Michael Zomber’s Passion for Samurai Swords Read more

Michael Zomber’s Passion for Samurai Swords


Michael Zomber has a passion for guns. Zomber expresses his passion in two ways. He collects various types of guns and has been doing so for the past forty years. He also wants to teach the world about guns. But besides guns, he also has an intense love for samurai swords.


His love of samurai swords came about, at least partly, from his love of Japanese culture. This interest in the samurai culture presents itself in his writing. Zomber has written numerous screenplays and historical fiction novels. His historical fiction novels, in particular, explains to readers the significance and uniqueness of these swords.


Besides writing, Michael Zomber, along with his wife, own their independent film company called Renascent Films LLC. Despite his passion for samurai swords and guns, he only works with organizations that promote peace. In fact, whether Michael Zomber is producing or writing or acting as a historian, he is guided by three principles, which are morality, honor, and discipline.


These three principles guides him in all of his endeavors, whether that includes teaching about guns on the History Channel or supporting philanthropic organizations. In fact, supporting these organizations have led to better education and healthcare for many people around the world.


Michael Zomber currently lives in the Philadelphia area with his wife. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Literature from UCLA.  Read more about Michael on his CrunchBase.

The Kings County’s Pioneer Graveyards and Food banks paid for by Antique Sale Read more

The Kings County’s Pioneer Graveyards and Food banks paid for by Antique Sale


Troop a top antique dealer and a local historian revealed he was attending the fifth show. He also revealed that they have been holding such shows once after every six weeks and that the next sale will be on the 22nd of October at the Millet Centre.

Troop also said that the antiques he has been borrowed from his father Steve. “I usually conduct such shows for my day, he is right over there,” Troop said pointing across the hall, “though 75 years old, and he still loves antiques.”

Trop who is also the Burial Ground Care Society director which is responsible for maintaining and preserving the pioneer or 14 old cemeteries within the Kings county together with the burial grounds which are associated with the Kings County Home and the former municipal poor farms.

The society volunteers have managed to reclaim most of the burial grounds especially the original Church of England cemetery located in East Dalhousie from the encroaching woodland surrounding. They also have several ongoing projects.

About Michael Zomber

For more than thirty years, Michael Zomber has been collecting antique arms. He has also managed to share his great expertise with the America as a guest Historian. Michael Zomber is also a recognized authority especially on issued dealing with armor and weapons of the Japanese Samurai.

Michael Zomber is a story teller at heart. Some of his writings credits consist of the four published novels, seven screen plays and a historical novel which was set in the 17th century in Japan and Avenue Park which is a great examination of the huge stakes world of auction and art and a brief history concerning the history of Christianity in Japan and the Samurai. Zomber who has great knowledge on the painful ramifications of war is also known to support organizations whose main mission is to embrace peace such as Doctors without Borders and UNICEF.