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The Philanthropic Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist who has done tremendous work in ensuring the world maximizes technology. Jason believes technology can change an individual’s perspectives. He has been instrumental in the development of computer software, mobile apps ,and software that involve gaming. Hope believes that by embracing technology, individuals could benefit a lot in their activities.

Jason Hope is located in Arizona where he writes and researches regularly on the internet of things. The entrepreneur studied finance at Arizona State University where he was awarded a bachelor’s degree. He further studied masters at the Carey school of business. Jason Hope is also interested in business alongside business and philanthropic activities.

The main aim of the internet of things is to improve individuals’ businesses and lives. The internet of things has enabled individuals to access data at their various business easily. Individuals can also access programs that can educate them more on how to access the data on various platforms, and more information click here.

An individual who owns a business can track their businesses through their inventories that are enabled by the internet. Supplies have been manufactured with a certain technology to alert the owners when it is below the required amount. Employees can work at home using the internet. Individuals with companies have employed customer cares to help them answer their calls when at home. This has reduced the operative costs as everyone is productive but working at their own convenient time.

Products are easily accessible by the shoppers. Shoppers simply need to google whatever item they would like. The item can be purchased anywhere in the world as long as the shoppers pay for them. Efficiency has been improved by the internet. Advancements in technology have improved the speed in which products are being delivered. Employers have been able to hire little personnel since they can control most the work using technology, and Jason Hope’s lacrosse camp.

Demands of the consumers have been met by the internet. Consumers have been connected to the world by the internet. Customers have been in need of a shopping that is personalized. This will enable the customers to be in control of what they want. Individuals have been opened to various jobs related to the internet. Some of them work in technology companies while others in the sales. The entrepreneur has donated to the SENS foundation that does a research on the treatment and technology, and

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Omar Yunes’ success in Mexican Food Industry

Omar Yunes is renown Mexican businessman and a successful franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain franchise. Omar recently won 2015 Best Franchise of the World (BFW) due to his unflinching business knowledge that has enabled him to own over 13 franchise units. The award ceremony was held in Florence Italy, and it aimed to recognize exceptional; franchisees like Omar Yunes.

Omar started at the young age of 21, and ever since, he has stopped at nothing. He has expanded his units to Mexico City, Veracruz, and Puebla. It is worth noting that all the 13 franchise units that Omar owns represent about 10 percent of all the units the Japanese brand has.

While accepting the award, Omar dedicated it to his employees. He termed them as the ones who made it possible. Omar has over 400 employees.

The award ceremony was graced by attendees from over 34 countries including Portugal, Mexico, France, and Brazil.

To arrive at the winner, the committee based their evaluations on the franchise’s influence on the whole network, not necessarily the brand. They also looked at the franchisee’s contribution regarding cost-saving measures, knowledge, employee motivation, improvements proposed to the model, among other notable factors.

His fellow entrepreneurs recognized Omar as a hardworking person who used his influential nature in bringing the top management closer to its franchisees’. Besides personal accomplishments that the awards brought to Omar Yunes, it also mapped Mexico as the country fit for business. Yunes was also applauded for his role in product modeling, excellent customer service, and hospitality.

Still, at the same awards ceremony, Ivan Tamer took the second position in the Mexican category. Ivan is a Prendamex franchisee. He is applauded for his contribution in introducing new marketing system that the whole brand is relying on.

About Omar Yunes

Omar’s family is well known due to their political nature, but Yunes has curved a different niche. He is charting a different course as a businessman and an investor. His extensive knowledge in Mexican food industry gave him a competitive edge. His restaurants are valued at an estimate of five million pesos.

Omar is regarded as a wise marketer. He presents his products in a unique way that appeals to his customers and keeps them coming back.

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Market America Products Combine Quality and E-Commerce Read more

Market America Products Combine Quality and E-Commerce

The world of e-commerce has been growing for the past 30 years. As customers grow more comfortable with technology, this form of shopping is becoming more and more attractive. By keeping quality, convenience and professionalism as major goals, businesses are able to reap the benefits of success without costly brick and mortar stores.

What is E-Commerce

Simply put, e-commerce is any business that supplies commodities by way of electronics, such as the Internet. This term has expanded to include B2C (business to consumer), B2B (business to business) and C2C (consumer to consumer).
Although this method of trade sounds simple, the transparency can be the death of many start-up companies. Customers are free to deliver feedback on quality of products, customer service and rating systems of their overall experience. Savvy shoppers rely on this information in order to make a wise decision on where to shop.

Challenges of E-Commerce

Planning, presentation and the right group of go-now people are a must in the world of e-commerce. Longevity, good reviews and an A+ Better Business Bureau rating will increase the chances of survival. Follow companies that have a great track record in e-commerce and study their methods of success. Market America Products show how quality is a basic need in addition to having the right attitude toward success. Constant involvement is key to growth and take care in following good advice and making updated changes.

