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ClassDojo Helps With The Development Of Empathy

Empathy is a very important quality to have in people. Unfortunately, a lot of people may not necessarily learn how to develop that quality. Fortunately, ClassDojo has a program that may help children develop empathy. This is one good thing about ClassDojo. They are not successful because they do all the right things. They actually go above and beyond and look forward when it comes to providing solutions for their clients. One example is in Jennifer Ellison’s class, when students were paired off, there was one student who was autistic. The other students came to her with ideas on how to make him feel comfortable.

One thing that is important about education is that the student feels comfortable in the environment so that he could learn better. If one is always faced with anxiety, then that could get in the way of his education. However, with a supportive environment, one could achieve a lot. One could also learn to stand on his own two feet.

Among the things that the class has done in order to help erase the anxiety of the student is come up with ways to randomly assign reading partners. For Ellison, this has been a very rewarding experience because it shows that she is reaching these children and helping them develop the needed qualities to make life better for others.

One thing that could be said for ClassDojo is that it is the latest development for social media. For one thing, adults already have Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, this is for people to interact with their peers. ClassDojo allows people to interact with teachers, and children. This also deepens the connection and makes sure that the parents are also involved in the growth of their children.

ClassDojo is definitely going to help children develop and create a productive and successful life. Not only are elementary school students and teachers experiencing the benefits of this app, but high school students are also getting to experience the benefits. ClassDojo is definitely going to change the educational system for the better. It is not only presenting people with education, but also helping people develop care for one another.