Cassio Audi Revels In His Drumming History Read more

Cassio Audi Revels In His Drumming History

The early and mid-1980s were a period of time when heavy metal and hard rock ruled the airwaves of radio stations across the planet with drummers just as famous as any other member of a particular band. In Brazil, one of the first heavy metal drummers to receive widespread attention was Cassio Audi of the band Viper; Cassio Audi was still a teenager when he achieved fame as a heavy metal drummer still mentioned as one of the most iconic in the history of Brazilian heavy metal. Watch this video on Youtube.

In 2017, Cassio Audi is far better known as a financial and investment specialist who is seeking to discover ways of opening up the financial markets of Brazil to everyday people who usually find it difficult to break into high-profit investment funds. Despite the fact he has now entered one of the most impressive and traditionally conservative areas of business, Cassio Audi retains a link to his former life as one of the most respected drummers in the history of heavy metal. Many reunions have taken place for Viper over the course of a history beginning in 1985 with vocalist Andre Matos taking a 20-year break from the band. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

The potted history of Cassio Audi and Viper begins in the city of Sao Paulo where the young drummer was already performing with a number of bands before being asked to play for the newly formed band, Viper. Audi brought an impressive array of skills to the band including the ability to adapt his heavy metal drumming style to the demands of his bandmates and the song being performed. It is safe to say, Viper would not have gone on to have the almost instant success they enjoyed through the release of 1987’s “Theatre of Fate” album if Cassio Audi had not been the drummer for the band between 1985 and 1989.


How the Mishaan Touch Strategy is instrumental in Richard Mishaan Design’s Success Read more

How the Mishaan Touch Strategy is instrumental in Richard Mishaan Design’s Success

Richard Mishaan Design is one of the leading interior design companies in the United States and across the globe. The company was founded by an expert interior designer known as Richard Mishaan. Richard wanted to establish a company that would use modern technology in creating spectacular and beautiful designs for commercial and residential settings. Today, Richard Mishaan Design is renowned for creating artistic and timeless interiors.


The Mishaan Touch


Just like any other enterprise, Richard Mishaan Design has a design strategy known as the Mishaan Touch. This approach has been instrumental in enabling the firm to focus on stylistic and expansive creations. Richard considers himself as a creative and ambitious individual. This personality enabled him to combine his knowledge of interior design, architecture, and fashion with his cultural origin when working. The combination also gives him a deep comprehension of quality and luxury.


As a native of Colombia, Richard Mishaan attended the NYU for a bachelor’s of arts degree. He later enrolled in Columbia University School of Architecture to advance his understanding of architecture. Richard is also an author of critically acclaimed books, such as Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Monacelli Publishers published both of these books.


Projects and Awards


As a leader in interior design, Richard Mishaan Design’s vision is to consistently produce critically acclaimed and stylistic creations based in New York. Some of the creations that have been met with positive reviews include Hamptons Summer Homes, 93rd Street Sales Center, and Upper West Side Townhouse.


93rd Street Sales Center is an interior design project for commercial office spaces. The design encompasses traditional and modern furniture. The furniture are arranged uniquely to facilitate smooth office activities. When viewed for the first time, it is clear that the 93rd Street Sales Center is a product of the Mishaan Touch. Richard Mishaan Design was listed on Architectural Digest AD 100 and ELLE DECOR’s A-list.