Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Line Was Able To Convert Bustle Hair Stylist Emily McClure Read more

Chaz Dean’s Wen Hair Care Line Was Able To Convert Bustle Hair Stylist Emily McClure

Chaz Dean and his team of hair professionals created the product line, Wen, which is a series of cleansing conditioners that provide a deep clean without the need of repeating the lather and rinse process. Regardless of the hair styles or the problems facing someones hair, Wen can help their hair, whether its dry and brittle, or oily and thin. Wen’s 5 in 1 formula works on all types of hair. There is even a noteworthy review of Wen from Bustle Magazine writer and hair stylist, Emily McClure, which can be found on
Emily decided to try out the Amazon sold product for a week and write up a personal review of her experience. As a women who has had her fair share of hair issues over the years, she has been avid in hair care and has become a skeptic because of all the broken promises from different hair products. She noted that the product says it works well with other hair styling products at the same time, which is nice. The product estimates up to a week of time in order for the effects to show up, though there are certain chemicals and ingredients in hair products that can disrupt its time to take effect, but normally this isn’t an issue with Wen’s cleansing conditioners.

Emily noticed that her hair was starting to show results even faster than what she was told to expect, on top of the fact that she was using less than the product had recommended due to her nervousness of how the product would react. In just a matter of 5 days she noticed the differences in her hair, and already started hearing compliments on its look. The proof is in her before and after pictures which she posted along throughout her review of the Wen product she used.  Watch the Wen YouTube commercial for more info. Learn the Wen secret here:


This One Thing Could Save Taxpayers $105 Million Annually Read more

This One Thing Could Save Taxpayers $105 Million Annually

On December 30, 2015 an interview featuring Philip Diehl, the current president of US Money Reserve, aired on CNBC’s morning show Squawk Box. In this interview Diehl spoke of the benefits of eliminating the U.S. penny from circulation.

He believes the cost of making the penny far outweigh its use. Especially since no one uses the penny anymore to make purchases.

Diehl was quoted as saying, “If you bend over and pick it up in the street, then you’re getting paid less than minimum wage for your trouble.

There are of course those who strongly disagree with Diehl’s position. According to Andrew Ross Sorkin, there are some economists who believe removing the penny from circulation can lead to prices being distorted and inflation sweeping across the nation.

In response, Diehl points out the fact economists have been using that argument for years. In today’s economy, very few transactions are cash based. Close to 80% of all transactions are now done electronically. Based on these facts, its clear to see very few transactions would be affected should the penny no longer be in circulation.

Diehl actually believes such a move would be good for the marketplace as companies would not longer feel the need to constantly raise prices. On top of that, discontinuing the production of the penny has the potential to save American taxpayers $105 million per year.

About U.S. Money Reserve

Based in Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest private distributors of U.S. government-issued gold, silver and platinum in the nation. They have clients all over the country who rely on their services to help them diversify their assets.

One thing that makes U.S. Money Reserve stand out is their highly trained team. They have coin researchers and numismatic professionals who have years of experience and know exactly what products will produce the highest profits for their clients.

When it comes to customer service U.S Money Reserve sets the standard. Their number one goal is to establish a healthy, long term relationship with every client.

To learn more about investing in precious metals visit U.S. Money Reserve online at

FreedomPop Launches New Budget Friendly Campaign in UK Read more

FreedomPop Launches New Budget Friendly Campaign in UK

FreedomPop has already started to make a name for its popular, budget friendly cell phone plan in the US but now the cell phone company has taken their act overseas. FreedomPop has launched a new campaign in the UK aimed at adding competition to the market with such carriers as Tesco Mobile and Talk Talk.

The FreedomPop plan as well as the Tesco and Talk Talk cell phone plans are also known as “freemium” plans. for ridiculously low prices a consumer can have and use a cell phone with basic talk, text and data plans that will not break the bank. This launch of FreedomPop in the UK is the beginning phase of an international push by FreedomPop which plans to add several other locations.

The way this free cell phone model works is consumers pay a one time fee of £7 in order to get the service activated. Then there is no extra charge monthly, ever, if the subscriber sticks to the basic 200 minutes of calls, 200 texts, and 200 MB of data. If the subscriber wants to buy more, then there are packages they can purchase that range between £4.99 and £16.99 monthly.