Set your mind to developing a popular base, representing good quality products and hiring key people that are quick and action-orientated. Follow successful companies, such as Market America and enjoy the ride of entrepreneurship.

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Ricardo Tosto is a Talented Brazilian Lawyer

Ricardo Tosto Is a highly prominent Brazilian lawyer. He owns Leite Tosto de Barros which is the most famous and recognized law firm in Brazil Cities. Recardo Tosto has been exposed to many business related field. As a result, he has been a representative as well as an advisor to very many business clients. He has published many articles that are highly valuable to the Brazil law. He is now the award-winning lawyer in Brazil. His roles as a Brazilian lawyer will be preserved in Brazilian law history. He has been able to establish policies that have impacted the laws of the land. There are other many roles that he has played mostly in the introduction of dispute resolutions and much more.

Brazil os the state with a couple of the several lawyers in the world. These lawyers incorporate Ricardo Tosto with his offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Brazil has around five hundred thousand lawyers. It has the most rigorous rules to qualify as a lawyer. To be a Brazilian lawyer, you have to take at least five years at the university level. There is also an exam referred to as Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil that mandatory for one to pas after graduation to qualify to become a lawyer. After this examination, one has to pass through an intensive process to be published as a registered in Brazilian gazettes. The federal and the state laws are the laws used to govern Brazil though Federal Law is higher ranked than the state law. In short, Federal Law is the Brazil constitution.

The Brazilian lawyers can easily be found in online, and Ricardo Tosto is among the major Brazilian Lawyers. With the internet, one can get hooked up to an excellent Brazilian lawyer. This way, you can search for any lawyer you are in need of. Ricardo Tostos provides the best outstanding services option when searching for a winning lawyer via his law firm, Leite, Tosto de Barros. He is known to have well represented the politicians and other laws, government and non-government organizations. He is a reputable highly respected lawyer since he has won many of his cases and the ones he represents in Brazil as well as in other courts. He has a team that he supervises for directions directly. Ricardo Tosto is also smart at designing his law firm strategies, and thus he trains the one training his employees.

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Real Estate Education-Nick Vertucci Read more

Real Estate Education-Nick Vertucci

Nick Vertucci has been living his dreams despite the low and hopeless future. He is one man who believes that one’s past should not dictate their future. Nick grew up in a loving, caring, and a well-off family. The father died when he was only 10 years and that is when his life together with that of his family changed. His mother was the only bread winner and he had to work long hours to meet all the needs of her family. At only 18 years Nick had to live in a van. Despite his low-life, Nick Vertucci was entrepreneur and life changed when he began his business where he was selling computer parts. Nick after creating his computer business he married and was blessed with three daughters. His business and happiness did not last for long, his business collapsed and he was back to zero with lots of debts.

A go-getter in nature, Nick agreed to attend a real estate workshop invited by a friend and according to him, it was the best decision he made in life. However, at first Nick was declining the invitation but he later agreed. The training changed Vertucci’s life and he learned a lot during the training. Eventually Nick through perseverance and the experience he got enabled him to make money in the real estate. Nick Vertucci is the founder and the Chief executive Officer of the Real Estate Academy. The Real Estate Academy was primarily founded with the main purpose of assisting others to learn more about the construction and development industry as it helps them get out of debt.

Nick Vertucci has invested in the real estate education. The Nick Vertucci Companies Inc. is one of the organizations which have a mandate of bringing resolution to the challenges facing the construction and the development industry. The firm has been established by one of the creative and successful individuals in the real estate investors. NV Companies is not only an education facility but also is at the forefront of investing in the sector. The education institution is of a great benefit to the people who want to change their financial stories as they invest in the real estate sector. Mr. Vertucci is passionate about making others millionaires just as himself. According to him, he has noticed that most individual shave the passion and the will to change their lives but they lack the knowledge as well as the experience.

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Tony Petrello: The CEO of the Largest Land Driller

Who is Tony Petrello? Many ordinary individuals may fail to recognize him, but in corporate America, he is a respected business executive at the helm of the largest land driller (of oil, natural gas, and geothermal), Nabors Industries Limited. In 2014, Tony was the talk of the town for his envy evoking income of over $68 million from Nabors; he was one of the highest paid CEO’s in America in 2014. Does he deserve such a huge amount? Tony’s income is directly related to Nabors’ performance. In fact, 80% of Tony’s income depends on the company’s performance. When he earned over $68 million in 2014, he had helped Nabors make billions of dollars.

