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Whole Foods Wholly Takes Responsibility for Overcharging

Shoppers at grocery chain Whole Foods have long been used to paying more at those stores for merchandise. Investigators in New York City discovered some of those prices were more than just high. Some prices were a result of mislabeled items resulting in people being overcharged for juice and chicken tenders among other foods.

CrystalHunt.com writes that the investigation by New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs found examples of Whole Foods overcharging customers taking place as far back as 2010. The New York Daily News said Whole Foods had been charged over $58,000 in fines for more than 800 violations. A violation occurs if an item is found priced higher or lower than the accurate price.

Company co-CEOs John Mackey, Whole Foods co-founder, and Walter Robb took to the company’s YouTube channel to offer apologies and accept responsibility for the egregious pricing errors.

“Any errors were unintentional, and any claim that we are ‘systematically overcharging’ customers is completely inaccurate,” the executives said. “While inadvertent mistakes are inevitable, our goal is zero mistakes. We are improving our training regarding in-store packaging, weighing and labeling processes.”