Brian Torchin Advances Chiropractic Standard Throughout the Nation Read more

Brian Torchin Advances Chiropractic Standard Throughout the Nation

Brian Torchin is a practicing chiropractor with an avid interest in connecting health care professionals with hospitals and clinics. He recently founded Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC., which is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. HCRC had initially met with good success with hospitals and health care facilities and professionals in the health care field, and they are, now, dedicated to the process of expanding their customer services training and placement services between health practitioners and hospitals and health care facilities, and expanding their services across the United States of America.

Following his initial foray into Pennsylvania, Torchin and HCRC opened offices in Delaware and Florida. HCRC has rapidly risen in the ranks of healthcare recruiters from around the world. It is the goal of Torchin and HCRC to completely match competent staff to health care facilities and hospitals. The staff of HCRC, also, offer consulting services, background checks and staff training, which serves to eliminate many of the hassles experienced by their client hospitals and health facilities.

Torchin publishes a daily blog offering valuable tips and ideas on numerous health and recruitment topics of interest to hospitals, health facilities and professionals. He is a strong proponent of practices offering a friendly and welcoming environment for the potential patients. He stresses the importance of the individual patient once they have entered the office. What is important for Torchin is the care experienced from the moment each patient enters the waiting room, to the time they come into contact with the staff, up to meeting the professional in charge. The goal of HRCR is to make each patient feel completely comfortable and for the patient to know that they are an important ingredient in the success of any practice.

HCRC staffing is now available in Canada and Australia. Torchin’s goal and the mission goal of HCRC has been to utilize their experience to create superior chiropractic practices in a world filled with mediocrity. Torchin, himself, continues his endeavor to please his current clients by offering the best possible match of staff with facility.

Torchin has extensive experience in sports medicine and physical therapy which he ably applies in his practice as a chiropractor.

The Increase In Birth Defects In Brazil Have Been Linked To The Zika Virus But New Information Challenges That Claim According To Dr. Sergio Cortes. Read more

The Increase In Birth Defects In Brazil Have Been Linked To The Zika Virus But New Information Challenges That Claim According To Dr. Sergio Cortes.

When several cases of microcephaly were reported in the same areas that Zika virus was spreading, the Ministry of Health director Sergio Cortes and his staff came to the conclusion that both of those issues were related. Most of the Zika virus cases were reported in the Northern areas of Brazil in April and May, and by August there were enough reported cases of microcephaly in the North to make a case for the relationship that exists between the Zika virus and birth defects.

The Zika virus has been moving around the world for more than 75 years. The first cases of the Zika virus in Brazil didn’t come to light until April 2015. Very little was known about the virus except that is causes fever, muscle aches and rash in most people, and the carrier of the virus was the invasive pest known as the Aedes aegypti mosquito. There weren’t any significant studies done on the virus and no vaccine was made to protect populations in Africa, Asia and South America from the virus.

But during his research on the Zika virus, Sergio Cortes discovered an interesting fact. Doctors in the Northern towns of Brazil where the microcephaly cases were reported are the same towns that were crop-sprayed with a chemical larvicide that produces a genetic malfunction in mosquitoes. The crop-spraying started in 2014. The chemical larvicide, also known as Pyriproxyfen, is the solution used to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes. Dr. Cortes has more information about microcephaly and the Zika virus on his website. The relationship between Pyriproxyfen and microcephaly does make sense since microcephaly is a rare condition. There have been few cases of microcephaly in countries that have reported cases of the Zika virus for years.

Another interesting fact associated with the Zika virus is out of 404 confirmed microcephaly cases in Brazil, only 17 women tested positive for the virus. That means that Dr. Cortes and his staff at the Ministry of Health are getting closer to identifying the cause of the microcephaly outbreak.

Nonetheless, whatever the cause, Dr. Cortes recommends that pregnant women take extra precautions and avoid mosquito breeding grounds. The problem is, most pools of water can be breeding grounds for rhe Aedes aegypti mosquito. Dr. Cortes has more information about the Aedes aegypti mosquito and the Zika virus on his LinkedIn page. Visit the doctor’s Facebook page to friend him. Or follow him on Twitter.