As the CEO of the largest land driller, Tony has hundreds of employees working under him in the U.S and other countries. Tony has been known to advocate for reasonable working conditions for all Nabors’ employees, especially regarding their incomes. He subscribes to the philosophy that CEO’s other top-level managers should refrain from awarding themselves huge salaries at the expense of lower cadre employees who work round the clock to guarantee their respective companies success. Tony Petrello has openly criticized selfish business leaders who only think about themselves.
Tony is an active member of the society. Having grown in an unassuming Italian neighborhood, Newark, New Jersey, in a modest family, Tony understands that life can be rough outsides there. Tony and his spouse have made it a goal to donate part of their incomes to charities every year. Also, as the CEO of Nabors, he strives to create job opportunities for employable Americans.

Tony’s over 20 years of education in the American institutions of higher learning culminated in him getting his first job. Tony has always demonstrated a culture of hard work, integrity, and honor, and in every place that he worked at before joining Nabors industries, he showed a high potential to become a leader. Eventually, he joined Nabors where he has been for over 30 years. Of course, Tony started out his career at Nabors in one of the many lower cadre positions offered by the company. However, as time progressed, Tony also improved and eventually, he reached the pinnacle of the enterprise from where he has steered Nabors in the best direction businesswise.

Tony attended Yale University on a full scholarship after performing exceptionally well in mathematics. In the university, Tony impressed his tutors and fellow students with his prowess in math. Everyone thought that he would become a mathematician, but he quit Yale and joined the Harvard Law Schoool.

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Eric Pulier, The Founder of vAtomic Read more

Eric Pulier, The Founder of vAtomic

Eric Pulier is a venture capitalist and he provides startup capital to entrepreneurs with an idea, who are looking for funding to start their own companies or other small companies who are looking to expand but do not have the capital to do so. He has been on the front line, in the transformation of some of the best technology used today. As the founder of vAtomic he has helped many entrepreneurs to attain their dreams because he believes that without passion and capital, even the best ideas in the world can fail to be realized.

Eric Pulier is always searching for new ideas to invest in and with his experience, he has become skilled in recognizing which ideas are worth investing in and which entrepreneurs are passionate enough to fully invest their time and energy into growing their businesses. As an optimistic person in nature, he never doubted once, that he would be able to succeed, instead, puller has chosen to learn from his struggles in the management of the business and develop the tough skin needed to navigate the highs and lows of the technology industry. He credits much of his current outlook to the running of this first company The Digital Evolution which he founded at a very young age. The company also taught him the importance of quality customer service and delivering as promised, the two which are still a priority in all of his business affairs today. Other than referrals

Eric Pulier points out that pay per click type of advertising has been the most effective for his business. He advises entrepreneurs to always keep track of returns on their investments with each marketing method, to avoid being caught up in the excitement of new strategies without considering whether they are profitable to the business or not. He points out that his strength lies in the thoroughness of his business process, he completely invests time energy and resources into new ventures and in the development of new ideas.

Eric Pulier is from New Jersey. From a young age, it was evident that he was already a genius and that education was only going to play the role of sharpening him right from a young age he was able to handle programming tasks that were way above his education level. By the time Eric Pulier was finishing high school, he had started his own a database company.

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Don Ressler Made Innovative Clothing Choices Read more

Don Ressler Made Innovative Clothing Choices

The women who shop with Fabletics know the company has been extremely innovative. It has provided them with all the options they need for activewear. No matter what most people have gotten out of the brand, they have been able to make all the right choices for it. It continues to be a good brand that has positive options for different people. Since so many women are interested in the brand, they are able to get more from it in different situations. They are also able to have the best experience possible depending on everything Don Ressler has done with the brand.


Making things work for people who are in these situations is an important part of Don Ressler’s job. He does what he can to make the company the best it can be no matter what issues women are having with their clothing choices. He also does a lot of work in the industry to ensure things are going to work in the best way possible for the women who need these types of clothing. Everything Don Ressler has done with Fabletics has been innovative for him to make things better for all the people who use the clothes.


Perhaps one of the most innovative things he did was make the brand all-inclusive. Fabletics was one of the first companies to offer this option, and many other companies have followed what he does. Even though they were the first one to have an all-inclusive activewear line, most other companies are now doing the same thing because they have seen how successful Don Ressler was when he did that with Fabletics. Women are able to choose the clothes they want no matter what size or style they are. It helps them have a more a more enjoyable experience while shopping for clothes.


Depending on the different options people have with the business, Don Ressler does what he can to help them out with the business. Fabletics has continued to grow no matter what people are doing. The company knows what it needs to do to help others with all the issues they have had in the past. Women who want to shop for clothes in a way that is both easy and convenient will have a chance to show others exactly what they can get from Fabletics. Don Ressler made it that way to help women have a better experience.

