Full Cycle Energy Hiring Sam Tabar as COO Is Something to Watch Read more

Full Cycle Energy Hiring Sam Tabar as COO Is Something to Watch


Alternative energy company Full Cycle Energy is all set to make a splash this year after adding innovative businessman Sam Tabar to its ranks as COO (Chief Operating Officer) the year before. An individual with as much skill and expertise as Sam Tabar would be a great addition to almost any company in the world. Full Cycle should really consider itself lucky for being able to obtain such a valuable commodity.


The amazing deal doesn’t go just one way either. Tabar is just as honored and happy as Full Cycle to be a part of the company. Especially since Tabar shares the company’s disdain for high costing fuels that pollute our beloved earth.


Sam Tabar is the former Head of Capital Strategy for Bank of America (Merrill Lynch). To many in the business, Bank of America is where Tabar became a household name in the industry. During his time there, he was responsible for various important roles such as: providing fund managers with targeted introductions to institutional investors and building effective and efficient office teams.


Though his time spent with Bank of America may be what made him a household name Tabar held leadership positions at other companies before Bank of America even had the slightest care who he was. Tabar has done a lot of valuable work for companies based in other nations than his own, specifically Asian nations. Because of this, Tabar learned to speak Japanese and French fluently.


Tabar is also the former co-Head of Marketing for Sparx Group. Many may know this company as PMA Investment Advisors. Currently, the advisory company is the leading independent fund in Asia Pacific. A true feat considering how large the region is and the level of competition. He was responsible for overseeing all global marketing expansion plans by the company.


Years before Tabar was a prominent capital strategist he was a successful attorney who worked for companies like Skadden, Arps, and Slater as an associate.


He is a graduate of Columbia Law School, where he earned his Masters of Law, as well as a graduate with honors of Oxford University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts.