How George Soros Approaches Trump and Capitalism Read more

How George Soros Approaches Trump and Capitalism

George Soros has worked his entire life to become one of the foremost fighters for progressive values on the planet. Soros is, of course, known for his work through his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations. The OSF has been focused on creating a borderless world where people hold their government accountable, freedom is available for everyone, and social justice is constantly fought for. These values, along with his billionaire status, have made George Soros enemy #1 of the entire right wing political party on Earth. The scariest part to the right wing is that Soros is successful and he isn’t going away any time soon.

George Soros was raised as a child in Hungary before ultimately he would have to flee during the Nazi Occupation of 1944. Soros and his family, all Jews, would go on to help countless individuals flee the country before they themselves fled for London. Still, over 500,000 people would die during that year of occupation, a catastrophic and tragic number. This event would shape and sharpen Soros’ viewpoints as he grew older. He realized how dangerous an oppressive regime of nationalists could be. He understood what it was like for justice to only be applied in part. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

So, when Donald Trump began campaigning on a platform of hate, ignorance, and intolerance George Soros felt obliged to get back into the action. Soros would leap back into the political fray in order to start fundraising for progressive politicians, including Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Soros would donate nearly $25 million to Clinton and the rest of the progressive party ticket. These millions would go toward combating the billions that the conservative Koch Brothers pour into each and every election. Still, Donald Trump would win the Presidency and George Soros would vow to never back down, constantly being a thorn in the side of President Trump as he sought to enact his destructive legislation.

Much of what Soros has he can owe to capitalism, but that hasn’t prevented him from looking at the market critically. Capitalism, Soros believes, is actually one of the primary threats of a civilized and ‘open society’. Soros pulled the ‘open society’ term from Henri Bergson, a writer back in the 1930s, as well as the works of Karl Popper whom Soros would study while going to school in London. Capitalism, not communism, Soros believes to be the biggest threat facing the nation today. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros points out that much of the world believes in the ‘magic of the marketplace’ but he also posits that this isn’t a good thing. Soros believes that what he believes to be the ‘common good‘ cannot be pursued if self-interest is at the core of all our dealings. These are strong words to consider, especially from someone as successful as George Soros.

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Equities First Holdings: A Firm For Your Non-Purpose Capital Needs

Equities First Holdings, one of the famous, renowned and trustworthy firms, is a company that held privately and working in the field of Non-purpose capital. Since the start of 2002, Equities First Holdings became a leading provider of lending services that is security-based for the high-net-worth businesses as well as individuals. EFH deals in loans to the requester (no matter if it is an individual or a company) that completely depends on the evaluation of the future performances and risk on the treasuries, stocks, and bonds that used as collateral.

The transparent and safe process of an EFH verified that it has contributed to more than six hundred transactions with comprehensive revenue of around U$1.4 billion (which is in itself a huge achievement that many of old equities companies are still waiting to achieve.) EFG runs the operations in numerous offices in Sydney, London, Singapore, Perth, Bangkok and Hong Kong. Having that much office and a list of clientele (which is rising on a daily basis at a rapid pace) is the living proof that this company is going to be the leader of equity holding market very soon.

A business or individual who is looking for non-purpose capital should follow a predefined process to get a loan from EFH. The client must contact the company about the amount of funding they need to accompanied by an announcement of proposed collateral. Experts at EFH then determine the value that can be a loan to them in addition to a fixed interest rate depending completely as per the terms and conditions described by government and EFH. As soon as the client becomes eligible for the loan through Equities First, they are needed to read all terms and sign Agreement. Loan recipients are needed to transfer an item that used as collateral to the Custodian account of a company. for more .

Equities First Financial Help Since The Financial Crisis Of 2007–2008 Read more

Equities First Financial Help Since The Financial Crisis Of 2007–2008

The financial crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2008 also referred as global financial crisis is described by several economists to be the most hurting after the Great Depression of 1930s. The crisis commenced in 2007 in subprime mortgage market within USA and grew into a full-blown global banking menace after the Lehman Brothers investment bank collapsed in September 15, 2008. Extraordinary risks taken by banking institution like Lehman Brothers facilitated in magnifying the financial effect worldwide. Massive bail-outs within financial firms among other palliative monetary & fiscal policies were utilized to resist a likelihood collapsing of globe’s financial system. Nonetheless, the crisis was followed by the Great Recession; world economic downturn. Later, the European debt crisis within the banking system of European countries that utilized the Euro, followed. And for sure, getting a loan from the same institutions has not been an easy task particularly for small business owners. But all is not lost as there are various institutions that offer different types of lending. For now, alternative lending as hit the market with majority of potential investors preferring to acquire stock-based loans from dependable institutions.

