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Kate Hudson Presents Fabletics in Elle Interview

Actress Kate Hudson has become the phenomenal businesswoman that has managed to win an award for her business savvy skills. She helped launch Fabletics, and now there is a lot of talk about this is company is growing.

This is growth that cannot be contained. In the next 5 years there will be more than 100 Fabletics stores. This means that a lot more customers will become familiar with this brand. That is exciting for Kate Hudson. She has believed in the company and the clothing line from the very start, and now she gets the chance to show even more customers what she is so excited about. She has told Elle magazine how she got started with the idea of creating a company like this, and she also shared many of the same feelings that other women shared about workout clothing. She didn’t feel the need to be confined to clothing that was uncomfortable when she was running or stretching to prepare for yoga. She wanted to feel free, and that is what got her creative juices flowing. It would become easy for her to help with the design because she already knew what frustrated women with the gym gear inadequacies felt like. She was one of these frustrated customers.

Hudson has found that it is helpful to have an array of choices. Sometimes the abundant number of choices can become something that women would rather do without. This is the case with females that may be indecisive. Fortunately, Hudson has created a plan that alleviates the issue of spending so much time trying to shop.

There are going to be some other people that may desire to try the clothes on. They may have a true urge to actually go into a store and see the clothes. These are the people that will be impressed by the upcoming Fabletics stores that are coming.

Some people buy the clothes, but they may be wondering what they are going to do with the clothes once they get these garments. Surprisingly, the Twitter account for Fabletics has some short videos that are posted with some great exercises. People are showing off their exercise routines while they wear some of the stylish outfits that are available on the Fabletics website.

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Bernardo Chua And The Miracle of Ganoderma

Traditional Chinese medicine has made extensive use of a common fungus that has uncommon benefits for health, and its called Ganoderma. One influential man has embraced this wonderful mushroom, where it is used as a supplement, and introduced it to the west.

Bernardo Chua introduced this healthy supplement with his company OrganoGold in 2008. He is originally from the Philippines where traditional Asian medicine has long been known for its healing prowess. After successfully marketing this miracle mushroom to the Asian markets he knew it was time for the west to experience it too, in a way that would be familiar to them.

OrganoGold supplements it’s line of coffees, teas, and personal care products with Ganoderma. Why Ganoderma? While it is a health supplement, it is not a medicine, and here are some of the purported benefits.

  • Relieves fatigue
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Calm inflammation
  • Increase stamina
  • Support the immune system 


    Bernardo Chua’s efforts to educate western countries about the many benefits of this traditional Asian medicine have been welcomed by many, and Organo Gold has been very successful. He based the company in Canada because of the strict business laws there. He knew with the high amount of regulation that his brand would be perceived as trustworthy, which it is. He then decided to embrace a direct marketing campaign to get the word out. Word of mouth advertising has always been the most effective form of advertising. This was also a way to help improve the lives of others by economically empowering people to build their own business.

    With over one million direct sales representatives around the world, Bernardo Chua has done a magnificent job of building his brand while spreading health and wealth around the world. His line of products is available throughout the world, and he recently started distributing his products in Turkey, where it has been well received due to that country’s love of coffee. His coffees, which are supplemented with Ganoderma have been a huge hit with consumers. Bernardo Chua’s love of helping people live healthier lives, as well as empowering them economically will continue to drive his success throughout the world.

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Francisco Guerra IV Will Be The Attorney That Makes History

Enhance Online News is on top of current trends regarding future litigation practices that will affect the U.S. and the world. No matter what corner you’re in this will be the fight of the century. This powerful legal team will take on of the largest GMO company ever.

“Frank” Francisco Guerra IV is probably one of the most ‘invisible’ new movers of the 21st century. Enhanced Online News has a good synopsis of the forthcoming events that may decide some of the most historical legislation ever. The team Watts Guerra LLP will take on the giant Syngenta, a Goliath of modified GMOs and it will take everything the team has to litigate this suit. But Guerra has a ‘personal dog in the fight’; coming from an agricultural background and family himself, he knows how important this is.

It will take a brave ‘David’ to slay this corporation, who has affected not only corn prices worldwide but rice markets as well. It has impoverished thousands of family farms and farmers the world over.

If you don’t like these large litigation firms it doesn’t matter. That will be what it takes to maintain the honor and character of the small farmer and common worker for the future. Only strong litigators can defend themselves against the ‘deep pockets’ of the GMO’s, and other companies like Firestone and Ford.

