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Rising above Mediocre

Josh Verne completed his high school education in 1995. After school, he joined the family business that distributed furniture. He took up the business, remodelled it and moved it from a small warehouse business to one of the largest furniture business. Josh Verne had made sure that before he left, the family business had the largest market share. He worked for Home Line Furniture for sixteen years. In 2011 he founded Workpays LLC.


The major company product was to create a platform where people would attain financial stability. The platform would help the customers make life purchase through reliable, secure and direct deductions. In April 2015 he founded FlockU LLC. To date, he is the Chief Executive Officer. Flock LLC is a mobile exchange platform that was built by students for their benefits. On the platform, students can share just about anything from jokes to notes. The platform also plays a critical role in helping the students adjust to life outside of school.


Josh Verne is keen to highlight that to succeed; one needs to be a leader rather than a boss. By day today interaction with his team, a leader instills team spirit, serves and supports his people. And by doing this, the people gets to respect him, look up to him and consequently achieve all goals set out to them. On the other hand, a boss demands and instills fear to workers. This way they get to do just what they are told.

When you are presented with a problem, always seek for a solution that benefits all. A solution that benefits customers, workers and other parties involved will always lead to them applauding you. Consequently, the applauds will result in business and reputation growth.


According to this article, another trait to embrace is that of listening more. A person of few words tends to have powerful words. People see them as a figure of authority. When you speak less, people will listen to you when you do speak. Seeking a balanced life is also paramount in achieving real success. Achieving equity in life is about growing in all dimension of life altogether. For instance, while you work hard at work to improve your financial status, so should you work hard to be healthy and in relationships. The trick to achieving balance is by never ignoring any aspect of your life.


Finally, the most important thing, for someone to achieve success is by figuring out what they love. Loving something will ensure that you work with passion and with the desire to see it through. Doing something that inspires you is the key to success. This way, when you rise in the morning and when you work late, it will never bother you.