How Louis Chenevert achieved Success Read more

How Louis Chenevert achieved Success

Louis Chenevert was born in Canada. He is famous for his significant progress in business. Since his childhood, Louis’s interest was in business. He knew well that hard work and commitment could only bring prosperity. Louis earned a bachelor’s degree in production management at the university of Montreal. Louis has worked in many organizations such United Technologies Corporative. In all the companies he has worked for, Louis succeeded much, and this made him get promotion now and then.

Louis Chenevert was employed at General motors company for several years. The company knew him well by his excellent character. Louis was always determined to achieve his set goals and also the interest of the companies where he worked.

At United Technologies Corporation, Louis still continued to shine in his work. Read more about Louis Chenevert at Crunchbase.

In 1999 he was elected the president of the entire Pratt and Whitney Company. He led the company to a big success. Once a person does a good job, he gets recognized by the other people leading to appreciation. Louis was one of the people who once assigned a task he does it to his maximum. After working for seven years, Louis was elected the president and the CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Read more at

Louis success was significantly seen when he managed to be the leader of conglomerate worth $10 billion. He described this as one of his greatest achievements. For many years, Louis had admired the acquisition of Goodrich. Louis spent a year negotiating with the leaders of Goodrich. Finally, they accepted the deal and allowed him to acquire it at a price amounting to $18.4 billion.

At United Technologies Corporate, Louis was admired for his forward thinking ability which enabled him to succeed in many projects. After working for several years in the company, Louis finally resigned in 2014. Due to his experience, he was appointed as the advisor of Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. Louis success is a motivating factor for many young people. He is a role model for many people.

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Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Cater the Corrections Industry Read more

Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Cater the Corrections Industry

Rick Smith took the position of Securus Technology CEO in July 2008. The majority of people believe he was the right leader to take the leadership of the organization due to his experience, drive and focus. That enabled him to steer the company forward and assist in making it the undisputed leader within the corrections sector in matters concerning services and products. Smith is a great leader with an excellent background, impressive track records, and unique skillset. He has before operated in operations, finance, telecommunications, and business development and information technology. Thus, his leadership aptitudes have always differentiated him with other leaders. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. Spearheaded by Rick Smith, the organization offers a broad assortment of services for over 2,600 corrections, 1,000,000 inmates, public safety agencies and law enforcement within North America. Under the administration of Rick Smith, the organization has continued to devote its services to offering corrections society with services and technology for incident management, communications, emergency response, inmate self-service, investigation, public information, biometrics, and monitoring.

Rick Smith has a strong education background. He pursued an Associate’s Degree at Rochester Institute of Technology, and Engineering Bachelors and Masters Degree from the State University of New York. He also attended Rochester University where he attained an MBA from the Simon School. From 1972 up to 1998, Rick held a various position while working with Global Crossing North America Inc where his roles entailed Chief Information Officer and Controller. Prior, he also gained experience while working as vice president with Midwest Telephone Operations, President at Frontier Information Technologies, network plant operations director, business development director and vice president of the organization’s financial management.

From 1998 to 2000, Rick Smith shifted to Eschelon Telecom Inc. where he was the organization’s chief financial officer while from 2000 to 2003; he became the president of the company and later promoted to become Chief Executive Officer. During the period, he increased the organization’s revenue from $30 million up to $350 million and during the summer of 2005, he spearheaded the organization to a victorious IPO. Rick Smith remained in the company until 2007.

In the year 2008, Rick Smith was hired by Securus Technologies and became the CEO and president of the organization and in 2009; he became the chairman of the company. As Smith was offering services to the organization, their biggest competitor was Global Tel Link, but Securus continued flourishing. To date, Rick Smith Securus has a bigger set of services and products in addition to a domestic call center controlled by its staff which works out 600% better compared to its competitors. The company has trained filed operators and has established the biggest VOIP Corrections calling stage in the world. Under the administration of Rick Smith, the organization has likewise invested more than $600 million in acquisitions, technologies, and patents from 2013 to 2016. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.

Bob Reina Is Helping People And Businesses Stay Connected Seamlessly Read more

Bob Reina Is Helping People And Businesses Stay Connected Seamlessly

In a recent article featured in Your Mark On The World, Bob Reina CEO of Talk Fusion discusses building the company as well as being able to give back to communities in need worldwide. Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and takes his role as the CEO of a major company seriously in the sense that he feels that he needs to give back to those that need help. The company was founded on that set of values and is interwoven in the structure of the company itself. For example, Bob Reina donated $1 million to the Tampa Bay Humane Society as well as substantial donations to Indonesian orphanages. He has even created a program that allows his affiliates to donate an account to charity. He feels that even the less fortunate need to be able to communicate with loved ones all over the world. The donated plans are part of their best plan called the Custom Monthly Plan.


