Innovation Takes Many Forms With The Impressive Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand Read more

Innovation Takes Many Forms With The Impressive Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand

The success of the Lime Crime brand has taken almost everybody by surprise after the cosmetics based brand set out to develop many new ways of establishing itself as one of the fastest growing makeup and cosmetics brands in the world. The brand has not only become known for the impressively bold colors and shades, but also for the innovations that have placed the brand at the forefront of a cosmetics industry that was initially skeptical of the possibilities offered by a cosmetics range that would base the majority of its business on sales made via direct Internet sales and the use of Online marketplaces.


Russian immigrant Doe Deere had initially sought to establish an Online marketplace account to market and sell her own range of unique clothing designs that were based on her own experiences in both Russia and as a fashion student in New York; the name Lime Crime came from a simple decision to use Doe Deere’s favorite color as the basis of the name of what would become one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands. After making the decision to develop the brand Online, existing cosmetics based executives stated it was impossible to sell makeup Online; however, the brand has innovated with the creation of lipstick sample swatches that make it easier to try different makeup options in a safe and long lasting manner.


One of the main reasons for the continuing success seen in the Lime Crime brand has been the way the brand has embraced social media and various platforms found via the Internet. Customers are encouraged to develop their own looks and cosmetics style that can be shared via the Instagram account of the brand for comments and impressions to be given by members of the company and other customers. As the brand continues to grow the number of outlets for this range of vegan, not tested on animals makeup is also growing as the bold palette choices made by Doe Deere for her brand continue to set new standards for cosmetics success around across the world.

Lime Crime – Introducing A New Range Of Hair Dye For The Wild And Imaginative Read more

Lime Crime – Introducing A New Range Of Hair Dye For The Wild And Imaginative

For people who do not mind extending their fantasy imagination to reality, Lime Crime, a famous cosmetic company, has recently launched “Unicorn Hair Dye,” and the 13 shades that it offers under this range are simply to die for. If you think you are wild and imaginative, then these offbeat shades provided by the company will take your game one notch ahead. Moreover, the company has put in over three years in the making the Unicorn Hair Dye a reality and has done extensive research before coming up with the 13 shades it has launched.



The best part is that the Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye does not use any harsh synthetic chemicals that can damage the hairs in the long term, such as ammonia or bleach. It is entirely made of Vegan ingredients and comes with an effective tint formulas and full coverage options, which makes its ideal for users with different hairs and coloring preferences. Moreover, Unicorn Hair Dye is not going to cost you a fortune and is reasonably priced at $16, which makes it super affordable for a young audience, the primary market for the brand.



For people wondering about the difference between the two formulas available, Full Coverage and Tints, it would be good to know that Tints are less flamboyant and offer pastel results, whereas full coverage provides complete results and is an ideal choice for users having lightly bleached hairs. As it based on vegetable glycerine, there is no synthetic chemical used in the product that can cause damage to the hair. It is a deposit-only hair dye, which causes no damage to the hair.



The shades available with the Unicorn Hair Dye range includes sext, pony, gargoyle, bunny, dirty mermaid, chocolate cherry, strawberry jam, anime, blue smoke, neon peach, Leeloo, salad, and jello. Using this dye is very easy, and one can do it themselves. However, Lime Crime does suggest using the help of a professional, especially for people dyeing the hair for the first time. The longevity of how long the Unicorn Hair Dye would last depends on the condition of the hair, how often it is washed, and depth of the color used. It certainly is one of its kinds products in the market that has the youth bursting with excitement.

The Beauty of Lime Crime Read more

The Beauty of Lime Crime

Quality Cosmetic Products With Ethics


To make sure that you are able to provide yourself the chance to look beautiful and feel great, there are a lot of products on the market. The cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar field in which a lot of companies dominate the market. One company that has risen to prominence in recent years is Lime Crime. This is a company that matches high quality cosmetic products with high quality ethics. In order to learn a little bit more about Lime Crime and what they do to provide for the market, read on.


What should I know about them?


This is a company that provides a series of cosmetic products that women everywhere enjoyed. The main draw about these products is that it is a company that utilizes the unit and cruelty free products. This is important in a day and age in which more people are becoming vegan and adopting these similar lifestyles.


The company takes this sort of matter seriously as an ethical issue and passes information on to consumers. So if you would like to look beautiful for a night out on the town, it is important that you turn to this company in order to see what they can sell you.


