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Marcio Alaor Is A Bank Director That Takes Care Of Soccer Fans

Banking in Brazil is not like banking in the United States. The rules and regulations in Brazil are weighed heavily toward banks, so many Brazilians never get bank loans. They save cash and pay as they go. If they want a home, they pay for it in cash a little at a time. It’s an archaic method, and the Brazilian government made some changes in banking laws in 2008 to get people to apply for more loans. Marcio Alaor, the director of the BMG Bank, believes those new regulations helped some people, but no everyone thought banks would give them a fair deal.

Marico Alaor built his reputation on fair deals. He grew up in a small city in the state of Minas Gerais, so he experienced poverty first-hand. In order to help his family, Marcio shined shoes as a boy. Of course, when he was not shining shoes, he was playing soccer in the dirt fields near his modest family house. Alaor got the chance to go to school, and he studied hard. He wanted a career in banking, and he knew exactly what bank he wanted to work for.

Alaor grew up watching the Land Credit Bank of Minas Gerais grow. He watch his friend’s family, the Guimarães family, change the Land Credit Bank into the Bank of Minas Gerais, and he wanted to be a part of that growth. His friend, Ricardo Guimarães, had the same dream as he did so it was only natural that Marcio would go to work for the BMG Bank after graduation.

Mr. Alaor learned the ins and outs of banking by working for the Guimarães family. When Ricardo became president of the bank in 1998, he wanted to put a team together that he could trust, and he knew Marcio had to be part of that team. Ricardo named Marcio Vice-President, and Director of the BMG Bank, and it was game on for the boyhood friends that were now part of the immense banking structure in Brazil.

Ricardo Guimarães depended on Alaor when the decision was made to sponsor the Minas Gerais soccer club. The executive team at the bank decided to sponsor the club and in return, players would wear the orange BMG logo on game days. The idea was to promote payroll loans using soccer players, and the plan worked. After the first couple of matches, BMG Bank’s payroll loan applications substantially increased. Alaor and his team would sponsor seven more soccer clubs over a five-year period, and that decision put BMG Bank in the spotlight.

BMG Bank was no longer a one state bank. Marcio Alaor and the BMG team turned the bank into a major competitor in the consignment credit business.

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General overview of MarcioAlaor

Marcio Alaor is the director and vice president of BMG bank in Brazil. He has extensive background and knowledge on finance and economics field. For the past several years BMG bank has raised to fame due to Marcio great leadership skills. He is the man in charge of payroll bank loans thus giving best returns. In addition, he has concentrated more on the diversification of investment and funds thus ensuring clients receive standard and high quality services to their satisfaction. Marcio Alaor has been very influential to most people due to his amazing skills.
Success of BMGBank
BMG is a privately owned bank that was formed with an aim of offering credit to consumers who need it quickly and urgently. One of the key elements that have enabled BMG bank to succeed is its proper management which is controlled by Marcio Alaor. BMG has maintained its position for quite some time and is still among the top and best banks in Brazil. BMG bank provides numerous services to businesses and individual thus creating networks all over and good relations. These services include investments, insurance, deposits and credit cards. Individuals and businesses that have associated with BMGare in all times assured of opportunities to meet all their financial needs.
Marcio Alaor has had great influence on the bank including the forming teams that help solve all complex financial problems. Marcio Alar has helped the bank improve its operations to therefore overwhelming other tough competitors within the market. Moreover he has ensured governing principles have been implemented to ensure proper practices for clients.
Marcio Alaor has also taken part in explaining the Australians economy and why it is an exception from experiencing global crisis. He argues that this issue has gained prominence among other economic experts. Alaor reports that Australia is an exception because it has majored on the exportation of goods that are produced in large scale and traded widely in the international markets. These commodities are mainly agricultural such as wheat and soy beans and mineral goods like aluminum and iron. Marcio says that Australian economy has therefore done well in its operations and the exportation of commodities has served as a very important stimulus.
Brazil has been noted to being among the top world’s fast growing economies. BMG bank under Marcio Alaor leadership has been among the important sectors that have contributed largely to this success. Mr. Alaor understands well the needs of ordinary individuals in Brazil and through the bank he has been able to help them enjoy financial independence as much as they can. The staffs working under Marcio also have been trained to understand that credit access is one of the key factors that helps raise an economy to a better position.