Also, the cell phone company has put in place a way for consumers to get extra free data and minutes with the use of paid surveys. Just as some survey companies give away gift cards and virtual currency, FreedomPop has set up their site so that customers can earn free minutes and data. This helps keeps consumers costs down.

Stephen Stokols is the brains behind FreedomPop. As CEO of the company, Stokols originally tried to launch FreedomPop in the UK before the US, but was rejected by the BT board. After his success in the US BT has agreed to give FreedomPop a go. According to Stokols, only around half of the subscribers in the US actually buy extra minutes and data. This is good news for the British consumer. FreedomPop will operate by buying space on the 3G network and then giving it away to consumers. The cell phone company will then aim to push most of the calls and data needed over to free WIFI networks. According to Stokols, the UK only needs 50,000 subscribers in order to break even and then have a positive cash flow. This is a number that will most certainly be easily accomplished.

Right now FreedomPop can only be purchased online. This will not be the case for long though as FreedomPop is in talks with 2 major retailers in order for the service to be purchased street side. Before the launch of FreedomPop, about 250,000 UK citizens expressed an interest in purchasing the service. This goes way over the initial 50,000 consumers needed and the company has stated that they may have to cut off subscriptions at a certain point in order to manage capacity and growth.

FreedomPop Given New Life With Investment Group Read more

FreedomPop Given New Life With Investment Group

For the past few weeks rumors have been abound that 2012’s hottest mobile start up company, FreedomPop, was on the edge of selling themselves off. According to reporting done by the team at, FreedomPop had fielded as much as six different offers with numbers ranging into the $100s of millions. While the purchasing offers are sealed, and we won’t know who put the money on the table, it won’t really matter in the end. CEO Stephen Stokols has come out to say that selling the company is ‘premature’ and that they have an 18 month growth plan for the future.

This growth plan was given a shot in the arm when Partech Ventures led the Series B round with a huge monetary investment. The team at Partech, in association with DCM Capital and Mangrove Capital, contributed in the realm of $30 million dollars to the upstart mobile company from Los Angeles. The goal of these investments, partnered along with a prior earned $20 million dollars, is to leverage more in the coming months. Stokols has the goal of turning FreedomPop into a billion dollar company within the next 18 months, unless an offer to buy completely knocks their socks off.

FreedomPop is focusing on providing customers with a product that is initially free, but has many services on the back end that can be monetized. FreedomPop offers customers an allotment of free minutes, data, and text messages. If customers go over their allotted amount they can then purchase more. Currently FreedomPop is charging 1 cent per every extra minute or SMS text as well as 2 cents for every megabyte of additional data. They also offer an unlimited plan for $20 a month.

With the freemium mobile marketplace so crowded right now it will be interesting to see if this bet on independence works out in the end.

LA Man Builds Homless Woman a Tiny House Read more

LA Man Builds Homless Woman a Tiny House

Elvis Summers is visited every morning by his neighbor Smokie. Smokie comes to see Elvis and ask if he has any recyclables for her. Through these interactions each morning the two became friends. You see Smokie is not like your typical neighbor. Smokie is a 60-year-old homeless woman, sleeping in the dirt just a few doors down form Elvis.

Elvis runs an online retail store selling EDM apparel but after seeing a news article about a man in Oakland building tiny houses out of discarded materials, Elvis decided to try his hand at a little construction himself and help out his friend. The materials, including two locks on the door and sturdy wheels for moving it around, cost him around $500. It took Elvis five days to build the new shelter for Smokie.

“I had nowhere to build it, so I just built it in the street outside of my apartment,” he told Good News Network. “The local LAPD cops have been super cool, and have told me they support it- as long ans we move it to a different spot every 72 hours.”

Zeca Oliveira said that Elvis has now decided to create a new project to fund more of these types of houses. Rick Sassen, the branch manager at Allied Building donated the roof shingles and cedar siding for Smokie’s house and has promised to work out a deal on the building materials for the same cause.

Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter Read more

Childhood Burn Victim Becomes Firefighter

Terry McCarty is a 29-year-old man from Hawthorne, Nevada. When Terry was just 6-year-old, he suffered horrific third degree burns over 70% of his body. He and his brothers were playing when a bowl of kerosene lit on fire when the bowl accidentally tipped towards Terry, covering him in flames. Growing up after that, he endured 58 operations to help him heal. He was taunted and bullied by the kids in his school who called him Freddy Krueger, due to the scarring he had. He was terrified of fire and lived in a state of fear because of the accident.

Well now, according to the story on The Daily Mail, Terry has grown up to battle what he feared most- fire. He applied to become a firefighter in Washington state back in 2011 and was accepted into the department in April of 2012. Terry passed his training in July to become a full-fledged firefighter.

He spent two years working as a firefighter with Bulletproof Coffee in hand but has now hung up his boots. Terry now works with the Burned Children Recovery Foundation at Camp Phoenix in order to help children who suffered from accidents like he did as a child. He said that the program is a lot of work but that it is deserving work, helping those like himself.

Attention Facebook Users Beward of New Community Standards Read more

Attention Facebook Users Beward of New Community Standards

Are you ever scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed and wonder why sometimes you see some pretty disturbing stuff and other times not? Or perhaps you went back to find something someone posted and suddenly it’s gone? Well, a recent overhaul of the ever popular social networking sites Community Standards left avid users scratching their heads.


Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg delivered the Community Standards Address on Monday, illustrating just how Facebook classifies and controls belligerent and offensive content posted by users for others to see. The Community Standards Address touched on a variety of topics, all the way from bullying to personal business.


In particular, the social networking site has tightened their policies against hate speech and threats of violence. Facebook will be more observant and cracking down on those making any sort of terroristic threat or bragging about criminal activity. Instead of explicitly banning inappropriate content as it’s posted, Facebook will be relying on users and members of the Facebook community to help determine what is appropriate and what is not.


One thing Facebook does not want to do is act as a barrier or prevent certain rights of free speech from its members, though. Instead, Facebook still plans to allow community members to share controversial content with others so long as there is a justifiable and accountable motive in doing so. Sergio Cortes has learned that Facebook will hold all members of the Facebook community responsible for their posts and actions on the social networking site.


Hillary Clinton in Tangled Web Over Email Scandal Read more

Hillary Clinton in Tangled Web Over Email Scandal


As Sir Walter Scott so eloquently said over 200 years ago, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” It appears that Hillary Clinton’s attempt to explain her email scandal amounted to an effort to downplay its significance. In her address to reporters, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee said the use of the personal email server at her residence in Chappaquiddick was to share personal correspondence with her husband Bill. That would be fine and dandy and might explain why she did not turn over all of the email correspondence to the State Department; personal emails between a husband and wife would understandably remain confidential.

However, the Wall Street Journal later reported on their Facebook that former President Clinton does not use email at all. During his entire life, he has only sent two emails both of which were done during his 8 years as president. This would suggest that Mrs. Clinton withheld emails from the State Department for reasons other than what she stated. As a result, the press conference designed to lay the email scandal to rest has in fact created more doubt and raised additional questions. Either President Clinton is dishonest about his use of email or Mrs. Clinton is dishonest about the content of the emails withheld from the State Department. One thing is certain, the email scandal will be taking on additional impetus as the House subcommittee investigating Benghazi seeks a full disclosure from Mrs. Clinton in regards to all relevant email.

Mars One Selects 100 Finalists For One-Way Mars Trip Read more

Mars One Selects 100 Finalists For One-Way Mars Trip

The first 100 people who are going to live on Mars have been selected. Over 200,000 people applied for a one-way ticket to Mars, and the group Mars One has made its election of the one hundred who will actually make the trip.

In actuality, only 24 of the remaining candidates will actually make the trip when the group leaves the Earth in 2024 according to CipherCloud. The group of 100 will go into further testings later this year. the ultimate goal is to pair them into groups of four, who will work together as crews for space flights.

Mars One’s plans involve a flight going to the Red Planet every two years, with the hope that they will eventually be able to build a human colony on the planet.

Beyond just the flight, there are other concerns for the group. A recent MIT study found that given current technology the group would only be able to last 68 days on the plant once they arrive. The flight itself would take a whopping 7 months.

mars One plans to slowly pare down the group over the net few years before ultimately selecting the final group who will make the journey.