The Journey Taken by Don and Adam in Building a Billion Dollar Fashion Brand, JustFab Read more

The Journey Taken by Don and Adam in Building a Billion Dollar Fashion Brand, JustFab

Fabletics is a subsidiary of Don Ressler’s JustFab Inc. Don partnered up with his childhood friend and investment partner, Adam Goldenberg and with the retired super model and actress, Kate Hudson to create a fashion apparel company that went on to have a billion-dollar valuation. The online subscription fashion house, Fabletics made incredible strides since it launched in late-2015. For starters, the company introduced men’s wear to their vast catalog.


Personalized Shopping Experience


JustFab, on the other hand, had been operational for 5 years before Fabletics entered the scene. The online retailer did an outstanding job in attracting and retaining thousands of female subscribers. For a modest cost of $39.95, these customers received a tailor-made shopping experience comparable to none. The women got notified immediately via email and texts when new handbags, shoes and other fashion items arrived. Additionally, JustFab’s clients benefited from the amazing perks and discounts.


Adam and Don raised $33M in capital to start the retail giant. Matrix Partners wasn’t the sole investment partner funding the duo. No. JustFab also received an extra $76M from Rho Venture Capital, Intelligent Beauty and from Intelligent Beauty. These millions went into expanding and growing their online fashion retail venture to Europe and Canada.


JustFab Rebrands


Don and Adam later re-branded JustFab and it became TechStyle Fashion Group. The move was aimed to reflect the drastic technological changes taking place at the company. In recent times the online retailer had shifted its marketing and sales strategy and it now deployed intuitive algorithms to ease a personalized shopping experience to the customers.


Tech Style Fashion Group specializes in retailing quality and remarkably affordable fashion collections that include shoes, jewelry, denim, and handbags. The main subsidiaries of the American fashion group are FabKids, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle.


Today, the fashion brand continues dresses celebrities like the rock musician, Avril Lavigne. Kimora is the creative director of the Tech Style Fashion Group is a Hollywood insider with an excellent track record in the high-end fashion world. Kimora and the husband, Russel, used to run a successful fashion line called Phat Pham. In 2004, the couple sold the fashion line for $140M according to the New York Times.


Joining JustFab


To become a member at Tech Style Fashion, one pays $39.95 per month. Before subscribing, prospective customers have to answer a few questions about their fashion tastes and preferences. That makes it possible for JustFab to match you with items you’re bound to love and buy. As of Dec 2011, Don Ressler’s company had over 4 million registered subscribers. Two years later in 2013, the membership had surged to hit the 10 million mark.

How Don Ressler Helped JustFab To Secure Funding Read more

How Don Ressler Helped JustFab To Secure Funding

JustFab Inc. (TechStyle Fashion Group) is focusing on becoming the leading online fashion retailer globally. The company is ready to take on mega companies such as Amazon. The umbrella company hopes to achieve this objective by investing in more products and strategically acquiring other companies. This strategy has seen the number of brands under the company’s umbrella increase from one to five in a span of seven years. These brands include JustFab, ShoeDazzle, FabKids and Fabletics. These brands use online subscription fashion retail approach to sell a wide range of products, including jewelry, denim, handbags, active wear, and shoes. In its expansion process, JustFab Inc. has received adequate capital from the past four rounds of funding.

In 2010, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg, a shrewd entrepreneur, to found JustFab. The two executives had developed a business model that they believed was destined for success. However, they lacked the funding needed to accelerate the process. Don Ressler began working on a plan to secure funding for the company. The success of their efforts was realized in 2011 when Matrix Partners, a US-based venture capital firm, invested $33 million in the company. The second round of funding in 2012 saw JustFab receive $76 million from a conglomerate of investors, including Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, Technology Crossover Venture, and Matrix Partners. The capital relieved from the funding enabled JustFab to expand its services beyond the United States to Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany. After these rounds of funding, the company had enough capital to engage in its first acquisition. The company acquired FabKids in 2013.

With the objective of expanding his company’s services to more countries and make strategic acquisitions, Don Ressler sought for further funding. In this round of funding, the company received $40 million. The money was used to introduce new product categories to the market and accelerate the company’s international growth. In 2014, the company received another $85 million from a group of investors made up of Passport Special Opportunity, Matrix Partners, Shining Capital, and Technology Crossover Venture. These funds brought the company’s total capitalization to around $250 million. More information on JustFab’s funding history can be accessed at

Don Ressler is an American fashion guru, entrepreneur, and an executive leader. He is the brain a number of successful startups, including Intelligent Beauty and Intermix. The two companies are venture capital firms. He is also the founder and chief executive officer of a company that designs active wears, Fabletics.