The Integration of Envoy SCIM User Provisioning with OneLogin Helps Keep User Data Hassle-Free Read more

The Integration of Envoy SCIM User Provisioning with OneLogin Helps Keep User Data Hassle-Free

A San-Francisco-based company, Envoy, creates software that allows office visitors to sign in using iPads rather than the uninspiring, insecure, and outdated log books. In the process of guest registration, Envoy automates many steps such as digital NDA, visitor sign-in, visitor photos and badges, and host notifications. Their customers include tech-forward companies.

For these clients, employee movement across, in to and out of the company can be a nightmare especially for IT admins who need to constantly update individual user right of entry across various applications to secure the systems while ensuring smooth end-user experiences. Recently, Envoy worked with OneLogin to put in place SCIM protocol also known as automated user off/on boarding for user provisioning. Currently, this feature is available to Envoy Enterprise and Premium customers.

Maximizing the Experience of Envoy Customers

It is evident that managing employees as well as other application users such as contractors or partners can weigh down IT. With Envoy, out of date data reduces visitor experience. Customers are able to get the best from Envoy Visitor Registration when the records of employees are accurate, easy to manage, and up to date. This makes sure that each employee can receive host notifications and create visitor invites. For visitors, the signing in process becomes easy, and they don’t waste lots of time searching through unavailable employees.

About OneLogin

OneLogin supports the adoption of access management standards and open identity. Moreover, they provide developer kits as well as guidance for implementing user provisioning, single sign-on and so much more. These standards represent APIs and battle-tested schema that remove the need for reliable and secure IAM functionality creation by application vendors.

OneLogin is always thrilled to collaborate with partners sharing their vision of creating effortless experiences at the workplace. They are excited to have had a chance to work with Envoy to enable SCIM user provisioning. According to OneLogin, they are witnessing an increase in the number of SaaS vendors visiting their developer website. Also, the number of vendors enabling SCIM for their apps has been on the rise. OneLogin’s timely partner support and clear API documentation allowed for easy integration with Envoy.

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ClassDojo Achieves Success And Starts Looking Towards Making Money

Since its founding in 2011, ClassDojo has rapidly become a necessity in a large percentage of classrooms all over the country and also in places around the world. More than two-thirds of all schools have at least one teacher in the school using the app, in this country alone.

A simple app, ClassDojo completely changes the way classes are taught and how communication between teachers and parents work. Teachers can post pictures that parents can see and they can have a better understanding of what is happening in the classroom. CEO of ClassDojo, Sam Chaudhary has been voted as one of Inc.’s 2015 30 Under 30 and believes that if one can change what happens inside and around classrooms, education can experience changes.

The app’s claim to fame was its point system that allowed teacher to reward students for their good behavior, but since then has become so much more than that. It creates a connection and a community in which teachers, students and parents and can communicate. This communication helps to create a better classroom environment, and happier students.

The app resembles a different colored Facebook where teachers can post pictures and information about their lessons and parents can comment on them. At one time, ClassDojo even borrowed an idea from Snapchat, introducing student stories that allowed the students themselves to post pictures and videos about what happened at school that day.

Now that ClassDojo has great success with connecting parents, teachers, and students, the company is ready for the next step. Now they have their eye on monetizing the service. While ClassDojo has no plans on selling any advertising, they are contemplating the idea of selling educational content. With excellent distribution capabilities, the company is looking at the possibility of being able to spread educational videos to audiences on levels that have been before been accomplished.

ClassDojo’s mission is to transform the education of every child around the globe. They plan to connect students, parents, and teachers in each and every classroom. The company believes that not every classroom is the same and that every classroom should have the power to create the classroom that is best for them. ClassDojo believes that if you give good people an easy way to do the right thing, marvelous things will occur.

Their app is used in 90 percent of K-8 schools in the country and is used in an astounding 180 countries. It is translated and used in over 35 languages and received Series B funding in 2015. Over 20 percent of the staff at ClassDojo has teaching backgrounds and one-third of American children ages 5-14 have learned growth mindset and empathy using the ClassDojo app.

