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Sergio Cortes: A Great Imitator of Michael Jackson

If you are somebody who likes to listen to music, probably you have heard people talk about Michael Jackson. Maybe you have had a chance of listening to his soothing music. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson died a few years ago. You should not give up your dream of watching him perform live because currently, there are quite some Michael Jackson impersonators. These impersonators of the late Michael are known to give their audience an equally thrilling experience.

Many people believe that imitation is better that being flattered. The case of Michael Jackson has proved those words to be right. Although many people have tried to imitate the legendary Michael Jackson, very few have managed to master and perfectly what he used to portray as an astute artist and also as an individual. Sergio Cortes, who is also known by his stage name of Sergio Jackson, is currently considered to be best when it comes to imitating and impersonating Michael Jackson.

On the internet, many videos and pages show Sergio Cortes imitating the late Michael Jackson. If you have taken some time to watch those particular videos, it goes without saying that you must have realized how Sergio Cortes has become quite good at what he does. Anybody watching those videos can easily confuse Sergio with Michael Jackson. His singing capabilities are just spot on, and also his abilities to create the look like that of Michel Jackson is just terrific. He has perfected the habit of being able to hold the audience and mesmerize them with his magical ability to capture through his music. He has become a great delight to the world, and definitely, Michael Jackson would be proud of him and his capabilities.

He has managed to imitate Jackson’s moves, looks, and voice. Sergio comes as a complete package, and in the recent past, he has become very popular in Brazil. Just recently, Sergio Cortes had what he called a Human Nature tribute that was being performed in Milan, Italy. The occasion was meant to celebrate Michael Jackson’s death. Sergio Cortes has a bright future in his career of imitating Michael Jackson, and currently, he has become very familiar, thanks to his superb singing capabilities.