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Police Officers Buy Local Kids Ice Cream

Just recently in Orlando, Florida, a local mother caught a couple of police officers buying ice cream for some local kids out of the ice cream truck. According to an article found on reddit and written by Unrestrained News, the policemen even used their own money to get the nice summer treat for the kids.

It seems that more and more people are paying attention to the good deeds that officers do, and that is really important these days. There are so many members of law enforcement that are put into a terrible light due to unfortunately instances. Bruce Levenson thinks that it is really a good thing that the general public gets to see some of the more positive things as opposed to just hearing about the negative stuff, because it builds a sense of trust. After all, it wouldn’t be a bad thing that some kids got to benefit of an interaction with a cop so that they can go tell all of their friends about the situation. I am sure that it not only made the kids day but it also was a highlight of the evening for their mother, who uploaded the photographs onto social media to share the good news.

I was very happy to hear about this and I do hope that it is not the last time for a while that something positive comes to the news surrounding police.