Popular ClassDojo Launches Student Centered Feature Read more

Popular ClassDojo Launches Student Centered Feature

Class Dojo, an app known for increasing communication within the classroom, recently launched a new feature: Student Stories. This feature allows students to add video and pictures to their digital portfolio to share with their families. They will not have to worry about carrying home projects to get ruined any more. Class Dojo has allowed them to store their projects in a safe and easy way to show off to their parents.

A nice advantage of this new feature is students can choose to record certain memories to share with their parents. These memories do not have to be just classwork; it can be a presentation or an experiment. Students can easily scan a class QR code to add any moments to Student Stories with their comments or tags. Teachers must approve these posts, then the student can share with their family. This feature allows students to have a voice in their education and take ownership of their learning. With the success of Class Story, where class memories could be shared, it was easy to see how successful Student Stories would be. Parents are now able to be more engaged with their individual child’s education.

Class Dojo is an app that functions as a communication platform between teachers, parents, and students. It is easy for teachers to use and allows them the ease of communicating student progress and class news instantly. The app can be access via Android or Apple device or through their web site, and it allows a connection between the home and school. A popular app, used in 2 of 3 schools, it allows the parents an empowerment in staying connected with their child’s classes. The classroom turns into a collaborative community with the free exchange of communication between home and school.

This popular app is free to both teachers and parents. The goal for the company was to create a community within the classroom and change the culture to become more positive. ClassDojo has revolutionized the way teachers and parents communicate. No longer are teachers burdened with picking up the phone to call. They can send messages, videos, or pics to show the child’s success within the classroom.


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Talk Fusion Video Chat: The New Number One Communication Program

Video chat devices are installed in most business and hotel conference rooms. These devices allow large groups of people to communicate without the need of individual computers. Not all video chat applications are compatible with any device including: Apple, Mac, PC, tablet, and Android. While many businesses use videoconferencing for meetings, they continue to struggle to find an application that will work across all available platforms.

Now there is a new video chat that works across all platforms. Businesses and Families are now using the newly launched Talk Fusion Video Chat. Since its launch it has taken the video chat market by storm. To use Talk Fusion Video Chat customers will need an internet connection, webcam and browser. Most devices on the market come with these components. Talk Fusion customers have one click HD technology from any device to any device. This is far more impressive in the corporate world and the traditional family home than plain text or voice calls.

Businesses use Talk Fusion Video Chat for email marketing, video newsletters and online meetings. These companies are setting themselves apart from the rest by building strong relationships each time they connect with their customers. Families are creating and sharing memorable video emails to one another. Talk Fusion has turned every day communication in to memorable bonding moments across thousands of miles and continents.

Established in 2007 by Founder Bob Reina, Talk Fusion was developed to help grow businesses through video technology. The company is known for its high ethical values and is a member of the direct selling Association. Talk Fusion feels a strong commitment to giving back to family, friends, communities, and animal charities across the world to induce change.

According to the Android Market since its launch a few weeks ago, Talk Fusion Video Chat has become the number one communication application in three countries. Talk Fusion is quickly developing a tremendous support system from associates and customers worldwide. Talk Fusion products are marketed in more than 140 countries.

The Talk Fusion Video Chat Application is available for free in iTunes and Google Play stores.


Talk Fusion New Video Communication Chat Read more

Talk Fusion New Video Communication Chat

Talk Fusion Video Chat has been received overwhelmingly in many countries around the world as one of the best communication application. It has been described as very user friendly and the video is of high quality. Based on its efficiency, the communication application has been downloaded by many people a few weeks just after it was launched officially by its developers Talk Fusion. The Video Chap App has been ranked as the most downloaded communication application by people in Indonesia, then the fifth most downloaded video chat application by the people in Japan and comes as the twentieth most downloaded communication application in Switzerland. This generally shows that the App has done considerably well based on the fact that it is still in its fancy and tit promises to do considerably well after enhancements in future.

The advantage that comes with this application is because of its compatibility with most devices in the market. Therefore this application can be downloaded and used by people who have android devices, those that use Apple, A Mac or on a personal computer and can also be downloaded on any tablet.

