VTA’s Tips on Defying All Odds to Succeed in Business Read more

VTA’s Tips on Defying All Odds to Succeed in Business

There are many misconceptions about the attainment of success in the business world. To have a better understanding, it is important to flash-back to the 1980 Winter Olympics held in Lake Placid. The US ice hockey team, which was coached by Herb Brooks emerged gold medalists despite having many impediments stacked against them. The Soviet Union had come into the tournament with a strong team and were clear favorites to win the gold medal.

How the US managed to defeat a team previously thought to be unbeatable still remains a mystery. The Soviets had already beaten a team comprising NHL stars at an exhibition game. This was at the height of raging communist power, which was threatening to devour the world. The eventual winners approached the game in a nonconventional way. The coach chose to play a rookie team. He reasoned that their game could not be mastered. Despite skeptics predicting that they would be beaten hands-down, they emerged victorious.

Vital Lessons Learnt

The VTA website suggests we should not downplay our ability to succeed just because a skeptic has placed all odds against us. We need to ignore such people since the probabilities are only statistical figures. It is also crucial that we put in our best effort in whatever we do. An average effort gives us an average chance of success. We need to distinguish ourselves by ensuring that our efforts are above average.

Mediocre competitors can easily be pinpointed because they portray certain traits. Most importantly, they are usually confused and ignorant about financial matters. They often have negative thoughts, have low self-esteem, and have second-rate business plans. Mediocrity also means one lacks a clue about running a successful business. Worse still, they do not even bother finding out the best business practices. Their discipline and patience levels are often low, easily get emotional and do not reinvest any profits made.

VTA Publications in Brief

This is a United Kingdom based company formed in 2012 with its core objective being the publication of hard and soft copies of information about the financial and economic world. In addition, it publishes distance learning literature. These are distributed to thousands of customers spread all over the world. Owing to this, the firm has become renowned as the supreme force in the distribution of informative non-fictional material.

In line with this, VTA incorporates high end technology and information by partnering with experts in the fields of finance and economics, tap into their experience and translate it to clients during seminars.  More Money Review covers that VTA is doing some really interesting work.

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Queens of Drama: Soap Reality

There was a time when soap operas dominated daytime TV. However, as Reality TV has grown in popularity, soap operas have waned. One thing to notice is that Reality TV does have something in common with soap operas. There is a lot of drama. One show is made that is geared towards bringing back the soap opera. This show is called Queens of Drama. It has debuted in a ten episode first season that started with Donna Mills taking on the lead role. There were other stars that included Crystal Hunt. However, her role was very small at first. As the series progressed, Crystal Hunt’s character has grown more in what she has to do on the show.

Crystal Hunt plays a fictional version of herself in which she works along with other women on starting up a production company. She was a bit closer to a background character until later in the season when she was pitted against Joan Collins, a British soap opera star. So far, she has shown a bit of promise in her role. However, Crystal Hunt has also done some memorable roles outside of Queens of Drama.

Among the roles that Crystal Hunt played was a role in Magic Mike XXL. One of her most memorable roles was that of Lizzie Spaulding in Guiding Light. The character was a troubled daughter dealing with the issues of Philip and Beth Raines and their troubled relationship. She has done such a good job that she has won an Emmy Award for Daytime TV. She has also starred on One Life to Live for a little while as Stacy Morasco. After leaving the show, she has made a couple of appearances in later episodes. Even though she has taken a few roles at the start of her acting career, she has taken on quite a few roles in the previous year, highlights of which appear on YouTube.

U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip N. Diehl Obsessing About Customer Service During Podcast Read more

U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip N. Diehl Obsessing About Customer Service During Podcast

Source: CBS 19

During a recent podcast interview with Philip N. Diehl, host Eric Dye asks Diel his how his experience as Director of the U.S. Mint helped him in his role as president of U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl says his time at the U.S. Mint introduced to him to legal tender gold bullion coins, therefore, he decided that the U.S. Mint should have an entrepreneurial focus, stressing excellent customer service. Diehl tells host Eric Dye that his commitment to giving U.S. Mint customers an excellent experience easily transferred to U.S. Money Reserve. Diehl’s focus on treating the U.S. Mint like a business with superior service worked well. When Diehl took over as Director of the U.S. Mint, it was earning about $450 million per year, in Diehl’s final year, the annual earnings increased to $2.5 billion.