If it weren’t for people like Guerra ‘his name means “war”’ by the way, the small man’s liberty wouldn’t exist. Someone must fight against the ‘dangerous’ products that companies foist upon us. Who would make sure that companies like Pradaxa would pay the death claims of many families.

This upcoming lawsuit headed by the Guerra team will be hard not to be passionate about. No matter what the outcome, it will effect world events. Thomas M. Sipkins has appointed Guerra to lead the group, and will be something to read about. The Minnesota action will be waited for with much anticipation to see what happens.

Watts, Guerra, LLP have won some of the biggest and most important lawsuits of litigation history according to the report. The Online News Organization reports a very balanced view, whether you are for or against the upcoming suit. It will be a great ‘fight’. So, no matter what his role, Guerra will have the impact that a minority needs in his perspective as a member of the farm community.

So whatever the perspective, the legal team that has been picked to guide us into the future will be the very best to enter the fight. Anyone would want to be represented by such a sterling group as they, and the winner will be the one to effect the future whatever it will be.

Marc Sparks Has No Fear When It Comes To Reaching Out His Mighty Hands Read more

Marc Sparks Has No Fear When It Comes To Reaching Out His Mighty Hands

When you see a homeless couple on the side of the street what do you think? I’m sure you get the normal stream of thoughts; they must be on drugs, or they are lazy and don’t want to work. These thoughts may be followed by annoyance because you feel like maybe you want or should want to give them some money or food, but in come those negative thoughts again. Who knows what they would do with the money, or if they would eat the food. They may not eat food, they may live off of alcohol as many homeless have been known to do. So you just drive on by as usual. Back to your life. You may think about those homeless people around your area once in a while, but only just briefly. There is one man who went above and beyond the call of duty to his fellow man and created a home base for those homeless individuals that is typical people would just pass by. Marc Sparks is that special human.

As a high school student Marc did not seem to show much spark as he was just floating by as a C+ student. Motivation was not, seemingly, a force of nature for him back then. Something sure changed since then. With 34 years of entrepreneurship under his belt Marc Sparks was convinced by some of his close friends to write an enlightening book to help other people with big business dreams. “They Can’t Eat You” starts out with one of those close friends shining the, well deserved, spotlight on Mr. Sparks and some of his many accomplishments.

With not even a glance of his foot through a college campus door (for his own degree seeking desires that is) Mr. Sparks has run at is “Spark Speed” through the finish line and back multiple times with multiple different companies. He has a no fear, no hesitation, just go get ’em way of dealing with things and it certainly has shown. He is actively involved with a long list of organizations that he proves to truly care about. Some of which he started from scratch. These such organizations are; The Samaritan Inn, The North Texas Gateway Apartments, America Can! Academy, Sparky Kids, Care, Highland Park Methodist Church, Carpenters for Christ and Habitat for Humanity.

As humans we each have a duty to help one another. Marc Sparks is fulfilling that duty more than many ever could. Look into his organizations and read about the great things he is doing. You will feel true emotions when you read about how he built The Noth Texas Gateway Apartmebts to help the homeless move on from The Sumaritan Inn and take baby steps by only paying a third of the costs that regular apartments cost so that they can afford a home, and learn how to save while working and going to school. I trust that his works will move you. Business can be about more than money. It can change lives for the better.

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John Textor Proves A Big Name In Visual Effects

The world of finance and Hollywood often run hand in hand as those who head up the creative companies have backgrounds far removed from those they are working alongside. One financial expert who has slipped seamlessly into the Hollywood entertainment industry is financial expert John Textor who has headed up both the Digital Domain studio and now the innovative work of Pulse Evolution. Textor is one of the few financial experts who can safely say he has seen and understood the way in which the world of Hollywood works and has made it his business to push the envelope of where the technology the film and live entertainment business relies upon heads next.

At the time John Textor graduated from Weslayen University with a degree in economics the world of Hollywood must have seemed a long distance from the life he was living. However, throughout his career in finance the California based businessperson remained focused on providing investment opportunities in the entertainment and communications industries. Not only did this mean Textor was involved in major entertainment based deals, but that he had a thorough understanding of how technology was developing in terms of both industries.