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BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães Thinks Brazilian Entrepreneurs Can Help The Economy Recover

Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, and the country has more beautiful beaches than any other country in South America. The people of Brazil are a fun-loving group that enjoy football, a good laugh and lots of beer, according to an article published by But some of laughter is gone these days thanks to a recession that is turning the country into a shadow of its former self. Brazil’s economy has been shrinking for the last two years, and the government hasn’t been able to stop the contraction.

Two credit rating agencies have downgraded Brazil’s debt to “junk” status, and the president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff says the only way to pull out of this economic nightmare is to cut spending and raises taxes. But BMG Bank President Ricardo Guimarães disagrees with Rousseff, and he is not the only private citizen that does. Most Brazilian want to see Rousseff impeached, but that could take years because of the way the Brazilian parliament operates

Ricardo Guimarães recently told that he thinks Brazilian entrepreneurs can help pull the country out of a recession. Mr. Guimarães told that there are four types of entrepreneurs in Brazil and they all possess creativity, vision, and dreams but only a few of them have the proactive attitude to help the country beat the recession. Ricardo believes the country will begin to rebound from the recession in 2016 because of the entrepreneurs that will help kick start the economy by developing innovative products that can be exported.

Brazil has unlimited natural resources, and there is a technology boom is happening in Brazil, and that will pay off, according to Guimarães. But Ricardo also thinks Brazilian entrepreneurs step up and become more proactive in government as well as in business.

Guimarães is a well-known public figure in Brazil not only for his banking expertise and his social statements, but also for his participation in Brazilian soccer. BMG Bank sponsors seven football clubs and Ricardo was chairman of his home state club for five years. BMG Bank has a reputation for being the bank that has the best payroll loans rates in the country thanks to Ricardo’s advertising campaign that mixes football with payroll loans.

Mr. Guimarães has won numerous awards for his participation in the banking industry. But the award his is most proud of is the Belo Horizonte Diploma of Merit, according to Belo Horizonte is Ricardo’s hometown, and he has helped the city become one of the most forward thinking cities in Brazil.

Article as found on Agencia Estado

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Marcio Alaor: From Shoe Shine To VP At BMG

Rags to riches is truly the best way to describe the story of how Marcio Alaor has risen through the ranks of one of the top banks in Brazil. He started out at the bank as a shoe shiner and worked his way up to the top. He now stands as the vice president of the bank, but he makes sure that he never forgets who he once was and where he came from. In this article, published by The Exame, he talks about the different things that he has done in his career and what led him there.

One of the biggest inspirations for Marcio Alaor’s success is Dr. Wilmar. Wilmar was an executive at the BMG bank when Alaor was working a shoe shiner. Dr. Wilmar saw that there was a lot of potential in Marcio and worked to make him aware of the ways that he could hone his strong work ethic. He made sure that Marcio Alaor knew the proper steps to ensure success and that he would never be able to fail if he followed these steps. Among the values that he instilled in him, he also began curating a strong drive for success in the young man.

Shoe shiner was the last job that Marcio Alaor had that was not related to BMG bank. He was hired onto the bank after his hard work ethic became evident and he made sure that he never stopped striving to become one of the best. This strive allowed him to quickly rise through the ranks of the bank. He started out at an entry level position and now sits at one of the highest positions in the entire bank. This shows a lot of what he has done to be able to succeed with the bank.

There are many things that Alaor looks for when he sees potential new employees of the bank. While he understands that big degrees and years of banking experience are beneficial for some positions, he also knows that a drive for success is just as important. Marcio Alaor looks to recruit only people who have a drive toward success, people who know what they want and people who set goals that may actually scare them. He works with these people and helps them curate their own desire for success. He then gives them an opportunity to showcase that success with the BMG bank.

