How Don Ressler Helped JustFab To Secure Funding Read more

How Don Ressler Helped JustFab To Secure Funding

JustFab Inc. (TechStyle Fashion Group) is focusing on becoming the leading online fashion retailer globally. The company is ready to take on mega companies such as Amazon. The umbrella company hopes to achieve this objective by investing in more products and strategically acquiring other companies. This strategy has seen the number of brands under the company’s umbrella increase from one to five in a span of seven years. These brands include JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics. These brands use online subscription fashion retail approach to sell a wide range of products, including jewelry, denim, handbags, active wear, and shoes. In its expansion process, JustFab Inc. has received adequate capital from the past four rounds of funding.

In 2010, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, a shrewd entrepreneur, to found JustFab. The two executives had developed a business model that they believed was destined for success. However, they lacked the funding needed to accelerate the process. Don Ressler began working on a plan to secure funding for the company. The success of their efforts was realized in 2011 when Matrix Partners, a US-based venture capital firm, invested $33 million in the company. The second round of funding in 2012 saw JustFab receive $76 million from a conglomerate of investors, including Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Venture, and Matrix Partners. The capital relieved from the funding enabled JustFab to expand its services beyond the United States to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. After these rounds of funding, the company had enough capital to engage in its first acquisition. The company acquired FabKids in 2013.

With the objective of expanding his company’s services to more countries and make strategic acquisitions, Don Ressler sought for further funding. In this round of funding, the company received $40 million. The money was used to introduce new product categories to the market and accelerate the company’s international growth. In 2014, the company received another $85 million from a group of investors made up of Passport Special Opportunity, Matrix Partners, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Venture. These funds brought the company’s total capitalization to around $250 million. More information on JustFab’s funding history can be accessed at

Don Ressler is an American fashion guru, entrepreneur, and an executive leader. He is the brain a number of successful startups, including Intelligent Beauty and Intermix. The two companies are venture capital firms. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of a company that designs active wears, Fabletics.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Iconic Success with JustFab Read more

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Iconic Success with JustFab

Wear Ressler is credited for a few fruitful organizations and his help for the up and coming business people is unrivaled. He has dealt with a few new companies, which have developed into steady and effective organizations. Wear Ressler’s first endeavor at business was stamped when he propelled, which he sold over to Intermix Media in 2001.


After this arrangement, Ressler moved toward Adam Goldenberg, who he collaborated with to think of more grounded organizations. The pair in the wake of cooperating for one year propelled Alena Media, which produced millions in income from the showcasing division of the organization. The profits were great and they figured it is noteworthy to proceed onward to different thoughts. This saw them pitch Alena Media to News Corp in 2005, yet ensuing years were not as effective because of poor administration.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have gigantic experience and abilities in online execution promoting and they utilized this preferred standpoint to oversee the greater part of their organizations. They chose to think of a brand that could be overseen self-rulingly without much battle. They, subsequently, held a meeting to generate new ideas together with other Alena individuals to perceive what might best work to draw out their abilities and experience. Two weeks after the session, Ressler and Goldenberg chose propelling Intelligent Beauty.


Keen Beauty is an online beautifiers commercial center and skincare retail, which has become throughout the years to offer something beyond excellence items on Zimbio. Two years after its foundation, they included SENSA, a weight reduction brand to the organization. Upon the arrival of results, they understood SENSA was performing astoundingly well and its high benefit additionally spurred the couple to wander further into web advertising thoughts.




2010 saw Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg dispatch another business, a membership retailer alluded to as JustFab. JustFab, much the same as the past organizations oversaw by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler required assets to extend its quality and this saw them sign a $33 million credit from Matrix Partners. This cash was utilized to set up its physical framework. In 2012, they looked for additionally financing and were given $76 million by Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures and Matrix Partners.




To make more progress, JustFab kept on extending and tried to go into new markets. They investigated the market and understood that the vast majority getting to their framework were guardians, something that roused them to gain FabKids. FabKids offers children’s mold and frill through a membership benefit like JustFab and the organization existed independently before its securing n by JustFab.

The Background of TechStyle Partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Read more

The Background of TechStyle Partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg

CEOs of TechStyle Fashion Group Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are a true dynamic duo. The two have been long time partners since they first worked together at Intermix Media nearly two decades ago. They have pioneered companies like JustFab and Fabletics and their companies have gone on to do incredible things and revamp the competitive landscape of how fashion and technology meet and work for their customers.


Don Ressler is the Co-Founder and Co CEO of TechStyle Fashion Group. His role at TechStyle currently consists of overseeing the companies vision, hiring top talent and focusing on creating an incredible customer experience that outshines any others in the market.


