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Gain More Interest On Your Hard Earned Money

Are you currently perplexed with the fees by your bank? NexBank is a popular Dallas based bank that offers their customers three core services that include investment, institutional, and commercial banking. They have been proudly serving the local area for 60+ years. A personalized account gives their clients the option of checking their account or switching money between accounts at any time. More importantly, they’re compatible with your smartphone, tablet, or pc. NexBank has over $4.7 billion dollar in assets that have caused their shareholders to be confident about their growth and productivity.

NexBank Account Features:

– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Free online bill pay

– Access your account anywhere

– Mortgage accounts

and more…

Their strong capital levels and liquidity is one aspect of growth for NexBank. They also offer college savings programs through a merger with New Jersey based College Savings Bank. Holt says, he is happy to add over 1,600+ college savings programs that aide in savings on tuition and other college expenses. This is a welcome addition that caters to college students and their parents. Their goal at Nexbank is helping individuals with the rising costs of college.

They offer their customers 24/7 assistance with a live customer service professional. You can register for a account through their online services. PRN News has announced that they’re one of the largest online financial institutions in the industry. Their goal is the highest level of customer service excellence that is meant to keep their clients committed to being a valued customer with their institution. They have received an upgraded rating score of BBB from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. You’re invited to become a member of NexBank by visiting a local Dallas branch today.