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Keith Mann Made a Difference, So Can You

If you are concerned about the abuse and mistreatment of animals then you may want to look into the animal rights movement. Activists believe that all animals regardless of species have the fundamental right to live as all humans do. The respect for animal rights is ancient and the mathematician Pythagoras begged for it, and throughout history great minds have fought for it. The first meeting of the SPCA was held in 1824, and today, animal rights laws are being taught in law schools. There are many organizations and movements that fight for animal rights, and they are supported by scholars, celebrities and people from all over the world.

One such advocate is Keith Mann. Born in Manchester, England Mr. Mann is a member of the Animal Liberation Front. It is a group similar to that of the old underground railroad, and it moves animals out of danger. It’s active in 40 countries across the globe. ALF was formed in 1974 in Great Britain, and continues its work today. Its goal is to liberate animals from abuse. Mr. Mann published a book entitled From Dusk to Dawn, and acts as spokesman for ALF. He has acted in defense of animals, and he is now hitting the political scene to bring the plight of animals to the world. He has fought for a place in the British Parliament to bring the matter to the forefront.

Keith Mann grew up in rural England, and is the son of a caretaker. It’s his experience in ranching and farming that brings him to his stand for animal rights today. In his book he describes how the cows cried searching for the calves that were taken from them, and how he removed a rabbit from horrid conditions in a hutch. He explains how it changed his life forever, and he has gone without food for days rather than eat animal flesh.

He is a member of the Animal Protection Party, and is their candidate to Parliament. The APP was founded in 2010 and stands for animal rights. Mr. Mann has dedicated his life and resources to the protection of animals. This outspoken activist has risked his life in the pursuit of his belief, and through his work in ALF has rescued many of our animal kingdom friends. He lives what he preaches, and you help by visiting his website at From Dusk To Dawn.

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Feeding a Picky Eater

If you have a dog who turns his nose up every time you pour food into his bowl you might be at your wits end trying to get your furry friend to eat! There are many reasons for a dog’s refusal to eat his food. To remedy the situation you first need to determine why he is not eating the food you are offering.

More often than not a dogs unwillingness to eat when he is served is due to pet owner’s giving their dog table scraps. No dog is going to slurp up a bowl of dry dog food when he’s had steak and burgers all week long. These foods are not good for your dog’s health and should not be offered to him, especially when he is not eating his food.

If you’re not feeding your pet from the table but he still refuses to eat his dog food, have you considered the possibility that your dog doesn’t like the taste of what you are offering? Not all dog foods are created equally, and while I’ve never sat down with a bowl of dog food, I can imagine it is similar to generic and brand name foods that humans consume in terms of taste. If your dog isn’t eating, perhaps you can make the switch to a different brand.

The brand of dog food selected is very important. The dog food is your pet’s source of nutrition, and you must keep him in the best of health by offering nutritionally complete food. It is a good idea to shy away from store brands and the cheapest brands out there, since they often are made with by-products and do not offer the complete nutrition that your furry friend needs to stay healthy and happy.

Beneful on twitter is a brand that pet owners have come to trust over the years. The brand, made by Purina, offers a flavor that dogs love and it offers wholesome, high-quality ingredients that your pet needs to live a fulfilling life. It is affordable, so even pet owner’s on a budget can afford to purchase a bag. Beneful is available in both wet and dry formulas.

Here are a few additional tips that can help you with a picky eater:
• Serve your pet’s meals at regular times
• Check the list of ingredients on the dog food package. A one-ingredient food should contain at least 90% of the food; also look for a Nutritional Adequacy Statement
• Keep your pet out of the kitchen while you are cooking and eating dinner

If your dog has always been a picky eater there is probably no real cause for concern. However, if this is a sudden change that has no apparent cause, your dog may not be eating due to a health concern. It is probably a good idea to call your veterinarian and schedule an appointment to have your pet examined by a professional. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

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Is Your Dog Overweight?

Americans are obsessed with diets and fitness. It’s understandable, since the National Institutes of Health estimate that three out of four adults are overweight or obese. But did you know our canine partners are having their own obesity epidemic?

Recently my neighbor called Animal Control, because she thought my dog looked underweight. I know that what many people consider to be a healthy weight for dogs is actually too much, but I went looking for some  numbers to back up my argument.

I was expecting to find that many dogs were overweight, but the real numbers surprised me. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (no, I didn’t know any such thing existed, either) says that in 2014, 52.7% of US dogs were overweight or obese. Basically, every other dog you see is an unhealthy weight.

People take vitamins and supplements, eat healthy, and jog, row, stair climb and cycle our free time away to lose weight. But what about Fido? Despite what our Saturday morning cartoons used to tell us, if you try to get your dog to run on a treadmill you’re gonna have a bad time. The good news is you don’t have to take things quite so far.

The most important thing you can do for your dog’s health, beside regular vet check ups, is make sure they have a nutritious, balanced diet. There is no shortage of choice when it comes to dog food. My local supermarket has choices ranging from the generic white bag with “DOG FOOD” in black, block lettering all the way up to the “Do people really pay this much for kibble?”

The problem with the lower-end dog foods is that they generally are more filler than they are food. While some filler is actually desirable, when it makes up the bulk of the food then the dog has to eat more to get all the nutrition he needs. This can lead to obesity and other health problems.

For my money, Beneful is the best balance of quality, nutritional value, and price. Their products are made from food-grade ingredients and allow me to make sure my dog is getting all the nutrition he needs without overfeeding him. I usually find Beneful at Petco, but most major supermarkets carry it as well.

Oh, and about my dog being underweight? The police congratulated me on having such a healthy dog.

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Herd of Tule Elk in Point Reyes Suffering From Drought

More than 250 tule elk in the Point Reyes National Seashore have perished over a two year period. The elk, once nearly hunted to extinction in the 1800s, were reintroduced to a fenced area of the park in 1978. These elk, known as the Pierce Point herd, currently live in a 2600 acre preserve. In 1998, a free range herd was also started elsewhere in the park.

The Pierce Point herd, in the fenced in area, have lost almost half their herd. It is suspected that the drought is the culprit. The elk have little to no permanent sources of fresh water in the area. The eight pools that usually supply water to the elk in that area have been chronically dry. The other, free ranging, herd in the park, who are able to travel to find water, have actually increased their herd by about a third.

Park officials are working out ways to help the Pierce Point herd, and those at Terra feel like it is the right step. Plans include bringing water to the elk or releasing them to free-range, which Fersen Lambranho agrees with. The large ranching community in the area, many of whom have grazing rights in the park, is opposed to letting the elk range free because they compete with resources that are needed for their cattle.

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Elephants Don’t Forget

A mother elephant in Thailand called Mae-Yui didn’t forget her baby, even after not seeing her for three long years. The little elephant name Me-Bai was very young when she was taken from her mother and sold to give rides to tourists. When Mae-Bai began to get to thin and weak from being taken at such as young age, she was finally rescued and reunited with her mother at an elephant sanctuary. Elephant children are supposed to stay with their mothers until they are at least 11 years old.


The mother elephant had also been sold in to the tourism business when she was found by Me-Bai’s caretakers who asked she be retired from her tourist work to be with her daughter. The videotape of the reunion between them showed a loving gentleness, as the mother reached out to console her daughter. Ricardo Guimarães BMG absolutely loved it. They exchanged trunk caresses and seemed happy to see each other.