Don Ressler is a well established name in fashion e-commerce and has had many businesses that have gone on to see major success. He first saw that success after launching where he was the president and Chief Executive Officer. The company was extremely successful and Ressler eventually sold his business to Intermix Media in 1991. Intermix Media was, at the time, the parent company of MySpace. During the time Fitness Haven was sold, MySpace was the front runner in social media experience.


Ressler then went to work for Intermix media, where he played an integral part in the sale of the company to News Corporation for over $600 million dollars. From there, he founded Intelligent Beauty in his first official partnership with his partner Adam Goldenberg. Intelligent Beauty became an incredible success and ultimately went on to inspire to the duo to found TechStyle Fashion Group. TechStyle blossomed into one of the largest corporations in the digital age to specialize in merging fashion with the online trend for shopping online.


Don Ressler’s partner, Adam Goldenberg is also known as a wonder in the technology industry. Goldenberg also serves as a co-CEO at TechStyle Fashion Group. He has had an incredibly successful career that began when he was just 13 years old. Goldenberg was passionate about online gaming and he realized that there were millions of people equally passionate about online gaming, but there was no means of open communication between fellow gamers.


After seeing that void, Goldenberg founded what started as an online bulletin board for gamers. The bulletein board took off and it evolved into a website for gamers that he named Gamer’s Alliance. Goldenberg sold Gamer’s Alliance to Intermix Media and was  then offered a coveted COO position where he met Don Ressler and began the process of founding TechStyle Fashion Group.

Contribution of Don Ressler and Adam in Fashion Industry Read more

Contribution of Don Ressler and Adam in Fashion Industry

JustFab and Fabletics are two outstanding exclusive brands in the fashion industry. Don Ressler is a CEO of both the JustFab and Fabletics fashion brands. Like JustFab, Fabletics started as an online fashion brand under the administration of Adam Goldenberg. Lead by the two brilliant CEOs, Don Reseller and Adam Goldenberg rebranded JustFab and Fabletics as TechStyle Fashion Group. The famous TechStyle has its headquarters at El Segundo, California. Speaking in a press release, the two CEOs, said that they chose California as their headquarters because it was the best location to run their business in a cost effective way.


Starting from August 2012, JustFab has attracted a considerable number of investors. Since 2012, the fashion brand has received a huge funding from the following investors; Matrix Partners, Passport Opportunity Fund, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Ventures. Actually, the latest funding brought the company’s total capitalization to $ 250 million. The privately owned fashion brand has a projection of $3 to $5 billion profits if all the investment plans are properly executed.


TechStyle is a grand fashion brand that incorporates fashion and technology in their operations. TechStyle is an online subscription retailer that sells shoes, jewellery materials, handbags and much more other fashion stuff. The fashion Group is under the leadership of the brilliant Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler who previously owned JustFab and Fabletics fashion brands respectively. Both Adam and Reseller acquired a loan of $33 million to fund the start-up of TechStyle in 2010. In general, the two CEOs are responsible for TechStyle’s data control, marketing, and internal system control. In 2014, media branded TechStyle a unicorn when it was evaluated at $ 1 billion by a $ 250 million fundraising.


Adam Goldenberg entered in the business world at the age of 15. Adam became the vice president of strategic planning at Intermix immediately he dropped out of school. Later at the age of 20, he became the Chief Operating Officer for Intermix. Intermix was a renowned fashion brand in the e-commerce destination. Intermix had 42 boutiques across the United States and Canada. On the other hand, Intelligent Beauty was an internet incubator brand that dealt with personal care, beauty, and all sorts of fashion spaces. Like TechStyle, Intelligent Beauty was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in 2006.


TechStyle is a data driven firm. The firm asks their customers for their contact information so that they can reach them easily whenever there is a promotion. Additionally, their data driven nature allows them to develop their products; through ratings from customers or anyone visiting their websites or physical stores. Precisely, they ask their customers to provide them with the size of their outfits, color and their demographic information.

Marc Sparks Great Ideas Transform the Entrepreneurial Culture Read more

Marc Sparks Great Ideas Transform the Entrepreneurial Culture

Marc Sparks discovered a particular flow in an office that is needed to optimise output and collaboration. He has then commenced several successful companies. In Marc’s book, They Can’t Eat You; he shares his entrepreneurial journey. This book outlines Marc’s entrepreneurship journey, a few failures, and a few successes as well. Marc Sparks was able to use this experience to commence Timber Creek Capital, LP, which represents his journey and the numerous steps of starting a sustainable enterprise. Marc handles several companies and provides them access to resources like office space, marketing, banking, and capital.


As a student and a serial business person who knows well about what is necessary to succeed, Marc found that collaborative, conducive and quality work environment constitutes more than 25% of the components needed to achieve. Throughout his years of experience, Marc Sparks understands the devastating circumstances and the challenges that entrepreneurship can produce. His greatest desire is to assist future entrepreneurs in establishing their businesses and developing them to a higher level.