Talk Fusion promises its customers that the video chat would be improved to the satisfaction of the users and this has built international excitement around the users. The video chat can now be downloaded for free on iTunes and Google android play store. After the thirty day trial for the use of the Talk Fusion Video Chat App, the company plans to upgrade the communication app to improve their rankings and generally provide the additional enhancements tailored to the customer needs.

Talk Fusion has been providing market solutions for its customers since inception in 2007 and has continued to receive praise from satisfied clients. The Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bob Reina attributes the success of Talk Fusion to the high ethical standards that he and the staff of Talk Fusion have. This has also been made possible due to the large network of associates spread across in more than 140 countries around the globe that share in the same values and strive to serve their clients responsibly.

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Handy Contractors Have the Right Touch

Handy Cleaning Services has emerged as one of the most successful companies for the home cleaning industry. In 2012, Handy Cleaning Servicers founder Oisin Hanrahan had an idea that they brought to light. He didn’t invent anything new, but he certainly captivated a lot of people with a service that would bring a lot of contractors from different parts of the world together for a common mission.

These are contracted workers that are on the same page when it comes to cleaning homes and providing super service for employees. This is the pattern that has been the same as the business grows. One might compare the services rendered to that of Uber. There are contracted Uber drivers all over the United States. These are independent workers, but there is a universal thread of quality service that these drivers will respond to. They want to do the best job in order to earn the repeat business. This is the same concept for Handy Cleaning Services. The workers want to earn repeat business from customers.

Handy caters to the homeowners that is too busy to clean. The contractors also cater to those that need furniture assembled. There are also clients that are going to need televisions mounted. The contracted workers have different skills, but their mission is the same. They are on the job to provide quality service. This is what keeps the business brand strong. This is also the thing that makes Handy the type of company that can compete successfully with other local cleaning companies.

The business is changing, and the founder of Handy is trying to make sure that the customer satisfaction element stays the same. Hanrahan knows that this is what has taken the organization this far. This will be the thing that keeps the company on top.


Talk Fusion and their founder Bob Reiner on their path to Success Read more

Talk Fusion and their founder Bob Reiner on their path to Success

Usually when using video communications solutions there is the requirement of having a very fast internet connection. This is not the case with Talk Fusion CONNECT suite which allows users to connect even with a simple dial up connection. This type of connection has almost completely phased out around the world and therefore the Talk Fusion suite was tested on 1080 kbps which is a given standard for the majority of internet users globally. There are however some small drawbacks when using a slower connection speed. Both the video quality as well as the file upload speed are significantly reduced. There are however no software limitations when using slower connection speeds. The Talk Fusion CONNECT suite is designed to stream video at the maximum speed that the internet connection allows. That means that there is no set back or restriction built in to the software. It will provide the customer with the best possible quality video. All the messages and videos on the receiving end can view the message even if they only have dial up connections available. Another very neat feature of the Talk Fusion CONNECT app is the ability to synchronize the address book and other email contacts easily into the app without any hassle. Therefore the customer can very easily transition from their old video communication tool to the new Talk Fusion package and platform.

Bob Reina on Business For Home recently said that he believes that the company is only just getting started. There are many up and coming plans for the future and a big step in that direction is the implementation of the 30 day free trial that has already launched on both the Google Play store and iTunes app stores globally. Talk Fusion’s business model alone sets them apart from all other competitors as it gives people the opportunity to start a business that utilizes some of the worlds most innovative trends of video communication. There are many examples of global associates who are successfully using the Talk Fusion platform.

Handy and the Strong Leadership Skills of Oisin Hanrahan Read more

Handy and the Strong Leadership Skills of Oisin Hanrahan

Handy is a company that has become a lot more popular through the leadership of the founder, Oisin Hanrahan. He has presented the world with a hip and young company of contractors that are helping clients keep their homes clean. People are booking these services, and the company is soaring right now, but much of this has to do with the leadership.