Bob Reina has the changed the lives of many individuals, not only from his charitable donations but also through his business opportunities. Many of the affiliates have been able to achieve success through their work with Talk Fusion. Bob Reina took a completely different career path earlier in his adult years. He graduated from the University of Florida as number one in his police academy class. Although he chose a career in law enforcement, he had always had an entrepreneurial drive. His inspiration for the Talk Fusion platform came from an incident where he wanted to send a video to a friend about a home he was checking out but was unable to send it through AOL. He knew that there was a demand for a more capable email, video, and talk solution that could better connect individuals and give them the capability to communicate more effectively.


Bob contacted an IT friend and explained that he wanted to create an all in one marketing video solution. From that conversation, Talk Fusion was born. Today, it is one of the fastest growing video marketing tools in the world. Companies love the way that the platform allows them to effectively stay connected and use a wide range of video and email solutions to more efficiently conduct business.


Everything You Need to Know about VTA Publications and Jim Hunt Read more

Everything You Need to Know about VTA Publications and Jim Hunt

March 13th 2017 Updated Information:
Worth noting that VTA and Jim Hunt have just launched a free financial blog dedicated to first time investors. Time will tell whether or not this proves to be the type of information that can get you far, without trying one of their in depth courses. But who isn’t interested in a little more insight if you’ve never invested a dollar in your life? Can’t hurt to read. It’s free after all.

Jim Hunt got the idea for Jim Hunt VTA publications after learning about how the big banks work. He wanted to make the information available to the common person so that they could also prosper without relying on the banks.

Mr. Hunt usually begins his day early in the morning. He will first go for a workout, which helps him get the positive energy flowing. He will then focus on creating innovative ideas for his subscribers at Afterward, he takes a light lunch so that he can continue being active during the afternoon.

His ideas are born out of what his clients want. He will then begin looking for solutions that could help them. He usually does huge amounts of research and then lets the ideas come to him naturally. After his research on, Jim Hunt will usually relax for a while as the ideas come to him.

One thing that interests him is the biotech industry. According to him, he believes that the ideas currently swirling around will be quite impactful in the coming two decades. Jim Hunt VTA Publications has been so successful thus because of the discipline that he has. He also advises people to study human psychology; it is one of the easiest ways to sell things to people. It has not all been smooth sailing for Jim. However, he encourages people to learn from their mistakes.

Recent Development from VTA Publications

Jim Hunt VTA Publications recently launched Wealth Wave. The strategy will allow investors to make money even when the stock market is failing. The new strategy by VTA Publications is based on the premise that money does not disappear. When the stock market crashes, that money simply moves elsewhere.

The strategy will allow investors to time their moves perfectly to capture as much of this shifting money as possible. However, investors are not alone; Mr. Hunt and other experts will hold your hand throughout the process on They keep in touch via informative videos and through email addresses. In fact, with this strategy, customers do not even need to have prior experience with the stock market. However, most investors find that they hardly need any handholding since the videos are so easy to understand.

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Secrets to Sucess in a Seller’s Market

Even as the Ohio housing Market has closed out its most promising and busiest year since 2005, the market is shifting in favor of sellers as 2017 kicks off. Despite sales rising 2.8 percent higher than they were the year before, the average sale price was up 4.8 percent in December, per Real Estate Cleveland. The National Association of Realtors has expressed concerns about this growth and supply shortages that seem imminent in the first few months of 2017. Buyers are still out hunting- but more often than not, they’re not finding what they’re seeking, or losing bids to competitor buyers.

One successful realtor in Central Ohio, Tammy Mazzocco of Judy Gang & Associates, shares her secrets with Ideamensch. After a relaxing morning routine, she finishes the most important tasks of her day before opening up her e-mail or getting on her phone, and sections out her most tedious and tiresome tasks into blocks of time, effectively dividing and conquering them. She says that she sets goals, then breaks these down into tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, and monthly to make such goals reality. Mazzocco believes in putting her customer’s interests first, and it has brought her great success through repeat business and word of mouth recommendations. Her success has spoken for itself.

Tammy Mazzocco began her career as a secretary for an office of realtors; and soon became a licensed agent at the encouragement of Ken Cook, a manager of Scotland Yard. After leaving, she climbed the ladder, later becoming a personal assistant for Re/Max producer Joe Armeni, in Columbus. Becoming inspired, she left in 1999 to join her current firm, Judy Gang & Associates, whose namesake she considers a great mentor and friend. Tammy is currently selling real estate in four counties in Central Ohio, per her profile on Re/Max.

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Raj Fernando is a Brilliant Business Leader

The financial markets are dominated by extremely intelligent men that work extraordinarily hard. These brilliant men are able to see the winds of change before they start blowing and make the best possible moves. There are hundreds of people that increase their profits every day by simply working harder and knowing more than their competition, but one of the smartest is Raj Fernando.

Raj Fernando has been involved in the markets since his college years. He spent his time in college working as a volunteer on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He fell in love with the inner workings of the trading floor and when he graduated he immediately started working as a trader. Throughout the nineties, Raj worked in several positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj developed a reputation as a both a hard worker and an extremely intelligent man. In 2002, Raj decided to change jobs and start his own trading company.

Raj started Chopper Trading in 2002. At first, the firm was rather small, but during Raj’s time with the company it grew to more than 250 traders. The firm trades on the NASDAQ, CME, ICE, Eurex, and other major trading markets. Raj loved building the company from the ground up, and Chopper quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful companies in the trading world. Chopper continued to grow throughout the 2000s, and in 2015 Raj sold the company to DRW Trading Group.

Raj made a great deal of money from the sale of Chopper Trading, but he was not satisfied to rest on his laurels. In 2016, Raj decided to start his own internet start-up, Scoutahead. Scoutahead is a company designed to improve professional growth and productivity. The company utilizes secure and advanced communication systems to meet their goals. Fernando currently serves as chairman and CEO of the company.

Raj Fernando has already had a long and storied career, but he is not satisfied with his current position. He plans to take Scoutahead to the next level, and he hopes to work with the company for years to come.
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Kyle Bass Woos Investors Based On His Predictions About Losses In China’s Banking Industry Read more

Kyle Bass Woos Investors Based On His Predictions About Losses In China’s Banking Industry


Currently, Kyle Bass is seeking for investors who are ready to bet on the losses being made by the Chinese banking industry. This comes only a couple of months after the hedge fund manager predicted massive losses in the industry due to huge non-performing loans. If everything goes as he predicts, both Bass and his investors will get millions of dollars in returns.

Kyle Bass made a name for himself about nine years ago when he successfully predicted the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States. The financial problems caused by the crisis led to the great recession of 2008 that affected the United States and other countries whose economies were tied to that of the U.S. Bass was able to take advantage of the situation and make millions of dollars for himself and investors that had trusted in him. Since then, he has made numerous economic predictions. Some of them have been accurate while majority have been wrong. The wrong predictions have reduced investors’ confidence in him.

According to an unnamed source, Bass has started holding calls with investors. He is using the calls to explain his ideas to the investors and try to convince them to invest in the upcoming opportunity through his company, Hayman Capital Management. The unnamed source also pointed out the hedge fund manager’s confidence in the Chinese economy. Over the last few months, Bass has been able to switch his focus to the east. Currently, over 85% of his main fund’s portfolio is in trades with China. This information was originally mentioned on Dallas News as provided in the link below

Early this year, Kyle Bass made a bold statement on China’s banking system. According to him, the industry was going to suffer massive losses that are almost four times those suffered by U.S. banks during the 2008 recession. However, Chinese analysts have disregarded his predictions. The experts predict the losses to be only 7% of the country’s GDP.

The Gambler

Other American financial experts have considered Kyle Bass a desperate gambler. They highlight the continuous drop in his fund’s performance over the years, regardless of the numerous predictions and media appearances he has been making in the recent past. They have also accused him of unethical trading practices such as shorting companies to make profits. This information was originally published on Useful Stooges as explained in the following link

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Danilo Diaz Granados Leads The Latest Toys For Boys Event

The latest event organized by the luxury lifestyle store Toys For Boys is one that will live long in the memory for those who were lucky enough to be invited to the series of experiences curated by Toys For Boys founder Danilo Diaz Granados. Over the course of a single day the best in luxury lifestyle experiences were delivered by Danilo Diaz Granados and his team who took their hand selected group of men on a helicopter trip from Miami to Palm Beach and back to Miami.

Florida’s Toys For Boys store was created by Danilo Diaz Granados in 2013 after the investment specialist spotted a gap in the market for Latino males who were not being provided with the best options in luxury goods. The ability of Danilo Diaz Granados to spot such a gap in the market is not shocking to those who know a little about the Babson College graduate; after completing his education Granados made his way to Miami and began providing investment advice for the members of the Latin community in Florida. Granados has recently been appointed to a new role as an investment specialist with FCP in Miami where he uses his skills in economics and entrepreneurship to look for the best new investments available to all investors.

