Jaime Garcia Dias: A Successful Brazilian Author Read more

Jaime Garcia Dias: A Successful Brazilian Author

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in 1970 in the city of Rio de Janiero, Brazil to his parents Arnaldo Dias, writer, and Garcia Dulce Dias, architect. He is a successful and accomplished Brazilian author who has been recognized various times for his published works. Even at a young age, Dias was inspired to begin writing by following the example and encouragement given to him by his father. Dias received his education at the Arnaldino School in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and was influenced and inspired by many of the great Brazilian writers before him. These may have included Jorge Amado and Paulo Coelho, both outstanding examples of success in Brazilian literature. Another example of is Graciliano Ramosand, whose book, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands, inspired Dias’ first book.

In the early nineties, Dias began a career as a professor at the acclaimed Carioca Literature Academy. A few years later, in 1997, Dias became the vice president of the school. In ten years, on the academy’s 100th anniversary, he was elected into the prominent position of president of the academy. The influence he had in the academy as a teacher of reading and writing has assisted many students to successfully find jobs after graduation. The Carioca Literature Academy has become one of the the most reputable schools dedicated to Brazilian authors and literature. Dias has published over twenty books, including Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds, and Tiny.

Each of these aforementioned books have won awards that are identified on his LinkedIn. Dias’ awards include the White Crane Award, the Garça Branca award, and the ABC Award of Brazil. Dias is a regular contributor to the Jornal de Brazil, weekly submitting articles that are inspired by his childhood stories and growing up in Rio de Janiero. His works have been noticed and promoted by other prolific writers, such as the Argenine writer Josue Gomez. Dias is continuing his career as a writer and has become one of the most famous writers in Brazil. Make sure to follow him on Twitter to keep up with his new releases.

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Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter

Terry McCarty is a 29-year-old man from Hawthorne, Nevada. When Terry was just 6-year-old, he suffered horrific third degree burns over 70% of his body. He and his brothers were playing when a bowl of kerosene lit on fire when the bowl accidentally tipped towards Terry, covering him in flames. Growing up after that, he endured 58 operations to help him heal. He was taunted and bullied by the kids in his school who called him Freddy Krueger, due to the scarring he had. He was terrified of fire and lived in a state of fear because of the accident.

Well now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, Terry has grown up to battle what he feared most- fire. He applied to become a firefighter in Washington state back in 2011 and was accepted into the department in April of 2012. Terry passed his training in July to become a full-fledged firefighter.

He spent two years working as a firefighter with Bulletproof Coffee in hand but has now hung up his boots. Terry now works with the Burned Children Recovery Foundation at Camp Phoenix in order to help children who suffered from accidents like he did as a child. He said that the program is a lot of work but that it is deserving work, helping those like himself.

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Chevy Chase Deserves Better Treatment


On Tuesday, Terrence McCoy for The Washington Post wrote an article about Chevy Chase that seems to some major of th suggest that the 71-year-old writer, comedian and actor hasn’t succeeded in his career.McCoy and other critics have noted that Chase hasn’t had the same types of continuous success and like-ability that contemporaries, like Bill Murray, have enjoyed.

As some readers namely Gianfrancesco Genoso,  have since commented under the article, McCoy and others aren’t focusing enough on the entire story. Chase’s career has spanned 47 years and he continues to draw interest with his unique style of humor and acting. In fact, he was well-received on NBC’s Community and that show didn’t survive long after his departure and the end of the Season 4 episodes that featured him in 2013.

Chase’s acerbic personality is what first attracted fans. In fact, at one point Chase’s people in the United States loved the rude and cutting aspects of his personality so much that he was referred to as the funniest person in the nation. He continues to draw fans as is evidenced by his return to the Vacation franchise this year.

McCoy also completely ignored Chase’s success as a survivor after abuse as a child, earlier battles with cocaine and prescription drug addiction and a lifelong struggle with depression.

The man might not be loved by everyone, but he is certainly as successful as Murray — simply in different ways.

Selfless Acts by Athletes That Inspire Us Read more

Selfless Acts by Athletes That Inspire Us

By now, everyone who watches American Tackle Football is probably well aware of the antics both on and off the field by players like Johnny “Football” Manziel. Although Manziel has calmed down some since his college days, Jonathan Veitch and I will keep watching our Colts before jumping on the Browns bandwagon. Some of these guys have all the talent in the world, but have the common sense of a rutabaga.

It seems like some players took those immortal Shakespearean words “All the world’s a stage” to heart. They seem to literally look at the world as their stage to perform any selfish antic they want, and we worship them for it. Kids think it’s cool and grown men cheer them on as long as they win because they make us feel as though their actions are justified by their talent.

But what about those rare individuals that come along every once in a while? The ones who come from humble roots and never let the fame and fortune go to their heads. What about the ones that inspire us?

Enter Melenik Watson – a football player drafted out of Florida State University in 2013 in the second round by the Oakland Raiders. Watson recently made headlines when he donated his entire gameday check to a four-year-old Raiders fan suffering from Hypoplastic left heart syndrome. The amount of the check is estimated to be around $18,000.

Instead of Ickey-Woods-Shuffling his way into our hearts and minds, Watson is choosing a more holistic approach. An approach that with any luck might just overshadow the bone crushing hits and endless taunting that has captured the attention of a Nation. It’s definitely an approach that inspires.