Avaaz Is Changing The World One Petition At A Time Read more

Avaaz Is Changing The World One Petition At A Time

Founded in 2007, Avaaz was aptly named after the European word for “voice”. The organization is unique in the fact that there are over 45 million members across the globe in 195 nations speaking over 15 different languages. Avaaz’s power is in number of members and in the ability for members to take action quickly on priority issues.

Avaaz has a small team of employees that watch the issues across the world and are able to contact members by email for voting or signing petitions on issues that require immediate attention. The quick actions by millions of members have been the catalyst in many decisions worldwide. Avaaz has helped in mobilizing support for the Paris Climate Accords, leading to a move away from traditional fossil fuels. Avaaz has also helped keep the internet a free platform for posting in Europe without censorship from European companies. These are just two examples of the many victories that members have helped achieve and more information click here.

Avaaz is a neutral, member ran organization. They do not take any funding from outside sources therefore they govern themselves. Members have gone a long way in supporting Avaaz financially and they also accept donations of $5000.00 or under. Avaaz chooses issues to bring to the attention of all the members is to poll members in groups of 10,000 at a time giving every member a say as to what should be an immediate issue. The Avaaz team also sends out alerts for upcoming and new issues in need of support. Worldwide volunteers in do organize peaceful protests when needed and rally members for the protests and read full article,

Since being founded, Avaaz has become the fastest growing online platform for world wide change. Members are in control of inciting real change for the world in areas of politics, social issues, climate control environmental change.