Nitty-grittiesAbout Clay Siegall; a Renowned Biotechnologist Read more

Nitty-grittiesAbout Clay Siegall; a Renowned Biotechnologist

Clay is very active especially in his research on technological subjects. He always posts findings relating to specific topics that deem relevant for his page. Recently he highlighted a paralyzed man who initiated a system that serves the purpose of the arm and hand. It is fascinating for Siegall to appreciate such a great mind who has achieved an award-winning milestone. On the very same page, he sheds light on ways through which a gadget perceived to be mimicking the female reproductive system could be of help to researchers. Clay is always alertand it makes it worth to keep throwing an eye on his WordPress page.

Clay’s Expedition to Impact Cancer Treatment

Ever since Clay endeavored in pursuing biomedical courses, he has been passionate about improving the lives of cancer patients. Currently he holds the office of President and CEO at Seattle Genetics, an initiative that has quite made inroads in cancer research for the past decade or so. They integrate modern day innovations aimed at enhancing cancer therapy. Astonishingly, in about five years their stock prices have tended to triple, a sign that the role of the company is getting realized. Being a PhD holder in the relevant industry, he counts over two decades of endless assistance in research relating to cancer.

Inspirations That Motivate Clay Siegall

The great academic achievements have kept Mr. Clay in pursuit, but of course topped with his great commitment for the course he is innately passionate about. As well, he is determined to see the cancer patients get relieved from their painful situations. His true desire to find long-term solutions steered him to pioneer development of the first ever antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). This is inclusive of ADCETRIS®, which got the FDA sanctionin 2011. Quoted are just some of the results realized so far. There are several others, and some are yet to come into the public domain.


There are no chances that Clay Siegall will getsluggishin his input in research. There are countless scientific milestones expected of him. So far he has been very promising, and his involvement unmatched. Seattle Genetics is the company to keep an eye on.