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Andy Wirth’s Professional Experience


Andy Wirth graduated from the state University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science degree. He is the current president and CEO of Squaw Valley resort. The firm deals with hotel and resort services. Squaw Valley is in Olympics in California. It’s among the largest resorts in the industry. With over 3600 acres available for ski activities, it receives a huge of skiers in a year. The skiers reach up to 600,000 in number. The firm has a variety of services available to its customers. It offers roller skating, disk golfing shopping among other services. The Squaw Valley resort joined alpine meadows in 2012 and they together 6200 acres of ski services. The also provides summer events. Well known musical performers and yoga performers perform at the resort in July.

Andy has a well-developed career in the hotel industry. The first firm he served at the beginning of his career in 25 years ago was steamboat springs resort. Wirth had worked in several leadership and marketing positions before Intrawest acquired Steamboat. After the merger, he became the executive vice president and chief marketing officer of the firm. Wirth is also very active socially. He was at the forefront of forming a special welfare support team for navy seals. The welfare team helps in raising funds and supporting Navy Seals who die or get injured in their line of duty.

Wirth has won several professional and community awards. The recent from the board of trustees for Reno-Tahoe airport was for outstanding service as chairperson. Wirth is the board chair. In July, the board also confirmed three new board members. Steamboat Springs awarded him the business leader of the year award. With appeared in top 25 lists of sales and marketing in hospitality and travel. He received the community five awards and citizen of the year award from Disabled Sports USA.

Wirth is an avid skydiver, a runner for a long time. In October last year, his arm got injured when he was diving with his friends. This injury never discouraged his active sports spirits as he was back into running in March with his new friends from the navy seals he organized the iron man 70.3 race. Wirth put together a relay team that included one of the navy seals whom they had met before as a swimmer. The race also included Wirth’s friends from college. He participated as a runner.

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Incorporation Goal Unattainable Without Adjustments in Pace of Growth


According to the Sierra Sun Rosenow Spevacek Group, Inc., the financial oomph for the suggested town named Olympic Valley isn’t currently workable. This report, announced in July of 2015, repeats the previous findings.

The Rosenow Spevacek Group, Inc. formulated the Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis paper. RSG examined the proposed changes, but didn’t perforce heed the suggestions.

The Sierra Sun states that in May, Incorporate Olympic Valley, the group advocating incorporation, advised reducing the cost by lowering the number of full time workers, lowering the amount saved for a reserve fund, and lowering the cost of some services.

The chair of the Incorporate OV Foundation stated that the preparatory report was very amiss.

The incorporation is being challenged by Squaw Ski Holdings. Its consultant, Mathew Newman, declared the original report as moderate in assumptions and utilizing sound technique. Andrew Wirth is President and CEO of the company. SVSH is the originator of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows ski retreats in Olympic Valley.

Wirth’s grandfather, Conrad Wirth, was the director of the National Park Service from 1951-1964. Andrew Wirth’s career in the mountain retreat and the hotel industry has spanned 25 years. He started with the Steamboat Springs Resort in 1986 and became vice-president of Intrawest in 2007. He moved on to Squaw Valley in 2010. Wirth is opposed to incorporating Olympic Valley.

The consulting group, Blue Sky, offered these proposals: That the town should grow more slowly and reduce the Transient Occupancy Tax.

RSG pinpointed 20 categories, but not many changes were heeded. Mr. Newman agreed that RSG was correct in refusing to make certain changes to the projections. He said Olympic Valley would have experienced poorer services than they are accustomed to.

IOV has asked the California State Controller’s Office to inspect the current copy of the CFA report. IOV has to be exact, in writing, concerning what they want the Controller’s Office to review.

IOV says that what to do will be determined after they see what the Controller’s Office reports.