Sergio Cortes’ Advice on the Best Attires to Wear During Summer Season Read more

Sergio Cortes’ Advice on the Best Attires to Wear During Summer Season

As the summer approaches, a lot of people tend to worry about the rising temperatures because they lead to excessive sweating. The rise in temperature is inconvenience to those who sweat a lot especially in the armpits, according to a Brazilian medical expert Dr. Sergio Cortes. People feel ashamed when they are in public areas, more so when greeting others with a hug, because they are afraid of the stench. Dr. Cortes advises people to wear appropriate clothes during the summer in order to minimize excessive sweating.
According to the expert, several people associate the stench to the areas they are coming from especially the feet and the underarms, and he says that those areas have no smell, but it is the sweat. Sergio stresses that there are bacteria in these areas that cause the odor, and they become active when temperatures increase. People should be cautious when choosing the right attires to wear during the summer season so as to mitigate the adverse effects of sweating according to Sergio Cortes. He attributes that people should put more emphasis on materials, colors and sizes of their clothes. These are the major contributing factors that lead to sweating.
Tight and dark clothes are not the best to wear during this season because they retain extra heat and humidity. The expert advises people to go for light-colored attires because they are ideal and makes the body to be more comfortable. As for the best types of tissue to use, Dr. Cortes tells people to choose the more natural ones like linen, cotton, silk, and satin. He attributes that cotton is regarded as a natural fiber that makes the skin to breathe properly. Additionally, linen is also suitable for high temperatures because it has lighter colors.
Another favorable artificial fiber that is made from cellulose is the viscose. This is fresh and light tissue that is capable of absorbing moisture faster. Silk is also another alternative that is on the expert’s list. It is soft, smooth and an appropriate fabric that should accompany looser clothes because it leaves the skin breathing freely. Satin is an interesting material according to Dr. Sergio Cortes because different materials are used to make it. It is comparable to silk or cotton because it’s very light. Dr. Cortes is found on Twitter and on LinkedIn.
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Dr. Rod Rohrich: A Pioneer in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Read more

Dr. Rod Rohrich: A Pioneer in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


I follow Dr. Rod Rohrich on Twitter and his evident ambition and passion for helping others has really inspired me to do something big like he has to make an impact on the lives of others. His contributions have transformed the lives of many patients and inspired others to enter this challenging and rewarding career field.

Born August 5, 1963, Dr. Rohrich spent his early years living on a rural ranch in North Dakota. His drive to succeed eventually helped him graduate with honors from North Dakota State University and the University of North Dakota while obtaining his undergraduate and postgraduate education. With these academic accomplishments, Dr. Rohrich entered Baylor College of Medicine and earned a medical degree.

His first years practicing medicine were spent at the University of Michigan Medical Center, where he learned the art of general and plastic surgical techniques. After completing further training at Oxford University and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Rohrich accepted a position at UT Southwestern Medical Center in the Division of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rohrich would go on to perfect his craft and develop new ways to administer plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures. He particularly wanted to find ways to make these procedures safer and more effective for patients. His discoveries have helped develop techniques that have revolutionized rhinoplasty, breast augmentations and other types of procedures. He even holds a patent on a particular type of breast implant. Other clinical interests include eyelid surgery, facelifts and mommy makeovers.

Dr. Rohrich has been recognized for his contributions by the New York Times, the Today Show and CNN. D Magazine has included him in its list of Best Doctors of Plastic Surgery in Dallas.

With all of his notable achievements, Dr. Rohrich has found time to educate others through leading seminars and writing articles and chapters in medical textbooks. His work has been featured in publications such as the Chinese Journal of Aesthetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Pulse News.


Dr. Rohrich prioritizes the concept of family along with his medical contributions. He is married to fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Diane Gibby and makes his home in Dallas with their two children.