2006 saw the changing point in the life of John Textor when he was offered and accepted the role of President of the Digital Domain group, which had a long history in Hollywood without ever finding a specific niche for itself in the entertainment industry. Textor set about changing the role of Digital Domain when he realized the large amount of success the company could have if they further developed their digital effects department. Under the leadership of John Textor the company completed visual effects for over 80 movies and achieved the holy grail of special effects specialists with the computer generated central character in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

The Oscar win for Digital Domain following the work completed on Benjamin Button was the crowning achievement of Textor’s time with the company and was followed by his move to Pulse Evolution. At Pulse, hologram based technology is being used to bring legendary performers back to the stage and once again sees John Textor at the cutting edge of the latest computer based technology.

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FreedomPop Snags Investors, Heads to the UK

FreedomPop was first started up in Los Angeles back in 2012. Upon establishment the company attained seed money from the founder of Skype. As a small tech start up in L.A. focusing on the telemarketing world, FreedomPop faced a ton of barriers in front of them as their ultimate goal was competition so engrained in the American culture with networks like Comcast and Samsung. Still, through determination and hard work FreedomPop has slowly carved out a name for themselves and now three years later look to be on the verge of a global expansion that could take their company to the next level.

What FreedomPop offers customers is pretty simple, but it is hard to believe. FreedomPop offers customers a core phone plan package that is completely free. Subscribers to the system get free talk, text, and mobile data with no strings attached. Of course these free services are fairly limited but they will never cost a thing. Users who enjoy the service can opt to upgrade to more expansive plans or purchase other programs to add on to their phone. Being a freemium mobile carrier in the age of expense is tough but FreedomPop has weathered the storm.

In fact, FreedomPop has gotten so popular that for months we assumed they would be engaging in an M&A deal. Instead CEO Stephen Stokols broke the news that the company would pass on the six offers that slid across his table, including a reported $250 million offer. After that was done we saw FreedomPop earn another $30 million from European investors in the Series B and now they are looking overseas to where the next phase of the FreedomPop expansion looks to be heading to.

FreedomPop is aiming at a soft launch in the UK with just their core service on display, at least to start. The core service, which will launch via SIM card to begin, offers 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB of total data. This package, again completely free, is considered to be the equivalent of a basic phone package in the UK. Stokols told reporters that you “can’t beat free” and that he doesn’t worry too much about the stiff competition in Europe’s most targeted market.

If FreedomPop wants to succeed in the long run as a huge company their work in the UK needs to go strong. In America FreedomPop has already pushed past the 1 million subscriber mark.

Source: http://techcrunch.com/2015/05/12/as-acquisition-rumors-swirl-free-mobile-service-freedompop-goes-live-in-the-uk/

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South Carolina Taking Down Confederate Flag

Only 3 weeks after a gunman killed 8 parishioners and the pastor of a South Carolina church, the Senate of South Carolina has voted unanimously to have the Confederate flag removed from Capitol grounds. There has been severe opposition on both sides concerning this issue, and the state voted overwhelmingly 37-3 to have it removed.

The Confederate battle flag has been getting some negative press in the past few weeks, Kenneth Griffin and more and more people and organizations are trying to distance themselves from the flag. Despite the fact that 57% of Americans believe the flag represents Southern pride, more organizations are trying to avoid any issues and are making a strong move to remove the flag and association to it. Those who oppose the flag have been rallying for weeks to have it removed, and the nation as a whole appears to be listening as even the southern states are making moves to remove the flag.

Just last week, Walmart announced every one of the stores will no longer carry any merchandise that depicts the Confederate flag. Time Warner stopped making any products that have the flag on it. TV Land removed the popular Dukes of Hazard television series because the car in the show has a Confederate flag painted on the roof. Two thirds of South Carolina’s house voted to remove the flag, although a final count is still pending. The flag has been flying on the Capitol property since 2000, but even the Governor believes it must come down.

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A Group Of Brave Men Bust Open Doors During Apartment Fire to Save Lives

When it comes to rescuing people from an apartment fire. A few men take it upon themselves to not only go door to door to let people know about the fire, but to save their pets as well. To these men’s life doesn’t end with you human kind, pets lives mean something as well.

These men were caught on camera by the new Go Pro camera technology. Their video was posted to YouTube and has quickly gone viral. In the video you can see them rush into a burning building units that are caught on fire by a lightening strike. During the video the men are seen using force to bust open doors and chasing any pets left behind out of the building.

This fire caused the roof of the building to collapse. No one was harmed in the fire but many will be without a home for a while. The men say no one was mad about the damage they caused just glad they were able to help as many people as they did. Including a small dog that would have surely died had he been left in there. This group of courageous men should receive a medal for risking their lives to save others. Igor Cornelsen had a big thank you to these men and the Rapid City Fire Department in South Dakota for all their hard work and dedication.