Over the course of the single day the latest Toys For Boys event took place over those chosen to take part were given a number of experiences that provide a glimpse into the highest level of luxury. The Toys For Boys brand provides contemporary art, autos, and more aimed towards men in Miami, and has organized a number of events to publicize the experiences they offer to men from the state. Dame Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum was the first stunning backdrop for the group to enjoy over breakfast and was followed by a 30 minute helicopter ride to the Palm Beach Race Track; the close of the event was one of the most stunning as the men took a sunset cruise from Miami’s River Yacht Club that proved to be the perfect way to end this eventful day.  Check out Danilo through his Facebook, but read more about what he’s trying to accomplish with Toys for Boys on TheOwlTopia.

JustFab Inc. with Adam Goldenberg Read more

JustFab Inc. with Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a successful entrepreneur from his early years. At the age of 13, in 1994, he got funding for his first successful entrepreneurial endeavor from his Bar Mitzvah money. He established a bulletin board service online. After two years, Adam turned his online service into Gamer’s Alliance, which was a gaming website. The company was running successfully and caught the attention of Brett Brewer, the founder and President of Intermix. Brett Brewer later acquired the company in 1997 from the 17-years old owner. After some business deliberations, Brett Brewer hired Adam Goldenberg. He worked diligently and at the age of 19, he was promoted to become the COO of Intermix. He became the first youngest COO of a public company.

Adam met with his business partner, Don Ressler, in 1998. This was when Intermix acquired was a health and fitness startup that Don had founded. They paired to form a dynamic team and established Alena Media, which is a performance and ecommerce advertising company. In 2005, after the duo saw no bright future for the enterprise, they left to explore new endeavors. Adam Goldenberg, in collaboration with Don Ressler, founded Brand Ideas, which became Intelligent Beauty later. Intelligent Beauty experienced rapid growth and became a successful endeavor for Adam Goldenberg.

Intelligent Beauty created an online marketplace for cosmetics and skincare called DERMSTORE. Two years later, Adam and his business partner, Don, launched SENSA, a weight-loss program. They brought Brett Brewer in as the CEO and Dr. Alan Hirsch to lead in product development on Vator.Tv. Both the two endeavors of Intelligent Beauty are very profitable. With the increasingly successful Intelligent Beauty, Adam, and his partner founded JustFab Inc. in 2010. Adam and Don are the current co-CEOs of JustFab, which is an ecommerce fashion retailer for a subscription. In barely some few years, the company has turned into a global leader in the category of subscription ecommerce. See:

JustFab is a VIP membership program that occurs on a monthly basis, which offers fashion lovers with access to the celebrity-inspired and stylish ready-to-wear pieces, handbags and shoes from the JustFabulous brand. Members receive a treatment that is celebrity-styled every month. In addition, members receive an individualized selection of accessories, which are hand-picked for them by an excellent team of style experts. Adam Goldenberg serves at CrossCut Ventures Management, LLC as a Venture Partner. He is an erstwhile President of Brentwood Cosmetics, LLC. Adam has a vast spectrum of experience in product development, Internet marketing, and product management.

Brad Riefler: Here’s What’s Going on in “Money Monster” Read more

Brad Riefler: Here’s What’s Going on in “Money Monster”

Given what seems to be a pervasive narrative surrounding the business of finance in the US, Money Monster strikes many as a movie perfectly crafted for our times. George Clooney plays Lee Gates, a know-it-all stock analyst who runs a TV show offering advice to his viewers. Eventually this slice of entertainment masquerading as analysis draws the ire of an investor who was once a faithful viewer. Having lost a great sum of money and generally exhausted with Gates’ phony advice, the investor takes the show hostage in an effort to force the truth to come to light.

There have been many shows like that presented in Money Monster accessible to pretty much everyone for years. That this is the treatment such programming gets in this movie is further evidence that many don’t trust this market and the people who shape it. What keeps that distance between people and the financial market are regulations that seek to keep the wealthiest involved in investing and most unable to imagine investments of any kind. Brad Reifler, CEO of Forefront Capital, has made it a mission of his to expand the access middle-class investor have to the market and hopefully end some misconceptions along the way.

In the case of investors, many don’t trust Wall Street over the appearance of wealth. It’s true that many investors are well off, but most of that has to do with fees they’re entitled to regardless of the returns their clients receive. With a growing income, these investors can then turn their attention to private equity despite not having to display their competency in investing. This means more risk for those seeking accredited investors to manage their money.

With rules limiting their access and no way to verify the capability of investors, it may seem that recklessness is rampant in finance, Reifler points out. And as long as this continues to be the norm, the more distrust the public with have over the work they do.

Bradley Reifler founded, and now serves as CEO of, Forefront Capital Advisors. His firm offers financial solutions through several subsidiaries to clients all over the world.

On top of acquiring a portfolio of impressive clients, Reifler has also opened up options for middle-class investors. Through investment plans, Reifler has provided options to the 99% for investing that lowers their level of risk when interacting with markets.  His official website has more information.