There are some things that founder Oisin Hanrahan realized early on as the secrets to success. The first thing that he would realize is that customer satisfaction was key. Long before Handy became an organization with 10,000 contracted workers it was an organization with a few contractors that had to provide quality service with a smile. As time went on Hanrahn realized that it would take this same level of awesome customer service to keep the Handy business alive.

As time went on Handy became a lot more than a cleaning service. The president of the company would have to make sure that he didn’t lose the core competency in a chase for more customers. He had to balance cleaning with other services like interior painting without losing site of what the contractors were good at.

There were a lot of challenges that this Handy faced. It was very interesting to see how this organization would grow as more contractors – along with more competition – came on board. What Oisin decided to do with the contractors may have saved this company from the doom that HomeJoy – a cleaning competitor – faced. Oisin made the wise decision to keep his contracted workers on a contractual basis. HomeJoy did the opposite, and it backfired. It has been this wise decision and others like this that have saved this company and given the business an opportunity to grow.

Handy Home Service App Brings the Business to You Read more

Handy Home Service App Brings the Business to You

Handy home service has been around years. Although it is an old service Handy home service has managed to stay relevant. One of its latest renovations happened with its mobile app. The company already had a Handy on-the-go app, but now the Handy mobile app is fully loaded with cool features that bring the entire business to wherever you are.

All of the Handy services are available in one central location. With the tap of a finger, you can choose from cleaning, plumbing, handyman, and other services that Handy provides. Not only can you see more details about each service, but you have the ability to schedule home visits right there. It all starts with, “What can we do for you?”

Once services are scheduled, booking details are accessible within the Handy mobile app. You will see your booking number with more information like date, time, interval, type of service, and the professional who will be doing the work. Also, the professional can be called, or texted, from the app if you have any new updates.

Once your service date has arrived, you can track the professional to see when they will be arriving at your house. Handy professionals are good about arriving on time. When the job is being performed, you can see when they start tidying up to leave, and see when they are completely finished.

If a job is well done, and you think the professional should receive a little extra, you can send a tip. Tip allotments increase in increments of $5, but you can also set a custom amount. Speedy payments are easy from the Handy mobile app, and you do not have to worry about keeping cash organized.

With the Handy mobile app, the whole process of dealing with Handy home services is made simple from start to finish. Everything you need is in the one complete Handy mobile app. Not only is it unique, but it is also beautifully styled. The layout is organized. Color choice is attractive, and details are sufficient. See if Handy is in your area to get your professional home services scheduled today.

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Handy Workers Did Cleaning And Assembly Work In My Home Read more

Handy Workers Did Cleaning And Assembly Work In My Home

I’ve learned a lot of things over the years, especially what I can and can’t do in my home. I’ve never really been good at cleaning, so I’ve always had a cleaning service come out to my home at one point or another. The cleaning service I used to work with got into some kind of legal trouble because they weren’t paying their taxes, and the service was no longer able to come and clean my home. I desperately needed another cleaning service, and after searching around, that’s when I discovered Handy. I was able to download Handy’s application to my iPhone to get an appointment.

I’m able to use my iPhone to get Handy cleaners out to my house anytime, instead of having to go onto my computer, which is nearly impossible because I’m always out of my home. I’ve had Handy cleaners come to my home every week for months now, and I only recently decided to have an assembler come to my home because I had some furniture that I needed assembled. Another issue I had was with the TV that I tried to mount, and it wasn’t mounted correctly, and my TV fell.

I had insurance on the TV, but I did have to pay some money to get it replaced. I learned that I’m not good at doing anything around my home, cleaning included, so I just let Handy do it. One day, I had Handy cleaners come out to my home, and I also had the furniture assembler come out as well. After the furniture was assembled, then they also mounted my TV, and I started playing with it to make sure it really was secured. Handy saved me because my TV works and looks great.

I recommend Handy anyone I know who needs cleaning services, especially since they bring out their own supplies and clean a home very well. My home is rather large, and I never have to worry about my home getting cleaned properly because the workers at Handy know how a home should be cleaned. I also love the fact that Handy workers are insured, so I never have to be concerned about any problems if something ever breaks. I’m glad I found Handy, and even if my previous cleaning company came back into business; I still would stick with Handy.