970’s, George Soros had acquired enough capital to begin his hedge fund business, which he branded the Soros Fund. Sometime later this name was changed to the Quantum Fund, and in time became known as the Quantum Fund Endowment. His company’s success permitted him to begin to use his money to help others who were impoverished. Through his charity work he has donated billions of dollars to help individuals and also companies fight for true change in the world.

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Thor Halvorssen Has a Long History of Fighting For Human Rights Read more

Thor Halvorssen Has a Long History of Fighting For Human Rights

Most Americans have little experience in the area of human rights abuse. People go about their daily lives paying little attention to the egregious human rights violations that are happening everyday around the world. Even when they hear about a particularly abusive dictator, most people think that there is nothing that they can do about it. Such is not the case with Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen has been fighting for human rights since he was a very young man.

Thor Halvorssen has a deep personal understanding of the human rights abuses that authoritarian regimes are willing to inflict upon their citizens. Thor’s father was imprisoned and tortured after he began a series of investigations into government corruption in Venezuela. Halvorssen started a campaign with Amnesty International to get his father released from prison. Thor’s father was later cleared of all charges. Thor’s mother was shot and wounded while she was participating in a peaceful demonstration against Hugo Chavez in 2004.

Halvorssen founded the New York-based Human Rights Foundation in 1999. The HRF is dedicated to protecting human rights around the world. One of the goals of the HRF is to spotlight the human rights violations committed by authoritarian regimes around the world. By bringing attention to the actions of cruel dictators, the HRF puts pressure on political leaders around the world to do something to stop these abuses. These political leaders then pressure the dictators to change their ways. The tactics used by the HRF have met with success. So far, the HRF has gotten at least 7 prisoners of conscience released from prisons around the world. Some of the countries that the HRF has been active in include China, Cuba, Venezuela and Columbia.

In addition to his other advocacy, Thor Halvorssen also uses his talents as a film producer to increase awareness of human rights issues. Thor has worked as a producer on several films. One film, The Sugar Babies, deals with human trafficking and the abuse of migrant workers in the Dominican Republic. Some of Halvorssen’s other films include Hammer and Tickle and The Singing Revolution.

Human Rights Activist –Thor Halvorssen Read more

Human Rights Activist –Thor Halvorssen

Love for people and freedom led Thor Halvorssen to establish a human rights foundation organization known as Human Rights Foundations. He is not only a human rights activist, but he is also a filmmaker. In his career as a filmmaker, he focuses mainly on human rights advocacy, public policy, civil liberties, individual rights, public interest as well as pro-democracy advocacy.

Thor Halvorssen is a fighter, and he loves fighting for the rights of each person as he knows well this what gives him success in life. He is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a forum that is meant to fight the right of people by organizing human rights festivals. The organization is making continuous efforts to become an equivalent of the Davos Economic Forum.

Thor’s has been an excellent leader, and for the past years, he has displayed positive leadership skills. His leadership character has seen him hold various leadership positions including being the patron of Czech-based Children Movement, On Own Feet, and he is also the founder of Moving Picture Institute. He has also been recognized for various awards including being honored by the University of Pennsylvania for protecting the speech of students. In 2010 he was presented the Presidential silver medal by the Romanian leader when they were honoring the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

Thor Halvorssen is the President and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, a non-profitable organization with a primary mandate of endorsing and shielding the rights of human being worldwide. The primary mission of the team is to ensure that freed on and security is promoted all over the world. With devotion and commitment Human Rights Foundation is responsible for organizing and conducting campaigns that are meant to educate individuals about their rights as they promote peace and unity globally.

The Human Rights Foundation works with a program involving a broad range of initiatives that include the production of famous films, the organization conducts free campaigns to politicians who have been previously jailed, carrying out individual rights seminars, as well as authorizing legal analyses. The Human Rights Foundation was unified in 2005 and has its Headquarters located in New York.

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