Marck Sparks outlines focus, faith, tenacity, passion and a sense of urgency as some of the qualities that have contributed to his success. Marc Sparks has witnessed all levels of entrepreneurial failures and successes in his fascinating career. This is the reason why Creek Capital, LP can transform ideas into flourishing business models.


About Marc Sparks

Mark Sparks is the current CEO of Creek Capital, LP, a company that he co-founded. He is further a philanthropist, author and a businessperson who is continuously transforming concepts into businesses. His publication provides an outline of the steps that help entrepreneurs should take to a successful path. His other works also include philanthropies like giving one thousand laptops to at-risk children with American Can! Academy and building low priced houses for families with Sparkey’s Kids. Marc has also been engaged with the Samaritan Inn since the late 1980’s. Samaritan Inn is a Texas-based homeless shelter that accommodates more than 150 people who are in need during the night. Learn more:


About Timber Creek LP

Timber Creek Capital, LP is a private equity firm that majorly focuses on transforming the ideas and dreams of entrepreneurs into income generating products and services. Timber Creek Capital, LP offers equipment, web development, merchant banking, customer service expertise, office space, capital, support staff, intellectual capital, graphic arts, banking, networking and more than three decades of entrepreneurial experience to navigate business from the start to success.


Glen Wakeman’s Illustrious Career Leads To The Creation of LaunchPad Holdings Read more

Glen Wakeman’s Illustrious Career Leads To The Creation of LaunchPad Holdings

The software company LaunchPad Holdings, LLC is a new business that was created less than two years ago. But it’s co-founder Glen Wakeman has been a main staple in the business world for the past thirty years. His skills along with his love of the finance world would launch him into a successful career.


Glen Wakeman’s career began shortly after his graduation from the University of Scranton in 1981. After earning a degree in Economics and Finance, Glen Wakemen went on to work for GE Capital. For twenty years, Wakeman dedicated himself to the financial company. His hard work would lead him to becoming CEO of the Latin America division of GE Capital.


During his time at GE Capital, Glen Wakeman found the time to go back to college in 1991. After two years at The University of Chicago, Wakeman graduated with a Master’s degree in finance. Wakeman’s degrees in finance would help in his next job for Doral Financial Corporation. Wakeman’s career at Doral would only last eight short years, but in that time he worked his way up to securing the position of CEO.


In 2015, Glen Wakeman left Doral and shortly afterwards, he would set out to create LaunchPad Holdings ( Glen Wakeman’s main goal for LaunchPad Holdings was to provide business owners with a variety of services to help them successfully run their company.


Glen Wakeman’s love for the finance and business world just doesn’t revolve around his company. In his spare time, Wakeman blogs on his website. Wakeman’s blog posts give his insight on the world of business along with tips for new entrepreneurs on how to create and run their own business. With a career that’s spanned three decades, Glen Wakeman has a lot of knowledge to share with others, who may one day have a career as successful as his.

More about Glen Wakeman at

Anthony Petrello: A Remarkable Leader With a Brilliant Career Read more

Anthony Petrello: A Remarkable Leader With a Brilliant Career

Anthony Petrello is the current CEO, Chairman and President of Nabors Industries Ltd, a drilling contractor of oil and natural gas. Currently, it has operations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Anthony oversees strategic and general operations of the firm. He is an outstanding leader and manager who has steered Nabors Industries to become a global front-runner in oil, geothermal and gas industry. For this reason, he is one of the best paid oil and gas CEOs in the US.


Petrello started career at Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979 where he focused on international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law. He was named Managing Partner at the firm’s New York office in 1986, a position held until 1991 when he resigned and joined Nabors Industries. Here, Anthony served as the President and Chief Operations Officer until October 2011 when he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. In 2012, he was appointed as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board. When Petrello joined Nabors Industries, it was recovering from bankruptcy. Through his experience and remarkable management skills, the firm recovered by 1992, just one year after he joined. The stock value had also risen significantly. This recovery made a great impact on Petrello’s career, and he has since become a highly respected leader and manager globally. Anthony holds a J.D. degree from Harvard University as well as a Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics from Yale University.

Charitable Causes

Petrello is a generous philanthropist who has contributed to many charities and causes. He is an active member of Texas Children Hospital’s board of trustees. Anthony is also a board member at Periwinkle Foundation, which assists cancer patients. Together with his wife Cynthia Petrello, they have an eight-year- old daughter, Carena Petrolla who was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia at birth. This condition has led to delays in her development. Petrello has made huge donations to Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute to aid in research of the needs of children suffering from neurological disorders so that his daughter and other kids can benefit from it to learn more: click here.

It is evident that Anthony Petrello is an excellent manager and leader who has contributed significantly to the success of all the companies he has worked for. His innovative nature and hard work have seen Nabors Industries Ltd become a distinguished leader in the industry.