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Ricardo Guimaraes: Exploiting The Potential Of Consigned Credit

As the Brazil’s credit expansion began in 2003, many banks began expending their credit offerings to increase their share, and to increase their profits as well. As time passes, the banking world is becoming more complex and competitive than it used to be, due to the fact that people tend to invent new processes in order to bring about the customer satisfaction. So, the bank owners and experts have been doing everything possible to introduce innovative plans that would attract even more customers. One of the bank experts who has achieved in doing this is certainly Ricardo Guimaraes, after BMG’s introducing of consigned credit into this market.
Ricardo Guimaraes became the BMG’s president and owner 11 years ago, and since then he has made ever endeavor to move the bank to the next phase of success. But, his career began even earlier, when he began working with the BMG S.A. de C.V. in 1980, until becoming its Financial Executive Officer. Since then, he has been supervising the bank’s business and making all the necessary innovations.
As far as the introduction of consigned credit is concerned, Ricardo Guimaraes states that it is something that will certainly overturn the market in a positive way. Furthermore, as the investment still continues to grow, there are still 50% that are not exploited. So, in order to make more profits, the bank offered reliable payroll loans, so many banks are now competing in the consignment credit market. BMG has 18% of market share, and it is still searching for innovative profit streams, so no wonder it comes on top when it comes to consignment credit market.
So, the credit percentage has risen a lot when compared the previous years, and the bank’s credit market now has 6 million dollars that accounted for 20% of overall loans in the country. Then, the equity of BMG bank was about $325 million in 2004, until increasing to even $1.4 million in 2010, which is really impressive.
When it comes to credit markets in general, consigned credit markets represent the cheapest option, and BMK bank will continue to have the leading role here, with its 80% of shares in this market, and one of the biggest distribution channels of more than 50 000 agents.
To conclude, the consigned credit has provided BMG bank with the security that will help it make many loans, and Ricardo Guimaraes has even some plans to expand the division of consignment credit market.

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Family Owned BMG Bank Is Riding Out The Recession

Family owned BMG Bank has a reputation for being fair, honest and helpful. BMG and the Guimarães family have been lending money to individuals and corporations since 1930. The Guimarães family have been exposed to a series of corrupt governments, recessions, inflation spikes and a currency that has been called the weakest in the world. But even though BMG has experienced those finicky financial and economic situations, the bank is as solid as any bank in the country.
The current CEO and President, Ricardo Guimarães has some work to do, and he knows it. Bankers around the country are nervous, and it won’t take much for them to start asking for help to offset some of the loans that will be in default. BMG has felt the recession in their vehicle financing department as well as in their consumer loan department, but the bank’s exposure is nothing like the exposure that state-owned banks have. BMG is solid, according to Mr. Guimarães, but that doesn’t mean BMG isn’t concerned about their outstanding payroll credit cards and car loans.
Some economists say Brazil will never be the same, but BMG’s Guimarães thinks that is an unfair statement. Brazil has a history of recovering from recessions, high inflation and inept governments. Brazil has the potential to rise above the issues. All it needs is the leadership. Leadership is one asset that has been lacking for years, and the country has suffered because of the blatant irresponsibility that seems systemic in Brazil.
Some BMG employees say if the Ricardo Guimarães family was in charge of the country, Brazil’s economy would be growing instead of shrinking. The banks would be lending money instead of tightening loan requirements. Inflation would be under control, and the unemployment rate would be below 5 percent again.
But Ricardo is happy doing what he does best, and that is running one of the most successful banks in Brazil. In the first quarter of 2015, BMG bank had a net profit of R$69 million. The bank’s total equity at the end of June was R$9,893 million. BMG bank continues to grow in spite of the issues that are plaguing the country. BMG employees continue to offer high-quality service to clients, and the employees of the bank are comfortable working in a consistent and relatively calm environment.
Overall, BMG is handling all the issues the way the bank does. That is with respect, appreciation and incomparable professionalism.