Equities First is the company spearheading in offering shareholding lending services with its headquarters based in Indianapolis. The company has a wide experience of 15 years and has been highlighted in providing borrowers with stock loans which come with multiple benefits as compared to traditional loans. The precipitating issue was a great default rate in USA subprime home mortgage industry, a sector that grew following the motivation of the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act), the USA federal law structured to assist the low and moderate income Americans to acquire mortgage loans. Many of these high risk subprime were then packaged and sold, and lastly accruing to Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (quasi-government agencies). Equities First runs offices in various continents to help every potential investor who might be seeking for quick and affordable working capital. for more .

Equities First – Alternative Lending Services Favoring SMEs Read more

Equities First – Alternative Lending Services Favoring SMEs

With customary loaning alternatives becoming limited, an ever increasing number of organizations have increasingly been investigating on optional financial solutions. Equities First Holdings provides clients with alternative lending services that comes with various advantages to conventional credit lines. Equities First operates both via direct basis or through a diverse & strong system of financial intermediaries. Whether seeking finances for working capital or to cater for your debts, the company helps you to access cost-effective and quick access towards your business funding methodology that suits your company. Regardless of whether you’re beginning another business or extending a current $50 million undertaking, you need the support of outside financing. BusinessWire News for EFH .

The greatest slip-up small & medium sized organizations make is the lack of sufficient preparedness. Most of the SMEs organizations might not have the security required for traditional insurance loaning, nor sufficiently returns to draw in formal financial investors or capitalists. Likewise, markets might be featured by lacking data (restricting the adequacy of financial statement-based loaning and credit scoring). Visit

Business people and entrepreneurs hoping to begin or develop their organizations come across many difficulties. The challenges include getting a reliable financier to cater for the entire business needs. They likewise need to get experienced enterprise support networks and support that enhance their opportunities of success. Equities First Holdings has great experience in supporting developing organizations, including new businesses which form the large portion of the client base. The financial experts in the company comprehends your needs and challenges to sustain operations and develop your business within a competitive market. Click Here to contact EFH.

Equities First provides access to the SME growing finance segment, with a demonstrated reputation as a SME financial specialist. The company is spearheading development and focusing in supporting and financing of small businesses whether starting or developing. By using stock as security, the company funds you with quick and affordable loan. for more.

Growth Funding And  Debt Restructuring With Equities First Holdings Loans Read more

Growth Funding And  Debt Restructuring With Equities First Holdings Loans

In case you are seeking to develop your business and take it to another level, you might just need funding that empowers you to execute on your marketable strategies. Regardless of whether you need to increase sales, extend your scope of items or services, move into new premises, contract more staff, or grow universally, a loan for development fund from Equities First Holdings can offer assistance.

In any case you are looking forward to extend your business, with development fund, you are able to exploit new open doors and make your desire a reality. On the off chance that your business has its day by day running costs secured, funding from a reliable source and where you can pay fixed and low interests, might be the solution you have to seek. By seeking the Equities First Holdings loan today using your shares as the collateral, you have the chance to start and develop your business at ease.

Restructuring of Debts

In case you seeking to restructure the debt of your company, getting a loan that consolidates the borrowings and that minimizes expenses can make your accounts a bit manageable for your business. A loan to rebuild your current debt will make planning of finances easier while minimizing the quantity of month to month reimbursements you need to monitor, and could conceivably decrease your monthly aggregate reimbursements. Refinancing your current company’s debt may assist your organization to develop as it frees your business cash for expansion and working capital.

Business Funding

In spite of the fact that organizations have distinctive purposes for the funding they look for, most SMEs plan to develop through expanding, enlarging their scope of services and products or investing in individuals. To bolster a developing group of organizations looking for non-purpose funding, Equities First Holdings offers a reasonable loaning with more prominent adaptability, direct security courses of action, least continuous services and with no exit charges. for more.