Santiago Stands Out Among Brazilian Entrepreneurs Read more

Santiago Stands Out Among Brazilian Entrepreneurs

When it comes to listing the top Brazilian businessmen within the country today, invariably Roberto Santiago’s name is bound to come up.

The founder and owner of the largest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. The city of nearly a million is the capital of the Brazilian state Paraiba. The eastern-most state in the vast country of Brazil, Joao Pessoa is regarded as a the most eastern city within the country and is known for its vast nearby greenery.

However, this was the area where Roberto Santiago first made a name for himself as a well-regarded entrepreneur. Born in 1958, Santiago gradually built up his business reputation through hard work and opportunity. He attended Pio-X Marist College and then the University Center of Joao Pessoa, majoring in business administration.

Eventually, he was ready to move on to the business world, starting his own cartonnage company which created decorative products. That enabled him to receive practical experience in the business world. He would channel what the lessons he learned into what became his biggest achievement in developing one of the crown jewels of his hometown of Joao Pessoa, the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall.

Learn more:

The mall first opened back in 1989, but has steadily grown through a series of renovations since then. Located within the downtown area of Joao Pessoa, the Manaira Shopping Mall serves as both a retail and entertainment hub for much of the city. There is a movie theatre with 11 screens as well as the 8,000-seat Domus Hall which draws in events and cultural festivals. There is also a bowling alley and a food court located within the mall. An amusement park is also part of the entertainment scene there.

However, the mall also caters to a more upscale clientele as there are good restaurants and bars located within its walls. Well-known restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse and Espaco Gourmet reside there. Additionally, there is a college, banks, and a fitness center located within the mall.

Yet, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is known foremost for its shopping. It has hundreds of shops in a variety of services ranging from jewelry to clothing to sports gear. There has been a few updates to the mall and it seems that, under Santiago’s leadership, the mall is ever expanding.

Santiago has a passion for motorsports, especially at the kart and motocross level and also serves as a business advisor for younger entrepreneurs in Brazil. Read more on Exame

Santiago still made his mark in the business world with his mall in Joao Pessoa standing as his finest achievement. However, he continues to manage it in hopes of it expanding to become one of the premier entertainment and shopping centers in all of Brazil.

Jason Hope’s Believe in the Internet Read more

Jason Hope’s Believe in the Internet

The Internet has changed the world. The way people live and conduct their lives has changed tremendously because of it. Amazingly the internet continues to evolve and therefore it continues to change how people operate in their lives. Jason Hope is a big believer in the internet. He believes in a concept known as the Internet of Things. This idea refers to the idea that technology can allows various devices connected in our world. This idea is becoming more and more popular as people see it coming into fruition.

The idea of the internet of things is already very evident in our lives. Some of the devices that are already being used in our daily lives include kitchen appliances, cars, electronic devices and street lights. Devices like these use the same network and share data in an effort to be less wasteful from a technology standpoint. Jason Hope believes the Internet of Things could potentially totally change the way that companies conduct business. He ultimately believes it will become the biggest advancement in the tech world in recent history and contact him.

The advancement of the Internet of Things could have a tremendous impact. As more and more companies embrace this idea it will become more almost imperative that other companies make this paradigm shift to keep up with their pace. Jason Hope believes that eventually we will live in a world in which all devices are able to connect with each other and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope himself is a entrepreneur and philanthropist that has made a tremendous impact in the business world. A native of Arizona, Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University and also holds an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He has become well known for his philanthropic efforts. This area has become a great focus for him. Perhaps his biggest focus in this area is the research done at the SENS foundation. This organization takes a preventative approach to health and disease. Hope has been a big supporter of this group and more information click here.

Jason Hope has become a ‘go to’ for knowledge in the technology world. With his tremendous track record, he is sure to continue to make an impact for many years to come.

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The Era of Sluggish Growth Read more

The Era of Sluggish Growth

Warren Buffett made a comment in regards to passive index investments. He announced a bet that he could outsmart and outshine any hedge fund manager by using this method. Mr. Armour agrees with Warren in some ways, but when it comes to passive index investments, he feels that this is not the best approach.

It’s not about passive or active investment banking but more about how to convey long term investments that are superior with a low cost. Armour stated recently that he agrees with Buffett’s statement that mutual funds can offer an unexciting return for investors. However, passive index investments are an unknown factor and can be misread at times. Tim knows that Buffett has an in depth experience in his field, nevertheless, when it comes to passive index investments, Tim feels that it is not the best option for investors and learn more about Tim.

Tim Armour, chairman and chief executive of Capital Group — feels that there could be a large shift in seismic activity in economic growth, higher inflation and rising interest rates. Some managers remain a little skeptical that the election of Mr. Trump will end the era of sluggish economic growth. Government market rates are hard to identify at times and Tim warned the world that there would definitely be more turbulence ahead with the uncertain government policies ahead and read full article.

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