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Handling Fido’s Picky Palate

Demands are changing when it comes to food. Organic, fresh, farm-to-table, grain-free… the list of individual demands could go on and on. Oh, and I’m talking about dog food. That’s right. The demand for high-end dog food has never been higher. Companies are bending over backwards to offer the freshest, most nutritious food for Fido. A recent article in the Daily Harold mentioned that manufacturing chief of Freshpet Inc. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has no problem popping some of their fresh Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe in his mouth himself. The original article can be found here. The unfortunately side to this trend, however, is that many pet owners cannot afford to spend what it takes to bring home the pet food found in those nice branded refrigerators in the pet food isle. What are the rest of us to do? We obviously still love our pets, even if we can’t afford this high-end cuisine. After all, many families cook dinner at home instead of splurging at restaurants every night. How do loving pet owners find the balance? Thankfully, companies are still offering the same high quality dog food that has been there all along. Beneful, for instance, continues to be a staple for many pet owners. The company offers on Amazon many of the same options as their higher priced competitors. Beneful delivers high quality with options for puppies, healthy weight, and playful life for those looking to restore pep to their pup’s step. The company, which has been in business since 2001, believes in their products. Pet owners can even count on a 100% guarantee when they purchase Beneful products. And, purchasing these products means you’re not alone. Beneful is one of the top dog food brands. When it comes to caring for your dog, nutrition is not determined by how much you’ve spent on their food. We don’t have to sacrifice our own needs to be able to afford theirs.