Why the Appointment of Will and Pete Best to Autism Rocks’ Board is Beneficial Read more

Why the Appointment of Will and Pete Best to Autism Rocks’ Board is Beneficial

Autism Rocks, which is a charitable organization headquartered in London recently made new appointments to its Board of Trustees. The new additions were brothers Will and Pete Best. The announcement was made by the founder Sanjay Shah, who thinks that judging by the skills garnered by the two in their careers, the charity is in a position to benefit. He has been friends with the two for a while, with the trio being alumni of the same university.

Autism Rocks is a not-for-profit organization, which plans and organizes musical performances featuring some of the most renowned chart-toppers. Invitations to the concerts are only made to a few selected individuals. Monies collected from such events are banked and used to support autism studies. By doing this, the organization hopes that the condition can be discovered early among those who are likely to be affected. They are then provided with support services to make the rest of their lives easy.

Pete Best is a proficient player in the financial services industry. He has had an impeccable 21 year vocation in the sector. His last employment was at Icap, a prominent London based stock brokerage company, as Chief Operating Officer. He left the position to concentrate on his family, the London upstart sector, and benevolent causes. Will on the other hand has had an illustrious journalism career and hosts many local and international music programs for different channels. The initial announcement was made through PR Newswire and can be accessed through this link: www.prnewswire.co.uk/contact-us/request-info//utm_source=PRNwebsite&utm_medium=NewsReleasePromo&utm_campaign=dice

A Brief Outline about Sanjay Shah

Mr. Shah is a Dubai based British entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Solo Capital, a London based financial services firm, which he started in 2011. The firm has three major departments dealing in patented trading, consultation and professional sports ventures. In 2015, it had a cash stream totaling over 30 million pounds, which is proof of how fast it has grown.

Sanjay started Autism Rocks in 2014, out of his love for music and charity. This was after his son Nikhil was diagnosed with autism but due to limited research, there existed a gap in knowledge about the disorder. Through this charity, he has touched the lives of many children suffering from the disease.