This company sells a lot of different cosmetic products – to include foundation, lipstick, blush, hair dye, brushes and so much more. The quality of this makeup and cosmetics is high quality, on par with a lot of other brands that do not practice the same level of ethics. So you do not need to feel like you are missing out on the quality that comes with the territory. Instead, you will know that you are in good hands and able to enjoy the beautiful appearance that you have always wanted to.


Consider all of these points so that you are able to get the most out of your cosmetic purchase by doing business with Lime Crime, a company that is great at the level of work that they provide when you are in need of any sort of beautification.

Lime Crime Not Only Paints Faces But Now Creates Cool Color For The Hair Read more

Lime Crime Not Only Paints Faces But Now Creates Cool Color For The Hair

If you understand the uniqueness and wild aplomb that Lime Crime makeup exudes, then you will no doubt enjoy the brand’s new journey into bold and beautiful hair dye.


That’s right; Doe Deere is bringing rainbow manes to the world as the company launches Unicorn Hair. The CEO and founder of Lime Crime is a hair color obsessed beauty freak herself. So she understands the addiction to bright and wild hair tints and how they help define a woman’s or man’s beauty.


Doe Deere has shown off a blue mane, a pink one and lately, a lavender head of hair. These striking candy colored dyes are something her fans have been begging Doe Deere to add to the top e-commerce beauty shop.


She uses Pony, a vibrant purple hue and has been testing out the Unicorn Hair formula for a few years now. Doe Deere is sticking to Lime Crime’s thoughtful company standards; it’s a cruelty-free and vegan brand. The same goes for the new hair dye launch, and customers will find safe, nourishing hair color that bathes strands in a deposit-dye formula. The dyes are made of vegetable glycerin.


Unicorn Hair is gentle to your tresses and delivers long lasting shades in hues like Doe Deere’s now signature Pony, Strawberry Jam, Jello (Green), Bunny (Baby Pink), Anime (Candy Blue) and other yummy-looking dyes. There are 13 bad a** shades to choose from, and you can also mix and match them.


The dye is available as a full coverage formula or a softer, more sheer tint. It depends how strong a look you’re considering, The tints can last for 8-10 washes while full coverage lasts 10-12 washes. A jar of Unicorn Hair costs $16, but you’re getting a generous amount of almost 7 fluid ounces of product.


Lime Crime is famous for its incredible and now cult favorite eye shadows and lipsticks. The brand holds a major presence on social media sites like Instagram and offers inspiration to fans around the world on self-empowering beauty. The makeup is wild and free, and the new hair dye follows suit.

Show Your True Colors with Lime Crime’s New Hair Dye Read more

Show Your True Colors with Lime Crime’s New Hair Dye

If you love the bright, unique hues of Lime Crime’s makeup products, you’re in for a treat. The playful cosmetics brand recently released a line of semi-permanent hair dyes called Unicorn Hair, guaranteed to transform you into a mythical being in minutes. The dye comes in 13 unexpected colors including Leeloo (a bright orange), Jello (a deep green), and Bunny (a bubblegum pink). Now fans of the brand can have the same funky locks as founder Doe Deere!


With the wild popularity of unicorn, mermaid, and rainbow inspired products ranging from makeup to food, Unicorn Hair dyes appeal to the whimsical and wild. Those who want a little more fantasy in their life than a simple makeup brush or coffee drink can now wear the hair color of their dreams, expressing themselves through color the way Lime Crime encourages its fans to do.


Unicorn Hair dyes come in two different formulas depending on the color. Full coverage hues are meant to add a deep, rich color to hair. The tint formula colors are designed to add a kiss of pigment to lighter hair. You can choose the intensity of your color by leaving the dye on hair for different lengths of time. Lime Crime suggests 30 minutes for a pastel look and up to 2 hours for deeper results. The dyes are designed to naturally wash out, never fading to a dull, drab shade. If you take special care of your hair with shampoo designed for color-treated hair, the dye can last up to 6 weeks.


These new hair dyes, like all of Lime Crime’s products, are made of 100 percent vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Because it does not use harsh chemicals, your hair will feel smooth, soft, and smelling great. No more straw-like, brittle hair after coloring. Unlike many hair dyes, these contain zero ammonia or bleach, making it super gentle on hair.