Diehl’s excited about his company’s latest product. In addition to legal tender gold, silver and platinum coins, U.S. Money Reserve now offers Individual Retirement Accounts holding gold and silver, instead of stocks and bonds. U.S. Money Reserve’s website explains how customers can transfer their traditional IRA to a gold and silver IRA if they are concerned about the financial market’s performance. They offer free IRS consultation by phone for individuals with questions that the website does not address.

When asked why U.S. Money Reserve is better than its competitors, Diehl stresses customer service again, along with his firm’s selection of legal tender gold coins produced by the U.S. Mint. Consumers know the U.S. government backs the purity of these coins, which have a 30-day, 100 percent money back guarantee, highlighting Diehl’s obsession with offering consumers top-notch customer service. U.S. Money Reserve is also unique among its competitors; the company has highly trained gold and numismatic experts who serve customers, as opposed to the salespersons used by some of U.S. Money Reserve’s competitors. If anyone asked Philip N. Diehl why U.S. Money Reserve does so much to garner consumer’s trust, he would probably say that trustworthiness is just another aspect of superior customer service.

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The Leaders in Virtual Reality Services, Pulse Evolution

Pulse Evolution Corporation is a company who has experienced resounding success and uncovered groundbreaking discoveries in the realm of digitized reality. Pulse Evolution specializes in developing and producing digitized humans and artificial intelligence. The company is operated out of Port St. Lucie, Florida, and also has branches in California.

Pulse Evolution is a company who has showcased its works to billions of people, even though the people who have witnessed their breathtaking works might not have realized where it came from. Pulse Evolution provided services in the movie “Benjamin Button” and at live concerts, such as “Tupac at Coachella.” The company tends to emulate very famous late personas, such as Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley.

Mr. John Textor is currently the CEO of Pulse Evolution. Mr. Textor is a prudent businessman who has led Pulse to the upper echelons of businesses who are planned to expand exponentially in the future. Augmented reality as of now provides audiences with close-to-realistic performances, but will be able to provide people with experiences that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Mr. John Textor went to college at Wesleyan University, and graduated in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Mr. Textor has previous experience as a CEO, when he was promoted to CEO of The Parent Company and BabyUniverse in 2005. Prior to assuming the role of CEO, Mr. Textor served as chairman of the board. John Textor also has experience with the film industry, and helped produce “Ender’s Game.”

Under Textor’ leadership, Pulse Evolution has recently opened up thousands of shares of stock in the business in the United States and international markets, starting in 2014. Pulse Evolution reports that the company has received upwards of fifteen million dollars in financing solely from making its stocks available for sale.

Aside from the virtual reality representation of late celebrities, Pulse Evolution also develops software, to better aid the virtual reality experience. Pulse does not develop software exclusively for virtual reality purposes, although the majority of the software does center around virtual reality.

Market experts predict that virtual reality will experience large amounts of growth in the upcoming years, and that other virtual reality companies will try to emulate Pulse Evolution to experience the resounding level of success that Pulse Evolution has experienced.

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North American Spine’s AccuraScope Procedure

The North American Spine’s AccuraScope Procedure is proving to be quite a big deal! The North American Spine’s innovative AccuraScope Procedure was created in order to help those who are suffering from chronic back and neck pain. The AccuraScope Procedure does not require any major surgery!

Those who suffer from chronic back and neck pain know that it is hard to live an active lifestyle with pain. Then there is the added trouble of painful shots, major surgery, and expensive medication just to treat the symptoms. The AccuraScope Procedure is a simple laser procedure that could potentially take away the shots, surgery, and medication for life!

The laser is no larger than the tip of a mechanical pencil and targets only the affected tissue that is causing the pain. Unfortunately it does not target bone pain at this time. The entire procedure takes less than an hour from start to finish and leaves the individual ready to walk out of the doors the same day. Patients are expected to return to work and their active lifestyle within days. The AccuraScope Procedure is effective in over 80 percent of cases and saves the patient over 20 thousand dollars in medical expenses over the span of five years. It may save more money over time as the procedure is expected to have life-long lasting relief in some patients.

The patented AccuraScope procedure is a minimally invasive laser surgery that takes roughly 45 minutes to complete. The AccuraScope procedure is a minimally invasive decompression and/or stabilization surgery. There have been well over 8 thousand documented cases of which more than 80 percent have noticed lasting positive effects. The physicians at North American Spine are experts in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, or Interventional Pain Management.