Dherbs.com Cleansing Is Appropriate For Anyone Wanting True Changes In Health Read more

Dherbs.com Cleansing Is Appropriate For Anyone Wanting True Changes In Health


Many people hear the words “vegan cleanse” and they immediately dismiss it because they are not vegans themselves. The truth is, a person doesn’t have to be a committed lifestyle vegan to benefit from a Dherbs.com cleanse. The principles behind this type of regimen are proven safe medically, physiologically, and are cohesive with any lifestyle.

The human body has a knack for storing compounds that eventually build and create problems. These problems range from digestion abnormalities, to more serious maladies like blockages, negative brain hormone release, and general feelings of fatigue. The nature of a vegan cleanse is compatible with all bodies. The regimen is simple, and works quickly to reverse a host of conditions.


The standard adult Dherbs cleanse is a 20-day program that requires only the introduction of natural compounds into normal daily eating, work, and sleeping routines. These compounds are proven to eliminate up to 30 pounds of toxic build-up in the body, which provides an exceptional feeling of lightness and rejuvenation. This program creates a cascade effect that ranges from clearer skin and boosted immune function, to a cleared mind and a more positive general outlook on life. Every person wanting to introduce a Dherbs toxin cleanse must choose the right combination for their goals.


In order to choose the right cleanse program, Dherbs has created a special social media resource page on Facebook.com. This page highlights the program details of every available Dherbs cleanse combination. It also includes motivational comments from Pastor Hosea Collins, the face of Dherbs himself. Pastor Collins worked with the Dherbs founder, A.D. Dolphin to treat a life-threatening condition. Along with a degree of Biblical inspiration, Pastor Collins was able to lose 130 pounds of weight and begin a new healthier lifestyle, according to a Digital Journal article about his success.


There is no time like the present to begin a reversal of harmful dietary and life habits. The best way to do this is with the help of powerful motivational insights and supplements that make detoxification easy and complete. The vegan daily cleansing regimens at Dherbs.com can literally transform a person into a revitalized new being who is ready to live well again.

Bernardo Chua Takes An Idea and Vision To The Public Read more

Bernardo Chua Takes An Idea and Vision To The Public

Young men and women dream of owning their own businesses. They dream of being their own boss and never having to answer to anyone else. This dream comes easy when you are lucky like Bernardo Chua. He took an ingredient he had in his diet as a child and incorporated it into instant coffee and other beverages. This product became known as Organo Gold. Doing this has earned him several awards. In the past two years, Bernardo has become the recipient of a couple of Dangal Ng Bayon Awards. He had gone from starting out with 3 employees to employing a lot more people. Some people even took the product and started their own business online.

The product, Organo Gold, started out as a Lingzhi mushroom and basic instant coffee. Chua came up with the idea of mixing the two ingredients to form a marriage of good taste and health. The mushroom has been around for a long time. In the Philippines, people use the product to help with things such as gout and cholesterol. Some people have even found health benefits by including it in their diabetic diet. The product has several health benefits and only a few allergies. This product has wonderful health benefits that can help people remove toxins and excess high blood sugar.

Organo Gold is the brain child of Bernardo Chua. He began the company after working for Gano Excel in California. Managing a successful business is all it took to get Chua to begin to dream about starting his own business venture. Chua is popular on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media sites. People knows that the product he has is safe and healthy. The vision is Chua’s beginning. Determination got him going as he worked to create the business and product. Marketing got his product online and out in the public. Chua did his work and continues to strive for a successful business. Anyone can do the same as Chua with a little idea and much hard work. Organo Gold products are available online. This young man became a product of his hard work and vision. You can do the same.  Make sure to follow him on Twitter @OGBernie.

Dallas’ Own AccuraScope Experts, North American Spine, Extend to Las Vegas Read more

Dallas’ Own AccuraScope Experts, North American Spine, Extend to Las Vegas

Finally the most renowned service provider of AccuraScope procedure has extended services to Las Vegas. According to PR Newswire, North America Spine, have at last decided to take their services to Las Vegas, which they have said it’s a great achievements towards having their services spread to different parts of the US. The major achievement has been reached in partnership with Dr. Sharma, a physician with illustrious experience in the surgical field. Dr. Sharma will be attending to patients at the Red Rock Surgery Center. For patients who need attention after operations or those seeking consultation, Dr. Sharma will be addressing their issues at the Advanced Pain Management Center. The Chief Marketing Officer for North American Spine, Adam Arnette, said that the expansion of their services to Las Vegas was a great excitement to their company, and more to their excitement is addition of Dr. Sharma to their team of exceptional physicians.

  1. Sharma who has anunmatched experience in Anesthesiology and Pain Management, will be providing observation plans for patients with chronic pain, as a result of different complications and hitches. Dr. Sharma has rose in ranks since his graduation from doctoral training in India. He studied at Rajasthan in India, before moving to America for internship and residency at Western Pennsylvania Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He then completed his pain management studies Allegheny General Hospital in Pennsylvania. Prior to joining Advanced Pain Management Center in 2006, he had worked for long time as an anesthesiologist and as a pain management physician. He also said that he was excited to join North American Spine. He also said that their goal is to provide a modern approach to pain management in a comfortable setting.” We want to work with patients to help control pain and regain control of their life” Dr. Sharma explained as quoted by PR Newswire.

North American spine offers exclusive AccuraScope procedure, a delicate spine surgery described in detail on the company facebook, that slightly invades the spine and lasts for 45 minutes. The surgery is intended to control chronic and severe back pain. Over 8000 AccuraScope procedures have been performed by board-certified physicians. The procedure is believed to have an 82% success rate in pain control and saves lives of patients at an equally high rate of $ 23,190 in average in out-of-pocket costs over 5 years hence reducing expenses, which is a part of why they’re so well reviewed. North American Spine prides itself in having professional and exceptional spine luminaries with a broad expertise in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and Pain management.

But it’s also the community advocacy that helps out North American Spine.  They advocate good spinal health from a young age, and have done a ton of community outreach to support that position.  Including helping the children around their native Dallas.